Bring Images to life with the Canon EOS 1300D

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Bring Images to life with the Canon EOS 1300D

Incorporating another high performing element of photography, Canon EOS 1300D is even more appealing to first-time DSLR owners as well as amateurs. With interesting features like APS-C sensor, a better processor, the addition of Wi-Fi and NFC (near field communication). these features have been made available at a low price, which makes this model attractive.

If you are looking to invest in a DSLR, be it for personal or professional use, Canon 1300D is the camera you would want to go for and here is why:


Sturdy, User-friendly Design, and Build


EOS 1300D Kit (EF S18-55 IS II) - Canon India - Personal


The body of EOS 1300D is 440g, comparatively lighter and compact to its siblings. The body is entirely built of plastic with a matte texture finish giving it an overall sturdy look. This build is good in terms of grip and is scratch-resistant. There is a rubber padding in the place where your fingers and thumb go, making it easier to shoot with one hand. On the left-hand side of the camera, you will find an input for a Mini-USB port, a Mini-HDMI port and a wired remote. All the buttons are located to the right of the LCD screen which includes shortcuts to ISO, auto focus type, white balance, and exposure compensation. There is a single dedicated button near the optical viewfinder which switches to live-view mood when necessary. This makes shooting and switching to different modes quicker and easier. Additional features in this Canon product are the Wi-Fi signal and LED flash when the camera is connected to a smartphone. With this feature, the phone acts like a controller for the camera and downloads photos directly into the phone to upload it on social media.

The Canon 1300D display is a 3-inch TFT and the resolution is doubled to 920K dots which enhances the preview of the image giving you a better sense of the final output. Under sunlight, the image may appear to be washed out. Although the viewfinder of this product is bright and clear, it only shows 95% of the image - That’s basic for entry-level DSLRs, but it means you must be careful while composing an image.


Excellent Features with Better Output


EOS 1300D Kit (EF S18-55 IS II) - Canon India - Personal


The Canon 1300D comes with an 18-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor. The ISO range is 100-6400 and is capable of 3fps (frame per second) bursting shoot. The image processor is upgraded to Canon’s Digic 4+ and can shoot images in various formats like JPEG, RAW and JPEG+RAW. The maximum limit of image output is 1920x1080p at 30fps. The sensor comes with a total of nine autofocus points including one cross-type point in the centre which reduces the chances of the subject being out of focus.


World-class Performance


EOS 1300D


This camera does a good job of taking images in well-lit conditions. The colour production of image output is vibrant; however, dynamic range of the camera falls short. The ISO for the Canon 1300D works well till ISO 800 with vibrant colours and sharp details.



In low-light conditions, if the ISO shoots beyond 1600, you will notice a dip in sharpness and prominent presence of noise which reduces the overall details. That said, if experimented with manual mode, this camera is capable of low-light imagery too.

The battery life of this camera is resilient and has the capacity of 500 clicks per charge. However, the battery tends to drain out faster if you are constantly shooting on video mode.




There is a variety of shooting modes available in Canon 1300D such as Portrait, Landscape, Close-ups, Creative Auto, Food, and Night. This gives beginners a pathway to experiment different genres of photography.

The Canon 1300D is great for beginners and amateurs. With additional features like Wi-Fi and a comparatively good image quality output, this camera also offers a variety of shooting modes, giving the user the flexibility to experiment. A sturdy body and well-made features at a reasonable price makes this camera an appealing product.


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