OnePlus 6 vs Honor Play

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OnePlus 6 vs Honor Play

OnePlus 6 vs Honor play which are good and are these Both phones available in store?

Bharati Rayate
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Re: OnePlus 6 vs Honor Play

Both these phones come from a very different price segment as well as configuration segments. Hence comparing them with each other doesn’t hold ground. Each of them have their plus points considering the price budgets you can get them for.


OnePlus 6 is a flagship model while Honor Play is a budget phone. They don’t have similar configurations.


OnePlus 6 features an Optic AMOLED display and a larger screen to body ratio, all protected by a Corning Gorilla Glass 5. It is powered by the Snapdragon 845 processor and a RAM capacity of up to 8GB to ensure smooth and seamless functioning of all apps and games available on the PlayStore. On the camera front, OnePlus boasts of a 16MP + 20MP Camera with OIS to provide better picture and video output every time.


While the the Honor Play may be able to match some of the above specs, it may falter on several. Which is why we believe they are not the ideal choice to be compared against each other.


You can experience the OnePlus 6 at a Croma Store near you and take one home too right on the spot.

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Re: OnePlus 6 vs Honor Play

Go with Oneplus 6. 


It is quite expensive than Honor but at the end of the day you will like to have a phone in hand which will give you a rich fill.