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111.jpgTraditionally, clothes have been washed manually in India. With the change in the standard of living, most people are looking to buy washing machines in India. There are two broad categories of washing machines available in India: the traditional top-loading or the newer, front-loading models. The most widely found model in an Indian household is the top-loading variant. Top-loaders are known to be resource hogs, both in terms of water usage and power consumption. With the rising cost of living and the need to save resources it is important to consider other options. 


Front-loading machines are more expensive than top-loaders, however they perform much better.

  • They use less water as they use a shallow puddle of water rather than submerging the clothes in a huge tub.
  • The spinning action is gentler on the fabric and help the clothes last longer.
  • Front-loading machines require less detergent powder than top-leaders.
  • The final spin in the front-loader is faster leading to faster water removal from clothes.

Due to these factors the front-loading washing machines sales have rapidly increased and rightly so. Many myths about front-loaders are commonly heard. Some people claim that front-loaders can fit more or larger items as compared to top-loaders. This is not true. It has been proven that they have equal capacity when compared.


Here are some tips to consider when you are looking to buy the best washing machine in India. 



Washer Types: There are 3 main types of washing machines available: Semi Automatic (Top Loading), Fully Automatic ...


Capacity: It indicates the amount of clothes and water that can fit and be washed in the machine. Higher the capacity, the more clothes you can incorporate. This is measured in kilograms.


Portability: With smaller houses, place is always a constraint. Mostly Semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic top-loader have caster wheels and can be moved around. However, not many front-loaders have this feature.


Energy Consumption: Most manufacturers display the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) rating. This is quick and easy way to gauge power consumption and efficiency. Again, higher the number of stars indicates better power efficiency. Do read up more about this online.


Read Reviews: Once you have zeroed down on a model, read reviews online before you buy the washing machine online or at a store. Do not always follow the advice of the store attendants.


Warranty: Like most electronics washing machines come with warranty. Do read the terms and conditions of the warranty before you buy the washing machine. Many manufacturers do not cover plastic/ABS peripherals as part of the warranty.


Cost is always an important factor while making such purchases. However, if you are looking to buy a new washing machine we would advice to consider the new-age front-loader washing machines.Although the initial investment is higher, the slew of features it offers, its power efficiency and the performance make it worthwhile and a better investment overall.


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Washing clothes is usually considered as one of the most tedious tasks of a household. With the advent of technology, washing machines have proved to be a boon for making the task of cleaning clothes easier. A washing machine serves as one of the most essential kitchen appliances for every home. With the growing need for washing machines, we notice a lot of new washing machine models with improved energy efficiency and various new features to suit different budgets. If you are planning to gift your wife something special, washing machine can be a great option. Below are a few to consider before making a choice.


While purchasing a washing machine, you will need to consider the different washing needs of your home. Let’s look at some of these requirements below.


Laundry habits: Understand what you wife looks for in a washing machine. Try to find out the features that she uses most in the current washing machine.


Cleaning challenges: Some kinds of clothes require special care, so they need to be washed in delicate cycles. So, consider washing machines with features that cater to this need.


Efficiency: Because washing machines are power-heavy appliances, energy efficiency is very important. Choose a washing machine that is ENERGY STAR certified. That will not also ensure optimum performances, but also efficient power consumption.


Sound reduction: It is important that you pick a washing machine that makes less noise. Pick a washing machine model that has the vibration reduction feature with added insulation for less noise.


Important features to consider
Let’s have a look at some of the most important features of the washing machine that can give you the best performances.


Spin speed

Spin speed determines the velocity at which the water and your clothes rotate in the drum. It also determines the amount of water that is removed from the washing machine so that the clothes dry quicker. The typical spin speed ranges from 1000 rpm to 1600 rpm.



Drum capacity
Drum capacity plays a huge role when determining the amount of clothes that will be washed in each cycle. A large sized drum is preferable as it requires less washing cycles which proves beneficial for saving time and money.


Special features
Nowadays, most washing machines offer additional features to improve the cleaning process. Many washing machine models provide a LED display that shows the time left for the completion of the washing cycle. Some washing machines come with time delay feature that allows you to set time such that the washing cycle gets completed by the time you reach home. Some models also feature anti-mold technology that helps in prolonging the life of your washing machine and preventing the build up of moisture.


Many latest washing machine models feature programs for cleaning different kinds of clothes. These include quick wash, mixed load, sensitive skin, hand wash and other small load functions. Some advanced types of washing machines come with coin traps that are useful in collecting bits of loose change, buttons or pen covers forgotten in the pockets.


Once you have decided on the different features needed for cleaning clothes, you need to determine the brand you want to opt for. Whichever washing machine you purchase, you need to make sure that it is ideal to clean all the laundry of your family.


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