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With the multifarious options there are in the mobile phone market ; it is no wonder that we are spoilt for choices when we are shopping for phones. When buying a phone you must know exactly the kind of features that you are looking for: Do you want a phone with a camera that offers high picture resolution or do you want a phone with a great display to watch movies? Is a long battery life is what you are after, or is a good sound system your priority? Fortunately there are some phones that meet all these requirements. The Samsung Galaxy S4Mini is one such phone. Here are the top five reasons why theSamsung Galaxy S4 Mini is a winner.



For those who are fussy about all things visual, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is sure to please you with its five inch display and resolution of 1920 x 1080. This phone is a fantastic vessel for your gaming, movies, browsing, reading and TV shows. The sensitive touch feature allows for easy sliding and surfing. It is possible to use Samsung Galaxy S4 even with the gloves on!



Those who are often known to go on long expeditions, or are known to have long commutes will find the Samsung Galaxy S4 just right for them. Samsung phones, in general, are known to possess a good battery life and the Galaxy S4 Mini is no different. Its 1900mAh battery offers a talk time of roughly 9 hours and a standby of 300 hours. In short, the battery will last for a long time.



It can be easily said that the Samsung Galaxy s4 Mini bears one of the most prudent designs. Not only is the glass-plastic combination easy on the eyes, the phone’s exterior has also been designed to be sturdy. The lightweight feature makes the Galaxy S4 an easy phone to carry anywhere. The compact size of the phone makes it very easy to hold in one hand, while the sleekness allows it to slide easily in the pocket. Although, it is not water resistant, you can avail many cases that will protect the phone from the mighty H2O.


Special feature

If you think of Samsung as another of your run-of-the-mill phones, you clearly missed noticing its numerous additional features. Some of our favourite Samsung Galaxy S4 features are the Wi-Fi Direct, Video Editor, Infrared Support, MMS Enabled, Predictive Text Input, Voice Input, Picasa, Geo-tagging, Auto Focus, HDR, Panorama, Touch Focus, Face Detection, CMOS, Image Editor, and Multi-touch to name some. Oh, and did we forget to mention about the infrared blaster with which you can control most electronics from TV and satellite to air conditioners and amps!



Samsung phones are generally known to have great cameras. The Samsung Galaxy S4 mini packs an incredibly adept 8 MP primary camera that offers a resolution of 3264×2448 pixels. It can take good photos in different light settings and environments. It has a video resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and is fantastic for video recordings, as well!



A mobile phone is your lifeline in today’s fast paced era. Whether it is business or personal domain, mobile phone is being used increasingly in every aspect of your life. Not only are mobile phones expensive, some of which can cost a fortune, they are an integral part of your life and you may not want your phone to be non-functional even for a moment. Maintaining your mobile phone properly for a long lasting and continuous usage requires some effort on your side. Here, we’ll discuss and offer you some mobile care tips on how to keep your device up and running always.

Protect your handset with a screen guardScratch-Guard.jpg
Today’s phones, especially the Smartphones have bigger screens which is the most sensitive area of the phone and also prone to damage and scratches easily due to its big surface area and glass material. Also due to most of the Smartphones as well as feature phones today incorporating a touch screen display, protecting your mobile screen is of utmost importance.


Protect your mobile phone screen with the screen or scratch guard which is a thin urethane based film that can be easily put on your mobile screen. These films are durable and easily available at very reasonable prices.


2. Keep your phone in a cool, dry place
Mobile phones are made from some of the most sensitive materials available. The circuitry of the phones can be very reactive to moisture, dust, heat and chemicals. Even a little exposure of any of these elements can cause damage to your phone or render it completely useless.


To protect your phone from all those agents, ensure that you store your phone in a cool and dry place which is dust free as dust on your phone display can affect the touch properties significantly.


3. Use Anti-Virus Software
Internet on mobile phones is becoming inherent nowadays with advanced technology in phones to connect to superfast internet. While internet can be a useful utility, your phone may catch viruses from the internet and cause stealing of your personal data or permanently alter your phone’s software leading to its crash or complete shutdown.


While you may be using anti-virus software on your personal computers and laptops, you would think that mobile phones are untouchable. You are wrong if you think like that. You must use anti-virus software which is available easily and for free over the internet for download but ensure that the source is a reliable one.


4. Enhance your battery life with better protection
Batteries are the lifeline of your mobile and you cannot operate a phone efficiently without a good and long lasting battery. Prolonging your battery life needs some proper techniques which can be summarized below:

(i) Avoid complete discharge of your mobile phone battery all the time as it strains the battery a lot and can shorten its lifetime. On the contrary, don’t let it fully charged all the time as not using your phone may cause battery capacity loss
(ii) Keep your phone in a cool place always. Heat doesn’t mix well with batteries
(iii) If you want to store your battery, keep it half charged and place in a cool and dry place


5. Keep Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and 3G off when not required
While using Bluetooth, Wi-fi, GPS and 3G connections empowers you to fully explore your phone’s capability, it is wiser to turn them off when not in use. All these features when turned on consume a humongous amount of power and if let on continuously even when not in use can cause shorter battery life. Your battery will also wear out earlier than it is designed for.

We hope that the above mobile care tips are useful to you and you would act on the information and advices. We wish you a long lasting mobile phone life.

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As always, you are again trying to think up just the thing that will cheer your sister this Raksha Bandhan, and possibly your head is leading you nowhere, or further than a wad of notes(that’s what her uncle would give her), or boring trinkets. If you are one of those brothers, here’s a little bit of help we offer.


1. Gift Vouchers


Needless to say, gift vouchers or shopping vouchers look much better than the actual cash. If your sister likes to shop, you can surely arrange a beauty therapy voucher or a spa voucher. You can always present her a customized voucher that will allow her to buy a set number of things of her choice.



2. Gadgets and accessories


We all are digital natives and nothing pleases us more than a little addition to our list of gadgets. It can be a new mobile application or a designer mobile cover. A huge variety of such products are available in the market and what’s more, you can browse through the products online which gives you the whole spectrum to choose from. A gift like this will earn you some points for creativity as well.


3. Earphones


It won’t be an exaggeration to say that people are alwayslooking for better earphones. It doesn’t matter if they have one, you can always give better. The trends don’t last long and this festive season, you can gift your sister the newest arrivals. They are easily available and you can decide them based on trusted user and expert reviews. In a matter of minutes, you can order them online.



4. Camera


Same goes for cameras. If you have a sister growing up, you can as well come up with a gift as meaningful as a camera. Camera as a gift will only encourage her to take up creative hobbies. It can be a point and shoot camera, or if you have a sister who is into photography for a while, go for an SLR. A perfect Rakhi gift in our opinion.


5. Mobiles


Give your sister a step up this Raksha Bandhan by gifting her better phone. May be she hasn’t told you so in many words but take the cues. People change phones every quarter, you will only put a smile on your sister’s face by gifting a smart little phone to her. We just hope you don’t go wrong with the colour.

Comment and tell us what special do you plan to do for your sister!

Check out what Croma has in store for you this festive season, right from gift vouchers to presents to celebrate with your family.


A fancy coffee machine is bound to save the day by making aromatic coffee after a hectic work schedule. However, it can also be used for cooking things you never imagined. A coffee maker can not only brew up a delicious cup of coffee but also prepare exquisite meals. Here are a few tips for maximising the potential of a regular espresso coffee machine.shutterstock_123478006.jpg

Boil things with hot water

You can exploit the hot water function to boil eggs, and make a bowl of oatmeal or cup noodles. Simply run the water through the filter, heat it for 7-8 minutes and place the eggs in the coffee pot. The multi-purpose coffee machine will not only please your thirst but also satisfy your hunger.


Relish a fried egg/grilled cheese sandwich


Usually, a grill or pan is used for food staples. However, you can now grill the same food on the coffee pot burner. Though you may find a limited amount of space to work with, you will save ample time in cleaning up. There will be less mess around while making meals in regular drip coffee makers. Just like boiling an egg, frying can also be done with the same technique. Moreover, you can also make a normal cheese sandwich. Simply wrap it up in an aluminium foil and place it in the coffee pot burner.


Boil vegetables


You can further use the coffee maker to cook hard vegetables such as broccoli or carrot. Just choose the seasoning vegetable, run it through the filter and consume more nutrition.


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Savour a dessert


To enjoy a home-made dessert, all you need is cream, milk and dark or white chocolate. Warm up the cream in the coffee pot burner for 15 minutes. Later, melt the broken pieces of your favourite chocolate bar in the pot for roughly 10 minutes. Now blend everything and serve it with marshmallow or strawberries.


Enjoy chicken pesto pasta


Up the ante by making an incredible meal with the help of a coffee maker. There couldn’t’t be a better dish than chicken pesto pasta to make good use of the coffee maker. To get this recipe right, sear the chicken breast on the burner. Then, with the help of a coffee grinder, make the pesto (you can even buy it ready-made from the store). Next, like you would cook instant noodles, cook the pasta in the coffee pot. Tastefully mix everything and serve one of the best recipes the coffee machine can make.


The delectable lemon pepper chicken


You can make one more amazing dish with your coffee maker. First, add chicken breast in the coffee pot and then water to cover about quarter of the chicken. Second, spray it with lemon pepper seasoning. Switch on the coffee maker and cook about 15 minutes on each side. Finally, add butter and milk to the remaining liquid, letting it warm up for a minute.


This way, you have raised the bar in terms of usage of the coffee maker. Enjoy home-made and hotel-like taste in a matter of few minutes with your coffee machine.


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Think up a dish you can cook in your coffee pot. Meanwhile, do share it with people who need a makeshift kitchen


The concept of the “metrosexual man” has been highlighted by the media for quite a long time now. Let us refresh your memory: a metrosexual man is a man who takes care of his appearance and grooms himself to the tee. A quintessential metrosexual man is clean shaved or with a well-groomed facial hair and takes pains in choosing his attire and his colognes.


There is great news for all those metrosexual men out there. With the range of men’s grooming products available in the market, it’s now easy to look handsome with little effort. Now no more expensive and time consuming trips to the salons. Be ready for those impromptu plans with friends, urgent meetings, and special dates. Style your beard the way you want, whenever you want to.


Men’s grooming products include men’s shaver and trimmer. These machines are small, hand-held battery operated machines that are used for achieving any sort of look you wish to. They come with different settings to decide the length of the facial hair you wish to keep. They require very little power and a men’s shaver and trimmer of a good brand will outlast your razor blades any given day. Besides they are very safe on your skin. It’s great for people who need to travel a lot; even better for people who live hectic lives with practically no time to visit salons regularly.


So we took the liberty of asking men what sort of a grooming device they’d prefer—the new-kid-on-the-block-and-here-to-stay shaver and trimmer or the good old razor. A whopping 92% admitted that they’d choose the men’s grooming machine any given day! They all agreed that a good old razor has seen golden days but it’s tedious, time consuming, and a little unsafe. They all noticed a very important fact about razors—there is little room for experimenting with your looks.


Hold on, though! We did not leave the ladies behind. Their opinion is important too, as men groom themselves for the ladies! Ladies said that they’d like their husband/boyfriend with no facial hair. They said it makes them look younger. Many of them said they liked a well-kempt stubble and/or a moustache. Many of them said they’d like a mix of things as it gets boring after a while. They all agreed that experimenting with facial hair brings a lot of variations with the way men appear.


With Raksha Bandhan around the corner, brothers are sure to want this gift of convenience.


If you’re wondering what sort of beard looks good on you, have a look at this image.


What did you think of this article? Did you find it helpful? Leave us a comment in the comment box below. Make sure you share this with your bearded friends. Also, buy men’s grooming products online at amazing prices only at Croma Retail.


During winters, we get frozen to the marrow and look for options to keep our body warm. We try warmer clothing and wrap ourselves in fat blankets, but nothing works. Eventually, when every option gets exhausted, we decide to heat up our home.


Heating our place has become a crucial factor in keeping our body warm and healthy. And this is where room heaters come into play! There are many types of heaters, such as an electric heater, oil heater, fan heater, halogen heater and many more that keep us away from this misery. One of the most convenient ways to use a heating device is to heat the rooms you are spending time in. Such heating strategy is called zone heating and goes well with the space heaters. Generally, primary heater isn’t enough to warm the entire place. So, warm one room at a time with the help of an eco-friendly space heater. Heating you home in an efficient manner, this heater consumes less energy and doesn’t have a significant impact on our wallet. Space heaters can be further classified into types such as oil heaters and ceramic heaters.


The oil space heaters are used to warm a small room or small place. Very easy to maintain, the oil inside the unit doesn’t need to be replaced. With handles and wheels, it is very easy to move the oil heater from room to room, making it more portable. It makes no sound at all as it does not have any fan to spread the warmth. It can be kept under desks in a bedroom or the office.


The ceramic space heaters are safe and come in an extensive range of designs to meet the requirements of any lifestyle. It can heat spaces up to 150 square feet. It comes in various sizes, so choose the one that is sufficient for your room. Such compact heaters have features such as inbuilt thermostats and remote control for additional convenience.


Another type of heater that is used for heating personal space is infrared heater. This heater is considered exceptional, because the heat produced is similar to the heat produced by the sun, thus giving you warmth instantly. Like the ceramic space heater, it doesn’t make noise as it doesn’t use a fan. It is more effective as compared to other heaters. You turn on the infrared heater, and you will notice a change in temperature in a jiffy. On the other hand, in a fan heater, air is heated over coil elements and fanned into a room for quick results. It is ideal for a workshop or office.


The most appealing and powerful of all the heating equipment is an electric heater. It has a fan that continuously runs even after the unit is no longer heating and produces heat from the ceiling to floor. It sports an advanced safety overheat shut off, making it safer to use. All in all, choose a heater that suits your needs and stay warm.


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A lot of you will be looking for room heaters this winter. Do share this article with your friends and family so that they can make an informed choice.


Electric kettles have made the task of boiling water easier than ever before. As a matter of fact, heating up the water in a short time has made this heating machine popular. The traditional kettles, on the other hand, are time-consuming and require you to boil water time and again. However, the best electric kettle is the one that addresses your needs efficiently and best suits your kitchen.


It is considered as the most useful appliance in the kitchen and works by simply plugging it into a power outlet. Available in many attractive models, you can place them on the kitchen table to make some tea or coffee. The main section of the electric tea kettle is devised to accommodate cold water for boiling. If you occasionally use the kettle for making tea for the guests, go for a small and simple electric kettle. Plus, you can keep it in a closet when you don’t need it. If you frequently use an electric kettle, go for the one that has exceptional features and capabilities. Such high-standard electric kettles tend to become an important part of the kitchen table.


There’s a wide range of electric kettles available in both retail stores and online. They are available in different models and come with an extensive look. Some have attractive handles, while others come in striking colours. As the electric kettles with high-quality features work on electricity, we must take few precautionary measures to prevent the surrounding from getting damaged. If the electric kettle is in use, don’t leave the room as it can overboil and evaporate all the water in it, resulting in dangerous situations. Choose the one that is integrated with an automatic switch off feature. Kettles with such features boil the water for a specific period and switch off automatically once the task is done. Such security measures keep the surrounding safe and sound. On the other hand, if the electric kettle doesn’t have an automatic shutdown feature and is kept on longer than necessary, the boiling water completely evaporates and the kettle becomes empty. So, if the empty kettle stays powered on, it can cause a fire.


The electric kettle that you buy must have a comfortable grip, thus making it effortless to handle. Meaning, it must have enough space between the body and handle. This will prevent your hand from getting burnt. The best of all the kettles is the cordless electric kettle as you can use it with ease at your home or even while on the go. It consists of a removable filter that washes off impurities from water and makes it worth making tea or coffee. Available with advanced features, it’s a good addition to your modern kitchen.


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All these aspects make the electric kettle a must-have item. From boiling water to making coffee or tea, an electric kettle plays the role of your best friend in the kitchen.


A kettle is the handiest item in a kitchen. Do share it with everyone, especially those who don’t believe so.


One of the curious trends of last month has been that all the top-performing blog-posts are related to mobile phones, out of which a couple of them are reviews. This enthusiasm of readers has prompted us to feature these blogs again in one, so that we can revisit what our readers have received with both hands.



Given the current scene of Mobile market, it is hard to keep track of every new release, and even harder to know the comparison of two phones launched in the same category.  A user-friendly review to narrow down the details to give account of hands-on experience becomes crucial in such scenario. Also, when you draw equivalence between two models of different categories, you come to know about your needs and requirements, helping you thereby to take an informed decision. This is also one of the reasons why we feel the posts that have touched a chord with the readers feature topics that are reviews or comparisons or overview of new products.


Take, for instance, Moto E: Moto G’s economical twin wherein we pointed out the little differences between the two models, namely, Moto G is 143g while Moto E is 142g in weight, and taller than Moto G by half a centimeter. Also, Moto E comes with a 4.3-inch screen, and comes with qHD, compared to Moto G which has a 4.5-inch screen. Moto E provides you with a screen resolution of 540x 960 pixels with a pixel density of 256ppi. This pixel density is too less compared to Moto G’s screen resolution of 1280×720 HD or a pixel density of 329ppi. Obviously, Moto E doesn’t rival Moto G, but it is far from a disappointing buy. For its price, it is better than most others.


Readers responded really well to Micromax Canvas Turbo A250 Review, which gave a clear insight into what the phone is like. It is an Android based phone that provides dual sim technology together with a highly efficient camera with a fine, sharp display. And no two ways about the authenticity of the review, a fellow tech enthusiast made time to write it, and they like to be precise!

Another post that won a lot of readers last month was the piece regarding the launch of new Micromax Windows Phone Canvas which will be released sometime later this year. A really affordable phone, Tech savvies will await its launch with bated breath.


We have a fairly long list of performers but we will cut it short by mentioning just one more which is again a review of the latest Micromax Canvas phone.  In its price range, this phone really hits home and is really a steal, if you take our word.


If you like this article, share it with your friends and let them know how at croma, we don’t sell, we help you buy stuff!


If you are planning to buy an HD camcorder, it’s certainly a good time as there are more models on the market right now than they’ve ever been, and they’re available at reasonable prices. However, there are a few things you should know before you invest in an HD camcorder.



1. First thing you should know: almost all HD camcorders on the market will give you a great video output—comparable to the video you see on satellite TV. However, the video will not be as sharp and detailed as an HD DVD or Blu-ray.


2. May it be professional photography or shooting videos for school projects, you must decide on the right specifications and quality before making a decision. For simple video shooting, a point-and-shoot camera will suffice. Consider your goals and make sure you really need an HD model.


3. HD camcorders can be plugged directly via HDMI to an HDTV. All you need to do is connect your HD camcorder to an HDTV and control it with a remote—this is the easiest way to use camcorders. HD camcorders that have built-in editing software are mind-boggling and practically unusable.


4. Editing AVCHD video is not easy. All latest models of HD camcorders use a compressed AVCHD format. Editing HDV videos from old camcorders is a simple task as those videos are in an HDTV format, one that has been in existence for nearly 4 years. However, AVCHD is a completely different matter. AVCHD is a newer format and one that is not easy to edit. You will find editing softwares that support AVCHD, but it’s still a hard task getting the footage from an HD camcorder to a computer system (but less clumsier if you’re on a Mac).


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5. If you do plan to edit HD video footage despite the difficulty level, get a Mac or PC. If you can, opt for a dual-processor system featuring eight cores. The more powerful the PC, the easier the editing process will be. Transferring files and compressing them is no child’s play when you’re dealing with HD video, so you require a powerful system that can cope up with the daunting tasks and not keep you waiting forever during rendering.


6. Consider where you’d be distributing the footage from the camcorder, as it’s not an easy task either. Remember that you’re no longer dealing with old school camcorders where you could easily lay down the video to a VHS tape or burn it on a DVD. HD videos work well on a Blu-ray disc, but do you have the right gear to burn or play Blu-ray?



7. Do you want your HD camcorder to record on DVD, HDV, Blu-ray, memory card or hard disk? Weigh your options. Hard disks have larger memory but are bulky and delicate. Flash memory cards can only store up to 40 minutes of footage. DV and Blu-ray recording seem outdated but facilitate immediate playback on DVD and Blue-ray players. HDV tape recording seems even more outdated but delivers good results.


8. How often are you really going to use that HD camcorder you’re planning to buy? Also, do you have the patience to cut the footage, and an audience to watch all your work? If you just need to cover one event, it would be wiser to rent equipment. After learning all this about HD camcorders, buy one only if you’re sure you will be using it frequently.


9. HD camcorders are available at fairly reasonable prices. Set a budget and find something within your means.


10. Last but not the least, look up reviews of the latest camcorders on the market and read all specifications carefully. Compare different HD camcorders before you finally settle on one.


If you found this blog interesting and informative, then share it with your friends and family.


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