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Skullcandy earbuds are the most beautiful creation ever to hit the market, especially for all those audioheads who cannot live without music. These earbuds have a hint of the hippie revolution with their different colors, which has found large acceptance with the young community. For a reasonable price, these earbuds offer awesome sound quality, while they block background noise, which works great when you are travelling, or want some solitude in a crowded public transport system.


You can now make a style statement while you enjoy your favorite music, without being bothered by background sounds or distractions. Skullcandy have a maximum outout of 100 MW, and yes, its pretty loud. I’d personally recommend against listening to loud music, and make sure that you dont listen to loud music for extended period of time. The best quality of these earbuds is that you can plug them to practically any kind of MP3 player or your smartphone and yet enjoy the same music quality.


These earbuds are high on performance and light on your ears, making them the perfect companions for that morning jog or while working out in the gym. If it were not for the music, you might even forget that they are plugged into your ears.


These are not your regular earbuds and its recommended against winding these earbuds to your phone or MP3 player. The constant winding and unwinding damages the earbuds and the sound quality decreases over time.


Most people dont realize that these earbuds are useful only when they are used properly. SkullCandy earbuds come with foam tips.Try each of these foam tips and use the one which fits your ears comfortably. If the earbud is too loose then the voice cancellation might suffer; and if the earbud is too tight then it might hurt your ears, leaving them sore.



The Philips Sensotouch 3D is one of the latest electric shavers out there. One might say this is one of the more elaborate shavers in the market, with modes and features leaning towards technical. The shaving heads are ergonomically designed and men will totally enjoy the clean, crisp shave it gives.Philips-Senso-Touch-3D-263x300.jpg


To be honest, as intimidating as it may look, the Philips Sensotouch 3D is quite stylish and easy to handle. It is long, black and silver, and has 3 brush heads on top, with a built-in trimmer in the front. The on and off button is located conveniently under the thumb, with the entire body fitting comfortably in your palm. The head of the razor is removable for cleaning purposes, and the three prongs can also be opened. The shaver also has a smart LCD display, a built-in battery that lasts 60 minutes and a lock function. The Sensotouch 3D has pretty much all the features that an electric shaver should have. The LCD display shows the charge remaining in the shaver, and the unit gives out an acoustic signal once the battery is nearly dead.


What does 3D mean?
I’m sure you’re wondering what 3D really means? Well for one, it has nothing to do with display. The 3D in the shaver title refers to its GyroFlex 3D feature, with contour following heads. These heads follow the curve of your skin’s surface while reducing pressure or irritation. We understand that shaving the neck area is no mean task. The Gyroflex 3D feature of this trimmer will help make this task effortless while giving you great results.


Jet Cleaning System:
The Philips Sensotouch 3D shaver comes with the jet clean system to maintain it. Although it does a good job of cleaning the shaver, the kit is quite bulky and takes space; not to mention the fact that the cleaning liquid is pretty expensive. But if you if are someone who uses the shaver with shaving cream, you will need this kit to maintain the appliance. You do have the option to skip this kit and use alcohol or a cleaning solution.


Wet Shave vs Dry Shave:
The Philips SensoTouch’s 3D technology allows both dry and wet shaves. If you are someone who develops rashes using a dry electric shaver, the SensoTouch will come in handy as it works well with shaving gel for sensitive skin. If you feel lazy or want to save time, you can shower and shave at the time time!


This electric shaver definitely does not disappoint. The looks are futuristic and classy, and the shaver comes with high quality materials and accessories. And this is no mere looker. The shaver delivers probably the smoothest, clean cut shaves without any rashes and cuts. It has a sturdy, ergonomic build to give you ease of use as well. Be it long or short hair, the Philips Sensotouch 3D does the job every time.


The only downside that we found with this shaver is the price. It is definitely kept on the higher side. But if you’re buying a product that delivers such flawless performances and looks, one has to shell out a little extra. One thing we can guarantee is that you will all of a sudden find yourself looking forward to shave


The concept of the “metrosexual man” has been highlighted by the media for quite a long time now. Let us refresh your memory: a metrosexual man is a man who takes care of his appearance and grooms himself to the tee. A quintessential metrosexual man is clean shaved or with a well-groomed facial hair and takes pains in choosing his attire and his colognes.


There is great news for all those metrosexual men out there. With the range of men’s grooming products available in the market, it’s now easy to look handsome with little effort. Now no more expensive and time consuming trips to the salons. Be ready for those impromptu plans with friends, urgent meetings, and special dates. Style your beard the way you want, whenever you want to.


Men’s grooming products include men’s shaver and trimmer. These machines are small, hand-held battery operated machines that are used for achieving any sort of look you wish to. They come with different settings to decide the length of the facial hair you wish to keep. They require very little power and a men’s shaver and trimmer of a good brand will outlast your razor blades any given day. Besides they are very safe on your skin. It’s great for people who need to travel a lot; even better for people who live hectic lives with practically no time to visit salons regularly.


So we took the liberty of asking men what sort of a grooming device they’d prefer—the new-kid-on-the-block-and-here-to-stay shaver and trimmer or the good old razor. A whopping 92% admitted that they’d choose the men’s grooming machine any given day! They all agreed that a good old razor has seen golden days but it’s tedious, time consuming, and a little unsafe. They all noticed a very important fact about razors—there is little room for experimenting with your looks.


Hold on, though! We did not leave the ladies behind. Their opinion is important too, as men groom themselves for the ladies! Ladies said that they’d like their husband/boyfriend with no facial hair. They said it makes them look younger. Many of them said they liked a well-kempt stubble and/or a moustache. Many of them said they’d like a mix of things as it gets boring after a while. They all agreed that experimenting with facial hair brings a lot of variations with the way men appear.


With Raksha Bandhan around the corner, brothers are sure to want this gift of convenience.


If you’re wondering what sort of beard looks good on you, have a look at this image.


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It is that time of the year again. The Great online Shopping Festival (GOSF) is here in a new avatar. It is going to be the third such occasion and it is getting better each year. It is our promise that this time around, the festival will be much grander, much bigger, and will offer unheard of discounts on virtually everything.



Croma is going to roll out a lot of discount coupons and great deals for its customers. If you were waiting to buy a camera, or a music system or anything electronics related, the sale is just the right time to do that. This year’s most awaited sale will offer you so much that you won’t be able to swallow it. The festival will run for three days, from 10th to 12th of December and going by the excellent response it got last year, projection are that it will see an even better turnout this year.


In addition to the regular offer, Croma retail is offering special incentives to Axis bank cardholders. They will get incentive coupons which will be valid during the festival. But even if you don’t have an Axis bank account, the offers will be so many that you will probably exhaust your wish list of a few months. You will order from the comfort of your home without having to push your way through jostling crowds and will get timely and guaranteed delivery without any compromise on the quality and brand. Trust us. December is going to be more awesome than ever.


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So you have already spent 5 out of your 15 precious minutes of dressing up time on your hairstyle and you yet find it falling flat on your face. You over compensate by adding more gel or other such products. Each addition makes your hair heavier and greasier and miles away from the look you were going for. All of us have experienced this, and honestly it’s frustrating. So you walk out with a hairstyle that doesn’t make you feel great. 



If you are in a situation like this the next time, here is a trick that will blow your mind. Yes, you guessed it; it’s the ever so handy blow dryer. Before you chuckle and completely disregard this as an option, give it a chance. Gone are the days when hair dryer was considered a woman’s product. In fact, these days hair dryers also come in the shape of gun to please the male psyche.

Take it from us, professional hair dressers swear by the importance of this tool in their arsenal of hair care. Here are few reasons how hair dryers are really effective.


  • Faster and Convenient: Blow-drying your hair makes styling your hair a lot easier. The hair dries faster than air-drying with a hair dryer. This gives you more time to attend to other important things. This is a definite plus for guys.
  • More Volume: Proper usage of hair dryers adds good volume to your hair. Hair with more volume looks fuller and more alive. This is one reason why your hair cut looks good at the barbershop and not your home.
  • Longer lasting hair styles: Hair styling products hold more easily and evenly on hair that is properly dried, and towels just don’t get it right. Once the product is applied evenly, the hair styles better and lasts longer. Men generally do not prefer setting their hair on multiple occasions during the day. Fix it once in the morning and let it be for the rest of the day.

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Now that you know how a hair dryer can be so useful to men, here are some tips you can use to achieve two major types of hair styles. A prerequisite is to towel dry your hair to remove excess water. Leave your hair mildly damp.


  • Straight parted hair style: To achieve the use some conditioner and work it trough your hair. Then, part your hair how you want it and start blow drying. Gently comb your hair with small round brush and run the hair dryer in the same direction. Make sure your hair dryer is not very close to your hair. Your hair should settle by now. Apply a little hair gel and use your hair dryer for a few more seconds and you are good to go.
  • Puffy hair or back combed hair: Start by applying your hair product. Then back comb your hair as you wish while combing run the hair dryer along the brush. The key here is drying from the root upwards and repeating it till the lower end of the hair gets shape. The hair adds volume to this hair style and also adds a certain amount of sheen to your hair.


Hair dryers come in various options depending on your application. They vary in size, power and functionality. Some hair dryers also come with special attachments that let you style your hair while blow drying. It is very crucial that you buy a hair dryer from a reputed brand, avoid low quality product at all costs.


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Going to get the perfect shave can be quite an intimidating experience, especially if it’s a sophisticated salon or barbershop. However, when you purchase the right shaving gear, you have no worries at all! What make-up is to women, shaving creams and after-shave lotions are to guys. Shaving is a daily ritual, and most men invest a lot of effort and money in buying the best styling products. So, let’s take a look at different types of shavers:


Types of shavers



1. Safety razors/shavers


Safer razors were first introduced in 1828. Interestingly enough, William Henson conceptualized the hoe-shaped razor in 1847 which you’ve probably seen in your bathroom cabinets at home. In 1895, the shape was innovatively combined with a disposable double edged blade by King Camp Gillette. This design gave rise to safe shaving and also popularized Gillette’s brand name in the consumer segment. The single sharp blade was quickly forgotten.


2. Electronic shavers


After several attempts at patenting a new electric shaver, a retired Army colonel named Jacob Schick designed one. And, it was a winner! This cunning invention converted the everyday hurdle of shaving in to a fast and less complicated procedure. Whether your style leans towards David Beckham’s fabulous fashion sense or the rockstar long tresses look, your shaving procedure will vary accordingly. Or perhaps, you’re trying to imitate Johnny Depp’s handsome stubble look? With electronic shavers, you create trendy haircuts and may never have to visit the saloon ever.


3. 21st Century


According to a study, it is estimated that almost 90% of adult males shave at least once a day. This means an estimated 20,000 shaves in an average man’s lifetime. For those who are looking to remove all facial hair, there is a great variety of razors and cordless shavers available that you can try out. The most commonly used razors are T-razors and electric shavers.


4. Luxury Shaving


With the rise of blunt haircuts and Ryan Gosling’s popular clean shaven look, luxury shaving products have gained popularity with the urban and new-age crowd. Hence, men are choosing luxurious grooming products over traditional ones.


Shaving tricks for the ‘Quintessential Male’



1. Skin Stretching:

This simple technique makes use of a straight shaver. Take your fingers of the opposite hand and pull the skin above the shaved area. This creates a flat surface, leading to a smoother shave.


2. J-hooking:

In this shaving style, the razor is drawn in a downward motion and then swung in a j-shaped motion. This stroke is helpful in getting rid of tiny hairs that are left behind after a shave.


3. Blade buffing:

As interesting as the name suggests, this technique is very helpful. It basically means shaving over the spot in a quick and repeated fashion, preferably lifting the razor between every stroke. This shaving technique eliminates those last little patches of roughness.


Modernizing the razor effect!


Shaving has evolved greatly due to advances in technology. The question is: do you wish to have a clean shaven or a specially styled look? Either way, the male grooming market is booming, which tells us that people are now willing to invest more in grooming products than ever before! So, if you’re pining for a super-smooth shave, you should consider investing in a good quality shaver or razor!


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