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Since the last few years, phone giants like Nokia andBlackBerry that were considered among the best have become fringe players. On the contrary, local manufacturers like Micromax and Karbonn are taking over the other manufacturers. You might as well ask how this happened?


The Indian market prefers reasonable-priced models and frequent new releases. This need has led most of the local manufacturers such as Micromax and Karbonn to gain popularity. Even the Korean smartphone giant, Samsung has started understanding the Indian market. So, it has been offering new models that cater to the Indian users. You can also see Indian brands like Karbonn and Micromax flooding the market with their stylishly designed and value-for-money models.


A recent IDC report has stated that Samsung is the best smartphone manufacturer in India. After Samsung, Micromax, Karbonn, Nokia and Sony have been listed. Even though Apple is one of the leading smartphone manufacturers in the world, it has failed to reach the top five list in India. This is mainly because Apple does not cater to the demands of Indian users.


There are many reasons for Apple not being the most sought-after brand in India. The first is its pricing policy and the fact that it always focuses on the high end market. Apple follows the Cupertino-centric strategy that is very different from its Indian rivals. They launch only a single smartphone model every year. The older versions of iPhone are sold at cheaper rates but yet this is not affordable for most Indian smartphone users. Also, Apple does not provide support for many of the mobile phone carriers in India.


As such, Apple needs to change its Cupertino-centric strategy and start developing a diverse range of smartphones that cater to the Indian users. It also needs to launch more models every year so that it can stay in the competition. Apart from that, it will also have to start providing devices in different price segments. This can increase Apple’s chances staying in the competition in one of the most crucial markets in the world.



Samsung has changed its strategy based on the changing demands of the Indian markets. This has contributed to its large scale success in India. Samsung releases a wide range of Android-based models every year that cater to low-end as well as high-end customers in India. Most of the Samsung smartphone models run on Android operating system which is considered more user-friendly than the Apple based iOS operating system. Even many of the Indian brands such as Micromax and Karbonn are offering the latest Android OS version on their smartphones. Apart from that, these brands provide several models with impressive features thus enabling users to choose from a wide array of smartphones. Conversely, Apple launches a single iPhone every year, so there is a limited number of models for Indian users.


Also, the Micromax Canvas range of smartphones are well received in the Indian market owing to the value for money proposition and impressive features such as huge display and imaging capabilities. As far as value for money is concerned, Indian users prefer Micromax smartphones. The young Indian users don’t just rely on and become impressed with a foreign brand. Instead, they try to know about the different features of that smartphone and its pricing details. Apart from Micromax, other brands such as Samsung, Karbonn and Nokia also provide smartphones at a price suitable for the middle class Indian users.


The easy availability of the various other smartphones at inexpensive rates could be the reason for the slowing growth of the iPhone all over the world. Lately, the Indian market is becoming more smartphone-centric, so Apple needs to find out a way to connect with the market. Rumours are going around that Apple has already started working on a cheaper iPhone that will cater to the low-end segment. If this turns out to be true, then the dynamics of the smartphone sale in India will surely change.
Currently, there is a tough competition between the top smartphone manufacturers in India. As per an IHS iSupplireport, the iPhone supply has decreased globally. This is due to the massive number of new flagship smartphones such as BlackBerry Z10, HTC One and updated Samsung Galaxy S4.


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With Apple all set to launch its latest innovations soon at the WWDC, Google is also preparing to unveil Android TV at its Google I/O conference in this month. Google will launch this platform around June 25 to June 26 this year.


Android TV is going to be a new platform for the manufacturers of TVs and set-top boxes. This platform will allow them to bring streaming services to the television and make Google’s entry into your living room. As opposed to Google TV that was launched in 2010, Android TV integrates online media services as well as Android-based games.


Google is believed to be in discussion with Netflix and Hulu Plus about playing a role in Android TV. The company may also launch a few hardware partners for Android TV. Android TV may also launch its secret weapon, dubbed as Pano. Android TV is presumed to build a simple user interface whose key element is internally named as Pano.


Pano will display apps as individual pieces of content in a card-like fashion on the home screen. This will allow users to browse their favorite movies and TV shows on Android TV. Google will use the card-style UI that can be browsed horizontally on this platform as opposed to the traditional smart TV experience. The content will be presented in a series of cards. Apart from that, each movie or TV show episode will have deep links in the publisher’s app. With this, the users will be able to get the option to start playing at once.


Its important to note that Android TV is a software platform and not a hardware platform. So, we can soon expect that Google will launch Android TV platform at the I/O and provide vendors the freedom to develop it further.


There has been immense advancement on the technological front which has helped us get improved mobile and wireless devices. In the past, miles of wire were used in homes to connect a variety of devices such as printers and computers. Back then, big office printers would get paper jams while home printers would run out of ink after a few printing projects.

Over the years, due to drastic changes in technology printers have not only made a comeback, but also have become popular among users. The printers currently available allow users to print detailed graphics and photos as well as make use of cloud and wireless printing. If you are still undecided whether to buy a printer or not, we bring five reasons to buy a printer:


printer-300x300.jpgPrinting photos


With the immense developments in the photo and video cameras, it has become easy to shoot every special moment of your life and create special memories. It may difficult to connect your device to the printer each time you wish to print your photos; in such cases, wireless all-in-one inkjet printers will help you to print clear and crisp photos with accurate color and contrast. These multifunction printers are perfect in printing photos of up to 8 x 10 inches.



Mobile access


Mobile phones and tablets have become an indispensable part of every person’s life. Due to their increasing popularity, manufacturers of wireless inkjet printers have made arrangements to make their devices compatible with smart devices. With this feature, it is now easy to connect mobile phone and tablet to a printer or through Bluetooth.



BYOD, WFH & Cloud


Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy has spawned a new generation of workforce which is not confined to office or home space (WFH). Unlike the older generation, which was heavily dependent on wired connections and emails, the newer generation has smart options of leveraging cloud to achieve professional goals. Google and printer manufacturers have collaborated together to develop this solution. Many wireless printers come with Google Cloud feature and an intuitive touch screen that allows you to print anything swiftly, whether you are working from home or a cafe.


Boarding passes


Thanks to globalization and the concept of a Global Village, no professional to confined to particular geographical location or country. Its becoming common for a person to visit his\her clients based in different country or a state. While showing your tickets from your smartphone should suffice in most cases, some locations (particularly those which are technologically less advanced) may require you to carry a print version of your ticket. Then there is the ever-evident case of the railways, which is yet to uniformly implement paperless ticketing system. You can avoid such situation with a printer which is compatible with smart devices. This will save your time in cases when time is luxury.


Shipping labels


With the increasing popularity of retail sites and third party sellers which help you sell your products online, you may want to ensure that your online transaction is not marred by bad shipping labels. With the right printer, you can ensure that you always attest a clear shipping label.

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Microsoft backed the very well-known Windows XP operating system for as long as 12 years, and finally decided to discontinue its support owing to the advancement and introduction of new technologies to benefit the end user. Technical support for Windows XP including the automatic updates that protected your PC are all but unavailable. No more Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows XP.


While XP loyalists may continue to use the beloved operating system, there is much risk to their machines, what with the impending threat of viruses and malware, not to forget non-compatibility with newer forms of software. In this modern age, where smart devices and 24/7 network connectivity takes precedence over everything else, it won’t be a feasible option for you to run a

Windows XP machine (offline) for a long time. These factors, although basic, are strong enough to bid adieu to Win XP and migrate to Windows 8.


A report released in April 2013 say Microsoft discontinue Windows XP support. If you have been using the operating system all this while, it is likely that your PC is:

  • Not up to date
  • Exposed to firewall attacks. Before you backup your data, update your antivirus and run a full system scan.

Before you upgrade your operating system from Windows XP to Windows 8, it is important to review your system requirements. Confirm whether your PC is compatible to run Windows 8. Also, it is important to remind you that a system backup is the most important step before migrating to the new OS; your files, data, and settings will not be saved. Other than the obvious, there are three major tips that would help you in your smooth migration from Windows XP to Windows 8. Read on for the 3 tips:

  1. Now is the perfect time to scale back the quantity of applications in your system. This also gives you a chance to set an agile testing method. Start prioritizing your applications based on their importance for your use. Check which of the apps are redundant and for which are you still using the older versions. Make a note of the apps majorly used by your colleagues in the organization.
  2. It is important to also decide on which latest windows apps can be further used by you to enhance the processes and productivity. Also, don’t forget to decide as to which BYOD plan gives you the best features that fit perfectly on your need to enabling your workforce to carry out work even while on the go. Look for an ideal device mix that best gives you mobility and productivity.
  3. Be mindful of the fact that if you continue to use the unsupported version of Windows XP, in case you detect a bug, there would be no Microsoft support available for you to fix the issue. If you have a lot of data to back up, use a Cloud server instead of copying data on the external drivers. Windows One Drive can help you a great deal with putting up heaps of important data on the web and then using it whenever required from another PC.

Remember, any kind of migration of operating systems involves a certain amount of risk. It is advised to take help from a professional IT professional to help you with this transition. Take help from migration services such as HP’s XP Migration services which helps you successfully migrate the data with the help of professionals.


We understand that migrating to a new operating system means changing a lot of user habits. While Windows XP loyalists swear by its ease of use and multiple features, Windows 8 is slated to be the next big thing. With features like user account control and the 64 bit computing, it seems like it won’t take much time to impress you.


Visit Croma Store near you to upgrade to the latest Windows machine.

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For those who have a weakness for fast action sports such as football, owning the perfect TV is a must. Gone are the days when you had to make do with the deficiencies of television such as motion lag or blur and judder effects. You might swear by your old television and its performance, but buying a new modern TV for football depends on two factors:

  • Smooth Blur-free motion: You don’t want to miss out on the Spanish tiki-taka or Messi’s magic because your television has a slower refresh rate. Your TV will end up blurring those superb football moves because its struggling to keep up with the speed of the video.
  • Sound clarity: Sound clarity is the most neglected feature of a TV, especially when it comes to sports such as football. A good TV with real good power and range to their audio with a decent video refresh rate, will give you amazing sporting action with sound. This will only enhance your involvement with the action.

Keeping these two factors into account, Croma Retail brings you 3 best TVs which promise to enhance your soccer experience:


Sony KDL-40W900 40″ LED TVsony-300x300.jpg


This 40-inch LED TV has a 10W + 10W audio output with a 1080p display. This TV with its LED back-lit module is sure to give you an amazing football experience. In addition to this, this TV comes with 1 cable, 4 HDMI ports, and 3 USB ports. Click here to know more.


Samsung UA48H8000AR 48-inch Curved 3D Full HD LED Smart TVsamsung-300x300.jpg



This 48 inch 3D TV is curved. This television provides you with a clear motion rate technology which allows you to catch every moment of this beautiful game. The curved screen gives you a realistic feel of the game and with its micro dimming feature, you will experience sharp and crisp images. Click here to know more.


LG 65LA9650 65-inch 4K Ultra HD LED Cinema 3D Smart TV


This TV comes with an IPS 4K panel, which is as close as you can get to the game on field. Its built-in 4K 3D + Ultra HD Resolution is supported by high efficiency video coding. This feature makes this the most desired TV for die-hard soccer fans. Click here to know more.


Toshiba introduced the Windows 8.1 based Satellite P50 laptop in India at a price of Rs 86,000 in Delhi. The company plans to launch these high-end laptops during the course of the year in phases.



The Satellite P50 is part of Toshiba’s ‘Greatest of All’ range and is the world’s first notebook to feature 4K or Ultra HD display. The notebook boasts of a TruBrite 15.6-inch display with (high) resolution of 3840×2160 pixels and it is touch compatible. As compared to its competitors Lenovo, Dell, and HP, Toshiba hasn’t been able to make its mark in the in the Indian laptop market. With this competitively priced 4k display notebook, Toshiba aims to penetrate the laptop segment and make the 4k display an industry trend. Toshiba is banking hugely on the
Satellite P50 to make this happen.


The Toshiba Satellite P50t-B powered by the best in the business fourth generation Intel Core i-series processor (Core i7-4700HQ). The processor has 6M cache and a clock speed of up to 3.40 GHz. The notebook can be configured with up to 16GB of 1600MHz DDR3L RAM. Toshiba has also incorporated a powerful AMD Radeon R9 M265X GPU and shock-resistant 1TB HDD.


The Toshiba Satellite P50 has plethora of port selection options—it sports four USB 3.0 ports, a UHS-II SD card slot, a 4K-capable HDMI port, and a rewritable CD drive. Other high-end 4k machines from Toshiba, like the W50 and the Satellite P55t, are yet to be launched in India.


With thickness of only 27.9mm, the Satellite P50 is one of the slimmest laptops in its size range. Like all Toshiba laptops, this also comes with a Harman Kardon branded stereo speakers and Toshiba’s unique Sleep & Music feature that lets you listen to music even in sleep mode.

The Japanese electronics giant also introduced the Satellite S and Satellite L series in India. They have introduced two hybrid laptops, the Portege Z10t-A and Satellite L30W. In addition to this, they have also introduced Tecra W50, Tecra Z40-A, and Portege Z30-A laptops as well.



Toshiba showcased the Satellite S40-B, a slim 19.3mm thick notebook that weighs only 2 KG, which sets it apart as a thin and light laptop. The notebook is priced at Rs 50,790, and sports a 14-inch Full-HD display, 1.6GHz Intel Core i5 processor, a 1TB hard disk, 4GB of RAM (maximum up to 16GB), and a 2GB AMD graphics card. This one also features the standard dual Harman/Kardon stereo speakers.


Toshiba’s Satellite L series brings a 15.6-inch HD display, Onkyo speakers with DTS Sound, USB 3.0 ports, USB-sleep-and-charge technology. Toshiba offers multiple CPU options such as a quad-core AMD A4-5000 processor or a 2.17GHz quad-core Intel Pentium N3520 processor or a 1.7GHz fourth-generation Intel Core i3 processor or a 1.6GHz Intel Core i5 processor. The systems start with 2GB of RAM and can take in up to 16GB. Depending on the configuration, Satellite L series has been priced between Rs 15,785 and Rs 51,340.


The Portege Z10 is a Windows 8.1 ultrabook aimed at your business and professional needs. Its 11.6-inch Full-HD display is protected by Corning Concore Glass and supports touch input as well as digitizer input. Its detachable screen comes with quite a clunky clasp in the middle, and the keyboard dock features backlit keys. Portege Z10 comes with four processor options, however, they are all Intel Core models. Buyers can choose up to 4GB of RAM. You have an option to select the operating systems of your choice—Windows 7 Professional and Windows 8.1


The Tecra Z40 is mainly a business laptop with a 14-inch HD display. It is powered by a 2.1GHz Intel i7 processor and comes with 4GB RAM and Windows 8.1 Pro or Windows 7 Pro. As part of its enhanced security feature, it can also read fingerprints.

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Technology today has reached a point where everything is easy to operate, take computers for instance. Gone are the days when it was considered fashionable to dress up neatly, and visit the local library to ‘read books’ and finish the weekly assignment. Today’s digital age seems to have overloaded everyone with what popularly known as real-time information,from news to latest happenings around the world; thanks to all those apps which are perennially connected to the internet.


The first computer was introduced in India in the early 90’s. I remember seeing those big old computers in my school where our computer teacher proudly introduced us to the technological marvel. Those memories of exploring those huge floppy disks and staring at the green & black screen for long hours brings a smile on my face now. I wonder how many people here remember these machines. I would love to know about your experience with these wonderful machines in the comments.


We know that washing machines were made to make life easier. However, since you are investing, you want to ensure that your buy is worth every penny. With IFB Elena Aqua Washing Machine, you will get more than you asked for! Here are five reasons why the IFB Elena Aqua Washing machine is just that:


1. The looks


IFB Elena Aqua Washing Machine Croma looks pretty enough to just buy it for its appearance. No matter what the ambience of your home is, it will fit right in. It is compact and weighs approximately six kgs. The machine also come with a protective rat mesh that that forms an additional cover at the bottom of the machine that protects it from possible damage caused by rodents.


2. The filter

FL_product-feature_2dwash_357X357-150x150 (1).jpg

This machine comes with a special built-in aqua filter that softens hard water and improves the performance of the machine. The bi-carbonates in the water are broken down and reduced to crystals. These crystals are tiny, and they flow with water instead of forming crusts. As a result of this, the detergent enzymes dissolve in the water easily and gives your clothes much better wash. The now soft water will facilitates wetting of clothes. Moreover, it also reduces scaling on machine components.


3. The unique washing system

The washing machine gives dynamic movement to the water which ensures that you get fresher and cleaner wash for your clothes. This 2D shower system is one of the best features of the IFB Elena washing machine. It comes with nozzles that circulate the water 360°in the drum. It allows the detergent to dissolve completely and penetrate the clothes for a deeper wash. Similarly, while rinsing too, fresh water will penetrate entirely into the clothes to wash away any traces of detergent and hence leaving you with a cleaner wash.


cresent-moon-drum-150x150.jpg4. Crescent Moon Drum

The unique Crescent moon pattern on the inner drum protects the clothes during the wash. How it works is that the water curves up in a swoosh pattern. This prevents the clothes from rubbing against the wall of the steel drum. It ensures that the clothes clean better and your machine lasts longer!


5. Wash of your choice

Why be controlled by a machine when you can control it? That is to say that IFB Elena Aqua Washing Machine lets you to choose from a variety of washes such as the eco-wash. It is a unique programme that uses optimum water and energy and gives your clothes a quality wash. The rapid wash will come very handy when you are in a rush as it decreases the washing time by a whooping 50%. Apart than this the machine also has a foam control system which helps maintain the wash quality by dissolving excessive foam with a dilution system.


Here at Croma, you can buy the IFB Elena Aqua Washing Machine at the best price in India. You buy directly from our online store or go to any of our Croma retail outlets.


Images Courtesy: IFB Appliances

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In today’s fast paced life, it’s quite common for the young generation like us to search for the perfect gift online two days before some events like Mother’s day. Right now, this blog post is dedicated to all those lovely kids out there who are confused about choosing the right gift for their mom. After all Mother’s day is the most special day. Now whatever be your budget, we will help you find the best gadget for your mom. Besides, nothing can replace the love and sentiment attached with a mother.


Representing Android: Samsung Galaxy S5


Samsung has released one of the most successful series of smartphones with its galaxy series of smartphones. Samsung Samsung-Galaxy-S5-300x175.jpgsmartphones outsells all the smartphones combined and its often touted as the flagship of Android. Of all the smartphones currently available from Samsung, Galaxy S5 is the best option. This smartphone comes with a host of accessories that will motivate your mom to learn more about tech and gadgets.


This smartphone also comes with a band-aid back which will help you operate this phone with one hand effortlessly. If your mom thinks that the phone has a gigantic screen then she can also choose to operate this phone in one-handed mode, which minimizes the screen!


Premium Perk: HTC One (M8)


For those mothers who are interested in classy gadgets, HTC One (M8) is the best pick. This phone comes with a aluminum body, and with a screen size of 5-inch. This makes normal media playing and entertainment into an amazing experience.HTC comes with fantastic processor and memory capabilities. Apps from NDTV and TOI will keep mom updated with the latest news and happenings.  We are sure this is something that she will appreciate and would love to use.


She can also capture all the special moments in her smartphone with HTCs smart dual camera setup. HTC is also compatible with a host of editing apps helping you enhance the pics captured in the camera. This phone is for those moms who like to look sharp.


nokia-x-android_505_031214071924-300x156.jpgTrusted Friend: Nokia-X

This phone is for those moms who love Nokia. This is the first ever Nokia phone to be powered by android. This phone is also available with Windows OS. This phones has amazing in-built memory and supports many apps effortlessly. The 4-inch screen is lively and bright. Nokia-Xcomes with many navigation apps and maps applications. This phone is suitable for moms who love traveling or like to visit new places.


Google-Nexus-5-review-rear-camera-2-300x200.jpgUndisputed Ruler: Nexus 5

For those who want to gift their mom an android powerhouse which will provide the best value for money, then Nexus 5 is the phone you are looking for. A 5-inch screen is not at all disappointing when the phone comes packed with top-of-the-line apps. If Galaxy S5 is the face Android OS, then Nexus 5 can be said to define its identity.


Move over the rumors and issues associated with Nexus phone and its cameras. A 5-MP camera may sound disappointing and the camera may struggle in some situations, Nexus 5 still remains one of the premium phones available in the market. Your mom will be proud to own one and flaunt it with pride, knowing that you saved some money to get her the best device.

All of these devices are amazing and there cannot be a single undisputed winner here. Your mom will be happy to own any of these smartphones. Be sure to remember your moms preferences before selecting either of these smartphones for her. If you are still undecided, then browse through our entire list of smartphone at India’s largest electronic store.


(Featured Image Courtesy: Bharatmoms)

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She’s been around every time you needed advise, or some serious help to bail you out of trouble. She has been the silent angel responsible for developing your persona in to that perfect woman or gentleman. In return, you can gift her a tech upgrade with Sony Xperia Z2.


This phone will be one of the most beautiful tech upgrade your mom will ever receive. You may not want to overhaul her tech knowledge overnight as it might prove to be a drastic change. There are far too many things on her mind and the least she would expect is to receive a smartphone which is too complex to operate.


Sony Xperia Z2 comes with tons of awesome apps that are really easy to operate coupled with a fast processor. This smartphone comes with a QUALCOMM Snapdragon 801 chipset and 3GB RAM. If you want to gift your mom top-of-the-line phone, then this is the one. This amazing smartphone comes with a 3200mAh along with Sony’s stamina mode which provides greater control over the apps which consume more power.


Sony promised a larger screen space for Xperia Z2 and they delivered that promise with a 5.2-inch IPS LCD screen. This screen comes with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels without sacrificing the pixels per inch. This phone has a pixel density of 423ppi. As usual, this Sony smartphone comes with the Bravia engine and X-Reality, which provides a real time boost to the colors of movies and photos on the display.


Sony has also come up with an ingenious way to future-proof your memories with its 4K video capabilities. The video is rich in quality and colors and makes your recording appear more pristine on screen. Since 4K video takes up more space, the microSD slot adds upto 128GB. This is one feature we are sure your mom will love. A waterproof phone with 4K video will not restrict your mom from recording and crystallizing those beautiful memories forever!


Sony Xperia Pro will help you give your mom that incremental upgrade that you had been looking forward to. Sony Xperia Z2 comes with the best waterproofing and superior build which easily defeats other competitors such as Samsung and HTC. The battery life is respectable compared to the apps which it offers. You just need to get the perfect balance of Sony’s stamina mode and regular mode to sail through the day. The camera experience is superb and it has futuristic features such as 4K video and 20 MP rear camera. These features make this phone highly desirable and ultra superior amongst its competitors.


Our Verdict: If you want to gift her something special, gift her Sony Xperia Z2.


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Do you really like the new Micromax Canvas A 110 for its attractive looks and amazing price? If yes, then you have landed at the right place. Here you will find a detailed review of this phone that will help you understand your favorite phone in a better manner. The phone’s build is plastic with a matte finish back panel that will help in keeping the phone clean and smudge free. The features offered in this phone are really cool especially once you consider the price bracket. In the past few months there have been many budget phablets trying to outdo the other in terms of its offerings. It may be rightly said that Micromax Canvas A 110 has been able to hit home in most of the aspects, especially considering the price it is offered at.


Let us now deep dive into the individual offerings of this smartphone.



The Micromax A 110 has an IPS display which is quite impressive. The big 5 – inch screen looks good and the colour reproduction is also good. The viewing angles are comparatively better than the other phones offered in the same price range. The credit for the same goes to its IPS display. It has 854x480p resolution which isn’t that great and atleast a HD resolution would have been appreciated. The touch sensitivity is good which indicates the fact that even budget phones have evolved in the recent past. The large display is a boon for those who love to watch movies, play games, and watch YouTube videos on their phone.


The phone has a classy and attractive design and is devoid of any Micromax branding on the front. It has a large 5” display which might not be comfortable to hold and use. The glass is highly reflective and is prone to smudges. The phone has three capacitive buttons, for Home, Menu and Back respectively. On the top left section is the blinking LED for notifications and on the right section is the front camera.


The back panel is textured and has a small Micromax logo placed in the center. The 8 mega pixel back camera protrudes out which is a cause of concern as the lens is prone to scratches when kept on its back. There is a 3.5 mm audio jack and micro-USB input on the top side while the right and left side features the power switch and volume controls.


The Micromax Canvas A 110 has striking similarity to the Samsung Galaxy S III and Note II. One major difference is the absence of a physical home button. The features that are similar to Note II are the front camera, sensors and the chrome speaker frill. The chrome trim around the phone is a bit too jazzy and might not be appreciated. There is a big power key on the right side of the phone while the volume rocker is on the left side of the phone. On the top of the phone is the micro-USB port along with the 3.5 mm audio parts. The back cover feels durable and is made of plastic and also offers a good grip. There is a dual LED flash beside the camera and the back also has a Micromax branding and a speaker. The phone’s device is powered by a 1GHz dual-core processor with 512MB RAM along with 4GB internal storage which is expandable up to 32GB with microSD card.

This phone is a dual-SIM smartphone and supports GSM SIM card in both slots. The SIM Card slots are hidden behind the back cover, just above the battery slot. One disadvantage is that the SIM cards and the Micro SD Cards are not swappable.



The Micromax Canvas A110 comes with a 8 mega pixel rear camera and clicks decent pictures. If you click photographs from too near then there is blurriness in them. The camera comes with options like, HDR (High Dynamic Range) but is not of much help the average photos that this device clicks.

The videos are shot at a maximum of 720p HD resolution. The quality of the videos shot are okay and is fine for casual photography. Considering the price, the camera is fine as you cannot ask for more at this price tag.


Software/ Interface
The Micromax Canvas A 110 comes with pre-loaded Android 4.0.4, and the interface is more or less untouched except the little odd tweaks. Micromax has however used its own set of icons that makes the user interface look different from Vanilla.

It is not correct to expect Jelly Bean at this price point, but some useful additions will be most welcome. The capacitive button includes the usual menu along with the Back and Home button which is different from the Google where it is attempting to get rid of the Menu button. The task-switcher is available if you long press the Home button.


The usual Ice cream Sandwich features is present in this phone – the re-sizable widgets, revamped UI but the Face Unlock feature is missing. The performance is smooth and snappy owing to the pretty-much stock interface.

Micromax has pre-loaded some third party trial games including its own bloatware like Hookup (similar to Whatsapp), M! Zone, M! Buddy and M! Store. The phone supports 3G video calling natively, which is a welcome addition as other Android smartphones usually did not have 3G video calling feature.


The Micromax Canvas A110 is a decent upgrade to A100. A 5’’ screen phone at this price bracket is really impressive and offers value for money. The only thing that seems missing is a better screen and Android Jelly Bean. Overall, this phone looks attractive and has decent features, the same seems apparent once you consider its price. Micromax has shown that it was clear in its offering while creating the phone and hence has been successful in launching the same. This phone is a must have for those who like to carry a good looking phone with decent features and that too at an affordable price range.



The use of latest technologies in computers and mobile devices are changing the face of education. Classroom activities and student engagement can be taken to a whole new level by using technology. From assigning homework to assessing it, from managing classrooms to sending notifications to parents, everything is just a few clicks and taps away with advanced technology. The use of computer and mobile applications is revolutionizing classrooms and school activities. Here are some popular tech tools that are making classrooms smarter and more efficient.




Schoology offers a host of mobile applications to teachers to help them manage courses and classrooms in a better manner. Using Schoology apps, teachers can achieve a 1:1 learning environment in classrooms, and a highly interactive one at that, by implementing what is known as ‘Bring Your Own Device’. Besides a school’s own course, using high-technology apps by Schoology, teachers can create a stronger structure with additional courses and put them all in a simpler, more organized and single interface. Manage students’ homework and collaborate with other teachers, all using Schoology technology.



Schoolfy is a network of teachers from all around the world. This global educational platform is open to all teachers, students, parents and colleagues for collaboration. Using the latest technology on Schoolfy, teachers can create calendars, set homeworks and make assessments. To save time, teachers can also use Schoolfy to send auto-generated messages and notifications to students and parents. Besides setting homeworks, teachers can also set up exercises and prepare special instructions. The use of this tool in classrooms can lead to a higher level of engagement and interaction, making life easier for all students and teachers.


Smart Seat:

Besides homeworks, course calendars and assessments, another big challenge faced by all in classrooms is the seating arrangement. Smart Seat, an iPad application, makes it easy to manage classrooms by allowing teachers to set up a virtual class and add students and their info on it. Teachers can then make notes on students and remember them by the seating arrangement. The information fed into the app can be exported and sent to parents. This high-technology iPad app has a Random Student Selector feature to engage students in discussions. Taking attendance and assessing students’ performance was never this easy! The app can also be used to divide the classroom into groups and have discussions, host quizzes, assign projects and conduct other classroom activities.




TeacherVision is a website that promotes smarter classrooms and fun learning environments. It is a great tool for teachers to make the best out of their time. TeachrVision provide lesson plans, organizers, printable materials, and other teaching resources. Content on every subject can be found on their website with classroom-ready plans.


Smart Teacher:

Here’s an Android mobile application to make classrooms smarter. Planning curriculum, managing report cards, evaluating performance can all be done with a single app. Taking attendance is another helpful feature of the app, along with the option to flip classrooms and record classes. All the information can be uploaded on the server.
These are just a few examples of how technology is transforming classrooms. There are many other services that are dedicated to providing smarter learning environments to students and simplifying tasks for teachers.

We hope that both teachers and students will find this article informative. If you find the article interesting, do share it with your teachers and fellow classmates and friends.


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After seeing the success of the HTC One and Galaxy S4, Sony has taken a step forward and created a smartphone which is based on the double-tiered approach. Even though the new Sony Xperia ZL has similar hardware, it has got a thinner and more rugged body. Sony has combined the features of the Xperia Z in this phone but has changed the overall look and design of the phone.


The Sony Xperia ZL’s front side is fully covered with its screen and very little bezel. As opposed to the older phones, Xperia ZL has no hardware or capacitive navigation buttons. This has mostly been seen on Android running phones. The power on/off button is prominent in the middle of the phone making it inconvenient for the users. It also has a volume rocker and a physical, two-step camera button that enables users to switch between the two cameras. The back of the phone feels like slightly curved plastic which is easy to grip. Apart from the camera lens, it also has the speaker on its back side. The Sony Xperia ZL has a little panel at the bottom that flips up to swap in micro SD cards as well as SIM cards. This phone has a non-replaceable battery due to which the phone’s back panel cannot be removed.



Whats inside
The Sony Xperia ZL has a less wide body than Xperia Z and comes with a smaller bezel and rubbery back panel. This device is much easier to grip but doesn’t offer the waterproof feature like the Xperia Z. This 5 inch smartphone offers a resolution of 1080×1920 pixels full HD Reality Display. Its display works on the Mobile BRAVIA Engine 2 making it one of the best phones made by Sony. The power button is on the edges of the phone while the camera shutter button and the volume bar are on its right side. The back panel has a large flap that has slots for microSD card and SIM card. The rear camera of the Sony Xperia ZL has large metal rim around its lens that works as a protection for the lens. The external speakers and a single LED flash are placed around this metal rim.


Sony Xperia ZL is one such Android device that has amazing apps like WALKMAN, Sony Album, Movies and Sony Select. It also provides the Wisepilot for Xperia and the Smart Connect which is similar to Xperia Link. It also gives apps like Remote Control that prove to be useful making it easier to implement Sony Xperia ZL with its IR-Blaster to the television, stereo or home theatre. The phone’s user interface is quick and responsive due to its Qualcomm SoC processor and also has a long battery life.


Sony Xperia ZL is packed with a 5 inch 1080×1980 TFT display and pixel density of 441 ppi. It runs the Mobile Bravia Engine 2 software that enhances the quality of pictures and videos. The high density provided by the phone’s display ensures that the users get amazing clarity and colour on its screen. It gives 100 percent screen brightness due to which the outdoor visibility is pretty good. It comes with a pre-applied screen protector that doesn’t feel like glass and has a tendency to collect extra lint and dirt around the edge of the screen that is difficult to remove.


Sony Xperia ZL has a different look and feel of the software customizations when compared with other stock devices though it does function just about the same way. Sony’s launcher is quite basic due to which it looks and feels plain. The plain lock screen allows users to unlock the phone simply by swiping anywhere on the screen. It displays a clock display and quick launch buttons for camera and music control. The home screen shows an array of screens along with a status bar, standard dock and app arrangement. The display allows users to sort apps but not widgets that can be accessed by long pressing on the home screen. Many themes are provided to change the look of the device. Apart from the launcher, it also has colour accents that change the colour of the user interface based on the theme the user selects.


The Sony Xperia ZL comes with a strong 13 megapixel camera that has Sony’s Superior Auto system for switching through various shooting modes automatically. For instance, it changes to night mode if the camera detects darkness when the user is about to click pictures. It has a camera app that gives an amazing camera experience with the facility to customize the user interface.


The Sony Xperia ZL works like a high-end device that opens apps swiftly and performs tasks smoothly. The launcher and app drawer launched quickly without any crashes, freezes or random reboots. Sony has made various improvements to the software and the additional Jelly Bean OS give amazingly smooth performance on this phone.


Battery life
Sony Xperia ZL has a non-removable 2370mAh battery underneath its back case. This battery lasts long enough for a whole day when used for normal use. The battery tends to drain more when used continuously with Wi-Fi or in sunlight. However, the battery doesn’t drain alarmingly and enables users to use it consistently for a whole day without any problems. Sony has taken care of the smaller battery problems by providing the Power management settings under which are softwares like Stamina mode, low battery mode and location-based Wi-Fi. These softwares help in prolonging the overall life of the phone. The Stamina mode enables to disable the data traffic when the screen is off while the low battery mode lowers the screen brightness, screen timeout, etc. when power level is low.


The 5 inch Sony Xperia ZL is easier to grip due to the smaller bezels and on-screen navigation buttons. The automatic settings and dual detent hardware shutter button ensures that the users get high quality photos from its 13MP camera. Its Jelly Bean OS gives amazingly smooth performance and its processor ensures that the phone operates at faster speeds. It also supports radio frequencies such as HSPA+ and LTE.


The major drawback of the Sony Xperia ZL is that it has very poor viewing angles that are slightly off-axis. So, even if it offers a great display, this becomes the downside of this phone. Apart from that, Sony provides numerous in-built apps of which only some are useful. The fact that Xperia ZL’s camera is so amazing, it becomes unnecessary to use the camera app it comes with.


The Sony Xperia ZL has been made by combining the best features of Xperia Z and yet making it more friendly to the users. So, people who prefer to have glassy finish on their phones should go for Xperia Z but those who would rather have a phone that has a stronger build should go for Xperia ZL. Apart from that, the Sony Xperia ZL is expected to be cheaper in India when it is available.


In all probability, the iOS 7 should be launched by fall this year and it is sure to mesmerize you with its host of stunning features. This software update from Apple, literally brings the entire gamut of all the past iPhone models and applications to the plate. Prior to this keenly awaited launch, let’s catch a quick preview of what it is actually capable of, since the iOS 7 brings an entire range of exciting prospects to the table.



What’s making news
The Apple iOS6, which was the predecessor of the iOS 7 largely, satisfied most of the user requirements, but it did possess some minor disadvantages. One of the major complaints of many users was Apple had casually decided to do away with Google’s data. Nevertheless, besides this grievance, the rest of the iOS 6’s attributes like an extremely useful Siri – application launching and the acceptance that an entire market exists beyond the United States – shared photo streams, beneficial phone application controls such as “send to voicemail”, major enhancements for emailing, safari accessibility and the camera function were all indubitably valued and liked. With the avant-garde iOS 7, Apple is all set to usher in a new and pulsating era. This latest model will be attuned to most of Apple’s mobile phones including the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5. It will also be compatible with the iPad third and fourth generation, the iPad mini and the iPod touch fifth generation. This has been facilitated because of some of the more powerful demands of the new operating system. It is also equipped with a fully overhauled interface, a fresh control center, transparent animations and loads of advanced interactive features.


There’s also some interesting hearsay coming in about Apple Maps. With the new iOS 7, it is highly likely that some significant augmentations could be made to the Maps function along with some new pioneering features being added. It might also be possible for mapping data to be sent directly to an iDevice from a larger Mac or Mac Book. The new iOS 7 boasts of all the existing features of the previous version, along with a brand-new interface, plus new and exciting techniques to handle the phone, like a torch that can be easily used in the dark.



Comparing with the competition
Apple has taken an assured step to empower the iOS 7 to usurp Android mobile phones, by inserting plenty of new features and other Apple accessories. On account of the perpetually escalating competition from Android mobile phones like HTC, Samsung, LG, Google, Microsoft, and BlackBerry, Apple has now resolved to totally remodel this version of the iOS. It’s time we evaluate some common features between the iOS 7 and other Android mobile phones.


1)    Lock Screen: The text indicates the date and time and directs you how to slide and unlock the screen. The Android operating system also has a similar screen, but it instructs its users to amend the content with the help of widgets. Apple’s new operating system has a clear and straightforward look, which is akin to the Android’s lock screen, but only in just a small number of aspects.


2)    Notifications: Previously, iOS users could observe the existing notifications, but not the complete list. Now, all the content is delivered in a tabbed menu, while an Android still provides them in a listed fashion. The Android is appropriate for those who prefer dealing with their notifications right away, while those who isolate their notifications first and then work on them will favour Apple’s revamped notification method. The iOS 7 allows you to see the notification bar without unlocking your handset, even though it must be stated that the feature has been taken from the Android system.



3)    Navigation: The new iOS boasts of slide-out drawers to perk up navigation, along with keeping Apple’s original single button design. Apple users will greet it as a resourceful approach to navigate through different applications without requiring departing from the screen totally. However, it must be pointed out that Android users are already well-versed with this method.


4)    Control Centre: Apple’s users now can easily access iTunes controls and a host of other user-friendly applications such as the flashlight, the calculator or the camera. In contrast, Android’s control centre relies on the mobile brands. So at times, its functioning could be smooth, but on other occasions, it could end up being irksome. Apple users now have instant access to its control centre with the latest swipe-up function from the bottom of the screen. The centre also provides many fast toggles. These are amazing supplementations to the iOS 7, as they permit the user to make rapid settings changes without needing to go through loads of extra pages. The emphasis is on the most basic of settings like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, brightness and airplane mode.


5)    Multitasking: The iOS 7 ’s multitasking approach is derived from WebOS. Hence, it brings all its applications in a full screen, flashcard style. Users can now effortlessly swipe for the application they are searching and even swipe to shut the applications. In contrast, Android users have been provided the benefits of multitasking for a long time. However, Android presents a different technique, as it doesn’t offer a full screen appearance, but only a hint of the application with the icon and title of the application in proximity to a preview picture. Since eons, iOS has limited its users to how much they are allowed to do simultaneously. But now, multitasking has been initiated with the iOS 7. Multitasking functions with a range of applications downloaded from the Apple accessories store.


6)    Updating: Android users have been enjoying the joys of conducive updating facilities for a while now. However, it needs to be observed if Apple can rise above the lethargic pace afflicting Android devices while an application is being updated. With the arrival of Apple’s most recent operating system, updating for its devices can now be done easily and rapidly. Very little time will be required for Apple’s accessories to stack up. But the updates will only appear with the support of a good reception and a strong signal.


7)    Wireless Sharing: Apple has fashioned the Airdrop feature as a direct contender to Android’s landmark system of sharing, where the users just require touching their phones. This feature makes sharing of photos, videos, music, documents and other files very easy.



What does it have for your iPhone
iPhone 4 service users can be jubilant with the latest development that they do get some features of the software like the photo filters, new photo applications and the latest camera application. iPhone 4S users will get to access many more features of the iOS7, including a fully functional camera application along with the panorama mode. All succeeding Apple devices will mostly be able to exploit all the features of the iOS 7. The solitary hiccup is that only devices launched after the iPhone 4 will be fully compatible with the iOS 7, so all those who own the iPhone 1, 2, 3 or 3GS, or even those having the iPad or iPad 2 will ponder over not being allowed a chance to integrate their devices with Apple’s high-tech operating system.


It looks like it has finally dawned upon Apple that it needs to adapt a more modern-day style, even while maintaining its sharp, clean and almost immaculate appeal. The iOS 7 has been radically revamped for the first time, since the iPhone was first introduced back in 2007. Most of the visuals and features are Apple’s own creation, but it also takes a bit from creditable competitors. However, not many new game-changing features have been incorporate, which is quite a downer. Ultimately, the iOS 7 provides major augmentations in the visual zone, which will certainly make your tablet or phone more ergonomic and easy to use.

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Samsung communication devices have become synonymous with ultra-sophisticated android phones and tablet phones of the present era, and the electronic giant is leading the market with its wide range of products. Samsung Galaxy Tablet series always brings the new revolution in market and the company constantly comes up with more innovative models. ‘Samsung Galaxy S2 Mini’ is the hottest addition to this renowned assortment. It is a sleek and slim tablet phone that looks appealing at the very first glance. Though it’s a tablet phone, it feels quite handy and if you are no longer in the mood to carry both your laptop and your executive phone, it’s the right substitute for both. Let’s take a sneak peek at the specifications of this phone vs. Samsung Galaxy S2 to review if it’s really better than its competitors –


  Samsung Galaxy S2 Minisamsung-galaxy-s2-1-216x300.jpg

    Key Features –

  • 1.4 GHz processor
  • 3.7 inch WVGA capacitive touch screen
  • 5 MP auto focus
  • LED flash camera
  • Front facing VGA camera
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0
  • Mobile hotspot capability
  • Compatible with UMTS and HSPA+

Samsung Galaxy S2


Galaxy S II (or Galaxy S2) is the thinnest phone to date, measuring only 8.49 mm. It’s faster and gives better viewing experience than its predecessor Galaxy S.


Key features –

  • 4.3″ WVGA Super AMOLED plus touch screen
  • 8 megapixels camera with LED flash
  • Touch focus
  • HD video recording
  • 2 megapixels front-facing camera for video calling
  • 1GB RAM
  • Adobe Flash Player 10.1


One of the basic disparities between the two is their up-to-date status. Samsung Galaxy S2 is the basis for the production of its mini version, the Samsung Galaxy S2 Mini. In this light, it is quite obvious that Galaxy S2 Mini is much more updated and improved compared to Galaxy S2. Apart from bearing disparity in size, Samsung Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S2 Mini differ in internal features. One of which is in camera resolutions. Although Galaxy S2 Mini is the latest version, it only has 5 megapixels whereas Galaxy S2 has higher resolution of 8 megapixels.


Samsung Galaxy S2 mini is much advantageous in size and weight as compared to many other phones in the market with similar screen size and pricing. It is handier and more comfortable to use. More so, it has more advanced features, and more applications can be easily downloaded into the unit.


Though many consumer gadget making companies are slowly emerging, Samsung remains to be one highly respected company as they have paved ways in keeping the advancing technology alive and always on the go.


The Samsung Galaxy S2 mini is a budget blower, designed for a youthful owner. It feels solid enough to survive the odd schoolyard scrape. However, there’s a glut of Android phone choice these days, and its charms might be less winning if you do your homework and check out the cut-price competition. In the end, you have to decide if it is really worth spending money on.


The biggest online retailer in the world, Amazon has recently set its foot in the Indian market with the launch of its Kindle store. Croma has not only made the Kindle e-book reader available through the retail outlets in India but also on its online platform, This new Kindle store facilitates the customers to pay in rupees in order to buy e-books. It claims to have over 1 million books for sale of which atleast 70 out of 100 are Nielsen bestsellers. Apart from Nielsen Bestsellers, the books from other Indian authors like Chetan Bhagat, Ashwin Sanghi, Amish Tripathi, Ravinder Singh and many more are available.

In all, five different variants of the Kindle e-book reader viz. Kindle Paper White – Wifi, Kindle Paper White – 3g + Wifi, Kindle Fire HD 7in Tablet, Kindle Fire HD 8.9in Tablet 16 GB, Kindle Fire HD 8.9 Tablet 32 Gb have been released. The specifications of the same have been described below.


Kindle Paperwhite/Paperwhite 3G
The Kindle Paperwhite has a 6-inch capacitive touchscreen display having screen resolution of up to 212ppi and is covered with a plastic bezel. This tablet is very lightweight and is highly portable to carry around. The amazing resolution of this tablet gives the user a great reading experience. It has an E-Ink display with built-in light which makes it comfortable to read e-books without causing any strain on the eyes. It enables users to store data on the Amazon Cloud as well as its 2GB internal memory and also provides support for file extensions like TXT, PDF, MOBI, DOC, DOCX, etc. This device provides Wi-Fi connectivity making it easier to manage the device. It also features the on-board QWERTY keyboard on the capacitive touchscreen. The Wi-Fi +3G Amazon Paperwhite variant enables users to download the latest books, bestsellers, newspapers, magazines and Kindle Singles quickly from the Amazon store. Apart from these superb features, this tablet offers good battery life which lasts for nearly eight weeks. Know more about Kindle Paperwhite 3G+Wifi, and the non-3G version of Kindle Paperwhite.


Kindle-Fire-8.9.jpgKindle Fire HD
Kindle Fire HD has a large multi-touch LCD display panel which features a front camera. This tablet is a bit heavy as it weighs 567 grams. It is powered on a TI OMAP 4470 chipset that features a dual core Cortex A9 processor which is clocked at 1.5GHz. It also has a PowerVR SGX544 graphics processor which is faster than the Tegra 3 processor. Like the 7-inch Fire HD version, the 8-inch Kindle Fire HD has a capacitive 10-point multi-touch IPS LCD display that sports a resolution of 1920×1200 pixels. Both these versions of the Kindle Fire HD have the facility to reduce glare as well as improve colour saturation. Apart from that, it is available in two variants, 16GB and 32GB.  Know more about the specifications of the 8.9 inch16GB Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Fire HD 32 GB versions. It provides Wi-Fi connectivity option as well as Bluetooth for wireless connectivity. These tablets also feature A2DP support for headphones and speakers, ambient light sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope and a front 1.3MP camera for video chats.


The Kindle Fire HD is powered with a 6000mAh battery that gives up to 10 hours of continuous usage. It comes with a power charger that can charge the device’s battery within five hours. After registering the tablet, it lets users to get free cloud storage of 5GB which can be extended up to 1TB. This tablet doesn’t feature any expansion slots so the users will not be able to get the benefit of microSD card as well as USB OTG options. The Kindle Fire HD has a strong plastic chassis with matte-finish exterior and it has a firmly built frame that cannot be opened. The front of this tablet has a large multi-touch LCD display while its rear panel has a rubberised surface. Its rear panel also has two stereo Dolby speakers on each side. Apart from the slip-resistant surface, the sides of this tablet are flattened while its corners are rounded.


These Amazon tablets are now available for the first time in India at the Croma store as well as online Croma exclusively provides the latest generation Kindle e-book readers to its customers in India.

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A new year begins, and with it come new wishlists, new occasions, and of course, more shopping! To kick-start the year, we have put together the 8 most desirable electronic appliances that you would want to get home this year. We have specifically chosen these gadgets keeping in mind the latest technology. and most creative innovations available for the masses. Here are the 8 most desirable electronic gadgets that you could buy in 2013.
We personally love these products, and want you to share our joy.

1.    HTC 8X:


HTC’s Windows phones have always been considered half-measures by most in the past, but with the HTC 8X, it pulls out all the big guns. Look at this beauty! It is extremely light, and comes with the power of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon dual core 1.5Ghz processor and Windows 8 in all its glory. The apps are plenty, and the interface is simply fantastic. Those willing to switch from Android and iOS can now rejoice.



2.    Lenovo IdeaPad U310:Lenovo-IdeaPad-U310-150x150.png
Lenovo is known to deliver some great mobile computing devices. With the IdeaPad U310, it takes it up a notch. This second generation ultrabook is portable, stylish, and is loaded with some great features. With a 13.3’’ widescreen anti-glare display, a 500GB HDD, and the Intel Core i5-3317U processor, it offers a complete ultrabook package.




3.    Violet 5.1 Wireless Home Theatre System:
There are the multitudes of home theatre systems that promise convenience and no mess; and then there is this wireless Violet-5-1-Wireless-150x150.jpgsystem from Violet. Not only does this home theatre system look great, it also delivers great 5.1 surround sound; and it does this without any tangling wires! That’s right, Violet 3D is the world’s first completely wireless surround sound system. Place it wherever you wish and enjoy soaring sounds in every corner of your home.


4.    Milagrow Red Hawk Robotic Vacuum Cleaner:  
It cleans your home while saving you the effort to bend, squat and dig into corners. TheMilagrow Red Hawk Robotic VMilagrow-Red-Hawk-120x120.jpgacuum cleaner effectively cleans various kinds of surfaces such has wood, tile, carpets, rugs, and more. With a 10-15 W suction power, this little guy will do all the work for you. And if it detects an obstacle, it turns around and finds a way out! Did we mention that this is a robotic vacuum cleaner?



5.    Nikon D3100 14.2 MP DSLR:
Amateur photographers, this must definitely go on your birthday wish list. The Nikon Nikon-D3100.jpgD3100 is an entry-level DSLR that delivers fantastic performances with its 14.2 megapixels and a plethora of convenient shooting modes. It has well-laid out controls and an ergonomically designed body for ease of use. The camera supports video recording, and also supports USB and HDMI connections. Its small and lightweight body can be comfortably operated even by ladies.



6.    Sony PlayStation3 Super Slim 12GB Move Bundle:
The Sony PS3 Super Slim is the third redesign of the much revered Sony PlayStation 3 console. At 25 percent smaller and 20 percent lighter than its predecessor, the PS3 Super Slim console also features a shrunk down processor, which does not compromise on performances. The PlayStation 3 move bundle will be much loved by those who want physical movement-based games. The gameplay is fantastic, and the overall experience is top notch.



7.    Nokia DC16 2200 mAh PowerBank:
Let’s face it; we have all cribbed about our phone running out of battery life. Such is the bane of owning smartphones. We are in a time where finding a powerport is considered rather medieval by some. Nokia provides us with the perfect solution for this problem- The Nokia DC16. This is a portable charger that comes in handy for charging your device without plugging anything into a powerport. This cylindrical shaped-tube can charge almost every device via a USB port. The charger also comes with a micro USB to USB cable.



8.    Morphy Richards Rico 350004 Coffee Maker:
The Morphy Richards Café Rico Espresso – Coffee Maker will prepare three different kinds of coffee for you to enjoy. This unique coffee maker even features a heated milk frother, as well as a thermostatic hotplate for heating milk. You can now make a cup of espresso, cappuccino, and latte as and when you desire. The taste is far from the regular machine coffee, and the convenience is one of a kind.


Well, there you have it. These appliances are unique in their own way, and are designed to give you that extra special something. So go ahead, make a great start to 2013, and book the gadgets of your liking.

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Flat panel televisions have revolutionised the home entertainment experience. These have almost replaced the conventional, bulky CRT TVs that used to take lots of space and offered pretty average picture quality. However, it is interesting to note that there are many types of flat panels TVs such as LCD, LED and plasma televisions. If you wonder how they are different from each other, you are at the right place to find the answer.





The basic difference between LCD, LED and Plasma TVs
It’s the backlight technology that differs from TV to TV. A traditional LCD TV has a liquid crystal display, in which every pixel is backlit by cold cathode fluorescent lights (CCFLs), a technology somewhat similar to the regular fluorescent light. The so-called LED TVs are in fact LCD TVs made of liquid crystal display. However, the pixels in these displays are backlit by LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) instead of the traditional CCFLs.


Plasma televisions, on the other hand use a different technology altogether. A plasma display incorporates a gas with phosphor molecules, which emit different colours when different amount of current is run through them. That means a plasma display doesn’t need a separate backlighting technology like that of an LCD or an LED-backlit LCD television.



 Since the three television types under discussion are different with respect to their lighting technology, their brightness varies as well. Plasma panels use heated up gas molecules to radiate/emit light of different colours and the technology is slightly advanced than that of the conventional cathode ray tube (CRT) televisions. Plasma lcd-tv-300x224.jpgpanels are brighter than CRT but still lack that punch when it comes to flat panel TVs. The CCFL technology helps offer brighter images on LCD televisions. LEDs on the other hand emit even brighter light that CCFLs, offering brightest display among the three types of flat panel TVs.


It’s noteworthy that brightness is a matter of relativity. If you are planning to place your television in a low-lit room, the TV doesn’t need to offer high brightness.



Viewing angle
The visual display on every television will look good when you view it from the front. But it’s not feasible always, to watch a TV from the front all the time, especially when you are watching in a group. Now what matters is “do the images look as clear as they do from up front?”


Conventional LCD panels do not score more here; as you move to the sides further and further, the image quality looks degraded. The actual colours of images may seem different from extreme angles. LED TVs on the other hand are better, thanks to their de-centralised backlit technology. Plasma panels, which emit the image instead of simulating a projection, offer best quality view even from extreme angles.



Energy consumption
Since every pixel molecules in a plasma TV needs to be heated up to a specific point, it consumes more energy than its flat panel counterparts. LED TVs are more energy efficient in comparison to the LCDs due to their inherent nature.


Head to Head




1. Offers excellent picture quality even when viewed from extreme angles.
2. Excellent for action scenes as plasma displays have almost zero motion blur
3. Excellent choice for rooms with normal to low-light conditions


1. Consumes fairly high electricity.
2. Display quality may get affected at external temperatures higher than 35 degree C
3. Features internal fan to cool-off the TV; the fan could be noisy for some




1. Most affordable among the lot
2. Offers quite good image quality
3. Energy efficient


1. Not so good to view from extreme angles
2. Lesser contrast than that of plasma panels
3. Motion blur could be an issue while displaying fast actions




1. High brightness, contrast and colour accuracy make them great for vivid picture viewing
2. Highly energy efficient
3. Thinnest and sleekest among the lot


1. More expensive than the LCD and plasma TVs
2. Images viewed from extreme angles may seem less brighter
3. Thin profile bodies may not have high quality speakers for audio


LCD vs LED vs Plasma Final Verdict
With the advantages and disadvantages discussed above, it becomes pretty easy to choose your pick. If budget is not your concern, you can go for an LED TV that offers crystal clear, vivid images true to life colours. It’s highly energy efficient and suitable for outdoor viewing as well. If you love watching fast action movies and sports, pick a plasma TV. If you have a constrained budget and don’t want to compromise on the picture quality either, an LCD TV should be your right choice.

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In this epic smart phone war between Samsung and Apple, BlackBerry Business Phones plays a smart move, now slowly shifting its focus from Smart phones to its Services as well. The Canadian Acme today launched a “Secure Work Space” feature for iOS and Android devices which allow users to separate their work apps and personal data with ease all managed through the single BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 administration console.


Secure Work Space tool allows new containerization in addition to application-wrapping and secure connectivity option which in turn offers high level of control and security. On a personal Android Phone or an iPhone, users with Secure Work Space get integrated email (with attachment viewing), calendar and contacts for productivity, as well as secure browser access to intranets and document editing capabilities with BlackBerry’s “Documents To Go”. With corporate data held separately within the Secure Work Space container, the standard apps can be deployed by user with confidence in addition to other apps chosen by the company.


BlackBerry in association with Partner Box is working towards the cloud aspect of the new service & users interested in taking advantage will have to purchase a $99 per year, per device license to access the new feature. According to BlackBerry, users benefit majorly because, they no longer need to configure and manage expensive VPN infrastructures to provide mobile device access to data and apps that reside behind their corporate firewalls.



The success graph of these BlackBerry operated services can be drawn from the fact that BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 which went live back in January, has since been installed a reported 18,000 times on an Android Phone or an iPhone, with Reuters stating that in excess of 60-percent of Fortune 500s in the United States are either currently using or testing out the platform.


Though critics argue that the company is fighting a lost battle with the release of the BlackBerry Smart Business Phones “the Z10 and Q10” being the most notable, it is a known fact that BlackBerry Business phones have a herculean task ahead if it plans to compete with Android Phones and iPhones.

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You have bought your dream car – the power horse on four wheels, which you have had your eye upon since its launch. Your car is the cherry of your eye and you spend hours in taking care of your vehicle as if it’s your baby. Well, any new car buyer will associate with that euphoria! However, buying the right car is not the end of the game. Some aspects of the exterior and interior may not be according to your liking. But don’t worry, because a range of car accessories are available in the market for the perfect customization of your vehicle.


In this post, we’ll throw light on the 5 must-have car accessories available at Croma. These are sure to add a touch of glory and also maintain your dream car.


1. Croma Car Cooler and Warmer
This is stylishly designed for the dual purpose of both cooling and warming. It is the perfect accessory for maintaining the temperature of a hearty breakfast or a meal that you wish to keep hot while travelling. The158064-120x120.jpg Croma 8 litre Car Cooler and Warmer helps maintain the temperature for at least 2 hours. This car accessory works on both AC and 12V DC power supply. With a capacity of 8 litres, it has the ability to cool to 20 degrees Celsius below room temperature and warm up to 65 degrees Celsius. It is suited for any car with easy charging option through the cigarette lighter plug connection.


1580642-150x150.jpg2. LG Portable DVD player
This is a must-have accessory in your car if you have kids who can interrupt your driving leading to dangerous situations. Avoid all that by getting this DVD player, which will keep the kids busy at the back. This DVD player with a 7” LCD screen features 180 degrees swivel, built-in stereo speakers, a USB plus port, long-lasting battery and is easy to install.



3. Croma Car Vacuum Cleaner
No car owner likes his car to be messy and dusty. To keep you car interiors sparkling clean, the Croma Car Vacuum Cleaner is a necessary accessory to have. This vacuum cleaner features a 70W power output, 0.5 litres dust bowl, a torch and a 12V car adaptor.



4. Targus Car Charger for Laptop & USB Tablet
These days, mobile devices like laptops and tablets are indispensible. To keep your devices running all the time, Targus Car Charger is a must-have. Made with plastic materials, it is thin and light to handle and store. This charger is compatible with all leading laptop and tablet brands, and also supports USB charging.


5. DSE Car/Back Seat Massager
If you want to relax in the comfort of your car, then the DSE car seat massager is the best way to do it.  1580644-150x150.jpgGet this massager, which features polyester with foam, 5 motor and massage at 4 zones, along with heat therapy.


We believe that if you get the above mentioned car accessories; you’ll have a host of valuable necessities at your disposal.

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Monsoon is a time to rejoice and enjoy the pleasant and chilly weather. One problem that is faced by all during the monsoons is that it tends to increase the influx of diseases. The rainy season also tends to damage the hair and due to the dampness in the air, the clothes also take lots of time to dry. Though such problems don’t hamper the spirit of the monsoon, some tips are given here to help in solving these smaller issues easily. 


1. Hair Dryer is a must
Monsoon is one season when one’s hair is at an even more risk of getting damaged. This is the time when everybody needs to take special care of their hair. One can do this easily by opting for the hair dryer that features a powerful 1800 watts motor and a two-speed controller. It enables users to make use of its three temperature setting control that can be switched to hair setting and dry modes. It provides advance technology that dries wet hair faster with less heat damage. 


2. Washing machine is important
People tend to face lots of problems when the damp environment doesn’t dry the clothes faster. In order to curb this issue, one needs to buy the washing machine that gives superior performance and ensures that the clothes are washed without any hassles. One may use automatic or semi-automatic washing machines that wash clothes sensibly without over-using water and electricity. 



3. Protect yourself from diseases, use a water purifier
Monsoon season is the breeding time for various germs and bacteria that mostly spread through water. One can ensure their family’s health by buying a good water purifier that will protect against the harmful water-borne diseases that are spread by these bacteria and viruses. Prefer water purifiers that use the best filtration technology to treat water and remove all the unwanted contaminants. This enables users to get a safer, healthier and undesirable contaminants-free drinking water.

Buy-water-heater-in-India-150x150.jpg4. Say goodbye to cold water
During cold and chilly weather of the rainy season, one feels the desire to bathe in hot water. This is done by the water heaters which are available in a variety like solar-powered and electrical-powered. These water heaters have a sleek body and give hot water anytime of the day. Apart from this, the water heaters have a long life and are durable to use for many years.


The products given here are sure to help one in this cold and damp environment. Apart from these products, Croma offers many other products that can help users to do household chores without any hassles.



As far as the Blu-ray player is concerned, the PlayStation 3 is the best one currently available. The one obvious difference between a Playstation 3 and any Blu-ray player is that Playstation 3 well lets users play games. The gaming doesn’t stay till casual games as the biggest real games can be played on PS3. Some of these games can be Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Uncharted 2, Grand Theft Auto: IV, and so on.



One can think about the way Blu-ray would work if it was adopted by Microsoft or Nintendo. In the 1980s, the Betamax and VHS had battled for home entertainment while now Blu-ray is competing with the HD DVD. The Blu-ray was backed up by Sony while Microsoft opted for HD DVD but HD DVD fizzled out. This led Microsoft to focus solely on its Xbox 360 while Nintendo is yet to support Blu-ray player on its Wii console.


The Playstation’s web enabled technology has expanded and allows users to get downloadable software updates. This means that Blu-ray has been continuously upgrading its software which is getting incorporated in the Playstation 3. Initially, only the BD Live feature was being added as the Blu-ray services but now it also provides interactive features such as text chat and live commentary. All these features will help Playstation 3 to become all the more better and provide a powerful built-in processor, massive hard drive and peripheral support.



The digital distribution is being considered the future of home entertainment while the Blu-ray will fizzle out. There is no basis to these statements yet they seem to be true as Playstation 3 is preparing for its digital revolution. Sony has built the distribution service in the Playstation Network through which the digital revolution will take place. This technology will enable users to download full high-definition movies and television shows by using streaming media services like the Netflix’s instant movie streaming software. The upcoming Sony PlayStation 4 has gathered a lot of attention and is expected to better the legacy even further.


The first time Playstation 3 was introduced, it came with an extremely hefty price which included the Blu-ray DVD player. Currently, Playstation 3 is priced at Rs. 22,990/- and is hard to resist for gamers as well as non-gamers since in the same pack you get not only an unbeatable gaming experience but also the best Blu-ray movie Experience.


It has already been six months since its launch and there doesn’t seem to be any other smartphone to map up to this beast. Not even close. And when the experts are asked, “What does HTC ONE have, that it prides its apex position without anyone close enough to defeat the ONE”, all they have to say revolves around some master specifications with the amazing values and numbers. Is that it? Was really there no equivalent competition? Let us investigate this very question which stands tall and unanswered. Here’s a detailed review of what you really want to know, of what really matters, from the user whose HTC One has been faithful to him for over four months now. And I forgot to mention, you may have a sudden anxiety to buy the HTC One or atleast check it out once, if at all you were confused over which mobile to buy. Beware!




The sleek design of the HTC One with a full metal body and tapered edges offer a slim and satisfying grip. With no compromise in the design, HTC One took home the award for Best European Advanced Smartphone. It even ranked at the number one spot in our earlier article viz. Five Best Mobile Phones in the World. This phone has also been consistently ranked as the best smartphone by a number of expert review websites as well as events. Some reports also show that it has accounted for as much as half of HTC’s sales.


Coming to day of its release date- around the period from March-April this year, HTC One, formerly known as the HTC M7 sported a unibody design constructed of aluminum. It showcased a 4.7 inch FHD display and the screen brings an industry leading pixel density of 468ppi along with the HTC UltraPixel camera on the back. Boasting a quad-core 1.7 GHz Qualcomm processor, the competitors could only amaze in all silence. Previously, HTC had already  come up with three excellent phones: the One X, the One X+, and the Droid DNA. This year, HTC came back with the dominant HTC One with an audacious strategy to focus on one device that could span across many carriers.


Let us dig deeper into this and check out what makes this beauty- a Beast – for any tech fanatic!


Design and Build

Offering a near-perfect performance, the HTC One having round edges is like a bigger version of iPhone 5 or a Sony Xperia Z. It has an all metal, aluminium construction and the only part of the shell that is not made of lightweight metal is the Gorilla Glass screen and the slim plasticky band that runs around the edge.Talking about the weight, the HTC One is quite heavier than the iPhone 5. The HTC One is like the BlackBerry Z10, only it feels like a much more desirable object.



What makes the design more striking are the thin edges on the sides of the screen. Above and below the screen, there are speaker grates to give the actual stereo sound. The up-most portion of the phone is graced by the 88-degree wide angle front-facing camera, which facilitates video-chatting.


HTC preferred to include two capacitive buttons- Home and Back and the micro USB port on the bottom of the phone doubles as an HDMI port for connecting directly to a TV. The phone can be wirelessly connected to the TV Miracast. Furthermore, the power button on top of the phone doubles as a IR blast, so that it can be used as a remote control.


You may check out minor details like placement of buttons, placement of flashlight, sensors and 3.5mm jack, battery details from the images alongside and specification sheet in the link at the end of this HTC One review.


Benchmark Tests

Firstly, let’s talk about the two most common questions:


1. What is Benchmarking?
A. It is the process of accessing the execution of a device by running several programs or processes and the final results are tabulated and a performance graph is made for comparison and scrutiny.


2. Why Benchmark the mobile phone?
A. Modern handsets are multi-functional minicomputers with faster processors and are also enabled with 3D graphics rendering capability, high quality image and video processing. So, the benchmark test is to check the efficiency of the phone’s hardware.


I carried out numerous benchmark tests using Antutu, smartbench and other softwares. One thing I observed was that the phone did heat up considerably. The results however made me let go the bit of heating issue. Seriously! Check the following images and don’t disregard the feeling of supreme power that comes along with the phone. Prepare to be left in awe.

HTC-One-Antutu-Benchmark-576x1024.png                     HTC-One-Benchmark-Bar-Graph-576x1024.png                       HTC-One-Stability-and-Temperature-Test-576x1024.png 

The Antutu test did show that Galaxy S4 ranked higher, but user performance wise I find both to be of the same status!

Here are some more stability tests. Stability test graph which does not waver much indicates good phone health and good stability. HTC One proved why it’s worth all the attention!


So, the results of the benchmark tests on the HTC One gives just one conclusion: If you were searching for the ONE smartphone that could answer all your queries and suit all your needs, this  is the One, HTC One.



The HTC One features the Android 4.2.2 software update, which has brought a flock of new features and it has been redesigning Sense 5, which is another step forward in the Android overlay story. The 2GB RAM and a staggering 1.7 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro Processor are things you cannot stop talking about.


Opening and closing apps or browsing multiple tabs on the internet, there’s nothing that can slow down the HTC One. The interface on the HTC One is uncomplicated and displays the time and weather information.




It has a screen resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels, 4.7 inches that is enough to leave you stunned. Apart from the stunning looks, the touch is also good enough. This Full HD 1080p display jam-packs 468 pixels into every inch and that statistic is fabulous, which shows it is crisp and sharp. It has feather touch buttons that add to the appeal and the screen looks lively with a good contrast ratio. Its razor sharp but not quite colourful as the SuperAMOLED displays sported by the Samsung handsets, but is brilliant at rendering details in images and videos with no natural light. Even the viewing angles are good, which means a couple of people can easily watch a movie together. Moreover, the touchscreen of the HTC One is very responsive that adds to the efficiency.



The best feature is the BoomSound with the combination of the two front facing speakers and the inbuilt amp to help boost the sound through the headphones.



The HTC One is accentuated with an array of connectivity options and covers umpteen network frequencies. It features quad-band GSM, quad-band 3G and market-dependent LTE support. The local wireless connectivity has Wi-Fi and DLNA support and stereo Bluetooth 4.0. It also features an internal GPS antenna, GLONASS and a digital compass along with a gyro sensor, accelerometer, proximity sensor and ambient light sensor.




HTC has a smartly designed special options screen, when you connect the One with a computer. The listing of options includes Portable Wi-Fi hotspot settings, USB and Bluetooth tethering along with NFC connectivity with Android Beam.The browsing experience is nothing short of a marvel. Amazingly smooth interface and no despair to those impatient like myself!

internet-1-576x1024.png             Internet-576x1024.png


The HTC One primary camera has a smaller sensor but comes with larger pixels to allow in more light, therefore more data, to make the images look much better. The smartphone has a 4-megapixel camera and a 28mm equivalent lens with a fast maximum aperture of f/2 and optical image stabilizer for enhanced picture quality. HTC’s UltraPixel camera features a backside-illuminated sensor with a pixel size of 2.0 µm and sensor size of 1/3-inch. It also has the innovative Zoe shooting mode that can surprisingly take up to 20 shots and a 30-second video to create a living photo that can also be shared with friends. With the HTC One, HTC redefined the smartphone camera and made a very bold move by trying to get away from the megapixels race and focus on larger pixels in order to allow greater light absorption. I’ve taken pictures of some really non-interesting stuff and trust me, the pictures have an entirely new story to talk about. Really, look alongside. Kudos here!



The faster the sensors means the shots can be captured quickly making it more efficient for a smartphone user. And other better options also include changing exposure and contrast, tweaking ISO levels, adjusting sharpness, the HDR mode etc which I am sure you are already very familiar with. No need to talk about them.




One of the things that HTC phones are known for is gaming. Most of the Android games run smoothly on the HTC One. I ran a hundred games and the phone performace never disappointed me.


To sum it all up

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is not far behind at all with the stunning screen and rich detailing. What separates HTC One from the other similar gadgets  in this category are features like HTC Zoe which captures an HD video every time a photo is clicked by grabbing an image 0.6 seconds before the shutter button is pressed, and then capturing info for three seconds afterwards; the images and videos from a given event are then stitched together on the fly in order to create an up to 30-second video which can be exported as a MPEG4. Also, with the Ultrapixel camera that extends the range of photos that can be taken or simply the improved speakers bolted on the front, the HTC One is the best smartphone in the market. It has more a premium feel than other great handsets such as theSony Xperia Z and the Samsung Galaxy S4; the HTC One looks and feels like something high-priced and luxuriant.


The modern home theatre systems have become an integral part of one’s home. Most DVD players these days come with Bluray service that can handle many types of disc-based media like Bluray, DVDs and CD. This DVD player also provides users with the facility to use streaming-media players that support apps like Netflix and Pandora. Each of these DVD players are easy to use and give amazing streaming features. Some of the most preferred home theatre systems have been highlighted below.


Super Slim PlayStation 3
Known to be a very powerful gaming machine, the Super SlimPlayStation 3 has amazing features that are as good as its predecessors. Although this DVD is not available at an affordable price, it does enable users to get a huge gaming library as well as streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon, Vudu and NFL Sunday Ticket. It comes with an odd sliding disc tray that has a glossy encasing of cheap material. This DVD player also doesn’t have any HD cables and infrared IR port.



Panasonic DMP-BDT220
This DVD player provides a built-in Wi-Fi, 3D compatibility and Viera Connect suite for streaming services like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant, Pandora and Vudu. The streaming-media apps can easily be accessed on this DVD player’s user interface. This DVD player doesn’t provide Skype compatibility, front-panel SD card slot and superfast start mode. The Viera Connect it comes with also doesn’t support subscription music service like MOG, Rdio or Spotify. Apart from that, there is no support for playing DivX or Xvid files and also Flixster for Ultra Violet on this DVD player.



Sony BDP-S590
This DVD player not only provides built-in Wi-Fi and 3D compatibility but also lets users to make use of streaming-media services like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant, Pandora and Vulu. This DVD player is very sleek-looking and provides well-designed remote and dedicated Netflix button. This DVD player is known to be one of the best for playing digital media files like MKV, DivX and Xvid files. It gives amazing user interface which is a bit less in comparison with Amazon Instant and Hulu. Another drawback is that it takes long time to load discs which is twice the time takn by other leading Bluray players.



LG BP620
The LG BP620 Bluray player offers a huge range of features including the built-in Wi-Fi, 3D compatibility and various streaming-media services from LG Smart TV. Some of these streaming-media services are Netflix, Hulu Plus, Pandora and Vudu. This DVD player has the best user interface when compared with the other Bluray players. It is an amazing Bluray player that unfortunately doesn’t support Amazon Instant streaming or other similar services.


So these were the four most prominent and favorite bluray disc players so far! Hope the next time you are confused with which bluray player is the best for you, you take into consideration the above said points and pick the one which suits you best!

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Some time ago, an official looking Blackberry Twitter account had posted news about the availability of BBM for Android devices by June 27th this year. The T-Mobile UK also followed this post and shared it further saying it was official news. It turned out that this post was fake and the account from which it was posted was also fake. Since these rumours had spread very quickly, many reports started coming in that claimed that this post was in fact official and genuine. This made the awaiting users question whether the June 27th release date was delayed.


After some days, the tweets that spread this rumour were deleted. The expected June 27th release date came and went without any news about the so-called BBM for Android. The news about the Blackberry messaging service being made available for Android devices is true but the release date turned out to be false. Once the provider of best mobile phones in India and the rest of the world, Blackberry had announced in May this year that they are going to launch their messaging service this summer but there has been no further reports about its development.



When the managing director of Blackberry India was recently asked whether the BBM for Android would be expected soon, he replied saying that the users can expect to get the BBM for their Android mobile phones online by the end of Summer. On probing him further, he said that the BBM for Android phones would arrive in Summer as per North America. So, users can hope to get BBM for the best Android mobile phones in India by September.


In the U.S, Summer mostly starts by June 21st and ends by September. Although Blackberry has confirmed that the messaging service will arrive for some of the best Android mobile phones in India in this Summer, they haven’t specified any time frame for it. As of now, there are no online reports about the time slot in which Blackberry will be providing BBM for Android mobile phones. The summer has officially started in U.S so the update about the release date could come any time now.



Although there are no details about the BBM for Android, the latest update comes in the form of Google which is working towards integrating SMS functionality for its Google Hangouts feature. So, it would be quite worth thinking whether the users waiting for their Android mobile phones to get BBM would go online to check out the new universal chat feature Google is going to implement.


This new development does arise the question of whether Google will steal the show from Blackberry while it takes time to launch BBM for Android. Also, it is good to notice that Blackberry is focussing on the services part with the Secure Work Space that it launched earlier for Android devices and now it’s looking forward to adding BBM to the Android Apps store.


There was loads of excitement surrounding this year’s FIFA World Cup held in Brazil. If you missed out on this year’s stupendous matches, then you can still enjoy them with the amazing football apps available for Android andiOS devices. With these football apps, you will also be able to keep a track of everything going on with your favorite teams. We have provided a bunch of apps that provide the latest football updates and give you a great World Cup experience.


This app enables you to get all the football updates continuously while the game is on. It gives same updates asTwitter but doesn’t have any comments from non-football fans. With this football update app, you can choose the game and check the feed to get instant updates about who is talking about it. It works great with iOS devices like iPhone or iPad.


Sky Sports Live Football Score Centre
Sky Sports brings you an amazing Live Football Score Centre app that is a must-have for every Android or iPhone device user who follows football. It is a comprehensive football app that provides you with minute details about the game. This app also gives you details on the players, line-ups, match stats as well as text commentary.



Just like Sky Sports, ESPN also offers two apps that allow you to keep a track of the on-going FIFA World Cup from your Android or iPhone devices. ESPN Goals is a perfect app for those who want to look at video clips of every Premier League goal. The other Premier League app is ESPN Soccernet that provides a vast trove of the latest news and results from football leagues across the world.


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Live Football on TV
This superb app gives you prior information about the time and channel for the football matches on TV. It proves to be a handy iOS app that ensures you don’t miss out on your favorite matches.


Football League Official Clubs app
The Premier League doesn’t show all the football matches. With this app, you can easily get all the details about the whole Football League. It displays news, scores, player profiles, video highlights, interviews, stadium maps and more on your iOS and Android devices.


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FourFourTwo Football Stats Zone
Want to know every minute detail about your favorite team and game? With this app, you can get all the details related to every kick of the ball in the game. It also gives you the facility to evaluate your own analysis of the on-going game. You can also share updates with your friends and football fans on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.


Live Score Addicts
This Football live scores app is updated to have all the information related to the new football season. It runs on both Android and iOS based devices. This app provides tons of details about the on-going game. It also features customizable notifications that allow you to stay updated with the game even when you are not near the TV.


These fantastic apps are among the most preferred apps among football fans. They give you minute details of football matches and let you share the latest updates with your friends on social networking sites.


If you like this article, your football-fanatic friends will do as well. Do share this article with them and check out the deals available on croma this festive season.


This season of EPL will have all the football fans hooked. This article lists apps that every crazy football lover needs to have. Read on to find out.

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The festival of colors, Holi, slated to be on March 27th this year is one such occasion when nobody needs invitation to enjoy. Holi celebration marks the destruction of the demoness Holika by Lord Vishnu and people celebrate this occasion by smearing colors and drenching each other with water and exchanging sweets. These days most people use the synthetic colors to play Holi and this causes serious harm to the skin by leading to skin rashes, itching and dryness. Even if you use natural and herbal colors which are far safer, you can’t be sure of others. So, it is essential that you take some precautions before and after playing with Holi colors. A few simple yet effective measures have been given here that will help in making Holi safe as well as enjoyable.




The hair gets damaged due to synthetic colors that can cause hair loss and dry hair. So, apply castor oil or olive oil to hair before bathing as this will wash off the colors easily. Also bathe with cold water as hot water makes the color fast. After bathing, hair should be dried properly using a hair dryer. Panasonic offers an amazing hair dryer which provides optimum level of airflow to dry hair perfectly even from a distance. It is designed to distribute the heat evenly and gives salon-like hair at home.


Apart from the hair, the skin also tends to get affected due to the synthetic colors of Holi. It is essential that mustard oil or body lotion be applied all over the body especially on the exposed parts. This will ensure that any strong color doesn’t stay on the skin. Use cotton soaked in coconut oil to remove the colors from the face after Holi. Use only a mild facewash with cold water to remove the colors after which facial sauna can be used to steam the face. The Facial Sauna is a very good appliance that ensures the remnants of the synthetic colors are removed. It offers an adjustable steam control feature and aroma diffuser tray that will add fragrance to the skin.


Once all the synthetic colors used during Holi have been removed, go ahead and do hair styling the next day to flaunt those hair locks. The hair styler by Panasonic offers a very convenient way to dry as well as style hair and comes with nozzle and roller brush that removes the need to use a brush. Get this awesome hair styler and be free from those frizzy hairs.

Since Holi can’t be celebrated without colors, it is essential to follow the simple tips given above so that Holi celebrations can be enjoyed carefree.

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Putting all the speculations to an end, Apple Inc. made public the release dates of iPhone 6 in India earlier this week. iPhone 6 will be available in India from October 17th and pre order has begun on Croma.


The 16GB variant of iphone is priced at 53500 and for the bigger variant, prices will start from 62500 INR. Ever since he announcement the consumer is only waiting to get his hands on the phone. Those who pre-order will acquire the phone by 16th night, a day before it is available physically in stores.


iPhone 6 was released last month under much media glare in the US. 10 million iPhone 6 devices have been sold until now and the got raving reviews all over. Apple outdid itself with this phone, improving on every aspect and feature.


Equipped with better processor, UI and camera, it shows a steep improvement over the predecessors. Apple has significantly upgraded the battery and now the phone can run much longer than the previous iPhones. Design-wise too, the phone feels much better in hand. It’s a phone for you if you don’t want to leave Apple’s ecosystem. And it can’t be underlined enough: it is worth its price.


Here’s a list of key features:

  • Nano SIM
  • Touch Screen
  • Single Sim, GSM
  • 8 Megapixel Primary Camera
  • 2 MegapixelSecondary Camera
  • HD Recording
  • iOS v8 processor
  • Processor: A8 Chip with 64-bit Architecture and M8 Motion Co-processor

Croma is one of the few exclusive online stores that have provided the pre-order facility. Do take advantage and get your phone before it goes out of stock.


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Soon after Karbonn launched the Titanium S5 Ultra, it came up with another smartphone, namely Titanium s10. Of late, Google has been riding the Android One wave and rendered high-quality features at affordable prices. As Karbonn’s motto is to offer continuous innovation and outstanding user experience, it has left no stone unturned to install unique features in the Titanium s10. However, this Karbonn mobile has better specs than Android One mobiles such as ASUS Zenfone 4 and XiaoMiRedmi IS.


What features does it sport?


Karbonn Titanium S10 flaunts a 5-inch screen with a 720p resolution. This user-friendly smartphone is mechanised with a 1.3 GHz Mediatek Processor and runs on a Kitkat 4.4.2 Android operating system. In terms of memory and storage, it features a 1GB RAM and supports 4GB of internal storage with a 32GB microSD card slot. With this factor, you can save all the data that you need for entertainment and official purposes. This unique Karbonn smartphone offers multiple windows for multitasking. It has an extensive range of connectivity options such as 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, dual-SIM, GPRS/EDGE and GPS. It also features a G-sensor and an ambient light sensor. With a battery power of 1850mAH, Karbonn has installed a dual SIM (GSM + GSM) card slot for this mobile. This commendable feature helps you manage personal and professional contacts without triggering any inconvenience. It has an 8MP rear camera with LED flash and front-facing camera of 2MP with quality video-calling feature. This feature proves that this sleek smartphone has better specs than Android One smartphones.


Here’s a detailed list of its high-standard features.

  • 8MP of rear-facing camera
  • 2MP front-facing camera
  • 1GB RAM
  • 4GB internal memory
  • Expandable memory card slot of up to 32GB
  • 1.3GHz of Quad Core Mediatek processor
  • Mali 400 MP GPU
  • Kitkat 4.4.2 Android OS
  • 1850Mah Battery
  • 5-inch FWVGA IPS LCD screen
  • 3.5mm headset audio jack, Bluetooth, 3G, A-GPS and Wi-Fi

Asus Zenfone has 5MP of rear-facing camera, whereas Titanium has 8MP of rare-facing camera. ASUS Zenfone 4 and XiaoMiRedmi run on 4.3 Jelly Bean and 4.2 Jelly Bean Android operating system respectively, whereas Titanium runs on  Kitkat 4.4.2 Android operating system.


While Karbonn provides 1.3GHz of Quad Core Mediatek processor, ASUS and XiaoMi provide Dual-core 1.2 GHz and Octa-core 1.4/1.7 GHz Cortex-A7 respectively. These distinguishing features of Karbonn Titanium s10 would entice any smartphone fanatic to buy it.


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This festive season if you’ve a new phone on the cards, Karbonn s10 must make it to your list of choices. Do share this article with those who’re looking for an awesome phone.

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Samsung, the Korean electronics giant announced the predecessor to the successful Galaxy note 3 Smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is a stunning 5.7-inch Smartphone or tablet as it is popularly known. The Samsung Galaxy Note Series is already ruling the market in the large screen phone segment. Read on to know everything about the latest smartphone offering from Samsung.




The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has a large 5.7-inch multi-touch AMOLED QHD display. The screen has a powerful resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels (2K resolution) and a pixel density of a whopping 515 ppi. Just like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 the screen size remains the same, however Samsung has focused more on the quality of the screen. The Corning Gorilla Glass 3 display has vivid colour reproduction and Samsung adaptive display for better viewing angles.




The Galaxy Note 4’s design sees a mark improvement from other phones in the Samsung bandwagon. The finish is premium with a metallic body and sleek thickness of merely 8.5mm. The Galaxy Note 4 is a definite eye pleaser. The smartphone will be available in 4 colour variants Black, White, Pink and Bronze Gold.


Processing & Memory


The Galaxy Note 4 will run the latest Android v4.4 KitKat OS. At its heart it sports a powerful 2.7GHz quad-core alternnatively 1.9GHz quad-core Exynos processor (market-dependent) and a monstrous 3GB RAM. The Galaxy Note 4 will be available in two variants 64GB and 32GB with an additional microSD slot expandable up to 128 GB. 




The Samsung Galaxy 4 flaunts a 16-megapixel autofocus camera preloaded with feature rich applications, HDR, Selective Focus, Dual Camera to name a few. Good news for selfie addicts is that Samsung has optimized the selfie taking features. The secondary camera is 3.7-megapixels with f1.9 aperture and an ultra-wide angle of 90 degrees letting you click better group selfies. The front camera also brags of selfie panorama mode and the option to use the heartrate monitor function as trigger button for easier clicking. The camera works seamlessly with the S Pen feature allowing clicking picture and manipulate them intuitively.


Battery and connectivity


The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is powered by high capacity 3,220mAh li-ion battery and a revolutionary fast-changing technology that claims to charge the phone up to 50% under 30 minutes. Similar to the Galaxy Note this smartphone has a plethora of connectivity options such as 4G LTE, NFC, IR Blaster, TV-out (via MHL A/V link) to name a few.


Improved S Pen


The user experience of Samsung’s S Pen has been enriched in the Galaxy Note 4. The S Pen is more intuitive and integrated taking away the “extra accessory” feeling to it. The S Pen interacts well with all features of the Galaxy Note series. It has new pen options, Smart Select mode, Snap mode and improved toggling experience.


Just like many phone manufactures, Samsung is heavily focusing on the health aspect of smartphones. This phone features a heartrate sensor/monitor to assist you in your workouts. Samsung is already preparing to take on its competition in this segment with the supreme Galaxy Note 4. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4’s expected release date in India is October 17. Samsung is aiming to capture sales in the upcoming festive season and pose a threat to Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.


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This festive season a lot of your friends would like to replace their phones and what better phone than new Samsung Note 4. Do share this article with them.

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