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Yes, you heard it right. Going by the rumors, Nokia is launching a new smart phone named “Normandy” very soon. A picture of the Nokia smartphone was first posted on a popular social network site Sina Weibo. This soon found it’s place in the world of Twitter, where these pictures spread like wild fire. Although no cues about the devices specifications or its physical traits were clearly mentioned, there were strong rumours about Nokia finally going the Android way. Going by the speculations, it seems that Nokia has decided on combining three power-packed projects into one. Nokia Asha, Lumias design principles along with Googles Androids platform.




A report earlier claimed that Nokia, known for their sturdy handsets are concentrating more on bringing smart technologies on the plate rather than focusing on the design. First, there were rumours that claimed that a Finnish handset maker might be involved in the designing aspect of the phone. After that rumour fizzled, there was a new one that believed that fully functional smartphone will come with a hybrid designed feature. This would provide Android users a Windows Phone-style experience minus the cost of Microsoft platform. Nokia, who has been supporting Windows for a long time is said to be finally changing gears and entering the world of Android, with this Nokia phone. There are many rumours that claim that Nokia has chosen to have simply improvised on the Nokia Asha design. Nokia Normandy’s device sports a design, which is very similar to that of Asha touch range of phones. The phone has a physical back button on the front panel, while the rear panel consists of a camera accompanied by the branding of Nokia logo in the middle. These phones are believed to come in colours ranging from Black, Cyan, Mint Green to Red, Yellow and White colors.


Nokia has a huge potential in emerging markets like Asia. The dual SIM is highly affordable and in popular demand. The phone includes S4 series processor and comes with a 4 inch screen with WAG, 512MB of RAM and 4GB of storage.

There are also strong claims of how Nokia will have Android to work aboard its Normandy handsets. Like all other Windows Phone, this new phone from Nokia is said to be tile-based and colourful. It also appears to have the features of all of Nokia and Microsoft’s core apps like Skype, for instance. It is also cited to support dual-SIM cards.


Android or Windows

The public has been divided into two parties; there are ones that believe that Nokia is choosing window phones and the other that believes that it is going to go Android. The main arrows are pointing toward Android with that decision gaining popular support. But Stephen Elop, the former CEO of Nokia declared in July that the company has made right decision by choosing Windows Phone over Android. This has left people confused.


Mostly it is believed that the phone is simply going to be a low to mid range device with a forked version of Android. This was supported by reports from Verge, that suggested Nokia has been testing “Normandy” with the special forked variant of Android that’s not aligned with Google’s own version, akin to what Amazon does with its Kindle Fire line. The mobile phone is designed to support heavy duty android applications like Skype, social network and other popular top applications. Nokia Normandy is claimed to be officially launched in February 2014.

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Nowadays, people prefer to buy phones with large displays. This has proved beneficial for the sale of smartphones that are priced at an affordable rate. Nokia Lumia 1320 is one such mid-range phone that is a capable of standing next to the premium 1520 smartphones.



The defining highlight of the latest Nokia Lumia 1320 phone is its giant, 6 inch display. It offers a ClearBlack, IPS LCD panel that is good for a 720 x 1280 pixels resolution and low pixel density of 245 ppi. However, its multitouch display produces a fair amount of detailing with accurate colours. Even with fewer saturation levels, this phone’s outdoor visibility is pretty good. The screen provides plenty of brightness even under direct sunlight. This latest entry in the Lumia smartphones line has Corning Gorilla Glass 3 which guards its display from any superficial scratches. The Nokia Lumia 1320 has a super sensitive display that registers the user’s touches accurately. This phone has dimensions 6.46 x 3.38 x 0.39 inches with a weight of 220 grams.


Interface and Functionality

The Nokia Lumia 1320 has the latest version of Windows Phone 8 update that is also referred to as GDR3. It allows users to make use of its large form factor to create an extra column of tiles. This phone can easily fit about six of the smallest Windows Phone 8 tiles on a single row and yet leave extra space to arrange the home screen. Many changes were noticed in the last Windows Phone OS update. However, the interface of Nokia Lumia 1320 remains largely unchanged in terms of functionality and looks. Some of the changes noticed in the update include a glance screen and Nokia Beamer. The Nokia Beamer app gives users the facility to mirror the screen of their phone over the web. The Lumia 1320 also provided navigation apps like HERE Maps and HERE Drive with offline navigation. However, it doesn’t offer the Nokia Pro Cam app so users will have to manually download it.


Processor and Memory

Under its massive hood, the Nokia Lumia 1320 comes with a 1.7 GHz Qualcomm SnapDragon 400 dual core processor. This incredible processor is complimented with 1 GB of RAM which ensures that the phone’s user interface runs pretty smoothly. However, it is perfect to play only medium-heavy games such as Minion Rush on this phone. So, it isn’t the best choice for heavy gamers. This phone is also equipped with an Adreno 305 GPU for running games easily. The Nokia Lumia 1320 comes with 8 GB internal storage. Moreover, it also provides a microSD card slot which is beneficial to expand its storage space. This phone’s microSD slot can be expanded up to 64 GB and is placed under the removable back shell, just below the SIM card slot. Apart from this, it also offers free SkyDrive storage of 7 GB to users who need to save documents when they are travelling.



The Nokia Lumia 1320 provides a 5 megapixel primary camera with a f/2.4 aperture and a 1.4” sensor. Its 1/4” sensor has pretty large 1.4 micron pixels. This smartphone’s rear camera also boasts of LED flash that allows users to shoot images even in low light conditions. It also has a two-step shutter key that is placed on the lower right profile of the phone. This rear camera also provides other features such as autofocus, geo-tagging, touch focus and much more. The Nokia Lumia 1320 also allows users to use its 0.3 megapixel front facing VGA snapper with an f/2.8 aperture. This front camera is perfect for those who like to capture their selfies or need to video call. This latest Nokia Lumia smartphone gives decent amount of detail for photos which make it a suitable device to buy online. It provides pretty good exposure settings and image reproduction due to which the users are able to get impressive photos. This phone also allows to record excellent quality videos with its rear camera with 1080p resolution at 30 fps.


Battery Life

The Nokia Lumia 1320 phone comes with a sufficiently large non-removable Li-Ion 3400 mAh battery. This phone gives lets users enjoy 3G talk time for 21 hours and 9 hours of video playback time. It gives excellent battery life for moderate usage that includes a few hours of web browsing, video playback and calling. This phone provides impressive battery performance in the Windows Phone segment. Apart from its amazing battery life, it also offers many connectivity features to stay connected with the world. These include GPRS, EDGE, Wi-Fi hotspot, HSDPA, LTE, HSUPA, microUSB v2.0, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth v4.0 with A2DP. This phone also provides FM radio and GPS with A-GPS and GLONASS. The Nokia Lumia 1320 phone is a mid-range device that is sturdily crafted with polished look. This 6 inch smartphone has features that make it capable of providing extremely good experience to the users. This Nokia Lumia offering has excellent battery and good call quality which make it a desirable device for users to buy online. However, it has more weight than other Windows phones. The different features offered by this phone make it an ideal budget device that is easy on the users pockets. This is a perfect phone for those users who like to play medium-heavy games.



The latest addition to the Finnish smartphone manufacturer’s Lumia series is the Nokia Lumia 925. This new handset is a new interpretation of Nokia’s flagship phone, Lumia 920. The success of Samsung’s flagship phone, Samsung Galaxy S4 has caused Nokia to lose ground leading to the lesser sales of the Lumia 920. The Nokia Lumia 925 is an impressive phone that is packed with excellent features including the 8.7 megapixel sensor with Nokia PureView technology, Carl Zeiss lens and optical image stabilization.


Build and Design
The Nokia Lumia 925 has been built with its crucial components on metal. It has a thick metal band around its edges with a polycarbonate back plate. Even though it is not made with a single-piece metal construction, it has firm metal edges and a solid and secure back panel. The size of Lumia 925 is roughly the same as Lumia 920 but is lot slimmer as it is 8.5mm thick. It weighs 139g so is quite lighter in weight as compared to Lumia 920. It also has the matte surface structure that makes it easier to hold. Most of its buttons are made of metal including the power button, volume rocker as well as the dedicated camera shutter button. The top of this phone has a headphone jack and a micro USB port. It has 16GB internal storage though there is no microSD card slot available. The phone’s GSM radio supports 850/900/1800/1900 bands with the WCDMA support for 850/900/1900/2100 while LTE support for 800/900/1800/2100/2600MHz.


As opposed to the earlier Lumia models, Nokia is using an organic LED display that gives more vibrant colours with better contrast ratios and improved viewing angles. This technology enables users to get better and faster moving videos and games as it gives faster response time. Nokia Lumia 925 has a 4.5 inch display with a resolution of 1280×768 pixels at pixel density of 332 pixels per inch showing sharper text.




The Nokia Lumia 925’s camera works on PureView technology that consists of backside illuminated camera sensor, optically-stabilised camera array and large aperture lens. Though Nokia has kept the camera hardware same as Lumia 920, it uses 6-part lens in Lumia 925. This enables users to capture great photos with improved performance in low-light conditions. It features an app known as Smart Camera that adds new shooting modes for better camera performance. The new shooting modes include burst shot mode, best shot, action shot, change faces, motion focus, remove moving object and so on.


Nokia doesn’t provide the wireless charging but users who don’t like the protruding camera can flatten it by adding the optional wireless charging case with it. The wireless charging pillow and dock doesn’t come with the phone so it needs to be bought separately.


The Nokia Lumia 925 is a sleek and attractive phone having metal parts and running on the latest Windows Phone 8. It is very much similar to Lumia 920 with no major features being added to it.


Gear up your mobile computing with the latest slick Nokia Lumia 820. Equipped with 4.3-inch screen, dual-core 1.5GHz processor and 8-megapixel camera, this Nokia Lumia has respectable features for the price of 349.99. But the disappointing screen makes it incompetent when compared to other Lumia models available in the market.


Now let’s have a detailed view at the rest of features:


As far as the design is concerned Nokia Lumia 820 lives up to all the expectations. It has got sturdy and robust exterior. For someone having particular aesthetic taste, this Lumia with its glossy, colorful body and no prominently visible notches, is an apt choice. The Nokia Lumia 820 weights 620 grams and is about 9 mm by 68.5 mm wide which makes it easy to hold or stuff in your pocket.


This Lumia has a 4.3 inch AMOLED display, which can project images at 800×480 pixels. With its ClearBlack technology, this Nokia Smartphone can accommodate a pixel density of 217ppi. Additionally, it has good viewing angles and under sun visibility.


Powered by Windows 8 operating system the Nokia Lumia 820 offers you wide range of games and applications that can be downloaded from the Windows Store. But for a gaming enthusiast this might not be the ideal choice as there are some issues in the applications area. Another area where this Nokia phone fails is the applications library, which is poor as compared to iOS and Android.


Embedded with a Carl Zeiss optics camera, which shoots at 8MP resolution. This phone fails to capture the quality of picture the Lumia 920 achieved. Furthermore, contrast levels are low and images captured are not sharp enough. Therefore, the Nokia Lumia 820 is a disappointment when it comes to camera quality.


Battery Life
Provided with 1,650 mAh battery, the Nokia Lumia 820 lasts a day and half, while used moderately. Another feature that will impress you is that it is supplied with Qi wireless charging standards. But users will have to put separate charging covers which add to the cost.


Finally one can conclude that Nokia Lumia 820 is a robust phone. But at the same time it lets you down when it comes to feature like oversaturated screen colors and camera quality.


Since the time Nokia has tied up with Microsoft, it is providing amazing phone models and one such model is Nokia Lumia 620. This phone is a mid-range phone that is powered on the dual-core processor.  The visibility offered by its display is very good with awesome build quality to match it. Here, we present the amazing specifications of the Nokia Lumia 620. 


The Nokia Lumia 620 has got many positive reviews in India and one of the reasons for it must be the five coloured handsets it is providing. There is much resemblance between the build quality of the feature-rich Lumia 920 and the Lumia 620 phone. This phone is 4.5 inches tall and is 2.4 inches wide and weighs 4.5 ounces. It is as thick as the Lumia 920 which is 0.43 inches deep. It offers a 3.8 inch display with 800×480 pixel resolution. A front-facing VGA camera covers the space above the main display area and three capacitive touch navigation buttons such as back/multi-tasking button, start/voice command key and search button are below the display. There is a 3.5mm headset jack on top of the phone while a micro-USB charging port is on the bottom side. Nokia offers buttons for controlling volume, power/lock and camera shutter on the right side of the phone. The phone’s back features a 5 megapixel camera and the flash module. Inside the back cover, there is a microSD card slot with external storage of upto 64GB, a battery and a slot for SIM card.



What’s outside
Nokia Lumia 620 is an eye-catching phone having a 1GHz Snapdragon S4 Plus processor that is paired with a 512MB RAM. Apart from giving a microSD card slot that is expandable up to 64GB, it also offers an 8GB internal storage memory. It provides connectivity such as quad HSPA+ and quadband GSM/EDGE as well as WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. It offers a ClearBlack LCD technology based 3.8 inches display that gives excellent outdoor visibility and decent color reproduction.




What’s inside
The Nokia Lumia 620 provides the clean UI of Windows Phone 8 and yet is available at a very affordable price. It comes built-in with the Metro interface and a host of softwares such as Live Tiles, Office 2013, Xbox integration as well as SkyDrive. It also has the Nokia Music that gives the users the facility to create their own playlists. The output of its headphones is amazing and the great audio quality doesn’t make one miss the higher volumes of speakers that other phones provide.


Even though this is a budget phone, the Nokia Lumia 620 is as smooth as the larger Lumia 920. It gives very fluid and smooth performance due to the Windows Phone 8 it is running. The only disappointment is for gamers who will miss the limited RAM it is providing. The 1GB RAM it comes with will not let extensive games such as Asphalt 7 to be played on this phone. The lack of notification center on the phone is covered up by Nokia which offers a lockscreen that acts like a notification bar. The large live tiles provide for a good change from the usual Android and iOS phones that people have become used to. These tiles are resizable and have three sizes namely, small, medium and large. This phone supports multitasking and the other apps that are running go in the background. It has the Internet Explorer 10 as its default browser which is quite quick and smooth to use. It also provides a Kid’s corner for limited access of phones for kids and supports Bluetooth transfer feature too. 


It has a large 5 megapixel rear camera that offers settings such as exposure, ISO and white balance. In addition to this, it also provides flash, autofocus, night mode and close-up mode. It also provides a 0.3 megapixel front-facing camera that can be used for video calling.


Battery Life
The way Nokia has always provided, the battery life of the Nokia Lumia 620 is extremely good. It has a 1300mAh battery that offers more than a day’s standby time. The battery charge of this phone can drop to nearly 64% when it is heavily used for watching videos and surfing the web continuously. The user will be able to control the excessive drainage of the battery by reducing the brightness of the display.


Like most of the Nokia Lumia 620 reviews in India have said, this phone has cheap but distinctive hardware with great softwares that includes email, browsing, camera and multimedia. Even though, it does miss out on some apps, it is a quite good budget phone that features the new Windows Phone 8.


Many different kinds of mobile phones with advanced technology were released in 2013. They offered many new features such as fingerprint scanners, gesture tech and large screens. Due to this, people are anticipating new and better mobiles in 2014. Every big manufacturer has something new for their customers in the next 12 months. Apple has already designed the next version of iPhone while Samsung is also not behind with its heftier flagship Galaxy smart phones. Let’s check out the five devices that users need to look out for in 2014.


Apple iPhone 6

If rumours are to be believed then Apple is preparing to make its entry into the smartphone world sooner than expected with its next iPhone release. Speculations are rife that Apple might unveil the next version in iPhones as early as May 2014. This new iPhone is believed to have a bigger screen probably with a curved display and a large RAM. However, it will be retaining its 64 bit processor and Touch ID.
The new iPhone 6 is also speculated to feature gaze detection technology like the Galaxy S5. This feature is believed to make the handset more power efficient than ever before. There are also speculations that Apple’s next flagship may have a full HD display, up to four cores and 12 or 13 megapixel camera. However, rumours suggest that storage options will be the same though it will run on the next iOS version.


Samsung Galaxy S5shutterstock_157631273.jpg

Samsung’s next flagship offers new-age features that are sure to take smartphoning to new heights. It is expected to be powered by a 64 bit processor with a 3/4 GB RAM. This Samsung phone is supposed to house an architecture of 16 cores. It is also rumoured to have many new features such as a 32 multitouch screen, wireless charging, water proof casing and an eye scanning sensor.
Another rumour also claims that when users go online to buy Samsung’s next flagship mobile phone, they will be able to see better casing and body. It is expected to have let go of its trademark plasticky form factor. As such, it might have a carbon fiber or an aluminium casing for its Galaxy S5. This phone is speculated to run on the latest Android operating system. Also, it is expected to come with a 16 megapixel primary camera with OIS.


Lenovo Vibe Z

Lenovo fans will soon be able to treat themselves with its latest innovation. Lenovo is going to offer its first LTE smart phone, Vibe Z. It is expected to have a 5.5 inch with a 1920 x 1080 pixels IPS display. This mobile phone is speculated to have a powerful 2.2 GHz Qualcomm SnapDragon 800 processor, buttery smooth Android 4.3 OS and 2 GB RAM. Apart from delivering impressive performance, it is expected to have many other amazing features. These include LTE support, custom software, 16 GB internal storage, 13 megapixel rear camera with f1.8 aperture, 5 megapixel front camera, super camera, gallery apps and much more. It is likely to arrive in India in the first quarter of this year.


Nexus 6

The next generation Nexus device is expected to have an improved version of Android 4.4 KitKat with a 5 inch full HD display. Its other innovative features include latest quad core SnapDragon, 8 MP rear camera with OIS and 3 MP front camera for video calling.


Nokia’s next generation

Nokia is all set to make a comeback with its latest Lumia 1820 and Lumia 929. Nokia Lumia 929 is speculated to have a 5 inch full HD 1080p display. This phone will reportedly have a quad core SnapDragon 800 chipset, 2 GB RAM and Windows Phone 8.

It looks like consumers will have a lot to look out for in 2014. Almost all the major smart phone manufacturers are outwitting each other and offering the best features in their smart phones.