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One of the most difficult things in life is not how to earn money or how to enjoy a settled life. It is ‘How to stop consuming junk food’. Apart from being amazingly delicious, junk food is often the cause for obesity and other health and lifestyle-related disorders. Wouldn’t it be great if you could somehow work your way around all the unhealthiness of junk food and consume it without having to worry about the side effects? Well, it is now possible. The Phillips air fryer helps in reducing up to 80% of the oil used in junk foods. It is equipped with the perfect combination of fast circulating hot air and a grill at the top, which helps in eliminating the smell of oil apart from cooking junk food in a healthier way.


fryer-150x150.jpegDesign and build quality

The high quality, food grade plastic used in the making of Phillips air fryers ensures a long lasting and durable performance. Weighing 7 Kgs and cut off towards the end, the Phillips air fryer is a must have. The fryer is also equipped with an automatic timer that can be set for 30 mins. Unlike other conventional fryers, the Phillips air fryer does not show any signs of softening even when using the maximum heat settings.


Usage and other features

The small cooking tray might not be suitable for when you expect a group of people for a small party. However, it ensures that the food is properly cooked using an absolute minimum amount of oil. Philips air fryer will help you give an unfair advantage to quality over quantity. Using this fryer is easy as it does not come with any hinged parts. French fries, potato smileys and other pre-cooked frozen food can be easily cooked with the Phillips air fryer. Simply apply a small coating of oil on the walls of the tray, use appropriate temperature and enjoy crispy and lip smacking junk food. The appliance is energy efficient and utilizes just about 1400 Watts as compared to 2000 Watts of power consumption by conventional fryers.


The Phillips air fryer is easy to use and is an ideal investment considering the long term side effects of consuming oily junk food. What’s more? You can also bake cakes with the help of this fryer! The manual comes with amazing instructions on achieving this feat that will let you enjoy some of the best homemade muffins.


The fryer also comes with an instruction booklet that guides you with details when you go about operating this appliance for the first time. Philips provides a 2 year warranty on this amazing product. You also receive a recipe book which will help you explore the joy of cooking a different dishes with Philips air fryer.


Final Verdict

Overall, the Phillips air fryer is an excellent investment if you are health conscious. Not only does it ensure minimal use of oil, but it also guarantees long lasting and durable performance, thus making life easier in the kitchen.


(Image Courtesy: Philips Viva Collection)



It is often said that drinking plenty of water is the key to stay fit and healthy. Not only does it keep you hydrated all day long but it also helps in purifying the blood and maintaining a glow on your face. There are many benefits when it comes to clean drinking water. Some of the common ones include:


  •     Reinforces weight loss efforts
  •     Improves metabolism and weight loss
  •     Reduces bloating
  •     Cleanses toxins

These advantages can be leveraged if we ensure pure and mineral rich water supply. However, in the todays age of advancing industrialization and pollution, it is difficult to source pure and safe drinking water.


What’s the point of drinking water if it is not clean? Access to clean water is not as easy as it seems. Many of the rural and ancient practices such as livestock bathing, washing clothes in reservoirs and dumping waste in lakes. This makes the water a breeding ground for bacteria such as E-coli.


In order help people access clean drinking water, which also happens to be one of the basic necessities of life, Kent water purifiers brings to you its ground breaking computer controlled Mineral RO technology. This technology offers the perfect combination of RO and UV filtering process that helps in eliminating impurities in ways never seen before. This purification process helps in getting rid of pesticides, rust, heavy metals, arsenic and other dissolved impurities along with bacteria, viruses and cysts.


The Kents RO technology holds a distinct advantage over other conventional purifiers. This patented technology helps in retaining natural minerals without compromising on the purification process. This purified water is often said to be healthier and tastier than boiled water. Also, as compared to the water wastage by other conventional water purifiers, Kents RO technology ensure 0% water wastage. The rejected water is collected in a tank, which can be used for other household purposes.

Kents wall mounting water purifiers weigh just 9.4 Kgs and help in filtering almost 15 liters of water in an hour. These water filters are equipped with spin welded RO membrane that ensures zero tampering and promotes safe operation.

Features and reviews

Auto start and stop, detachable storage tank, up to 8 liters of storage capacity and Computer Controlled Operation with Filter Change Alarm & UV Fail Alarm are some of the features that come with Kent water purifiers. The build quality of these water filters are second to none. They are sturdy, long lasting and durable and elegant looking. Unlike traditional water filters, maintenance is never an issue with Kent water purifiers. As mentioned earlier, these filters are equipped with detachable tanks that can be cleaned easily. After sales service is quick and streamlined and causes minimum inconvenience to users.


The patented RO technology makes Kent water purifiers a must have. Buy this water filter and you will never again have to worry about contaminated drinking water. The eight stages of filtering – pre-filter, sediment filter, pre-carbon filter, RO membrane, UF membrane, TDS controller, UV chamber and post carbon filter ensures 100% pure water. Invest in Kent water purifiers and enjoy the purest form of water.



If you are a bachelor and if you stay alone then surely you must be cooking food for yourself at least sometime during the week. It becomes challenging to afford the cooking gas which is becoming expensive each day. The best alternative to cook food quickly and with minimal effort is the induction cooker. The induction cookers serve as the ideal option for bachelors who want to prepare delicious food quickly and easily. We have highlighted a few pointers that will tell you why induction cookers are perfect for you.


Instant adjustment
The induction cookers give you the freedom to adjust the cooking heat instantly and with a lot of precision. Conversely, when you change electric cookers, the rise and decline in temperature is slow.


No wasted heat

In induction cooking, the energy is supplied directly to the cooking vessel through the magnetic field, so all the source energy gets transferred to that vessel. However, in gas or conventional electric cookers, the energy is converted to heat and then it is directed to the cooking vessel. Due to this, loads of heat gets wasted in heating your vessel and the surroundings rather than the food. It is estimated that conventional cookers use 40% of energy in gas, while induction cookers use 84% of the energy.


Induction cookers stay cool so that you won’t have to encounter burned fingers or hands. So, they are without doubt the best for safety and convenience. On the other hand, gas flame can cause burns on your fingers and hands. It can also cause the gas to escape into the house and lead to health and safety risks. Gas can also lead to combustion and release toxic carbon monoxide in the atmosphere.


Ease and adaptability of installation
As opposed to other types of cooking equipment, the induction units are extremely thin vertically. So, they require hardly two inches of depth below the countertop surface. Induction cooking becomes quite simple and convenient when the cooking area is designed to allow wheelchair access.



Induction cookers work on electricity that is easily available. They are ideal for those who don’t have or don’t want a gas pipeline connection in their homes. In addition to that, induction cookers are energy-efficient and save on your electricity bills.


Burning gas creates by products that are vaporized, but tend to settle down on the surface near the cooktop. This causes the remnants to stick to the cooktop and around, eventually making it dirty. When it comes to cooking with induction cookers, no by-products are formed, so there is no need to scrub the surface for hard and dirty spots.


Induction cooking has made it quite easier to cook delicious food quickly and with less effort. With induction cookers, you can also save on energy and follow smart and efficient cooking methods. Since induction cookers provide so many advantages, it is preferable that you buy it for your bachelor pad.


You now know how convenient it is to cook with Induction cookers, we guess you will want to buy one. Check out the range of Induction cookers available on Croma Retail.


A cooktop or stovetop is an essential kitchen appliance and an integral part of the cooking process. Despite the near ubiquitous prevalence of microwaves and other modern cooking instruments, a simple stovetop is still the most widely used kitchen device in existence. They are one of the most common cook wares found throughout the world, essentially available in a very similar form. A cooktop used by a celebrity chef, such as Gordon Ramsay is not too different structurally than the one used by a busy housewife in a snug Mumbai chawl. This quintessential kitchen appliance is easy to use, simple to clean and maintain, and is quite affordable as well.


The modern stovetop is divided into two main categories as mentioned below. You can choose from either of these as per your requirement or convenience.


gas-cooktop-300x180.jpg1.) Gas Cooktops

These are widespread, and found in most kitchens across the world. Gas cooktops require LPG, propane, butane or natural gas, in order to function. They date back to the 19th century and since then have been in continuous use. They either work using a pilot light, a spark lighter, or via electric ignition.




2.) Induction Cooktops
Induction cooktops essentially use electromagnetic induction to heat cooking vessels placed upon them. Unlike stovetops that run on gas, they do not require continuous gas connection, nor do theInduction-Cooktop-300x218.jpgy possess pilot lights or any of the basic instruments used to ignite their traditional counterparts. The main mechanism involves an alternating current flowing through a copper coil, which is based underneath its surface. This current induces an oscillating magnetic field that in turn creates an electric current in the metallic vessels placed on the stovetop, thereby heating them. Induction heating has been acknowledged as far more efficient and cheap as compared to gas cooking.


Originating from basic wood burning stoves, this conventional kitchen equipment has evolved in a variety of ways and forms throughout the decades. While its basic functioning has remained the same, the humble little cooktop has seen major transformation. It is today constructed from different metals, in different shapes and sizes, from single burner tops to massive ones with up to 10 burners. Today, a stovetop can also be purchased with toughened glass tops, which make their appearance aesthetically pleasing. What makes this appliance a timeless beauty is its stubbornly efficient functioning and an almost charming changelessness. They are indeed a must-have in every kitchen!


Electric kettles have made the task of boiling water easier than ever before. As a matter of fact, heating up the water in a short time has made this heating machine popular. The traditional kettles, on the other hand, are time-consuming and require you to boil water time and again. However, the best electric kettle is the one that addresses your needs efficiently and best suits your kitchen.


It is considered as the most useful appliance in the kitchen and works by simply plugging it into a power outlet. Available in many attractive models, you can place them on the kitchen table to make some tea or coffee. The main section of the electric tea kettle is devised to accommodate cold water for boiling. If you occasionally use the kettle for making tea for the guests, go for a small and simple electric kettle. Plus, you can keep it in a closet when you don’t need it. If you frequently use an electric kettle, go for the one that has exceptional features and capabilities. Such high-standard electric kettles tend to become an important part of the kitchen table.


There’s a wide range of electric kettles available in both retail stores and online. They are available in different models and come with an extensive look. Some have attractive handles, while others come in striking colours. As the electric kettles with high-quality features work on electricity, we must take few precautionary measures to prevent the surrounding from getting damaged. If the electric kettle is in use, don’t leave the room as it can overboil and evaporate all the water in it, resulting in dangerous situations. Choose the one that is integrated with an automatic switch off feature. Kettles with such features boil the water for a specific period and switch off automatically once the task is done. Such security measures keep the surrounding safe and sound. On the other hand, if the electric kettle doesn’t have an automatic shutdown feature and is kept on longer than necessary, the boiling water completely evaporates and the kettle becomes empty. So, if the empty kettle stays powered on, it can cause a fire.


The electric kettle that you buy must have a comfortable grip, thus making it effortless to handle. Meaning, it must have enough space between the body and handle. This will prevent your hand from getting burnt. The best of all the kettles is the cordless electric kettle as you can use it with ease at your home or even while on the go. It consists of a removable filter that washes off impurities from water and makes it worth making tea or coffee. Available with advanced features, it’s a good addition to your modern kitchen.


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All these aspects make the electric kettle a must-have item. From boiling water to making coffee or tea, an electric kettle plays the role of your best friend in the kitchen.


A kettle is the handiest item in a kitchen. Do share it with everyone, especially those who don’t believe so.


It is that time of the year again. The Great online Shopping Festival (GOSF) is here in a new avatar. It is going to be the third such occasion and it is getting better each year. It is our promise that this time around, the festival will be much grander, much bigger, and will offer unheard of discounts on virtually everything.



Croma is going to roll out a lot of discount coupons and great deals for its customers. If you were waiting to buy a camera, or a music system or anything electronics related, the sale is just the right time to do that. This year’s most awaited sale will offer you so much that you won’t be able to swallow it. The festival will run for three days, from 10th to 12th of December and going by the excellent response it got last year, projection are that it will see an even better turnout this year.


In addition to the regular offer, Croma retail is offering special incentives to Axis bank cardholders. They will get incentive coupons which will be valid during the festival. But even if you don’t have an Axis bank account, the offers will be so many that you will probably exhaust your wish list of a few months. You will order from the comfort of your home without having to push your way through jostling crowds and will get timely and guaranteed delivery without any compromise on the quality and brand. Trust us. December is going to be more awesome than ever.


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Induction cookers has been around for decades, but its demand has boomed during the past few years. With the technological advancements encouraging the development of eco-friendly options, induction cooking has emerged a winner. It involves heating of the vessel by electrical induction instead of thermal. In the standard models of induction cooktops, the cooking vessel is made of ferromagnetic metals such as cast iron or stainless steel. There are a few things that you must know before buying an induction cooker. Let’s take a look at the factors that make induction the future of the cooking world.


Quick Cooking

Induction cooking produces electromagnetic fields that trigger the electromagnetic activity in the pan itself, and the cooking pan becomes the starting point of heat. It takes less time for the heat to reach food in the cookware. So, it takes around 5 minutes to boil liquid on an induction cooktop as compared to over 8 minutes on a gas stove. Induction cooking enables quick and nimble cooking that make your lives hassle-free.


Energy Efficiency

Cooking accounts for a small amount of energy consumption in homes. Induction cooktops provide more energy efficiency than gas or electric because they cook faster and lose less heat. Hence, the lack of excess heat is one of its most crucial and less-known eco-friendly features, which ultimately make it energy efficient.


Less Ambient Heat

Unlike the standard gas, induction transfers the heat to the pot or induction cooker, and very less ambient heat is generated. When the heat gets generated within the pan itself, more of that heat gets into the food, and less of it warms up your kitchen. So, it acts as a perfect eco-friendly cooking solution that delivers better than any other form of cooktop variants. You can also buy an induction cooker from the wide variety of products available online.


Suitable for Everyone

Cooking on an induction cooktop is the safest. If you have kids, live away from home and do not have any experience with cooking, induction is the safest cooking option. With a durable material and easy-to-use operations, induction is suitable for everyone. It is safe for children too as it does not contain flame or a heated surface, thus making it a viable solution. You can buy induction cooktops online from a varied range of options according to your preference.


The New Rage

The induction technology is grabbing attention all across the world. From professional chefs to home makers, everyone prefers it for their kitchen. A research by Mintel shows that the appeal of induction is strong among younger people. This new class of cooktops is less tied to the conventions of gas and environmentally sound.


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Induction models have been successful in drawing everyone to its modern looks, promise of performance and the ease of maintenance. Induction is proving to be the powerhouse of the kitchen with such compelling features.


With its energy efficiency, appeal and growing influence, it may be the iPad of the kitchen. Just like the discovery of the portable laptop, the induction technology will forever change our daily lives and cooking tasks. Buy a suitable induction range that is easy-to-use and offers practical features.


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It is difficult to make time for a delicious breakfast in the morning especially when you have a hectic work schedule. The simplest way to keep your family and kids happy is a crunchy bread toast with milk, cereals or only a cheese spread. A 4 slice pop-up toaster can be helpful in preparing toast for a large family without much stress. This incredible appliance works fast and saves you a lot of time. Before choosing the perfect toaster for your needs, know more about the 4 slice toaster and its benefits.


Smart Features

A 4 slice toaster has toasting slots that can accommodate all bread sizes. So, you will not have to remove the crust prior to toasting. The wide slots also enable you to insert the bread slices without breaking it.

You can prepare evenly toasted, crispy bread toasts for morning or evening.

The automatic pop-up feature of the 4 slice toaster is lucrative. You can remove the toast slices easily after it is prepared.

The time setting feature enables the user to set the time.

With the innovative heat and temperature setting feature, you can easily customise and make the toaster as hot and crispy as you need.

Some of the 4 slice toaster models enable separate operation of each slot. They come with pre-set features such as defrost or reheat. Features such as the browning control help control the bread toasting process. To make it more user-friendly and keep the kids safe from the heating device, there are toasters that feature safety specifications like a cool-touch exterior.



With low power consumption, your worry about heavy electricity bills will reduce. Not only do 4 slice toasters make bread toasts but also help make yummy waffles, burgers, muffins, biscuits and a number of egg preparations. A modern 4 slice toaster will look fabulous on your kitchen counter. Style your kitchen with this superb appliance that delivers scrumptious breakfast toasts and adds colour to your personal space.



Before buying the 4 slice toaster, make sure that it includes all the specifications you require. The price of the toaster will depend on the number of features it offers. Also, buy a toaster that suits your kitchen décor. You can also buy toasters online from a range of colours, design and brands and enjoy crispy bread toasts at home.


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Induction cooking is the newest technology in kitchens all across the world. The perfect solution for easy and safe cooking, an induction cooktop provides a helping hand to people ranging from bachelors to professional cooks. It offers the best mix of responsiveness and the heating power of electricity. The induction technology has set a new benchmark in cooking.

A high amount of heat is generated in induction cooking within a short span of time. It can heat slowly or at very low temperatures. This helps in faster cooking and boiling, adding precision to simmering. Electric options take time to cool down the surface, whereas, the pan starts to cool instantly as you turn off the cooktop in induction.


Energy should be saved as much as possible since it is a non-renewable source. Many electronic devices and appliances available today are energy efficient. Since, an induction cooktop can be found in every kitchen these days, it is necessary to understand its basics and energy efficiency levels. Let’s take a look at the energy efficiency of induction cooking in terms of its features and functionalities.


Speed and Efficiency

High speed is the main advantage that comes with induction cooking. Induction works on the mechanism of transferring energy to the metal section of the pan, instead of heating up an element. It can boil up to quarts of water in less than 5 minutes, whereas a gas stove will take over 8 minutes and an electric ring just less than 10 minutes. The saved time results in energy conservation too. A report from the U.S. Department of Energy indicates that an induction cooker is 84% efficient with energy transfer. Significantly, it is 90% suitable for its power use. It uses 2.8 kW to deliver 2.52 kW against electric coils, which use 2.0 kW to produce 1.1 kW. So, induction cooking offers speedy and reliable cooking that ultimately leads to better energy efficiency.


Less Heat Wastage and Durability

Traditional gas and electric ranges heat the air around the pan, which ultimately transfers half of their heat to the surroundings. Induction cooking, on the contrary, transfers the heat to the pot and very less ambient heat is generated. Hence, the lack of excess heat is one of its crucial and less-known eco-friendly features that ultimately make it energy efficient. Durability is another vital aspect of induction. These appliances are made of an eco-friendly glass ceramic material. Being a poor conductor of heat, the range ensures that only a little heat is wasted through the pan bottom and the surface remains cool to touch. This feature prevents burnt food or melted pots from destroying the surface of the cooktop.


Sustainable Energy

The incorporation of smart technology has made the induction process sustainable and energy efficient. You can find variable ranges of induction cookers online with different features and brands. Some of the models feature sensors that turn off the induction heat if the cooking pan is not put back on the surface within a set time. Other high-end options have ‘boil alert’ that detect vibration from hot liquids and automatically reduce the heat level. This also helps in preventing boil over accidents and energy wastage.


You can buy the preferred induction cooktop after investing some time in research. Induction cooking is viable as compared to gas, helpful in preventing heat wastage. With the rising environment and energy issues at its peak, induction cooking is a promising technology that promotes sustainability in the kitchen. It is an ideal choice for a standard electric setup or gas line installation.


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