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Last year, Apple launched its latest innovation, the iPad Mini. It provides amazing Apple tablet experiences with its signature, yet new features. The Apple iPad Mini is a stylish tablet that offers 16 GB of storage and Wi-Fi connectivity. This entry-level model has a sturdy build and exquisite style that makes it a perfect choice for Apple users. Let’s look at the different features of Apple iPad Mini here.


Design and Display

The Apple iPad Mini With Wi-Fi and Cellular (16 GB, White) offers a 7.9 inch screen that is relatively larger than the original iPad. It is built with an aluminium chassis with the same colouring as the iPhone 5S. The Apple iPad Mini is a class-apart tablet that weighs about 308 g. In comparison with the other tablets, it feels quite lightweight to carry around. The Apple iPad Mini comes with a large 7.9 inch display with LED-backlit IPS LCD capacitive touch screen. It provides a resolution of 760 x 1024 pixels along with a pixel density of 162 ppi. The display of this tablet is well-protected with Oleophobic coating.


Processor and Operating system

The iPad Mini provides a 1 GHz Cortex A9 processor along with a 512 MB RAM. It also has an Apple A5 chipset that offers speedy execution. This tablet runs on iOS 6, which can be upgraded to iOS 7.1. The iOS 6 enables you to operate the tablet smoothly. It gives a wide array of features that includes Apple Maps, improved Siri, Facebook integration, shared photo streams, FaceTime over the cellular network, Safari improvements and many more. Due to the high-end processor and iOS 6, you will be able to get more detail and 3D effects while playing 3D games like Infinity Blade 3 on the Retina screen of the new iPad Mini.



The Apple iPad Mini tablet is equipped with a 5 MP rear camera that captures pictures at 2592 x 1944 pixels. The features of Apple iPad Mini’s camera include autofocus, Geo-tagging, touch focus and face detection. It also offers a secondary camera of 1.2 MP that lets you record videos of 720p at 30 fps. The camera of this tablet provides features such as face detection and FaceTime over Wi-Fi or cellular network.



The Apple iPad mini With Wi-Fi + Cellular (16 GB, White) offers 16 GB internal storage to store data such as documents, videos and photos on the tablet. However, Apple also provides storage variants such as 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB.


Battery life

The Apple iPad Mini offers a 16.3 Wh non-removable Li-Po battery. It provides you with continuous usage for about 10 hours.

The Apple iPad Mini is a sleek and superbly designed tablet. With its amazing features, it is surprising that the price of Apple iPad Mini is comparatively less than the other tablets. The amazing Apple iPad Mini specs make it a must-have for every person who likes to stay updated with the latest technology trends. At Croma Retail, you can buy this Apple iPad Mini at a reasonable price. You can also browse through the different tablets that are displayed on Croma Retail’s online store.



In January 2010, Apple unleashed a revolution in the mobile computing market by announcing the launch of the first iPad. Since then, it has sold millions of copies, and has had two new iterations. The latest one, the iPad 3 is loaded with a series of features that make it more than just a tablet. It transforms itself into a complete business and entertainment solution that works on the go, no matter where you are.


But why should you buy one?


The iPad has been praised by reviewers from across the world as a breakthrough in tablet technology. It features a revolutionary display technology, offers astonishing performance, an amazing set of apps and peerless support. Let us take a brief look at these features.

  • Do you consider yourself a voracious reader? Do you need to constantly assess reports and documents on the go? If yes, then an iPad is a must-have! It possesses a handy eBook reader, which when matched with the amazing Retina display promises an unrivalled reading experience. No matter where you are, you can have access to important reports and documents or you can simply open up your favorite novel and read it on an incredibly crisp and lifelike display.
  • The iPad supports Wi-Fi connectivity and 3G networks, along with fast connectivity across different networks. Now you can connect with your friends or colleagues online, and can have access to the latest news and weather from across the world at your fingertips. Enjoy the seemingly endless versatility of the Internet in your hands. With the iPad, there are no limits!
  • The iCloud is a cloud storage service offered by Apple, for every iPad sold. It grants you an astonishing 5 GB storage space that is completely integrated with your apps, and allows you to access your content, wherever you are. Imagine being able to work on your documents, from any location and any device, without worrying about complicated storage locations or addresses. The iCloud also lets you backup your important files, photos and music.
  • With all these features, the battery life of any other device would probably falter, but not the iPad. It is equipped with a game changing battery that keeps it powered for an extraordinary 10 hours. This means you can continue to use this device on the go, for long hours without having to charge it up.

So, if you are continuously travelling and always on the move, an iPad can be the perfect gadget for you!

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The iPad is probably one of the most important devices to have made a mark in mobile computing history. This revolutionary tablet has won many accolades over the years, and its each upgrade has delivered at almost every count. On 2nd November 2012, Apple released the iPad 4, which was one of the most awaited products of the year. And today, Apple launches the much-talked about tablet in India.


The iPad 4 features the much sought after Retina display, the Apple A6X chip, and the lightning conductor that was introduced with the iPhone 5. Such was the iPad 4’s magnitude that it was bracketed in the same price range as its predecessor, the iPad 3 which was discontinued.



The first thing to know about the iPad 4, is that it looks exactly like the iPad 3 with the exception of the connector which is different for the latest 4th generation tab. Apple has not messed around with the design, and has provided the same slick body that the world fell in love with. The iPad is probably the most well-designed and best feeling tablet available out there.


Now the iPad mini might have a charm of its own, but if it’s the big guns in the tablet world we’re talking about, the iPad 4 is where it’s at. The tablet weighs in at 625g for the Wi-Fi model, and 662g for the Wi-Fi cellular model. This is known to have caused the slightest inconvenience for those who prefer single-handed use. Also, its 185.7mm width gets a little too much for anyone who wasn’t raised by giants. That said, it comes with the territory of a large tablet.


The iPad 4 features curved edges, Oleophobic scratch-proof glass and an aluminum chassis, which rival tablets have tried to ape but have failed. The iconic home button remains, within the thick bezel of the tablet. The remainder of the buttons are clustered tightly on the top let hand corner of the iPad 4, with the volume/rocker key, mute-orientation switch, and power/lock.


The FaceTime HD camera which was seen on the iPhone 5 is seen on the iPad 4, but just doesn’t make the same impact. That is because the iPad’s screen is a lot larger, and because the tablet’s high-resolution Retina Display displays a lot more pixels, causing the regular clicked image to look at lot grainier. The improvements are definitely there; there are upgrades on the FaceTime calls. The 1.2 MP FaceTime HD camera supports 720p HD videos and also has tap-to-control features. The rear camera of the tablet remains the same as its predecessor – 5 megapixels, which leaves a lot to be desired.


Other camera features include 1080p HD video recording and Video stabilization.


The 9.7 inch screen now packs a LOT more pixels than before – 1536 X 2048, to be precise. That’s quite a number.  Although the Cupertino brand makes a big deal about the 330 PPI density of the iPhone 4S, what it is offering with the iPad 4 is a screen that is technically a lot less sharp – around 264PPI. Apple blames this on the fact that the screen of the iPad stands at 9.50 inches rather than the 4 inches of the iPhone, and that the sharpness pretty much stays the same.


Let’s get down to business here. Probably the leading selling point for the fourth generation Apple table: the Retina Display. The display of the iPad 4 is probably the finest we’ve seen on a tablet so far. No bones to make here. The Retina display delivers. So much so that if someone were to take a high resolution image printout and stick it next to the screen of the tablet displaying the same image, we wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. The colour reproduction of the screen is pretty close to the real deal.


Although it lacks the vibrance of the Galaxy Note 2’s Super AMOLED HD screen, it all boils down to a matter of preference.

The browsing, movie, and picture sessions on the iPad 4 are much, much finer than that of its predecessor, which was expected.


Another main feature of the iPad 4 is the new A6X processor. Much like the iPad 3’s A5X processor, the A6X is a dual-core ARM-based processor with quad-core graphics. The extra graphics performance is what makes it different from the A6 processor seen on the iPhone 5. The iPad 4 is equipped to run heavy games and apps, backed by the Retina Display. The improvement in overall performance is evident. While the third generation iPad took 27 seconds to boot, the iPad 4 takes a mere 16 seconds. Even the fact that it runs the much stared upon iOS 6, there are absolutely no lags or glitches. It features 1 GB RAM, much like its predecessor. On the Geekbench 2 benchmark test, the fourth-gen iPad scores a whopping 1,761, where the third-gen iPad scored around 750, and the iPhone 5 scored 1,461. On the SunSpider JavaScript 0.9.1 benchmark test, the iPad 4 the fourth-gen iPad ran at 875 milliseconds over an average of three runs, which is much better than the iPad Mini.


Although other tabs now feature quad-core processors, the iPad 4 sticks to the A6X to deliver great performances, doing justice to iOS 6.


Wi-Fi and LTE
Apple decided to go the dual band way with the iPhone 5, and it does the same with the iPad 4. The dual-band (2.4GHz and 5GHz 802.11a/b/g/n) antenna offers better connection and speed over home networks. The LTE connection module of the iPad 4 has been upgraded to deliver greater compatibility with global cellular networks. This makes it a huge plus for international travellers.


Battery life
The battery life and performance of the iPad 4 is the same as the iPad 3, with 10 hours of video playback. But it is surprisingly better than expected. Tests state that continuous video playback lasts a good 13 hours as compared to the 11 odd hours of the iPad 3. The tablet lasts a good whole day and more. And that too through vigorous video playback, browsing, and gaming. It also outclasses the iPad mini in this department.


We’ve tried to find flaws, and we’ve failed. The iPad 4 is indeed the best iPad there is, and the fastest. We might even go out on a limb and say that it might be just the finest tablet in the market. Impressive performances, phenomenal display, and great battery life; what more could one ask for in a tablet? But it delivers beyond those things.

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Nobody expected Apple to come up with a sub-10 inch tablet since it was doing so well with the new iPad. But the high popularity of smaller tabs forced the company to scoop out its share from the market. In comes the much anticipated iPad mini. While the small tablet with a 7.9 inch display was launched in October this year, the product was only recently introduced to the Indian market. It has been talking about on the interwebz for a while now, and its launch is much anticipated. But design dynamics and novelty aside, does it deliver the goods? Read on to find out.



Apple’s goal was to create a smaller version of the iPad that can carry out all the tasks that the iPad can. At 7.2 mm and 308 gms, the iPad mini is quite chic. It stands at 23 percent thinner, 53 percent lighter than the iPad. It has a smart 7.9 inch screen that delivers a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels which is impressive, yet still lags behind the new iPad’s Retina Display, which is the talk of the town these days. Now the screen of the iPad mini might be smaller, but Apple has reduced the bezel width, giving you more room for display. Also, single hand users can rejoice! The iPad mini can be easily used and held with one hand. The anodized aluminium back plate with matte finish rounds off the looks. That said, it is known to be prone to scratches. Other features include a lightning connector at the bottom and speakers on both sides of the port.

Performance and Interface: 

Like its larger sibling, this mini tablet runs the iOS 6 operating system. So it’s pretty much a familiar arena to play around, especially for those who have used the new iPad. For the uninitiated, if you are listening to music on the device, a double tap on the home button takes you to access to your music controls and album art. Meanwhile, you can move through the recently-used apps by touching the screen with five fingers and swiping left and right. The tablet can be used both in portrait and landscape mode.


Apple hasn’t gone for any new processor for this mini tablet. Nonetheless, the tab does facilitate wonderful browsing speeds that are at par with its competition. The device lets you alter the brightness of the display. Facebook and Twitter come integrated for social networking junkies.


All of this said, Apple has managed to introduce last year’s technology into the iPad mini. Just the sound of the A5 chip with 512MB of RAM doesn’t fit too well. In the times of dual and quad core, what the mini offers little. Don’t get us wrong. iOS 6 runs pretty smooth on the mini tablet, but it lacks the juice on high-end applications.



On the multimedia front, the iPad mini is a great video player, especially while playing back HD video on horizontal mode. It can play .mp4 files but doesn’t have compatibility with DivX and AVI file formats. The music player function will nicely meet the expectations of audiophiles. One can also download the iBook app and use the iPad mini as an eBook reader. BUT, the GPU is pretty low power, and leaves a lot to be desired for those who want to engage in some serious media and gaming.


Camera and Battery Life: 

The 5 megapixel camera captures sharp, well-exposed pictures. However, there is no flash to accompany shooting in bad light. The front facing 1.2 megapixel camera doesn’t fall far behind. It is quite useful for high quality video calls and good for shooting self portraits as well.


The iPad mini comes featured with a 16.3WHr battery that enables up to 10 hrs of watching videos. This is one of the best battery performances seen in any sub-10 inch tablet so far. Good work, Apple.



  • The good: The iPad mini is just what the name promises in design aesthetics. The user interface is great, and those using it for the first time will get acquainted with it quickly. The 7.9 inch screen is fairly larger than competitions, offering slightly better readability.


  • The bad: We do miss the ultra high resolution of the Retina Display screen. We expected the tablet to have compatibility with more movie file formats. Lastly, although the lowest end model is priced competitively, it’s a Wi-Fi-only version that some may not appreciate well. And let’s be honest, 16 GB of non-expandable storage just does not cut it anymore. It is pretty disappointing that a device as media-friendly as the iPad mini offers such little room for one to install larger apps, and maintain a mini library of songs and videos, and that too not necessarily at the same time. Frustrating even.

Apple has incorporated most of the new iPad to this mini. But there are certain shortcomings, important shortcomings at that, such as the display. The screen lacks the goodness of the retina display. Plus the processing power leaves a lot to be desired. One could purchase the Google Nexus 4 which features a quad core processor and 2GB of RAM for the exact same price. If you are going in for the novelty of owning a mini tablet, make that purchase by all means. There are plus points – the portability and look being two, but there is quite a lot that is missing from overall mini tablet experience.

  • iPads

Data transfer is important for everyone, be it a student or an engineer. The lack of expandable storage has made the users move towards sometimes spotty cloud service. Cloud storage, being one of the riskiest ways of transferring data, led to the development of flash drive storage for iPhone and iPad. It is the safest way to transfer photos, videos and files within no time. The flash drive automatically copies photos and videos from the iPad or iPhone to the drive when connected. You can easily play all popular music files and video formats from the drive. Buy the Apple’s ipad mini online and enjoy the features of the flash drive. An extremely flexible connector and durable product, flash drive works efficiently with iPad mini too.


Easy transfer of data

Lightning and USB connectors enable you to transfer data instantly between iPhone, iPad and computers. Get access to the world of quick file transfer that makes it easy to move pictures and videos between devices.



The auto-sync option will set your device to automatically copy photos, videos and other files from your iPhone or iPad to the flash drive when it is connected. This will help to reduce time loss in the setting procedure as in the case of other similar drives.


Faster than other drives

Flash drive is the fastest way to move files on-the-go from your iPad or iPod. It features over 3x the transfer speed in comparison to other drives.


Free up iPhone memory

The device offers a storage space of 16, 32, and 64 GB that lessens your worries about being out of memory. It is the most reliable and compatible transfer device that you can think of.


Play the files directly

You can now enjoy any video and music file format with the flash drive that enables exceptional storage capacity too. Through the downloadable sync app, the flash drive offers popular music and video downloads for non-stop entertainment.


Password enabled

The cross-platform encryption offers extreme protection to your files. It enables the consumers to transfer and access their sensitive data from iPhone, PC, and Mac computers. With complete flexibility to protect data, the flash drive always secures your files.
So, if you are buying an iPad mini or iPhone, then order it right away online and get a flash drive for your system. Pick the best iPhones in India and enjoy hassle-free phoning. A flash drive is a complete package of durability, expandable memory and quick transfer of files along with safety in storage. Get your flash drive soon and get hold of protected data transfer with extreme capacities and features.


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These days, tablets have become one of the most sought-after devices. Like smartphones, they have many amazing features that enhances the overall user experience. However, the availability of a wide range of tablet options has made it difficult to choose the most suitable one. If you too are confused about choosing the perfect tablet for yourself, then read along:


Here, we have given some tips which will help you in buying the tablet that is most suitable for your needs.


Tablet OS

When choosing a particular tablet, the first thing that you need to decide is the type of OS you require. The three main types of tablet operating systems include the iOS, Android and Windows. More information about these types of tablet OS, along with their pros and cons have been mentioned below.



1. Apple iOS

Apple had revolutionized the way tablets perform with its original iPad, which runs on the iOS operating system. The iOS based systems are the easiest to operate, which makes it ideal for those who are new to computing. The latest Apple offering is the iOS 7 which has been completely redesigned and includes some useful features like easier access to multitasking. The biggest advantage of iOS is that if you face any kind of issues with it, you can directly contact the experts at an Apple Store and get it resolved immediately. Even though this tablet OS is not full featured like Android, it is far easier to use. An iPad running on iOS provides users with the undefeated advantage of the Apple’s App Store. It offers millions of great quality apps and digital magazines in the categories of fitness, cooking, productivity, gaming and more.


2. Google Android

You can experience loads of advantages from a tablet running on Android. Android based tablets give users the benefit of customizability, so they can alter the look of their home screen based on their preference. It offers access to Google Play Store, which offers a huge array of apps and games to Android users. Android also provides full support for user profiles. This will enable you to lock certain apps and settings to avoid any unwanted access. This security feature is available only in Android version 4.3 or later. Another benefit of tablets running on Android is that they are priced at a much more reasonable rate as compared to any iPad.


3. Microsoft Windows

Windows is known to be the most widely used operating system for computers and laptops. However, only the Windows 8 OS is compatible with tablets. Currently, there are two versions of Windows OS available for tablets, Windows 8 and Windows RT. The Windows 8 is a touch-based OS, which is similar to the full-flat Windows operating system used in a home PC or laptop. It is a powerful OS but is more expensive, heavier and has less battery life as compared to Android or iOS running tablets. Windows RT is a cut-down version of Windows 8 which utilizes less power and provides long-lasting battery life. The tablets running on Windows are most suitable to those who require full Office access.


Tablet Size

Tablets are smaller and lighter versions of laptops, which is the main reason for their growing popularity. Usually, users prefer two kinds of screen sizes for tablets – 7 inch and 10 inch. When you are choosing a tablet based on its screen size, you need to determine how exactly you will be using it. For instance, if you are going to be carrying it wherever you go, it is preferable to buy a 7-inch tablet which is smaller and lighter than the 10-inch model. Even though both kinds of tablets are good for web browsing, their performance differs considerably for other tasks like reading, playing games and watching videos. Another factor you need to consider when you want to buy a tablet online is its price. To be precise, we can say that a 7-inch tablet is more affordable than a 10-inch model. At the same time, iPads are more expensive as compared to Android tablets.


Other factors

It is important to keep the above mentioned tips in mind when buying a tablet. One also need to consider other factors, such as screen resolution and storage space. Screen resolution determines how clear a screen is and the way it affects your viewing experience. There are many 7-inch tablets that come with a Full HD screen, which is brighter and less reflective in sunlight. There are also many 10-inch tablets featuring higher resolution displays with razor sharp and readable text to give you the ultimate tablet experience. Storage, which is measured in gigabytes (GB) is another important factor to considered while buying a tablet. Generally, users opt for tablets with 32 GB internal memory, along with a microSD card that offers expandable memory. Such tablets are available at a very reasonable price. There are some Android and Windows tablets that don’t have a microSD slot, which leads to only a limited amount of storage. Also, iPads don’t provide this option, so it becomes quite expensive for people who need extra storage.


Before deciding on which tablet to buy, you need to determine your budget. Keeping your budget in mind, select the appropriate operating system. After that, select the screen size of the tablet that is suitable for your usage. Before you buy a tablet, you should also decide on how much storage you require and whether you need 4G data or not.