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One of the most difficult things in life is not how to earn money or how to enjoy a settled life. It is ‘How to stop consuming junk food’. Apart from being amazingly delicious, junk food is often the cause for obesity and other health and lifestyle-related disorders. Wouldn’t it be great if you could somehow work your way around all the unhealthiness of junk food and consume it without having to worry about the side effects? Well, it is now possible. The Phillips air fryer helps in reducing up to 80% of the oil used in junk foods. It is equipped with the perfect combination of fast circulating hot air and a grill at the top, which helps in eliminating the smell of oil apart from cooking junk food in a healthier way.


fryer-150x150.jpegDesign and build quality

The high quality, food grade plastic used in the making of Phillips air fryers ensures a long lasting and durable performance. Weighing 7 Kgs and cut off towards the end, the Phillips air fryer is a must have. The fryer is also equipped with an automatic timer that can be set for 30 mins. Unlike other conventional fryers, the Phillips air fryer does not show any signs of softening even when using the maximum heat settings.


Usage and other features

The small cooking tray might not be suitable for when you expect a group of people for a small party. However, it ensures that the food is properly cooked using an absolute minimum amount of oil. Philips air fryer will help you give an unfair advantage to quality over quantity. Using this fryer is easy as it does not come with any hinged parts. French fries, potato smileys and other pre-cooked frozen food can be easily cooked with the Phillips air fryer. Simply apply a small coating of oil on the walls of the tray, use appropriate temperature and enjoy crispy and lip smacking junk food. The appliance is energy efficient and utilizes just about 1400 Watts as compared to 2000 Watts of power consumption by conventional fryers.


The Phillips air fryer is easy to use and is an ideal investment considering the long term side effects of consuming oily junk food. What’s more? You can also bake cakes with the help of this fryer! The manual comes with amazing instructions on achieving this feat that will let you enjoy some of the best homemade muffins.


The fryer also comes with an instruction booklet that guides you with details when you go about operating this appliance for the first time. Philips provides a 2 year warranty on this amazing product. You also receive a recipe book which will help you explore the joy of cooking a different dishes with Philips air fryer.


Final Verdict

Overall, the Phillips air fryer is an excellent investment if you are health conscious. Not only does it ensure minimal use of oil, but it also guarantees long lasting and durable performance, thus making life easier in the kitchen.


(Image Courtesy: Philips Viva Collection)



111.jpgTraditionally, clothes have been washed manually in India. With the change in the standard of living, most people are looking to buy washing machines in India. There are two broad categories of washing machines available in India: the traditional top-loading or the newer, front-loading models. The most widely found model in an Indian household is the top-loading variant. Top-loaders are known to be resource hogs, both in terms of water usage and power consumption. With the rising cost of living and the need to save resources it is important to consider other options. 


Front-loading machines are more expensive than top-loaders, however they perform much better.

  • They use less water as they use a shallow puddle of water rather than submerging the clothes in a huge tub.
  • The spinning action is gentler on the fabric and help the clothes last longer.
  • Front-loading machines require less detergent powder than top-leaders.
  • The final spin in the front-loader is faster leading to faster water removal from clothes.

Due to these factors the front-loading washing machines sales have rapidly increased and rightly so. Many myths about front-loaders are commonly heard. Some people claim that front-loaders can fit more or larger items as compared to top-loaders. This is not true. It has been proven that they have equal capacity when compared.


Here are some tips to consider when you are looking to buy the best washing machine in India. 



Washer Types: There are 3 main types of washing machines available: Semi Automatic (Top Loading), Fully Automatic ...


Capacity: It indicates the amount of clothes and water that can fit and be washed in the machine. Higher the capacity, the more clothes you can incorporate. This is measured in kilograms.


Portability: With smaller houses, place is always a constraint. Mostly Semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic top-loader have caster wheels and can be moved around. However, not many front-loaders have this feature.


Energy Consumption: Most manufacturers display the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) rating. This is quick and easy way to gauge power consumption and efficiency. Again, higher the number of stars indicates better power efficiency. Do read up more about this online.


Read Reviews: Once you have zeroed down on a model, read reviews online before you buy the washing machine online or at a store. Do not always follow the advice of the store attendants.


Warranty: Like most electronics washing machines come with warranty. Do read the terms and conditions of the warranty before you buy the washing machine. Many manufacturers do not cover plastic/ABS peripherals as part of the warranty.


Cost is always an important factor while making such purchases. However, if you are looking to buy a new washing machine we would advice to consider the new-age front-loader washing machines.Although the initial investment is higher, the slew of features it offers, its power efficiency and the performance make it worthwhile and a better investment overall.


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With the many types of air conditioning systems available on the market—central, split, window, unitary, PTAC, portable, ductless and so on—it is easy to get confused with air conditioners and their terminology. Also, different systems have different installation methods, maintenance guidelines, energy ratings and advantages. Here are 5 things to know about air conditioners.



Types of ACs:

Window ACs are the most popular air conditioners and can fit most windows with some support. Then there are portable air conditioners that can be used anywhere in the house to cool specific areas. Portable air conditioners do not need permanent installation. Portable air conditioners support central HVAC systems. For permanent operation, built-in air conditioners are best. They are versatile with both cold and hot air operation.
Split ACs or ductless ACs are technically known as PTAC. They are more popular in offices, apartments and hotels. A split AC splits into two units—an exterior condensing unit and an interior evaporative unit—with a refrigerant tubing passing through the wall to connect both terminal units. Central air conditioners are perfect for home as they are high performance and have noise free operation.

  Cooling Capacity:

When it comes to air conditioners, size matters. The size of an air conditioner depends on the size of the room you want it to cool. An AC that is too small for a room won’t cool the area properly, while one that is too big will make the room cold and sticky.
Cooling capacity is measured in British Thermal Units or BTUs. Calculate your room size in square feet and use a BTU calculator to determine the ideal BTU for your room size. High ceilings, crowded rooms and sunlight can increase the BTU requirement for your space.

  Energy Efficiency:

While all types of air conditioners have more or less the same purpose and functioning, energy savings can vary from one model to another. EER number and Energy Star rating determine an air conditioner’s energy efficiency. If you want an air conditioner than consumes less energy and gives better energy output, look for a system with Energy Star rating. Energy Efficiency Ratio or EER is a measurement of the BTUs an AC consumes for each watt of power. So the higher the EER number, the more energy efficiency you get from an AC.

  Electrical Requirements:

Check an air conditioner’s specifications for electrical requirements and make sure your electrical system meets its needs. You will need to check the amperage available, voltage requirements as well as make sure that the outlet is within the reach of the line cord.
Room air conditioners generally work on 115-, 125- or 220-volt circuits. ACs with cooling capacities below 15,000 BTUs operate on 115- to 125-volt circuits. ACs with cooling capacities above 15,000 BTUs operate on 220-volt circuits. You might need to get special electrical wiring if your current system does not meet the AC’s electrical requirements.


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Installation and Maintenance:


Window ACs are the easiest to install and remove. Portable air conditioners can be mount on casters and move them anytime—no permanent installation required. Built-in ACs have a more complex installation—wall units provide location flexibility but larger units need professional installation.


Some general maintenance steps for air conditioners include cleaning filters periodically. For window ACs, a foam weather strips needs to be installed around the unit. If you don’t intend to use your window AC during winter, store it away. Thorough cleaning is required on an annual basis.
These were the top 5 things you need to know about air conditioning systems. However, if you plan to buy one, consider not just the types of ACs, BTUs or Energy Rating stars, but also features based on your personal preferences such as noise level, fan speeds, sleep settings etc.


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Well renowned for their cooling purposes, Hitachi AC’s boast of a great cooling rate. These AC’s are equipped with a Twin Turbo Technology which augments heat exchange at high temperatures and maintains maximum cooling without overloading the machine capacity. Moreover, the Twin Turbo Technology is designed to dispense air in both directions and provide higher air-flow at lower RPM, as opposed to traditional AC’s with Sirocco fans on the inside and propeller fans on the outside, which are unable to dispense air in both directions, thus resulting in lower efficiency. Traditional AC’s have a large number of blades, resulting in higher air cutting noise and higher noise levels, which further translates into decreased efficiency. In comparison, Hitachi AC’s come with lesser number of blades, resulting in lower air cutting and better cooling. Furthermore, on account of the Turbo fans both on the inside and outside, the overall air-flow is escalated, thus providing superior efficiency even at lower noise levels.


With a front frame made from high quality plastic, Hitachi AC’s boast of a remarkable build quality. The front frame is unique and bears the company design. With an overall fine finishing, Hitachi AC’s are unrivalled in terms of durability of a classy appearance.


Along with quality, Hitachi AC’s are also unparalleled when it comes to styling and looks. Hitachi window AC’s come with diverse product ranges like Summer QC, Summer TM and Kaze. The Summer QC and Summer TM ranges are the flag bearers for Hitachi in the looks department. Their design consists of air blowers on two sides with a coil grill in middle, giving them a scintillating appearance. The Kaze range has a basic design with lesser features and is more cost efficient when compared to the Summer QC and Summer TM ranges.




Twin Motor Technology
In traditional AC’s, both the indoor and outdoor fans function on a single motor, thus, a reduction in the inner fan speed reduces the outer fan speed as well, which in turn reduces the AC’s ability to dispense hot air outside, diminishing its overall efficiency. However, Hitachi AC’s are equipped with two independent fan motors, one each for the inner and outer fans. Since both of these fan motors are independent of each other, the AC’s ability to dispense hot air outside as well as its overall performance remains unaffected. It should be noted that this feature is available only in the Summer TM model.


Auto Climate Technology
Regular AC’s can be adjusted to different temperatures and humidity levels in diverse surroundings by regulating their in-built temperature mode and fan speed. However, setting the temperature and fan speed at varied temperatures with inconsistent weather and humidity levels, can become excruciatingly difficult. But this problem can be resolved by opting for a Hitachi AC, as it is equipped with a superior, advanced intelligent feature that is pre-fed with temperature and humidity data from over 100 cities. Hitachi AC’s automatically detect the city you reside in, the time, and individual metabolic needs chosen by you like, hot, very hot and humid. Based on the aforementioned factors, these AC’s frequently change their settings accordingly, to maintain a comfortable environment, while functioning smoothly at the touch of a button. This feature is available in every model.


Prevent your AC from being misused in your absence by your kids or anybody else, by turning on the Digilock facility, which will keep your AC locked without hindering your comfort settings. This feature is available in the Summer TM & Summer QC models.


Alarm Function
Hitachi AC’s come with an in-built alarm to wake you up on time. Moreover, this alarm automatically turns itself off at any desired time you wish to set. This feature is available in the Summer TM & Summer QC models.


Supercool Function
When turned on, the supercool function sets the AC to work at its optimum level, thus maximizing cooling within a short time frame. This function is available in auto and cool modes. This feature is available in the Summer TM & Summer QC models.


Koukin Filter
This exclusive anti-bacterial filter averts the growth of bacteria inside the Air Conditioner and guarantees optimal performance of your AC always. This feature is available in every model.


On/Off Timer with Advanced Start-Up
With this AC, it is possible to set a particular temperature at a particular time every day. Thus, if you choose the temperature to be 24° C at 09:00 PM when you return home from work, this AC is so innovative that it will scan the room at 08:00 PM as per your need, and will calculate the time required to reach the desired temperature and switch itself on accordingly. After achieving the desired temperature, it switches itself off, thus conserving electricity, and providing you with a comfortable atmosphere once you reach home. This feature is available in every model.


Extra Heat Exchanger (XHE)
As opposed to most window AC’s which are air-cooled, Hitachi AC’s are equipped with an extra Heat Exchanger function that is attached to its coil, which is cooled by the condensed water. It is well known that water cooling is undeniably better than air cooling and hence, the Heat Exchanger function automatically increases the Air Conditioner’s ability to dispense hot air outside, thus allowing it to perform efficiently even at incredibly high ambient temperatures. This feature is available in the Summer TM & Summer QC models.


When we run an AC the entire night, it achieves an even lower temperature than required, thus making the room more chilly than desired. In order to negate this drawback, Hitachi AC’s are equipped with a distinctive feature known as Kaimin, which cleverly increases the temperature just by 1° C per hour for up to 4 hours, thus providing you with a good night’s rest. Moreover, this feature assists in maintaining the desired room temperature and also helps in saving energy. This feature is available in every model.


Filter Clean Indicator
This unique indicator reminds you when it is time to clean the filter through LED on the indoor units. This feature is available in every model.


Hitachi is the only company which provides a myriad of features in their AC’s. Some of their truly unique features are unrivalled by other companies currently operating in India. If the above features have impressed you, then you should hesitate no further in purchasing the Hitachi TM-RAT222HSD. While taking the product life into account, there is definitely no competition for a Hitachi AC.



Winter is here and along with pleasant weather, it also brings the extreme difficulty in taking morning showers without freezing. No matter what the weather, the pleasure and convenience of taking a hot shower cannot be beaten. And that is exactly why you need a good geyser/water heater to help you kick-start your day.

That said, the purpose of a geyser is not just to give you hot water. It must do so safely and it must also be a good investment in terms of looks, utility and maintenance.

There are certain important points that must be considered before purchasing a geyser/water heater. An adept geyser must have all of these features.


Auto off: The auto off feature in a water heater has a dual purpose. It firstly helps you save energy by switching the unit off in case you forget to do so after you’re done with your shower. What it also Water-heater-Geyser-300x187.jpgdoes is protecting you and your family from accidental damage. It also helps protect the water heater from burning out.


Energy consumption: No matter how powerful a geyser is, it is very important for it to be energy-efficient. A good geyser is one that heats water efficiently while consuming less energy doing so.


Looks: It is important to choose a geyser that matches your bathroom. Things to take into consideration while making a purchase are size, look, shape and size of your family.

After sales service: Geysers are sensitive appliances and must be taken care of and maintained regularly. It is very important to have a good after sales service in place to repair the geyser in case of damage. Why not leave this to the experts?


Type of Geyser

There are two broad types of geysers – Tank and tankless. Both have their pros and cons. One must understand them to determine which geyser to get home.


Tank-type Water Heater



  • Reasonably priced
  • Smaller power requirements
  • Adaptable to different power circuits


  • Uses energy periodically 24/7 to keep the tank temperature consistent
  • Larger footprint than a tankless water heater; this becomes a significant issue when hot water demand is high
  • Hot water supply is limited; heats only as much as storage capacity


Tankless Water heater



  • Uses energy only when required
  • Smaller footprint than tank-type water heaters, saves floorspace
  • Continuous hot water supply
  • There is no risk of a damaged tank


  • Expensive as compared to Tank geysers
  • Requires more power than tank geysers
  • Tend to waste more water than a tank-type water heater

Different types of water heater setups require different sizes of geysers.

Kitchen: 1 litre or more
Bucket Baths: 10 litres or more
Overhead Showers: 25 litres or more
Shower Panels: 50 litres or more
Bathtubs: 70 litres or more
Jacuzzis: 100 litres or more


Here are some of the known, top selling geyser brands in the market today.


1.       Bajaj
Bajaj is a household name and is the pioneer in the Indian appliance market. The company is known to produce and market some fine water heaters and geysers of varied size and uses.


2.       Racold
Racold is an Italian company that thrives on manufacturing quality home essentials, geysers being one of them. Racold has continuously raised the quality bar in the Indian water heater segment.


3.       A.O.Smith
A.O. Smith is one of the world’s leading water-heating equipment maker, with a wide range of products to cater to the needs of customers. It is North America’s leading water heater manufacturer and marketer.


Like the refrigerator or television, the water heater has become a part of a complete home. It adds convenience to your day and helps live better. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a hot water bath at the beginning or end of a day?


The films might propagate ‘Thande thande paani se nahana chahiye’ but we recommend that you get a water heater installed before the temperature drops.

  • Home Appliances

Cleaning a home is no mean task, especially because any furnished home poses challenges with hard-to-reach corners and tough-to-clean carpets. This is where vacuum cleaners are a great help. Buying vacuum cleaners in India has become pretty easy now since you can buy these online and have the product delivered right at your door step.


Before you buy a vacuum cleaner, you need to identify the type of cleaner you need. There are primarily two types of vacuum cleaners out there- cylinder and upright.


Cylinder cleaners
These vacuum cleaners are more compact and feature extended pipes to clean upholstery in addition to floors. Owing to their compact size, these are more manoeuvrable, letting you use them in tight corners or for absorbing dust from under sofa sets using an extended tube. Manoeuvrable suction heads are also great for dusting drapes.


Upright cleaners
On the other hand, upright vacuum cleaners are large and their main suction device stays close to the floor in order to efficiently clean large surface area using less power. These are also great for cleaning and combing cut pile carpets.


Bag Vs. Bagless
Vacuum cleaners with bags are cheaper than the bagless variety. However, bag type cleaners need replacement frequently, which can cost you from time to time. Disposing dust is an additional task after each cleaning. Some vacuum cleaners come with self-sealing bags to ensure less hassle and these pose less health risk to those suffering from allergies. Meanwhile cleaners with a bagless design are easy to maintain and cost more. Some bagless models also feature anti-bacterial protection that is designed to substantially reduce dust mite and cat allergen content.


Power is a big factor for cylinder type cleaners as the suction machine lies far from the suction head of the brush, thus needing more power to suck dust from a distance. But in upright vacuum cleaners, the machine stays close to the ground and works more efficiently with lower power consumption. An optimal power rating for an efficient cylinder cleaner should be around 1400 Watts, while it should be approximately 1300 Watts for an upright type.


Every vacuum cleaner comes with a filtration system that catches the dust and lets the air pass to ensure a continuously-running suction process. Stage filters feature a set of about 3 to 7 filters with different size of pores. A common 4-stage filter is made of a double-skinned bag with 2 stage filters, a filter between the dust bag and motor chambers, and another final filter to catch every other dust particle. There are also lifetime filters that last for 7-10 years. A third type known as S-Class or HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter that can retain even the smallest of allergy-causing particles. Homes with pets should look for a vacuum cleaner with charcoal filter. Such filters have an active charcoal layer that removes nasty smells from the sucked up air and dirt.


Most vacuum cleaners come with three types of attachments, namely a ‘crevice tool’ for hard-to-reach narrow corners, an ‘upholstery tool’ for cleaning furniture/fabrics and a ‘dusting brush’ to clean sticky dust. Some vacuum cleaners may have an additional ‘turbo brush’ that helps provide extra suction power to comb cut pile carpets while sucking up pet hairs and dust. If your home has tiled or wooden floors, you should go for a horsehair or parquet brush for efficient cleaning. Go for an extendable tube to clean hard-to-reach areas.


Since vacuum cleaners are essentially a long term, one-time investment, buying one should be given the same amount of research as while buying a mobile phone or other electronic products. Choose the right type of vacuum cleaner with optimal power and dust capacity. Don’t forget to query about the length of the power cord that determines your maneuvering ability within home. Also keep in mind the availability of additional accessories and after-sales service for a complete peace of mind.

  • Home Appliances

Monsoon is a time to rejoice and enjoy the pleasant and chilly weather. One problem that is faced by all during the monsoons is that it tends to increase the influx of diseases. The rainy season also tends to damage the hair and due to the dampness in the air, the clothes also take lots of time to dry. Though such problems don’t hamper the spirit of the monsoon, some tips are given here to help in solving these smaller issues easily. 


1. Hair Dryer is a must
Monsoon is one season when one’s hair is at an even more risk of getting damaged. This is the time when everybody needs to take special care of their hair. One can do this easily by opting for the hair dryer that features a powerful 1800 watts motor and a two-speed controller. It enables users to make use of its three temperature setting control that can be switched to hair setting and dry modes. It provides advance technology that dries wet hair faster with less heat damage. 


2. Washing machine is important
People tend to face lots of problems when the damp environment doesn’t dry the clothes faster. In order to curb this issue, one needs to buy the washing machine that gives superior performance and ensures that the clothes are washed without any hassles. One may use automatic or semi-automatic washing machines that wash clothes sensibly without over-using water and electricity. 



3. Protect yourself from diseases, use a water purifier
Monsoon season is the breeding time for various germs and bacteria that mostly spread through water. One can ensure their family’s health by buying a good water purifier that will protect against the harmful water-borne diseases that are spread by these bacteria and viruses. Prefer water purifiers that use the best filtration technology to treat water and remove all the unwanted contaminants. This enables users to get a safer, healthier and undesirable contaminants-free drinking water.

Buy-water-heater-in-India-150x150.jpg4. Say goodbye to cold water
During cold and chilly weather of the rainy season, one feels the desire to bathe in hot water. This is done by the water heaters which are available in a variety like solar-powered and electrical-powered. These water heaters have a sleek body and give hot water anytime of the day. Apart from this, the water heaters have a long life and are durable to use for many years.


The products given here are sure to help one in this cold and damp environment. Apart from these products, Croma offers many other products that can help users to do household chores without any hassles.



Split AC has lately become very popular among people due to its variant sizes and the noiseless performance they give. They are mostly preferred by middle class homes as they provide flexibility in mounting locations. The cheapest split AC models can be found in the market for those who find Air Conditioner’s very expensive. These sleek designed ACs can be purchased by considering the size of the room and the number of people sharing it. Apart from the usual electronics stores, you can also buy split AC online. It is essential to select the split AC specifications correctly to get the perfect AC that would match your room. We have highlighted some of the points here that will help you to buy a split AC.


Budget is a very important point to be considered prior to buying a split AC. The cost of split AC has gone down significantly in these past few years. Nowadays, split Air Conditioners are priced between 12,000 INR and 2,75,000 INR. Apart from this, there are other factors like the AC size and the tonnage capacity of the AC which can affect the price.


Types of Split ACs
Depending on the room you are going to install the split AC in, there are at least three main types of ACs that you can choose from. The first is the wall mounted type that is generally used in smaller sized rooms that have open ducts. The floor mounted or tower or vertical split Air Conditioner is used when there is absolutely no place to install the regular AC. Another split AC type is the ceiling mounted Air Conditioner that helps in cooling the room uniformly. Apart from this, you can also buy a multi-splits AC which has two indoor units and one outdoor unit.


Cooling Capacity
You need to decide the cooling capacity or the tonnage of the split AC based on many factors that includes the outside environment, room size, sun exposure etc. If you stay in a place where the outside temperature is quite high then you need to get a split AC that has more cooling capacity. The same applies when your room is exposed to sunlight and even when your room is near to your kitchen. The area of the room is proportional to the AC’s cooling capacity so get an Air Conditioner that suits your room size. Also like room size, make sure that the split Air Conditioner is proportional to the number of people who will be occupying the room.


Thus we have so far learnt that after the primary importance which is usually given to budget, other factors such as keeping information about the types of Split AC’s, knowing your coverage area at the place you wish to incorporate the Air Conditioner, deciding on technical aspects of the air conditioner like the cooling capacity are also of utmost importance.





 Certain spaces in our homes are missed by the inefficient and ancient central air conditioning systems and hence don’t offer proper cooling in our homes. Areas like bedrooms, offices, garages, and server rooms are usually warmer than the desired temperature due to improper ventilation or air circulation. All this can be avoided and rectified if you buy a portable air conditioner. Portable ACs are small and easily moveable cooling appliances that can quickly and adequately cool desired areas in your home, office or any interior place of your choice.


Deploying a portable AC for cooling specific spots can help you in your savings as overall cooling cost comes down. Just ensure that the thermostat is set at a few degrees higher and see the portable AC achieve the target.



This post will act as a buying and information guide to inculcate a better understanding of portable ACs and will let you make the proper decision with regards to buying the best portable AC that fits your specific requirements.


What exactly is a Portable AC?
A portable AC is a small and compact cooling equipment which can be moved unlike a fixed AC to any part of your house, office or any interior place for cooling specific spots. Although a portable AC doesn’t require permanent installation, it still requires a window for exhaust. Portable ACs have self dehumidification property as they cool.

Portable Air Conditioners are available in different types and sizes and made by various brands.


Pros of a Portable AC
As portable ACs don’t require permanent installation, you are free and flexible to use just a single AC for all your rooms in your house at a time thereby eliminating the need to buy multiple units and hence it is light on pocket plus you save on installation costs. You can also move a portable air conditioner across various locations easily.


Easy Exhaust

All cooling equipments give out exhaust or hot air and portable air conditioner is no exception. This exhaust is generally vented out of the cooling area with the help of an exhaust hose through windows, sliding glass doors, walls, and ceiling. Most portable air conditioner manufacturers include window kits or drop ceiling panel kits which take care of the exhaust.


Effortless Maintenance
Maintaining your portable air conditioner is a very simple affair and is effortless. Once you setup a portable AC unit, you just need to forget it. However, don’t forget some the basic upkeep of the AC like cleaning air filters, proper installation, and defrosting in case of ice buildup in the coils.


We have provided you with all the information you need for selecting a portable air conditioner of your choice and proved that a portable AC is an economical cooling device. You can look for a portable air conditioner online for easy comparison of models and prices.


Do you really think that an epilator is important for grooming? Are you one of those who prefer waxing? Well, read on to know why epilators are an important part of a grooming kit and how they prove useful to you. Epilators are small, hand-held electrical devices that grasp hair at once and pull them off from their roots. This method works similar to that of waxing.


Every woman likes to have a vibrant, beautiful and youthful appearance. Nowadays, millions of men and women prefer using an epilator rather than waxing or shaving unwanted hair. Cosmetic hair removal is an important part of every woman’s personal care routine, and epilators provide a convenient and affordable method to do it at home.


The recent improvements in design and engineering have made epilators less painful, more convenient and compact option for hair removal. They are available in different types including corded, wet and dry, cordless and battery operated designs. When choosing the right epilator, it is necessary to know its various benefits prior to making a purchase. Let’s have a look at some of these benefits.


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As opposed to waxing equipments, an epilator is a one-time expense, which you can get at a decent price. The most appealing part of its purchase is that you don’t need to buy anything else like the razors or waxing equipment.


Long lasting hair removal


Like waxing, epilating also involves gripping and pulling the hair from the root. That is why; the hair regrowth is slower than shaving. In addition to that, epilators also reduce the hair growth considerably over time. The hair follicles become weak whenever it is pulled from the root. This results in slower regrowth and leads to thinner and finer hair.


Clean and easy


The best advantage of using an epilator is that it is simple and not messy. You don’t need to go through messy wax, gels or creams. It is a clean method for removing unwanted hair and serves as a great option for travelling.


Best option for travelling


Epilators are easy to use, compact devices that can be used anywhere. In fact, they are also feasible to be used while travelling. They are lightweight and portable devices for beauty care and serve as the perfect option for you when you are travelling.


Finer, slower regrowth of hair


As compared to other hair removal techniques like shavers and waxing, epilators can remove the hair from the root. This process causes slower regrowth of hair and leads to finer hair. On the other hand, razors cause the hair to grow faster, thicker and make them coarser. Epilators reverse this problem and don’t harm your skin.


Perfect to use at home


Epilators are the best devices for those who prefer removing unwanted hair at home. You can easily remove hair in the comfort of your own home. They prove to be the ideal option for saving time that you would have otherwise spent on trips to the salon. Apart from helping you maintain a silky, smooth skin conveniently at home, it can give better results than waxing or shaving techniques.

With the increase in the demand for epilators, manufacturers have started providing compact and cordless devices that can easily fit in your small travel bags. Some epilators use wet and dry technology that comes with integrated smart lights. These different kinds of epilators are useful for removing unwanted hair and are an essential part of every woman’s personal care routine.


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Our readers are well aware that cromaonline hosts the best brands in the business on its site and it is the one stop shop for anything electronics related. But do you know Croma is not just an electronics store. It is a brand in its own right.


The brand Croma includes a range of products under the section named “Croma Life Accessories”. The brand features more than 250 products across categories like appliance, computing, imaging and entertainment. Within a span of 6 years, the brand has earned quite an acclaim for itself. It now boasts of more than 35% share in categories such as small appliances, accessories and ACs. In addition, brand Croma also features tablets, smartphones and washing machines that have been a hit with the consumers in the past and sold like hot cakes.


One of the most popular products has been the portable air conditioners. These air conditioners are much cheaper than air conditioners of other brands and have proved their worth in terms of durability and performance. And notably, they won Croma the revered product of the year award. Same goes for Croma tablets and other entertainment accessories. Another notable achievement is the winning of coveted Global Brand Excellence award in Private Label by World Brand Congress for 2 years in a row.


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We shall be doing more additions to Brand Croma in the near future. Until then, you can check out the already huge range of products here:


A fancy coffee machine is bound to save the day by making aromatic coffee after a hectic work schedule. However, it can also be used for cooking things you never imagined. A coffee maker can not only brew up a delicious cup of coffee but also prepare exquisite meals. Here are a few tips for maximising the potential of a regular espresso coffee machine.shutterstock_123478006.jpg

Boil things with hot water

You can exploit the hot water function to boil eggs, and make a bowl of oatmeal or cup noodles. Simply run the water through the filter, heat it for 7-8 minutes and place the eggs in the coffee pot. The multi-purpose coffee machine will not only please your thirst but also satisfy your hunger.


Relish a fried egg/grilled cheese sandwich


Usually, a grill or pan is used for food staples. However, you can now grill the same food on the coffee pot burner. Though you may find a limited amount of space to work with, you will save ample time in cleaning up. There will be less mess around while making meals in regular drip coffee makers. Just like boiling an egg, frying can also be done with the same technique. Moreover, you can also make a normal cheese sandwich. Simply wrap it up in an aluminium foil and place it in the coffee pot burner.


Boil vegetables


You can further use the coffee maker to cook hard vegetables such as broccoli or carrot. Just choose the seasoning vegetable, run it through the filter and consume more nutrition.


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Savour a dessert


To enjoy a home-made dessert, all you need is cream, milk and dark or white chocolate. Warm up the cream in the coffee pot burner for 15 minutes. Later, melt the broken pieces of your favourite chocolate bar in the pot for roughly 10 minutes. Now blend everything and serve it with marshmallow or strawberries.


Enjoy chicken pesto pasta


Up the ante by making an incredible meal with the help of a coffee maker. There couldn’t’t be a better dish than chicken pesto pasta to make good use of the coffee maker. To get this recipe right, sear the chicken breast on the burner. Then, with the help of a coffee grinder, make the pesto (you can even buy it ready-made from the store). Next, like you would cook instant noodles, cook the pasta in the coffee pot. Tastefully mix everything and serve one of the best recipes the coffee machine can make.


The delectable lemon pepper chicken


You can make one more amazing dish with your coffee maker. First, add chicken breast in the coffee pot and then water to cover about quarter of the chicken. Second, spray it with lemon pepper seasoning. Switch on the coffee maker and cook about 15 minutes on each side. Finally, add butter and milk to the remaining liquid, letting it warm up for a minute.


This way, you have raised the bar in terms of usage of the coffee maker. Enjoy home-made and hotel-like taste in a matter of few minutes with your coffee machine.


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During winters, we get frozen to the marrow and look for options to keep our body warm. We try warmer clothing and wrap ourselves in fat blankets, but nothing works. Eventually, when every option gets exhausted, we decide to heat up our home.


Heating our place has become a crucial factor in keeping our body warm and healthy. And this is where room heaters come into play! There are many types of heaters, such as an electric heater, oil heater, fan heater, halogen heater and many more that keep us away from this misery. One of the most convenient ways to use a heating device is to heat the rooms you are spending time in. Such heating strategy is called zone heating and goes well with the space heaters. Generally, primary heater isn’t enough to warm the entire place. So, warm one room at a time with the help of an eco-friendly space heater. Heating you home in an efficient manner, this heater consumes less energy and doesn’t have a significant impact on our wallet. Space heaters can be further classified into types such as oil heaters and ceramic heaters.


The oil space heaters are used to warm a small room or small place. Very easy to maintain, the oil inside the unit doesn’t need to be replaced. With handles and wheels, it is very easy to move the oil heater from room to room, making it more portable. It makes no sound at all as it does not have any fan to spread the warmth. It can be kept under desks in a bedroom or the office.


The ceramic space heaters are safe and come in an extensive range of designs to meet the requirements of any lifestyle. It can heat spaces up to 150 square feet. It comes in various sizes, so choose the one that is sufficient for your room. Such compact heaters have features such as inbuilt thermostats and remote control for additional convenience.


Another type of heater that is used for heating personal space is infrared heater. This heater is considered exceptional, because the heat produced is similar to the heat produced by the sun, thus giving you warmth instantly. Like the ceramic space heater, it doesn’t make noise as it doesn’t use a fan. It is more effective as compared to other heaters. You turn on the infrared heater, and you will notice a change in temperature in a jiffy. On the other hand, in a fan heater, air is heated over coil elements and fanned into a room for quick results. It is ideal for a workshop or office.


The most appealing and powerful of all the heating equipment is an electric heater. It has a fan that continuously runs even after the unit is no longer heating and produces heat from the ceiling to floor. It sports an advanced safety overheat shut off, making it safer to use. All in all, choose a heater that suits your needs and stay warm.


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Electric kettles have made the task of boiling water easier than ever before. As a matter of fact, heating up the water in a short time has made this heating machine popular. The traditional kettles, on the other hand, are time-consuming and require you to boil water time and again. However, the best electric kettle is the one that addresses your needs efficiently and best suits your kitchen.


It is considered as the most useful appliance in the kitchen and works by simply plugging it into a power outlet. Available in many attractive models, you can place them on the kitchen table to make some tea or coffee. The main section of the electric tea kettle is devised to accommodate cold water for boiling. If you occasionally use the kettle for making tea for the guests, go for a small and simple electric kettle. Plus, you can keep it in a closet when you don’t need it. If you frequently use an electric kettle, go for the one that has exceptional features and capabilities. Such high-standard electric kettles tend to become an important part of the kitchen table.


There’s a wide range of electric kettles available in both retail stores and online. They are available in different models and come with an extensive look. Some have attractive handles, while others come in striking colours. As the electric kettles with high-quality features work on electricity, we must take few precautionary measures to prevent the surrounding from getting damaged. If the electric kettle is in use, don’t leave the room as it can overboil and evaporate all the water in it, resulting in dangerous situations. Choose the one that is integrated with an automatic switch off feature. Kettles with such features boil the water for a specific period and switch off automatically once the task is done. Such security measures keep the surrounding safe and sound. On the other hand, if the electric kettle doesn’t have an automatic shutdown feature and is kept on longer than necessary, the boiling water completely evaporates and the kettle becomes empty. So, if the empty kettle stays powered on, it can cause a fire.


The electric kettle that you buy must have a comfortable grip, thus making it effortless to handle. Meaning, it must have enough space between the body and handle. This will prevent your hand from getting burnt. The best of all the kettles is the cordless electric kettle as you can use it with ease at your home or even while on the go. It consists of a removable filter that washes off impurities from water and makes it worth making tea or coffee. Available with advanced features, it’s a good addition to your modern kitchen.


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All these aspects make the electric kettle a must-have item. From boiling water to making coffee or tea, an electric kettle plays the role of your best friend in the kitchen.


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Nowadays, coffee makers have become an essential appliance used in homes and offices. They have secured a permanent place in every person’s life. With the advent in technology, coffee makers have become better and provide loads of features for letting you get the much-needed morning coffee. There are several things that can go wrong, which may cause the coffee to become sour, bitter and flat in terms of taste. Check out the best possible ways to avoid mistakes while using coffee makers.


shutterstock_69862267-300x237 (1).jpg

A dirt-free coffee maker


While using a coffee maker, it is natural to spill some bitter coffee that tends to accumulate in the device. This can make the machine dirty and full of stains. When brewing coffee at home, it becomes essential to clean the coffee maker at fixed intervals. This will not only keep the coffee maker clean but also ensure that the bitter taste doesn’t build-up. The best way to keep the dirty taste at bay is to invest some time to maintain the coffee maker. This practice will help increase its shelf life.


Old Beans


The most important requirement for getting a steaming cup of coffee is the coffee beans. So, it is essential that the coffee beans need to be of good quality. It is best to avoid a mediocre pot of coffee and opt for fine quality coffee beans. The best bet is to use coffee beans that are as close to the roast date as possible. This coffee is flavourful, and all the aromatic compounds in the coffee beans start breaking down when they are roasted.


Beans were ground too soon


When the coffee beans are ground, the compounds start breaking down inside them. This process speeds up exponentially when the beans are crushed before you are ready to use them. So, it is preferable to grind your beans just before brewing the coffee.


Wrong grind size


The shape of the filter determines the grind size for a coffee maker. If you need a medium sized grind, you can opt for flat-bottom filters. On the other hand, get cone-shaped filters for grinding beans on a medium-fine setting. There are many settings available for grinding beans that include automatic and drip modes.


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Bad water


Water is the most important component for brewing coffee, so it is essential to use good quality water. It is necessary to use water with less mineral content while brewing coffee. Bottled water serves as the best choice for brewing a delicious cup of coffee. Also, it is essential to avoid using distilled water as it has a low mineral content.


Ratio of coffee to water


In whatever way you make your coffee, the basic rule of coffee making remains the same. That is, mixing 16 parts of water to 1 part of coffee to get the best results. You need to ensure that your coffee machine is set to follow this rule so that you can get the best results every time.


Use precision


Precision is important while making coffee, so small changes can make a huge difference. The ideal way to ensure this is to measure the coffee using a scale. This will surely help in improving the quality of your coffee.


Water isn’t enough


Whether it is drip coffee makers or coffee percolators, most automatic coffee machines are unable to heat the water to the right temperature while making coffee. The optimum temperature range at which the coffee needs to be heated is 195 to 205 degrees.


Leave the pot on a hot plate


Most people find it convenient to keep their coffee on the heating plate till they are ready for a second cup. However, this makes the coffee taste burnt and bitter. So, if you are brewing coffee to serve after some time, then it is best to transfer it to a clean, insulated Thermos or vacuum pot.


These helpful tips will get you the best results while brewing coffee in a coffee maker. However, you need to ensure that your coffee machine is clean and set to proper settings, which will help you enjoy a cup of coffee just the way you like it.


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Most people are not aware of the benefits of controlling a hot water geyser manually. Before understanding this, it is necessary to know everything about geysers. A geyser is a big container with an electric element inside and works as an instant water heater. It uses a thermostat that continuously keeps the water inside at a specific temperature. When you turn on the hot water tap, the geyser dispenses the hot water and replaces it with cold water. After usage, the water in the geyser is at a much lower temperature. Now that we know the way a geyser functions let’s get back and find out whether a geyser should be kept on or off.


– By keeping the geyser off, the water inside loses heat. When you turn on the geyser again, it heats the water from a lower temperature to the set temperature. This requires more energy than periodically maintaining the temperature.


– Every geyser is different, so the extent of heat loss also differs. Apart from that, the usage patterns in the household also play a role in the amount of heat loss.


– A geyser follows the simple process of conventional water heaters, but turning it on/off can cause wastage of energy. This is usually the case with old geysers that have less insulation.


Since these factors are dependent on the situation, they act differently in every situation. With this in mind, let’s take a look at a few usage tips, which can help you use the geyser more effectively.


Try to use less water: It is preferable to take a shower rather than a bath. Also, shower for a short time and avoid using hot water.

Turn the geyser on or off: It is essential to turn the geyser off when you are going to be away from your home for more than a day.


Ensure proper insulation: Proper insulation will make sure that your water geyser is protected from any electric problems. It also makes sure that the water remains heated for a longer time. So, it is necessary to insulate your geyser and pipes properly.


Consider upgrading: If you are using an old geyser, then you need to opt for a newer model with better features. A viable alternative to this is a solar water heater.


These measures can prove useful in conserving electricity. However, reducing electricity consumption shouldn’t be your only concern. A better option would be to reduce the load on the national electricity grid during peak hours. A peak hour is the period between 6 am to 9 am and between 5 pm and 9 pm. This is the time slot when most people get ready for work or come back home. You can make a real difference to the electricity usage by turning your geyser off during peak hours. Now, you might be thinking how that works. To make this method click, you need to install the controller. This allows you to set the time such that the geyser turns on between 3 am and 5 am. It will ensure that you get hot water in the morning without using additional electricity during peak hours. If you shower at night, then you can follow the same process for evening before the peak hours. This is an effective way of not affecting your hot water needs or shower time.


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So, it is possible to control your geyser operating times with this method. This can turn out to be beneficial for the actual electricity savings. With this method, you can save more money compared to the amount you would have saved by changing your timings. Since residential sector utilises most part of the electricity, conserving through effective use of geyser is a great alternative. If you reduce your hot water use during peak hours, then you will be able to alleviate the usual blackout problems. In addition to that, following this method on a large scale can help in reducing the demand of new power stations. You can make a meaningful contribution to the environment by taking such measures to conserve the electricity. So, it’s time to take simple measures to preserve the environment.


If you’ve been using a geyser for a while, it is the right time to upgrade. In the meantime, do save electricity and inform others the same by sharing this article.


If you are planning to buy a coffee maker, then you will need to consider factors like features, brand, price and even your preference. However, you will first need to decide the type of brewer you want. The standard drip coffee maker is known to be the most popular type of brewer. However, you also need to check out other types and see whether any of them is appropriate for your specific requirements. Let’s look at the various pros and cons of each of these categories.



Standard drip coffee maker

Most regular drip coffee makers come with 4 to 12 cup capacities. They offer different styles and models and come in an affordable price range. Usually, these drip coffee makers are economical as compared to specialty coffee machines. For small households, small sized drip coffee makers offering 10 to 12 cups are sufficient while compact 4 cup coffee makers are perfect for hotel stays.


Percolator coffee makers

Coffee percolators are considered to brew a richer, full-bodied coffee, which is better than that from a drip model. On the other hand, glass percolators are still used for stove-top use and preferred by those who like to percolate the coffee grounds as long as they want. On the other hand, electric percolator coffee makers with automatic settings are popular for home use. Also, non-electric stove-top percolators are still a popular choice as a camping coffee pot.


Pod, K-cup or other types of single use coffee makers

These single use coffee makers offer convenience, ease and effortless brewing. The coffee pod or capsule of K-pod is placed in the basket while the water from the reservoir drips through it to make a single cup of coffee. These pods, capsules and k-cups are available in different flavours, so they give you the taste of your choice. Some pod-style coffee makers accept other brands of coffee capsules, but you need to check this before making a purchase.


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French coffee press


This style of coffee maker is quite popular since decades. Since the French coffee press is not designed for stovetop use, you will need to make coffee just before serving.


Moka pot

The Moka pot coffee machine is one of the most popular coffee makers in Europe and Latin American countries. This type of coffee maker is perfect for getting hot, delicious coffee instantly. It is actually a small stovetop coffee maker, which was invented for Bialetti. This coffee maker was later marketed as the Moka Express.


Espresso & specialty coffee machines

These are the more expensively priced options of coffee makers. They are the best for brewing popular coffee types like espresso, cappuccino or lattes. These coffee machines have special functions and features that make them perfect for making specialty coffees at home.


After selecting a suitable type of coffee maker, you need to look at other considerations such as physical size, serving capacity, function and type of brewing. In addition to that, you also have to determine whether you require a frothier or regular coffee brewing technique for your needs.


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Geysers are one of the most common devices used in homes. They are useful in getting warm water for bathing and other purposes. Most people find it a difficult to choose an ideal water heater that suits their family requirements and is within their budget. Bearing this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the important aspects of geysers that need to be considered while buying.


Types of Geysers

Ideally, geysers are available in two primary types – electric geysers and gas powered geysers.


Electric Geysers

They are equipped with electric equipment for heating the water. These geysers heat water at higher temperatures as compared to the gas geysers. They are easier to use and require minimal maintenance.


Gas powered geysers

Gas geysers require gases like LPG and propane gas for heating the water. They are suitable for those who have piped gas connection in their homes. These geysers are quite economical to use.


Tank or Tank less Geysers?

After deciding the type of geyser, you need to determine whether you need a tank/storage or tank less geyser for your home.


Storage geysers

Storage geysers offer a built-in tank for storing water that can be heated later. They come in different capacities ranging from 1 to 30 litres. It is best to choose the tank capacity based on the number of members in your family and water requirement.


Tankless geysers

Tankless geysers, also known as instant water heaters, provide hot water instantaneously. They offer continuous flow of hot water and yet serve as power saving appliances. These water heaters are suitable for a small family and provide high efficiency as they do not waste any water. They are mostly used for washbasins or dishwashers.


Build and Design

After the type and tank consideration, let’s look at the build and design of the geyser. Most households have smaller bathrooms so, it is essential to select a small and aesthetically designed geyser that doesn’t compromise on its efficiency. Nowadays, most geysers have a glossy finish on their outer steel body and come in various subtle colours. Make your choice such that the geyser blends in with your bathroom’s interiors. Apart from that, some types of geysers also have a better rust-proof body, which provides a longer shelf life.


Basic features of a geyser

The first feature that you need to look out for in a geyser is a thermostat. A thermostat is useful for adjusting the temperature of the water as per your convenience. Even though this feature is available in most models, some high-end geysers allow users to select a specific temperature manually. Some geysers offer digital meters for displaying the accurate temperature of the water while a few others allow you to control the heating element to suit the weather. Most of the modern electric geysers have safety valves that control the temperature and pressure so that the water doesn’t get overheated.


These considerations will surely help you to buy the best water heater, which is perfect for your family and meets all the requirements. While using a water geyser, you also need to follow basic usage and maintenance tips so that it gives you maximum efficiency and has a longer shelf life.


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It is that time of the year again. The Great online Shopping Festival (GOSF) is here in a new avatar. It is going to be the third such occasion and it is getting better each year. It is our promise that this time around, the festival will be much grander, much bigger, and will offer unheard of discounts on virtually everything.



Croma is going to roll out a lot of discount coupons and great deals for its customers. If you were waiting to buy a camera, or a music system or anything electronics related, the sale is just the right time to do that. This year’s most awaited sale will offer you so much that you won’t be able to swallow it. The festival will run for three days, from 10th to 12th of December and going by the excellent response it got last year, projection are that it will see an even better turnout this year.


In addition to the regular offer, Croma retail is offering special incentives to Axis bank cardholders. They will get incentive coupons which will be valid during the festival. But even if you don’t have an Axis bank account, the offers will be so many that you will probably exhaust your wish list of a few months. You will order from the comfort of your home without having to push your way through jostling crowds and will get timely and guaranteed delivery without any compromise on the quality and brand. Trust us. December is going to be more awesome than ever.


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Induction cookers has been around for decades, but its demand has boomed during the past few years. With the technological advancements encouraging the development of eco-friendly options, induction cooking has emerged a winner. It involves heating of the vessel by electrical induction instead of thermal. In the standard models of induction cooktops, the cooking vessel is made of ferromagnetic metals such as cast iron or stainless steel. There are a few things that you must know before buying an induction cooker. Let’s take a look at the factors that make induction the future of the cooking world.


Quick Cooking

Induction cooking produces electromagnetic fields that trigger the electromagnetic activity in the pan itself, and the cooking pan becomes the starting point of heat. It takes less time for the heat to reach food in the cookware. So, it takes around 5 minutes to boil liquid on an induction cooktop as compared to over 8 minutes on a gas stove. Induction cooking enables quick and nimble cooking that make your lives hassle-free.


Energy Efficiency

Cooking accounts for a small amount of energy consumption in homes. Induction cooktops provide more energy efficiency than gas or electric because they cook faster and lose less heat. Hence, the lack of excess heat is one of its most crucial and less-known eco-friendly features, which ultimately make it energy efficient.


Less Ambient Heat

Unlike the standard gas, induction transfers the heat to the pot or induction cooker, and very less ambient heat is generated. When the heat gets generated within the pan itself, more of that heat gets into the food, and less of it warms up your kitchen. So, it acts as a perfect eco-friendly cooking solution that delivers better than any other form of cooktop variants. You can also buy an induction cooker from the wide variety of products available online.


Suitable for Everyone

Cooking on an induction cooktop is the safest. If you have kids, live away from home and do not have any experience with cooking, induction is the safest cooking option. With a durable material and easy-to-use operations, induction is suitable for everyone. It is safe for children too as it does not contain flame or a heated surface, thus making it a viable solution. You can buy induction cooktops online from a varied range of options according to your preference.


The New Rage

The induction technology is grabbing attention all across the world. From professional chefs to home makers, everyone prefers it for their kitchen. A research by Mintel shows that the appeal of induction is strong among younger people. This new class of cooktops is less tied to the conventions of gas and environmentally sound.


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Induction models have been successful in drawing everyone to its modern looks, promise of performance and the ease of maintenance. Induction is proving to be the powerhouse of the kitchen with such compelling features.


With its energy efficiency, appeal and growing influence, it may be the iPad of the kitchen. Just like the discovery of the portable laptop, the induction technology will forever change our daily lives and cooking tasks. Buy a suitable induction range that is easy-to-use and offers practical features.


Do share this article with your friends and family. GOSF is your chance to avail great discounts on everything, including induction cookers.


It is difficult to make time for a delicious breakfast in the morning especially when you have a hectic work schedule. The simplest way to keep your family and kids happy is a crunchy bread toast with milk, cereals or only a cheese spread. A 4 slice pop-up toaster can be helpful in preparing toast for a large family without much stress. This incredible appliance works fast and saves you a lot of time. Before choosing the perfect toaster for your needs, know more about the 4 slice toaster and its benefits.


Smart Features

A 4 slice toaster has toasting slots that can accommodate all bread sizes. So, you will not have to remove the crust prior to toasting. The wide slots also enable you to insert the bread slices without breaking it.

You can prepare evenly toasted, crispy bread toasts for morning or evening.

The automatic pop-up feature of the 4 slice toaster is lucrative. You can remove the toast slices easily after it is prepared.

The time setting feature enables the user to set the time.

With the innovative heat and temperature setting feature, you can easily customise and make the toaster as hot and crispy as you need.

Some of the 4 slice toaster models enable separate operation of each slot. They come with pre-set features such as defrost or reheat. Features such as the browning control help control the bread toasting process. To make it more user-friendly and keep the kids safe from the heating device, there are toasters that feature safety specifications like a cool-touch exterior.



With low power consumption, your worry about heavy electricity bills will reduce. Not only do 4 slice toasters make bread toasts but also help make yummy waffles, burgers, muffins, biscuits and a number of egg preparations. A modern 4 slice toaster will look fabulous on your kitchen counter. Style your kitchen with this superb appliance that delivers scrumptious breakfast toasts and adds colour to your personal space.



Before buying the 4 slice toaster, make sure that it includes all the specifications you require. The price of the toaster will depend on the number of features it offers. Also, buy a toaster that suits your kitchen décor. You can also buy toasters online from a range of colours, design and brands and enjoy crispy bread toasts at home.


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Induction cooking is the newest technology in kitchens all across the world. The perfect solution for easy and safe cooking, an induction cooktop provides a helping hand to people ranging from bachelors to professional cooks. It offers the best mix of responsiveness and the heating power of electricity. The induction technology has set a new benchmark in cooking.

A high amount of heat is generated in induction cooking within a short span of time. It can heat slowly or at very low temperatures. This helps in faster cooking and boiling, adding precision to simmering. Electric options take time to cool down the surface, whereas, the pan starts to cool instantly as you turn off the cooktop in induction.


Energy should be saved as much as possible since it is a non-renewable source. Many electronic devices and appliances available today are energy efficient. Since, an induction cooktop can be found in every kitchen these days, it is necessary to understand its basics and energy efficiency levels. Let’s take a look at the energy efficiency of induction cooking in terms of its features and functionalities.


Speed and Efficiency

High speed is the main advantage that comes with induction cooking. Induction works on the mechanism of transferring energy to the metal section of the pan, instead of heating up an element. It can boil up to quarts of water in less than 5 minutes, whereas a gas stove will take over 8 minutes and an electric ring just less than 10 minutes. The saved time results in energy conservation too. A report from the U.S. Department of Energy indicates that an induction cooker is 84% efficient with energy transfer. Significantly, it is 90% suitable for its power use. It uses 2.8 kW to deliver 2.52 kW against electric coils, which use 2.0 kW to produce 1.1 kW. So, induction cooking offers speedy and reliable cooking that ultimately leads to better energy efficiency.


Less Heat Wastage and Durability

Traditional gas and electric ranges heat the air around the pan, which ultimately transfers half of their heat to the surroundings. Induction cooking, on the contrary, transfers the heat to the pot and very less ambient heat is generated. Hence, the lack of excess heat is one of its crucial and less-known eco-friendly features that ultimately make it energy efficient. Durability is another vital aspect of induction. These appliances are made of an eco-friendly glass ceramic material. Being a poor conductor of heat, the range ensures that only a little heat is wasted through the pan bottom and the surface remains cool to touch. This feature prevents burnt food or melted pots from destroying the surface of the cooktop.


Sustainable Energy

The incorporation of smart technology has made the induction process sustainable and energy efficient. You can find variable ranges of induction cookers online with different features and brands. Some of the models feature sensors that turn off the induction heat if the cooking pan is not put back on the surface within a set time. Other high-end options have ‘boil alert’ that detect vibration from hot liquids and automatically reduce the heat level. This also helps in preventing boil over accidents and energy wastage.


You can buy the preferred induction cooktop after investing some time in research. Induction cooking is viable as compared to gas, helpful in preventing heat wastage. With the rising environment and energy issues at its peak, induction cooking is a promising technology that promotes sustainability in the kitchen. It is an ideal choice for a standard electric setup or gas line installation.


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The increase in the number of water-borne diseases has made us take measures to ensure that the water we drink is pure and safe. Instead of toiling with the age-old method of boiling water every now and then, you have the option of buying water purifiers for your home. We have highlighted some points that will help you when you are buying water purifiers.


The best type of water purifier helps to deliver a host of essential nutrients and minerals like calcium,magnesium, potassium and trace elements. Water purifiers should also ensure that the water’s antioxidant properties remain intact. The water purification system should be efficient in keeping the water free of contaminants.


Water pollution is a major problem in our country and we cannot hope to get fully pure and safe water. However, you are heading the right way if you are trying to find a water purifier for your home that saves you from various water-borne diseases.


Boiling is one of the oldest methods of water purifying, but you may not have the time and energy to waste on boiling all the water that needs to be used. Therefore, modern water purifiers are a great option as they offer a convenient way of purifying water without any effort. A water purification system is the best way to ensure the wellness of your family.


These points should be kept in mind while purchasing a water purifier:-


best-water-purifier.jpgStorage Capacity:

If you stay in a joint family or you want the water purifier to be positioned in your office then it’s ideal to find a purifier with more storage capacity.


Direct Flow Water purifiers:

These water purifiers for home, supply water on a continuous basis as the tap of the water is directly connected to the purifier for continuous supply of water.


Flow Rate of Water

Every water purifier including brands like Eureka Forbes, and Kent will have its own highest capacity of water flow which if exceeded will fail to purify water efficiently, thereby allowing bacteria to pass through filters. Thus, the per minute volume of water that is being purified should match your requirement as well.



The water purifier you choose undoubtedly needs to be light-weight and movable. The design of the water purifier also adds to its overall appeal. Water purifiers by Eureka Forbes, and Kent feature amazing designs to match the interior of your house or kitchen.


There are different kinds of new and modern purifiers that are very popular.


Non-Electric water purifiersbuy-water-purifier-online.jpg

The non-electric ones do not use electricity to clean up the drinking water and they can be divided into two types.


Direct/Online Purifier

Made of plastic, these water purifiers are directly fixed to the mouth of the water tap. They are available in the shape of a filter candle that consists of a resin filter and also requires monthly replacement.


Indirect or Offline Storage Purifier

These water purifying units have sediment and activated carbon filters, which are very useful for places where water shortage is very common.


Electric Water Purifiers

The electric purifiers are connected to the water supply and run on electricity. They use sediment filters and activated water filters with UV or RO water purification system.


UV system

UV purification system is effective in removing disease bearing micro-organisms. It removes impurity through the filter and then treats the water with UV rays inside the filter for a particular intensity and time.


RO system

RO purification system eliminates micro-organisms, minerals and salts through semi permeable membrane.


Water is essential, but drinking water that is full of chemicals and other contaminants causes more harm than good. Water purifiers remove chemicals, bacteria, and other pollutants from the drinking water. These water filters not only keep the water clean, but also help to improve the taste and eliminate odor.



When looking for the best razor for men, you’ll probably come across the dilemma faced by thousands of men worldwide. Are electric razors better? Or is it the traditional razor blade that makes the difference? While mostly a matter of personal preference strong cases can be made for using both. They’ve been known to have their drawbacks, as well as incredible benefits, and are firm favourites across the world for a reason. These preferences aren’t demographic specific, so it’s not like men of a certain age, race or area make distinctions between both.E2.png


Traditional razors are usually used in lesser developed nations around the world. This is due to the affordability of the product and easy manufacture. However, they pose a slightly greater risk than electric razors. These razors are manufactured in bulk, sometimes using low-quality metals that can cause serious infection. They also need to be used with water and for better results a shaving cream or foam. These tend to cause the blade to rust. Improper blade management could lead to a host of diseases including tetanus, not something people should be particularly keen on getting. At barbershops, sometimes due to a lack of blades, or due to sheer laziness, blades are not changed. When going in for a shave, if the blade has been reused then the chance of contracting something like HIV and hepatitis is very real.Cuts and bruises are a common occurrence. If you’re shaving on your own and while they do tend to slice the hair off closer to the follicle, they tend to do a lot of damage to the skin.


Electric razors are in comparison a much safer option for men, and unlike the razor blades have evolved over time in terms of design, materials used and the results they deliver. There are many types of electric razors. They tend to provide for a quick shave, even in the absence of water. They’re also easier to transport and especially in a time crunch situation they are fabulously easy to work with. New age design has also crept into the machines, with foil type razors offering a similar shave to traditional razor blades minus the nicks and cuts that tend to happen with old fashioned razor blades. They also face less wear and tear and are comparatively easier to operate. They usually sit easily in travel packs, making them portable and handy if you’re always on the run. Older variants were wired, but the new age electric razors are wireless mostly allowing increased mobility for the perfect shave. As they are slightly more expensive people tend to shy away from them, but their being expensive is a common misconception. The amount an average individual would spend on razor blades over a period would be considerably higher anyway.


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If a case had to be made for either to find the best razor for men, at this point in time, there’d be only one clear winner. The electric razor is a technological gift, and there seem to be very few reasons why anyone would want to stick with old fashioned razor blades when the technology has helped to such an incredible solution.



We’ve all dreamt of long, incredible hair;the kind that shimmers in the sunlight. You’ve watched Victoria’s secret models on the ramp with their incredible locks holding their own in front of thousands of prying eyes. They never seem to have a bad hair day, but you do. How do you get over hair related issues? What tools will aid you in your quest for the perfect hair? We’ve got seven blow-drying tips to help you get over the blues, especially when it comes to selecting the best hair dryer for you.

Shopping online for hair dryers can be a challenge. There are a host of options available and many different features with each model and each brand. The best hair dryer is the one that you feel most comfortable with though, so here are our styling tips to help you look like you belong on the cover of a fashion magazine.

best-hair-dryer1.png1) Don’t burn it.

You hair needs to be healthy, and heat like any other force in excess has the potential to damage your hair. If you want to ensure that your hair is healthy and has incredible bounce then you need to protect it from the heat while styling it. This can be done by using the product, specially designed to keep your hair safe. Heat protecting sprays when sprayed on damp hair, work best, so the next time you want to blow dry your hair, give this tip a whirl, you won’t regret it.


2) Sectioning is the key

If you’ve got incredible volume and thick hair in general then you will need to section your hair off. Sectioning hair ensures that you can provide individual attention to particularly difficult parts. If you want to section your hair effectively, you will need to use clips to keep sections you don’t want to be involved away from the section you’re trying to concentrate on.


3) Concentrator nozzles are good, use them

The small thing that you left behind in the box needs to come out. The concentrator nozzle lets you give personalized care to the section you’re working on without affecting the others. It also stops your hair from flying about all over the place and allows for you to set your style with ease.


4) Hold it right

Blow dryers have a handle for a reason, and you’re reading this article for a reason as well. You’ve seen the salon stylists hold the blow-dryer using the body and want to emulate them. The professionals are used to this method and require it for greater precision. However, when you are working on your hair and are restricted in terms of movement, it would be an intelligent move to use the handle like it’s supposed to be used. Your hair would benefit the most from this.


5) Brushes

The right hair brush is important. If you use a metal brush on hair that isn’t healthy or dry your hair incorrectly by heating the brush, you could damage it.


6) Leaving a wet spot

If you plan on using a flat iron or curling tools on your hair after drying it and have left a wet spot, then there are chances you’ll do irreversible damage to your hair.


7) Finishing products

 The perfect hairstyles have the right amount of product in them. Too much and you’ll shine like a beacon in the daylight, too little, and you’ll have dry, frizzy hair that won’t remain in place.


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