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Windows 8 is the latest edition of Windows Operating system. Designed by Microsoft, this operating system has been made for personal computers, laptops, tablets, and home theatre PCs. Windows 8 is drastically different from its predecessors and introduces a renewed interface with a variety of features. It is primarily focused towards mobile computing devices with touch input.


Windows 8 offers various features that make it stand out from its predecessors. Some of those are:


1.) Touch interface
One prime difference between Windows 8 and Windows 7 is the touch user interface. Although Windows 7 supported touch, it just didn’t cut it. The touch support in Windows 8 fixes for all the bugs and offers smooth functioning. You can close windows and select items from the menu without any worries. Windows 8 also has built-in intelligence to sense what you are trying to do – making the process easier. You also don’t need a Windows 8 touch PC to use the OS. Windows 8 also works on non-touch machines. You may use touch mice and trackpads that support Windows 8 gestures.


2.) Start Screen
The new Start Screen feature of Windows 8 is specifically built for touch. It offers tiles instead of menus, providing quicker access to apps. It also supports better on-screen keyboard and handwriting recognition. The Start Screen may be used to launch an application for desktop apps or Windows 8 Modern UI apps (that’s what Microsoft is currently calling the new interface).


3.) Multi tasking
Windows 8’s snap multi-tasking feature lets you dock one program on a small strip on the side of the screen and at the same time working on another. You can simply sweep a finger on to the screen from the left bezel and flick to scroll through the programs that you have open either on the desktop or on the star screen views. That said, Windows’ signature ‘Alt+Tab’ method of switching between running applications still works on Windows 8.


4.) ARM support
Previous version of Windows provided support only for x86-based Intel and AMD PCs. That changes with the new OS, which supports devices running on the ARM architecture. This enabled Microsoft to make Windows 8 available on cheaper Windows 8 tablets.


5.) SkyDrive
Cloud computing has slowly become known and widely used today. In this age of switching devices and crashing hard disks, cloud storage offers the much needed security. Windows 8 allows you to sync data to SkyDrive – the app that lets you access and save data via cloud storage. Microsoft Office 2013 apps also have SkyDrive capabilities included. You can also store and sync your settings on your Windows 8 PC. This includes browsing history and app presets too.

Another unique feature of Windows 8 is that you can, to an extent, control the look and feel of the OS. Although you cannot bring back the start button, you can select different colour themes for your Start Screen. Windows 8 also features Personalization Tattoos — essentially, Start Screen backgrounds with patterns and borders.


System Requirements

Processor 1 GHz or faster with support for PAE, NX and SSE2
RAM 1 GB 32-bit or 2 GB
Hard disk space 16 GB or 20 GB
Graphics card Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM driver


Windows 8 operating system offers an interface that is like none. Although you can install Windows 8 on a non-touch PC, it is best experienced on computers and other communicators with touch-sensitive displays. Essentially a UI conducive for mobile devices, the PC experience of Windows is quite adept and unique. You will find a couple of motifs to its predecessors and you will find others that are like none you’ve experienced before. Windows 8 stands apart, and stands tall.

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The recent development in the information and communication technologies is proving to be a boon for people in India. The technology & communication industry has made remarkable progress in India. It is growing at a fast pace allowing Indian users to reap more benefits. In addition to the growing popularity of already established smartphone manufacturers like Samsung and Sony; Indian smartphone manufacturers such as Micromax have also made a niche in the market. The telephone revolution in India has also made an impact on the economic growth of the country. Mobile phones have now become an indispensable part of the contemporary society. Be it a local vegetable vendor or a student or business leader, almost every person in India  owns a mobile phone. As such, this  mobile phone revolution has exposed the Indian users to a faster, efficient, and a convenient mode of communication. The mobile phone trends in India are in tune with those in the International market. Devices likeiPhone & iPad and Xbox that are already popular worldwide, are now making their niche at break-neck speeds in the Indian market. Mobile phones have already been popular in urban cities, but they are fast breaking into the conservative rural areas and small towns. The main benefits of mobile phones that are driving people in rural India include low-cost equipment, promotional network schemes, and advantages of speed and convenience. The nature of developmental impact in rural India may be different, but the scale of this impact is quite enormous. With innovative marketing and pricing techniques, mobile phone sales has seen an exponential rise in semi-urban and rural areas. Many individuals and organizations have studied this phenomenon and published white papers and research papers. This blog takes post takes a look at five unique stories (or case studies) that is driving the smartphone revolution in India.


1. Social interactions

I read a story of a girl who was trying to convince her mother to upgrade to a smartphone. Even after coaxing her mother to get a large screen phone with an Internet connection, she found no success. The problem here was that the mother wanted Facebook, but didn’t understand that it required her to subscribe to an Internet plan. It has been observed that a large number of people in India use prepaid mobile accounts, and they don’t like to pay extra money for MBs and GBs. This leads to intuitive pricing with the value being sold instead of the quantities of data. However, the fact remains that most smartphone users in India consume 3 times more data than any average user.


2. Personal Image

Last week, I was talking to a gardener who had just upgraded to a high end Micromax smartphone. He is a farmer with daily income of not more than INR 130, yet he went ahead and upgraded to a smartphone that was worth three times his regular income. This surprised me! On asking him, I found out that his sole motivation to buy an expensive phone was to gain respect within his community. Moreover, he had a huge collection of old Bollywood songs and films. He confessed that he is beginning to develop a taste for Hollywood movies. This advanced smartphone served him better than a PCO, multiplex, and radio combined.


3. Small business

Another fantastic story I came across was about the owner of a general store. He purchased a data plan and would renew it weekly. His plan was ingenious. He would download full length movies at night (thanks to the unlimited data usage), save it on CD/DVD. and sold them in his store. He said that due to this, his sale of groceries increased especially when he started displaying his collection of movies. He used the age old trick in retail: use an exclusive product to lure customers to sell your high-margin products to earn good profit. It was amazing to see a mobile user without any formal education is using a smartphone and Internet to realize his entrepreneurial ambitions. It would be naive to think that such instances are rare in India. It has been observed that approximately 10 to 15% of India’s 900 million mobile users use the Internet on their phones.


4. Cash alternatives

Some time back when I was in Noida I noticed that in a local cafeteria, very few people were paying through cash or card. Most of the patrons made payments via Airtel Money service. This cash alternative service is expected to become the future of money and commerce. This reminds of M-pesa which is quite popular in Africa. Talk about replacing plastic money, we Indians are already leading the competition.


5. Start-up Economy

It is estimated that over 3,00,000 companies in India are planning products for the country’s anticipated 50 million smartphone users by 2015. In the coming months, you will witness a lot of apps targeted towards your daily chores. Now is the best time to buy that smartphone you always wanted. The continuous availability of mobile technology in India has a positive impact on the Indian population. We can sincerely hope that apart from using the technology for entertainment, the rural Indian community uses it to educate themselves and for their advancement.


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Technology today has reached a point where everything is easy to operate, take computers for instance. Gone are the days when it was considered fashionable to dress up neatly, and visit the local library to ‘read books’ and finish the weekly assignment. Today’s digital age seems to have overloaded everyone with what popularly known as real-time information,from news to latest happenings around the world; thanks to all those apps which are perennially connected to the internet.


The first computer was introduced in India in the early 90’s. I remember seeing those big old computers in my school where our computer teacher proudly introduced us to the technological marvel. Those memories of exploring those huge floppy disks and staring at the green & black screen for long hours brings a smile on my face now. I wonder how many people here remember these machines. I would love to know about your experience with these wonderful machines in the comments.


Most of the people spend a large part of their day away from home. A bag is a great tool to carry all your essentials on the move. Bags have not only become an important part of living but also a great fashion statement.



From all the different type of bags that exist, the back pack is one of the most favoured choices. Backpacks offer a number of benefits for all types of user especially travellers. They are a lucrative alternative to larger tote bags, duffel bags and suitcases.


If you are a business traveller or just a hobbyist, a travel backpack is an ideal choice for you. Travel bags have extra compartments, fit in tight spaces and are extremely portable, leading to a comfortable travel experience. Following is a list of reasons why travelling bags make an excellent addition to your inventory of travel gear.

  • Easy to pack and store: The ergonomic design of a travel backpacks makes it easy to fit it in overhead bins of buses, trains and airplanes. Backpacks are not so rigid as compared to other bags this lets it easily adjust according to the storage space. Some travel backpacks have straps that let you compress the packs contents to increase space efficiency.
  • Comfort: Travel backpacks usually have two straps to let you hang your bag on both your shoulders, this ensures equal weight distribution. Travel backpack decreases the strain on your body than other kinds of luggage. This is ideal for situations where you have to lug your back for longer hours. Most travel backpacks have padded shoulder pads along with woven elastic material to increase overall comfort. This feature is also seen in laptop bags.
  • Better Organizing: Travel backpacks are designed to have several compartments to store smaller items, such as water bottles, cell phones, MP3 players, tablets, and other such essentials. This makes it easier to be organized while travelling, granting you easy access to all your basic items and accessories. This is extremely useful when the travel conditions are bad. Many travellers are known to have basic first aid kits handy in case the need arises


  • Freedom of Movement: One of the biggest benefits of travel backpacks is the freedom of movement it provides. No matter the terrain, you can easily find your way through it. Travel backpacks are easier tomanoeuvre through a crowd of people compared to most other types of luggage. Besides the chances of you forgetting your backpack or it being stolen is also lesser as you have your bag with you at all times.
  • Protection against External Elements: Most travel backpacks are made with water-resistant and waterproof materials. This protects your valuables and contents of the bag no matter what the eternal weather conditions are. Some bags are constructed with external covers for better protection again rains and water leakage. This is very crucial for people carrying electronics and especially, users of laptops backpacks. Some backpacks are made with new-age material such as polywick fabric, ballistic nylon and similar weather-proofing fabrics especially for outdoorsy travellers.

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The use of latest technologies in computers and mobile devices are changing the face of education. Classroom activities and student engagement can be taken to a whole new level by using technology. From assigning homework to assessing it, from managing classrooms to sending notifications to parents, everything is just a few clicks and taps away with advanced technology. The use of computer and mobile applications is revolutionizing classrooms and school activities. Here are some popular tech tools that are making classrooms smarter and more efficient.




Schoology offers a host of mobile applications to teachers to help them manage courses and classrooms in a better manner. Using Schoology apps, teachers can achieve a 1:1 learning environment in classrooms, and a highly interactive one at that, by implementing what is known as ‘Bring Your Own Device’. Besides a school’s own course, using high-technology apps by Schoology, teachers can create a stronger structure with additional courses and put them all in a simpler, more organized and single interface. Manage students’ homework and collaborate with other teachers, all using Schoology technology.



Schoolfy is a network of teachers from all around the world. This global educational platform is open to all teachers, students, parents and colleagues for collaboration. Using the latest technology on Schoolfy, teachers can create calendars, set homeworks and make assessments. To save time, teachers can also use Schoolfy to send auto-generated messages and notifications to students and parents. Besides setting homeworks, teachers can also set up exercises and prepare special instructions. The use of this tool in classrooms can lead to a higher level of engagement and interaction, making life easier for all students and teachers.


Smart Seat:

Besides homeworks, course calendars and assessments, another big challenge faced by all in classrooms is the seating arrangement. Smart Seat, an iPad application, makes it easy to manage classrooms by allowing teachers to set up a virtual class and add students and their info on it. Teachers can then make notes on students and remember them by the seating arrangement. The information fed into the app can be exported and sent to parents. This high-technology iPad app has a Random Student Selector feature to engage students in discussions. Taking attendance and assessing students’ performance was never this easy! The app can also be used to divide the classroom into groups and have discussions, host quizzes, assign projects and conduct other classroom activities.




TeacherVision is a website that promotes smarter classrooms and fun learning environments. It is a great tool for teachers to make the best out of their time. TeachrVision provide lesson plans, organizers, printable materials, and other teaching resources. Content on every subject can be found on their website with classroom-ready plans.


Smart Teacher:

Here’s an Android mobile application to make classrooms smarter. Planning curriculum, managing report cards, evaluating performance can all be done with a single app. Taking attendance is another helpful feature of the app, along with the option to flip classrooms and record classes. All the information can be uploaded on the server.
These are just a few examples of how technology is transforming classrooms. There are many other services that are dedicated to providing smarter learning environments to students and simplifying tasks for teachers.

We hope that both teachers and students will find this article informative. If you find the article interesting, do share it with your teachers and fellow classmates and friends.


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TATA Croma is India’s leading retail chain for consumer electronics and durables launched by Infiniti Retail Limited, a 100% subsidiary of Tata Sons. Backed by the trust and reliability of TATA, we have become synonymous with any electronic gadget or consumer durable that you can think of. The moment someone decides to buy an electronic gadget or a home appliance, ‘Croma’ is usually a ‘top-of-mind’ recall. The reason being simple, we serve as a perfect place to shop for consumer electronics and durables, as you get the opportunity to explore the product you wish to purchase to the fullest. The seasoned advisors present in our store are more than happy to help you with seasoned advice, helping you make customized and sound buying decisions. This way they do full justice to our important brand philosophies – ‘If technology wasn’t complex’ and ‘If service wasn’t important’.


croma-logo11.jpgAt ‘Croma’, we have simplified the process of buying electronic gadgets and have catered to the customized needs of a buyer. The moment a prospective buyer enters into our ‘mega store’; the customer feels that they have made the right choice by stepping in. The prime reason being an array of consumer durables and electronic gadgets displayed under one roof; we have as more than 60,000 products under varied categories. Based on one of our major brand philosophies – ‘If variety wasn’t confusing’, we have strategically implemented the concept of visual merchandising by separating each product category that makes the buying process an easy task.


We have a widespread presence across the nation by way of launching Croma Mega store, Zip store and Kiosk. The latest addition to the bandwagon is our online vertical which lets you shop for your favourite electronic and consumer durables by sitting at the comfort of your home! Since our launch, we have become a leader in the large format specialist retail chain segment for consumer electronics and durables. This has been made possible because of our dedication to provide a unique and hassle-free shopping experience of consumer electronics products to the consumers. Winning the “Most Admired Retailer” award for four years in a row holds testimony to the same.


We believe in sharing an experience with the customer rather than closing a deal by selling a particular product. A dedicated customer support team along with Croma’s 24 hours call centre hotline number is always there to handle your complaints and feedback. Apart from this, authorized Croma care centre facilitates sound service support for own labeled products.


Taking forward this legacy of understanding and felicitating the customer to core, we have started this blog. The same will serve as an interactive platform between you and us. The blog posts are intended to share knowledge with you, the readers on anything and everything related to technology, electronic gadgets, home appliances,kitchen appliances etc. We have planned to create a blog series that will keep you updated about the latest happenings in the technology world. This unique initiative will include product launches, product comparisons,news related to Croma store launches etc. This blog post initiative will help us to understand our your preferences from a brand perspective, in terms of products, product augmentations and product addition to our offer list. You may post your comments, product preferences, and feedback about us on our posts. It will help us to know you better along with realizing the scope of improvement based on your feedback.


We have successfully become the leader in the consumer electronic industry retail business with our vision to simplify technology for the buyer and provide impressive after sales service. With the lineage of a brand like TATA that reflects trust, reliability, customer delight, we are sure to achieve many more milestones and make customers happy by simplifying the purchase of complex electronic and consumer durables. This blog post initiative is a significant stepping stone towards this journey of success that we aspire to achieve with the valuable contribution of our esteemed customers!

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Split AC has lately become very popular among people due to its variant sizes and the noiseless performance they give. They are mostly preferred by middle class homes as they provide flexibility in mounting locations. The cheapest split AC models can be found in the market for those who find Air Conditioner’s very expensive. These sleek designed ACs can be purchased by considering the size of the room and the number of people sharing it. Apart from the usual electronics stores, you can also buy split AC online. It is essential to select the split AC specifications correctly to get the perfect AC that would match your room. We have highlighted some of the points here that will help you to buy a split AC.


Budget is a very important point to be considered prior to buying a split AC. The cost of split AC has gone down significantly in these past few years. Nowadays, split Air Conditioners are priced between 12,000 INR and 2,75,000 INR. Apart from this, there are other factors like the AC size and the tonnage capacity of the AC which can affect the price.


Types of Split ACs
Depending on the room you are going to install the split AC in, there are at least three main types of ACs that you can choose from. The first is the wall mounted type that is generally used in smaller sized rooms that have open ducts. The floor mounted or tower or vertical split Air Conditioner is used when there is absolutely no place to install the regular AC. Another split AC type is the ceiling mounted Air Conditioner that helps in cooling the room uniformly. Apart from this, you can also buy a multi-splits AC which has two indoor units and one outdoor unit.


Cooling Capacity
You need to decide the cooling capacity or the tonnage of the split AC based on many factors that includes the outside environment, room size, sun exposure etc. If you stay in a place where the outside temperature is quite high then you need to get a split AC that has more cooling capacity. The same applies when your room is exposed to sunlight and even when your room is near to your kitchen. The area of the room is proportional to the AC’s cooling capacity so get an Air Conditioner that suits your room size. Also like room size, make sure that the split Air Conditioner is proportional to the number of people who will be occupying the room.


Thus we have so far learnt that after the primary importance which is usually given to budget, other factors such as keeping information about the types of Split AC’s, knowing your coverage area at the place you wish to incorporate the Air Conditioner, deciding on technical aspects of the air conditioner like the cooling capacity are also of utmost importance.




As far as the Blu-ray player is concerned, the PlayStation 3 is the best one currently available. The one obvious difference between a Playstation 3 and any Blu-ray player is that Playstation 3 well lets users play games. The gaming doesn’t stay till casual games as the biggest real games can be played on PS3. Some of these games can be Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Uncharted 2, Grand Theft Auto: IV, and so on.



One can think about the way Blu-ray would work if it was adopted by Microsoft or Nintendo. In the 1980s, the Betamax and VHS had battled for home entertainment while now Blu-ray is competing with the HD DVD. The Blu-ray was backed up by Sony while Microsoft opted for HD DVD but HD DVD fizzled out. This led Microsoft to focus solely on its Xbox 360 while Nintendo is yet to support Blu-ray player on its Wii console.


The Playstation’s web enabled technology has expanded and allows users to get downloadable software updates. This means that Blu-ray has been continuously upgrading its software which is getting incorporated in the Playstation 3. Initially, only the BD Live feature was being added as the Blu-ray services but now it also provides interactive features such as text chat and live commentary. All these features will help Playstation 3 to become all the more better and provide a powerful built-in processor, massive hard drive and peripheral support.



The digital distribution is being considered the future of home entertainment while the Blu-ray will fizzle out. There is no basis to these statements yet they seem to be true as Playstation 3 is preparing for its digital revolution. Sony has built the distribution service in the Playstation Network through which the digital revolution will take place. This technology will enable users to download full high-definition movies and television shows by using streaming media services like the Netflix’s instant movie streaming software. The upcoming Sony PlayStation 4 has gathered a lot of attention and is expected to better the legacy even further.


The first time Playstation 3 was introduced, it came with an extremely hefty price which included the Blu-ray DVD player. Currently, Playstation 3 is priced at Rs. 22,990/- and is hard to resist for gamers as well as non-gamers since in the same pack you get not only an unbeatable gaming experience but also the best Blu-ray movie Experience.

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As always, you are again trying to think up just the thing that will cheer your sister this Raksha Bandhan, and possibly your head is leading you nowhere, or further than a wad of notes(that’s what her uncle would give her), or boring trinkets. If you are one of those brothers, here’s a little bit of help we offer.


1. Gift Vouchers


Needless to say, gift vouchers or shopping vouchers look much better than the actual cash. If your sister likes to shop, you can surely arrange a beauty therapy voucher or a spa voucher. You can always present her a customized voucher that will allow her to buy a set number of things of her choice.



2. Gadgets and accessories


We all are digital natives and nothing pleases us more than a little addition to our list of gadgets. It can be a new mobile application or a designer mobile cover. A huge variety of such products are available in the market and what’s more, you can browse through the products online which gives you the whole spectrum to choose from. A gift like this will earn you some points for creativity as well.


3. Earphones


It won’t be an exaggeration to say that people are alwayslooking for better earphones. It doesn’t matter if they have one, you can always give better. The trends don’t last long and this festive season, you can gift your sister the newest arrivals. They are easily available and you can decide them based on trusted user and expert reviews. In a matter of minutes, you can order them online.



4. Camera


Same goes for cameras. If you have a sister growing up, you can as well come up with a gift as meaningful as a camera. Camera as a gift will only encourage her to take up creative hobbies. It can be a point and shoot camera, or if you have a sister who is into photography for a while, go for an SLR. A perfect Rakhi gift in our opinion.


5. Mobiles


Give your sister a step up this Raksha Bandhan by gifting her better phone. May be she hasn’t told you so in many words but take the cues. People change phones every quarter, you will only put a smile on your sister’s face by gifting a smart little phone to her. We just hope you don’t go wrong with the colour.

Comment and tell us what special do you plan to do for your sister!

Check out what Croma has in store for you this festive season, right from gift vouchers to presents to celebrate with your family.


Our readers are well aware that cromaonline hosts the best brands in the business on its site and it is the one stop shop for anything electronics related. But do you know Croma is not just an electronics store. It is a brand in its own right.


The brand Croma includes a range of products under the section named “Croma Life Accessories”. The brand features more than 250 products across categories like appliance, computing, imaging and entertainment. Within a span of 6 years, the brand has earned quite an acclaim for itself. It now boasts of more than 35% share in categories such as small appliances, accessories and ACs. In addition, brand Croma also features tablets, smartphones and washing machines that have been a hit with the consumers in the past and sold like hot cakes.


One of the most popular products has been the portable air conditioners. These air conditioners are much cheaper than air conditioners of other brands and have proved their worth in terms of durability and performance. And notably, they won Croma the revered product of the year award. Same goes for Croma tablets and other entertainment accessories. Another notable achievement is the winning of coveted Global Brand Excellence award in Private Label by World Brand Congress for 2 years in a row.


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We shall be doing more additions to Brand Croma in the near future. Until then, you can check out the already huge range of products here:


During winters, we get frozen to the marrow and look for options to keep our body warm. We try warmer clothing and wrap ourselves in fat blankets, but nothing works. Eventually, when every option gets exhausted, we decide to heat up our home.


Heating our place has become a crucial factor in keeping our body warm and healthy. And this is where room heaters come into play! There are many types of heaters, such as an electric heater, oil heater, fan heater, halogen heater and many more that keep us away from this misery. One of the most convenient ways to use a heating device is to heat the rooms you are spending time in. Such heating strategy is called zone heating and goes well with the space heaters. Generally, primary heater isn’t enough to warm the entire place. So, warm one room at a time with the help of an eco-friendly space heater. Heating you home in an efficient manner, this heater consumes less energy and doesn’t have a significant impact on our wallet. Space heaters can be further classified into types such as oil heaters and ceramic heaters.


The oil space heaters are used to warm a small room or small place. Very easy to maintain, the oil inside the unit doesn’t need to be replaced. With handles and wheels, it is very easy to move the oil heater from room to room, making it more portable. It makes no sound at all as it does not have any fan to spread the warmth. It can be kept under desks in a bedroom or the office.


The ceramic space heaters are safe and come in an extensive range of designs to meet the requirements of any lifestyle. It can heat spaces up to 150 square feet. It comes in various sizes, so choose the one that is sufficient for your room. Such compact heaters have features such as inbuilt thermostats and remote control for additional convenience.


Another type of heater that is used for heating personal space is infrared heater. This heater is considered exceptional, because the heat produced is similar to the heat produced by the sun, thus giving you warmth instantly. Like the ceramic space heater, it doesn’t make noise as it doesn’t use a fan. It is more effective as compared to other heaters. You turn on the infrared heater, and you will notice a change in temperature in a jiffy. On the other hand, in a fan heater, air is heated over coil elements and fanned into a room for quick results. It is ideal for a workshop or office.


The most appealing and powerful of all the heating equipment is an electric heater. It has a fan that continuously runs even after the unit is no longer heating and produces heat from the ceiling to floor. It sports an advanced safety overheat shut off, making it safer to use. All in all, choose a heater that suits your needs and stay warm.


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A lot of you will be looking for room heaters this winter. Do share this article with your friends and family so that they can make an informed choice.


Nowadays, coffee makers have become an essential appliance used in homes and offices. They have secured a permanent place in every person’s life. With the advent in technology, coffee makers have become better and provide loads of features for letting you get the much-needed morning coffee. There are several things that can go wrong, which may cause the coffee to become sour, bitter and flat in terms of taste. Check out the best possible ways to avoid mistakes while using coffee makers.


shutterstock_69862267-300x237 (1).jpg

A dirt-free coffee maker


While using a coffee maker, it is natural to spill some bitter coffee that tends to accumulate in the device. This can make the machine dirty and full of stains. When brewing coffee at home, it becomes essential to clean the coffee maker at fixed intervals. This will not only keep the coffee maker clean but also ensure that the bitter taste doesn’t build-up. The best way to keep the dirty taste at bay is to invest some time to maintain the coffee maker. This practice will help increase its shelf life.


Old Beans


The most important requirement for getting a steaming cup of coffee is the coffee beans. So, it is essential that the coffee beans need to be of good quality. It is best to avoid a mediocre pot of coffee and opt for fine quality coffee beans. The best bet is to use coffee beans that are as close to the roast date as possible. This coffee is flavourful, and all the aromatic compounds in the coffee beans start breaking down when they are roasted.


Beans were ground too soon


When the coffee beans are ground, the compounds start breaking down inside them. This process speeds up exponentially when the beans are crushed before you are ready to use them. So, it is preferable to grind your beans just before brewing the coffee.


Wrong grind size


The shape of the filter determines the grind size for a coffee maker. If you need a medium sized grind, you can opt for flat-bottom filters. On the other hand, get cone-shaped filters for grinding beans on a medium-fine setting. There are many settings available for grinding beans that include automatic and drip modes.


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Bad water


Water is the most important component for brewing coffee, so it is essential to use good quality water. It is necessary to use water with less mineral content while brewing coffee. Bottled water serves as the best choice for brewing a delicious cup of coffee. Also, it is essential to avoid using distilled water as it has a low mineral content.


Ratio of coffee to water


In whatever way you make your coffee, the basic rule of coffee making remains the same. That is, mixing 16 parts of water to 1 part of coffee to get the best results. You need to ensure that your coffee machine is set to follow this rule so that you can get the best results every time.


Use precision


Precision is important while making coffee, so small changes can make a huge difference. The ideal way to ensure this is to measure the coffee using a scale. This will surely help in improving the quality of your coffee.


Water isn’t enough


Whether it is drip coffee makers or coffee percolators, most automatic coffee machines are unable to heat the water to the right temperature while making coffee. The optimum temperature range at which the coffee needs to be heated is 195 to 205 degrees.


Leave the pot on a hot plate


Most people find it convenient to keep their coffee on the heating plate till they are ready for a second cup. However, this makes the coffee taste burnt and bitter. So, if you are brewing coffee to serve after some time, then it is best to transfer it to a clean, insulated Thermos or vacuum pot.


These helpful tips will get you the best results while brewing coffee in a coffee maker. However, you need to ensure that your coffee machine is clean and set to proper settings, which will help you enjoy a cup of coffee just the way you like it.


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Do share this article with all the coffeemaker users and help them better their coffee. Cheers.


Most people are not aware of the benefits of controlling a hot water geyser manually. Before understanding this, it is necessary to know everything about geysers. A geyser is a big container with an electric element inside and works as an instant water heater. It uses a thermostat that continuously keeps the water inside at a specific temperature. When you turn on the hot water tap, the geyser dispenses the hot water and replaces it with cold water. After usage, the water in the geyser is at a much lower temperature. Now that we know the way a geyser functions let’s get back and find out whether a geyser should be kept on or off.


– By keeping the geyser off, the water inside loses heat. When you turn on the geyser again, it heats the water from a lower temperature to the set temperature. This requires more energy than periodically maintaining the temperature.


– Every geyser is different, so the extent of heat loss also differs. Apart from that, the usage patterns in the household also play a role in the amount of heat loss.


– A geyser follows the simple process of conventional water heaters, but turning it on/off can cause wastage of energy. This is usually the case with old geysers that have less insulation.


Since these factors are dependent on the situation, they act differently in every situation. With this in mind, let’s take a look at a few usage tips, which can help you use the geyser more effectively.


Try to use less water: It is preferable to take a shower rather than a bath. Also, shower for a short time and avoid using hot water.

Turn the geyser on or off: It is essential to turn the geyser off when you are going to be away from your home for more than a day.


Ensure proper insulation: Proper insulation will make sure that your water geyser is protected from any electric problems. It also makes sure that the water remains heated for a longer time. So, it is necessary to insulate your geyser and pipes properly.


Consider upgrading: If you are using an old geyser, then you need to opt for a newer model with better features. A viable alternative to this is a solar water heater.


These measures can prove useful in conserving electricity. However, reducing electricity consumption shouldn’t be your only concern. A better option would be to reduce the load on the national electricity grid during peak hours. A peak hour is the period between 6 am to 9 am and between 5 pm and 9 pm. This is the time slot when most people get ready for work or come back home. You can make a real difference to the electricity usage by turning your geyser off during peak hours. Now, you might be thinking how that works. To make this method click, you need to install the controller. This allows you to set the time such that the geyser turns on between 3 am and 5 am. It will ensure that you get hot water in the morning without using additional electricity during peak hours. If you shower at night, then you can follow the same process for evening before the peak hours. This is an effective way of not affecting your hot water needs or shower time.


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So, it is possible to control your geyser operating times with this method. This can turn out to be beneficial for the actual electricity savings. With this method, you can save more money compared to the amount you would have saved by changing your timings. Since residential sector utilises most part of the electricity, conserving through effective use of geyser is a great alternative. If you reduce your hot water use during peak hours, then you will be able to alleviate the usual blackout problems. In addition to that, following this method on a large scale can help in reducing the demand of new power stations. You can make a meaningful contribution to the environment by taking such measures to conserve the electricity. So, it’s time to take simple measures to preserve the environment.


If you’ve been using a geyser for a while, it is the right time to upgrade. In the meantime, do save electricity and inform others the same by sharing this article.


If you are planning to buy a coffee maker, then you will need to consider factors like features, brand, price and even your preference. However, you will first need to decide the type of brewer you want. The standard drip coffee maker is known to be the most popular type of brewer. However, you also need to check out other types and see whether any of them is appropriate for your specific requirements. Let’s look at the various pros and cons of each of these categories.



Standard drip coffee maker

Most regular drip coffee makers come with 4 to 12 cup capacities. They offer different styles and models and come in an affordable price range. Usually, these drip coffee makers are economical as compared to specialty coffee machines. For small households, small sized drip coffee makers offering 10 to 12 cups are sufficient while compact 4 cup coffee makers are perfect for hotel stays.


Percolator coffee makers

Coffee percolators are considered to brew a richer, full-bodied coffee, which is better than that from a drip model. On the other hand, glass percolators are still used for stove-top use and preferred by those who like to percolate the coffee grounds as long as they want. On the other hand, electric percolator coffee makers with automatic settings are popular for home use. Also, non-electric stove-top percolators are still a popular choice as a camping coffee pot.


Pod, K-cup or other types of single use coffee makers

These single use coffee makers offer convenience, ease and effortless brewing. The coffee pod or capsule of K-pod is placed in the basket while the water from the reservoir drips through it to make a single cup of coffee. These pods, capsules and k-cups are available in different flavours, so they give you the taste of your choice. Some pod-style coffee makers accept other brands of coffee capsules, but you need to check this before making a purchase.


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French coffee press


This style of coffee maker is quite popular since decades. Since the French coffee press is not designed for stovetop use, you will need to make coffee just before serving.


Moka pot

The Moka pot coffee machine is one of the most popular coffee makers in Europe and Latin American countries. This type of coffee maker is perfect for getting hot, delicious coffee instantly. It is actually a small stovetop coffee maker, which was invented for Bialetti. This coffee maker was later marketed as the Moka Express.


Espresso & specialty coffee machines

These are the more expensively priced options of coffee makers. They are the best for brewing popular coffee types like espresso, cappuccino or lattes. These coffee machines have special functions and features that make them perfect for making specialty coffees at home.


After selecting a suitable type of coffee maker, you need to look at other considerations such as physical size, serving capacity, function and type of brewing. In addition to that, you also have to determine whether you require a frothier or regular coffee brewing technique for your needs.


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Who doesn’t want to enjoy a quick, good cup of coffee? We guess everyone likes it. So, do let your friends know about different coffeemakers by sharing this article.


It is that time of the year again. The Great online Shopping Festival (GOSF) is here in a new avatar. It is going to be the third such occasion and it is getting better each year. It is our promise that this time around, the festival will be much grander, much bigger, and will offer unheard of discounts on virtually everything.



Croma is going to roll out a lot of discount coupons and great deals for its customers. If you were waiting to buy a camera, or a music system or anything electronics related, the sale is just the right time to do that. This year’s most awaited sale will offer you so much that you won’t be able to swallow it. The festival will run for three days, from 10th to 12th of December and going by the excellent response it got last year, projection are that it will see an even better turnout this year.


In addition to the regular offer, Croma retail is offering special incentives to Axis bank cardholders. They will get incentive coupons which will be valid during the festival. But even if you don’t have an Axis bank account, the offers will be so many that you will probably exhaust your wish list of a few months. You will order from the comfort of your home without having to push your way through jostling crowds and will get timely and guaranteed delivery without any compromise on the quality and brand. Trust us. December is going to be more awesome than ever.


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Do share this article with everyone and let them know about the mega sale.


This year, get the best gift for your loved ones. Selection of gifts has always been a difficult task. Here, we make this task easy for you by highlighting the best 10 gifts that are perfect for gifting your loved ones this year!  We have broken them down in a variety of prices and categories to help you find the right gifts. Scroll on down to check out the selection. Happy Shopping!

Kindle E-book Reader

Even though there are a variety of gifts that you can give on a festive season , make it more special for your loved ones by presenting them with Amazon’s Kindle e-book reader. Amazon is known to be the pioneer of electronic book reading and has provided loads of different e-book tablets. The various models of Kindle are currently the best e-book readers available in the market. The latest e-book reader that has been released is the Kindle Touch, which is lighter than its predecessors and features touch screen navigation. You can choose the best Kindle model as per your requirement and gift it to your loved ones. Also, make sure to gift the required e-book accessories with the Amazon e-book reader as well.



Lately, tablets have become very popular owing to the abundant features they provide. These compact devices are like computers that are easy to carry around. You are sure to find a variety of tablets that you can buy online. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is considered as one of the best tablets available today, making it perfect to buy for your loved ones this year.


Electric Grooming Appliance

For men, an electric shaver is definitely a useful appliance and a great gifting choice. There are many new varieties of electric shavers available across various brands. For women, a wide range of epilators are available and are sure to be a useful gift. These styling tools are designed to offer quick and good results, and are best options for self-grooming. So, choose a product from the extensive range of grooming appliances which serve as perfect gifts for your loved ones.




Television has always been an essential source of entertainment for everyone. Different kinds of television models have come up with loads of advanced features. Various technologies are being used in different television models. These technologies have given rise to different types of televisions which include LED TV, LCD TV, Plasma TV and much more. You can choose and gift the best one from these different kinds of televisions.


DVD Player

Apart from televisions, DVD players have become a popular source of entertainment. There are many different types of DVD players available today that serve a great way to watch movies. The combination of a DVD player, television and 3D surround sound speakers can give you amazing sound and video quality when you watch movies or programs. There are many different types of portable DVD players available, but amongst them Blu-ray DVD players are in great demand.


Microwave ovens

Advanced technology and modernization of the kitchen has led to people opting for devices that makes cooking quick and easy. The microwave oven is one such device that would enable you to shrink your cooking woes and get cooking done within a short span of time. Many reputed companies manufacture different kinds of microwave ovens that have loads of smart features for easy cooking. A microwave oven can be one of the best gifts to buy for any festive occasion.


Digital cameras

Another great gifting option would be to buy digital cameras that come packed with loads of smart features. There are different models of digital cameras available today that are manufactured by some of the best companies in the world, including Sony, Nikon, Olympus, Samsung, Panasonic and much more.


buy-mp3-players-online.jpgMP3/MP4 Players

For people who love listening to music, an MP3 player is the best gift option. There are many different types of mp3 players available, which you can also buy online. Many well-known companies, such as Sony and Philips manufacture high-end mp3 players. So, buy the best mp3 player for your loved ones and present it to them as a gift.


Cooking Appliances

Cooking has been made very easy with the help of different kinds of appliances that are available these days. The rise in technology has not only increased the number of appliances available for cooking, but has also provided loads of high-end features for speeding the process. The induction cooker is one such amazing cooking appliance. They are designed to help you cook faster and in a cost-effective way, thereby making them perfect as a gift.



There is a wide range of smartphones available in the market loaded with smart features. Lately, the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has increased the competition amongst other top level smartphones. It is a 5.7 inch smartphone that comes with a 13 megapixel camera and 2 megapixel front camera. This feature-packed smartphone runs on the smooth and fast Android 4.3 Jelly Bean OS. A smartphone is sure to be a great gift!


The different electronic devices mentioned above are the perfect gifts to give. Choose from these various devices and buy the ones that you find most suitable to gift to your friends and relatives.



We are at the threshold of a new year and enjoying the last few days of this year. It is also the season when we meet our friends and family to wish them a great year ahead and exchange customary gifts. More often than not, at least one member in the family or the extended family turns out to be a geek. Now, since we are on the topic of gifts, it can sometimes become tricky to think of a gift for a geeky cousin or friend but largely, most of them are into electronics and an electronic gift item does cheer them like nothing else. Here is a list of a few things that we are sure will appeal to the nerdy type.


Kindle KINDLE-@-Croma-Retail.jpg

Isn’t this always on the cards? This has become a cliché now but there is probably nothing more useful to a studious type than a wireless kindle to take the books and reading material everywhere and anywhere.


Digital photo frames

Instead of keeping a lot of photos on the desk, you can switch to digital photo frames. Not only will it help you reduce the clutter of too many frames, but it is also a mark of being tech-savvy. One can also insert all kinds of directly in such photo frames. And geeks just love it. It also makes for a great New Year gift.


A universal remote

This one is outstanding. Once you start using it, you won’t stop using it. Worth every penny, this thing is so smart that geeks can’t not love it.
Wireless headphones
A wireless headphone is always a welcome addition to our list of audio accessories. With a lot of options available, choose the one with good battery life and long range. A perfect New Year gift.



This one again is like Kindle, a sort of thing associated with geeks and hard-core gamers. But really, it holds a special place in a gamer’s life and if you gift him/her a Playstation this New Year, rest assured to be his/her favourite cousin for the rest of the year. Can’t really say enough as to how much they love this thing!


Portable GPS

This will be an exciting gift. It is an intelligent device that will help your bookish cousin to cultivate some extra hobbies. The GPS usually comes equipped with 2D/3D mapping perspective and voice guidance. It also includes various kinds of converters, calculators, world travel clocks and much more– something that a geeky and intelligent person will appreciate.
This is just a little glimpse of what we have in mind. TO get more such ideas, browse through our wide range of electronic gadgets and pick what you think is best.


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You can read our other blogs on technology and such to make informed choices while shopping electronic goods. Also, feel free to share this article with anyone and everyone.


The increase in the number of water-borne diseases has made us take measures to ensure that the water we drink is pure and safe. Instead of toiling with the age-old method of boiling water every now and then, you have the option of buying water purifiers for your home. We have highlighted some points that will help you when you are buying water purifiers.


The best type of water purifier helps to deliver a host of essential nutrients and minerals like calcium,magnesium, potassium and trace elements. Water purifiers should also ensure that the water’s antioxidant properties remain intact. The water purification system should be efficient in keeping the water free of contaminants.


Water pollution is a major problem in our country and we cannot hope to get fully pure and safe water. However, you are heading the right way if you are trying to find a water purifier for your home that saves you from various water-borne diseases.


Boiling is one of the oldest methods of water purifying, but you may not have the time and energy to waste on boiling all the water that needs to be used. Therefore, modern water purifiers are a great option as they offer a convenient way of purifying water without any effort. A water purification system is the best way to ensure the wellness of your family.


These points should be kept in mind while purchasing a water purifier:-


best-water-purifier.jpgStorage Capacity:

If you stay in a joint family or you want the water purifier to be positioned in your office then it’s ideal to find a purifier with more storage capacity.


Direct Flow Water purifiers:

These water purifiers for home, supply water on a continuous basis as the tap of the water is directly connected to the purifier for continuous supply of water.


Flow Rate of Water

Every water purifier including brands like Eureka Forbes, and Kent will have its own highest capacity of water flow which if exceeded will fail to purify water efficiently, thereby allowing bacteria to pass through filters. Thus, the per minute volume of water that is being purified should match your requirement as well.



The water purifier you choose undoubtedly needs to be light-weight and movable. The design of the water purifier also adds to its overall appeal. Water purifiers by Eureka Forbes, and Kent feature amazing designs to match the interior of your house or kitchen.


There are different kinds of new and modern purifiers that are very popular.


Non-Electric water purifiersbuy-water-purifier-online.jpg

The non-electric ones do not use electricity to clean up the drinking water and they can be divided into two types.


Direct/Online Purifier

Made of plastic, these water purifiers are directly fixed to the mouth of the water tap. They are available in the shape of a filter candle that consists of a resin filter and also requires monthly replacement.


Indirect or Offline Storage Purifier

These water purifying units have sediment and activated carbon filters, which are very useful for places where water shortage is very common.


Electric Water Purifiers

The electric purifiers are connected to the water supply and run on electricity. They use sediment filters and activated water filters with UV or RO water purification system.


UV system

UV purification system is effective in removing disease bearing micro-organisms. It removes impurity through the filter and then treats the water with UV rays inside the filter for a particular intensity and time.


RO system

RO purification system eliminates micro-organisms, minerals and salts through semi permeable membrane.


Water is essential, but drinking water that is full of chemicals and other contaminants causes more harm than good. Water purifiers remove chemicals, bacteria, and other pollutants from the drinking water. These water filters not only keep the water clean, but also help to improve the taste and eliminate odor.