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Good news for gaming aficionados. We bring to you the most anticipated games of the month that are worth checking out. With many new games meticulously developed by the creators, every gamer will love to treat themselves in new strategies, stories, weapons and characters.


Below is the list of 7 amazing upcoming games that will ensure excitement and thrill every time you play them.



Dead Space 3
Brush up your survival skills with the protagonist Isaac Clarke, in this third installment of Dead Space. The new game features include drop-in-drop-out co-op campaign. The fight not only includes Necromorphs but against human rivals as well. So, the game is a mix of various new elements like it allows you to create your own weapon and choose the attributes of the weapon as per your wish.


Crysis 3
It’s the most awaited and exciting game of 2013. Your role will be that of Prophet donning the nano suit and with revenge on mind.  He has exposed the truth behindimages1.jpeg Cell Corporation’s motives for building the quarantined Nanodomes and the game is set in post-apocalyptic New York City. Prophet has some amazing weapons this time; one of it is a bow and a quiver full of arrows that can even beat the Green Arrow. Another weapon that will excite the gamers is the Typhoon. It fires 500 rounds per second (30,000 rounds a minute) and the gun accommodates a 720 round magazine. Crysis 3 is ready to hit store shelves by the end of February for the Xbox 360, PS3 and the PC.


Gears of War: Judgment
It is the prequel to Gears of War franchise and is the first game to appear without Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago as the lead roles. It takes you back to theimages2.jpeg immediate aftermath of Emergence Day and revolves around the trial of Kilo Squad, including Lt. Damon Baird and Pvt. Augustus Cole. They are accused of treason after a battle against the Locust in Halvo Bay. Judgment will feature a new game mode called OverRun where gamers will be able to play roles of Medics, Soldiers, Engineers and Scouts.


Grand Theft Auto V
To indulge in crime filled fun, extensive landscapes, adventure and some very colorfimages3.jpegul characters, this is a perfect game. Gamers will get two play 3 strong roles; Michael, a wealthy ex-gangster; Trevor, a wise-cracking crazy man with a short temper; and Franklin, a professional repo man. It was also revealed that the game will head underwater as well. It will be launched for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.


The Last of Us
Featuring interesting, thoughtful images4.jpegcharacters, ‘The Last Of Us’ is created by the developers of critically acclaimed Uncharted games. The game takes place 20 years after a plague destroyed the population leaving civilization in ruins and the survivors not only fighting off infected humans but fighting with their own fellow survivors as well. The characters include a Joel who has been charged to protect a 14-year girl Ellie. It will be launched on May 7 on PlayStation 3.


Tomb Raider
One of the most famous series in the gaming history, Tomb Raider will be launched tomb_raider_2013_game-wide-300x187.jpgon March 5 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. The protagonist Lara Croft is portrayed as being a strong character and the game is set to focus on her formative years. It features a new interesting backstory that makes her more human. The game also features new places and comes as an action packed adventure.



Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

This Sony Exclusive game is back with a bang in HD. Sly, Bentley and Murray take a journey through time to solve a mystery of missing pages from the Thievius tomb_raider_2013_game-wide1.jpgRaccoonus, the Cooper family’s ancient book of master thievery. The game will be available for PS3 and the PS Vita in the first week of February.


So go ahead stock up on these amazing games and enjoy a great gaming session.


Do let us know about your experience in the comments section below.


On 15th November, Sony finally launched its PlayStation 4 in North America, crossing over one million in sales within the first 24 hours. Gamers all across the world had been anticipating its release for a long time. However, it looks like Sony has delayed the launch of PlayStation 4 in India. This has caused disappointment to many Indian gaming fanatics.


There is no confirmation yet about when Sony will launch its PlayStation 4 in India. However, the listings by an online vendor stated that this state-of-the-art next generation gaming technology will hit Indian markets by January 2014. We are not yet sure if this is true or if it’s just one of the many rumors spreading online about the PlayStation 4.


The delay in the launch of Sony’s PlayStation 4 in India has given rise to various speculations. Some of these reasons include ps4-india.jpgconcerns over inventory and deployment logistics as well as the fluctuating Rupee exchange rates.


The price of PlayStation 4 in India has been estimated to be around Rs 25,000 when it will launch in the first quarter of 2014.

There have been a few changes on the controller side as well. The DualShock 4 controller of the new PlayStation 4 can stay connected wirelessly to the main system through Bluetooth 2.1. It features an integrated camera which works seamlessly with the console’s touchpad and light bar to steer the controller’s 3D position.


The delay in the launch of Sony’s PlayStation 4 has resulted in many gaming fanatics falling prey to fake second hand PlayStation 4. They are also willing to pay any price for this console, but fail to realize that it is only a sham.


It is being predicted that in addition to the release of Sony’s PlayStation 4, the unveiling of Microsoft’s Xbox One would also take place around the same time. The competition between the gaming consoles of Microsoft and Sony may result in a possible plunge in their prices.


There is much anticipation for the release of Sony’s PlayStation 4, but it looks like Indian gamers will have to wait till the next January to get their hands on this next generation gaming console. Till then, we hope that the tough competition between PlayStation 4 and Xbox One results in a dip in their prices and proves beneficial for the gamers in India.