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The Apple iPod Touch is an Apple device that has features of an iPhone except for some that include the calling facility. Apple had always taken care to keep the difference between both devices but since the 4th generation Apple iPod Touch has come up, this difference seems to be diminishing leading to not so good reviews.



The new Apple iPod Touch 4th generation model is white on the front and has a mirrored back. The size of the iPod Touch is 4.4×2.3×0.3inches and weighs 3.6 ounces. It has a 3.5 inches Retina display with 960×640 resolution. The left-hand panel of the iPod Touch has two volume buttons while a headphone jack, speaker and 30-pin USB connector are on the bottom side. The top part has a power button while the home button is on the front panel below the display. It offers a front camera and a rear camera with a mic. The mirrored back panel gives an amazing look but has a tendency to pick up fingerprints.


The Apple iPod Touch is powered on the A4 processor similar to iPhone 4. Its rear camera supports HD video recording of up to 720p at 30 frames per second. The front-facing camera with 640×480 VGA resolution is mostly used for self-portraits or video calling while the rear camera provides a 960×720 pixel resolution. The iPod Touch offers a toggle switch on the touchscreen to switch between the front and the rear cameras.



The better display with the three-axis gyro sensor and the A4 processor has improved the gaming. The Apple iPod Touch supports most of the games from the App Store. Some of these games include Angry Birds, Scrabble and Planet vs. Zombies, Mirror’s Edge, Assassin’s Creed and Madden NFL. But these games do affect the iPod’s 930mAh battery as it drains quickly.


The Apple iPod users were hoping that the 4th generation iPod Touch would give better sound quality but it is same as the earlier model. There are some other devices that offer great sound quality such as Creative’s Zen X-Fi or Sony’s Walkman devices. The iPod Touch reviews have rated its sound quality as ‘not bad’.


Even though the reviews of the iPod Touch are not that great, there are many other features this device offers that include Internet browsing, email, maps and a huge number of apps that can add an amazing capacity of features to the Touch.


Data transfer is important for everyone, be it a student or an engineer. The lack of expandable storage has made the users move towards sometimes spotty cloud service. Cloud storage, being one of the riskiest ways of transferring data, led to the development of flash drive storage for iPhone and iPad. It is the safest way to transfer photos, videos and files within no time. The flash drive automatically copies photos and videos from the iPad or iPhone to the drive when connected. You can easily play all popular music files and video formats from the drive. Buy the Apple’s ipad mini online and enjoy the features of the flash drive. An extremely flexible connector and durable product, flash drive works efficiently with iPad mini too.


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Password enabled

The cross-platform encryption offers extreme protection to your files. It enables the consumers to transfer and access their sensitive data from iPhone, PC, and Mac computers. With complete flexibility to protect data, the flash drive always secures your files.
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