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When high definition television (HDTV) hit the market, they ushered an era of superior resolution and sound. These televisions have enabled us to enjoy a wide range of features along with the HD content. Some HDTVs lacked the capability of connecting other devices like the smartphone to videos and other multimedia content. Due to this, people have begun to opt for smart TVs which offer easy accessibility to other devices. Have you ever thought of purchasing a smart TV? Perhaps your HDTV is too good to be replaced and barring a few smart features. Lately, several modern HDTVs act as all-in-one computers that run on apps and games, access the web and lots more. Here are five tips which will help you derive the benefits of smart TV in an HDTV.


Use an HDMI cable or VGA and audio cables to connect an HDTV

Many HDTVs feature in-built HDMI ports that are useful to connect your laptop to the TV. However, some HDTVs don’t feature HDMI ports. If you have an HDTV without HDMI port then you can use your VGA port and audio port to connect your laptop. The VGA port is used to connect the laptop’s display to the TV screen while the VGA port is used to get audio on your TV. You can also use the Google Chromecast HDMI dongle that you require to plug into the HDMI port on your TV. It is a media-streaming device that can be set up with a simple mobile app. The Google Chromecast HDMI dongle is a great way to connect your smartphone to your HDTV. With this device, you can easily get content from various streaming sources such as YouTube and Google Play Music & Movies and view it on your HDTV. It allows you to enjoy your favourite entertainment including movies, TV shows, music and more on your HDTV. Apart from smartphones, Chromecast also works with other devices such as tablets and laptops. To use this device, you just need to set it up with a simple app from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.


Use a Dedicated Dongle

 There are many HDMI dongles available that you can connect to your TV. Like Google Chromecast dongle, there are also some Android-based HDMI dongles that you can use to connect the smartphone, chromecast-150x150.jpgtablet or laptop to your TV. These dongles run on Android operating system and are capable of transforming a TV into a mega-sized tablet. They Android-based dongles, you can easily stream videos, play games and stay connected on Facebook. They also allow you to download apps from the Google Play Store. You can store the content you require in this dongle. To set up an Android-based dongle, you need to connect it to an HDMI port on your HDTV and enjoy your favourite movies, music or play games. These HDMI dongles are capable of converting your HDTV into an all-in-one computer running on Android operating system.


Connect your desktop computer, laptop or tablet

The Internet capability available on devices like smartphones, laptops and tablets, can be used to convert your TV into a smart TV. Once you connect these devices to your HDTV, it will enable you to access the Web. With these devices, you can easily watch HD movies as well as play 3D games on a large screen.


Use your video game console


Another method to make your TV smart is to use gaming consoles such as PlayStation orXbox. Most people don’t realize that these gaming consoles can do lots more than just allow them to play games. These gaming consoles can work as a high quality Blu-ray player and also feature wireless Internet connectivity. With these devices, you can stream and watch YouTube videos as well as access loads of online gaming platforms. They also allow you to load content from the computer through USB ports and view the photos and movies on a large screen.



Connect your HDTV to a Home Theatre PC (HTPC)

 The most flexible and convenient way to transform your HDTV into a smart TV is to connect it to a Home Theatre PC (HTPC). HTPC is a computer connected to your HDTV. With this device, you can easily play sa-xr55-150x150.jpgmedia such as movies, music and photos and Internet media content. HPTC serves as a home theatre device to give you superior movie-watching experience on your HDTV. This device supports various media formats and provides a large storage capacity. You can use your desktop computer or laptop to build an HPTC. To set up this device, you need to connect it through an HDMI cable to your TV. With this device, you can easily stream and access the content from the Internet or streaming sources like YouTube.


These tips will help you to convert your HDTV into a smart TV. To figure out the perfect option to convert your HDTV to a smart TV, you need to first determine your requirements and availability of devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. If using one of these options does not prove to be a viable solution, then you can buy a smart TV with the required features from Croma.


People who like to listen to music while exercising can now do so by using the new Sennheiser CX 680 Sports earphones. These in-ear headphones stay in place firmly as opposed to the usual ones that slip off during work-out. These earphones come with a pair of flexible rubber ‘earfins’ that stay securely inside the curve of the ear. It has variant sized earpieces which are available in three sets alongwith three sets of earfins. Its cables are made of Kevlar and so are rugged and water-resistant. It includes two cables of which one is short and the other is long.


These black earphones include highly durable cables that are resistant to perspiration as well as water. It provides secure fit due to the flexible rubber fin that extends away from the earpiece. The two cables are joined together by a tiny rubbery plastic piece. Its two-foot long cable has an in-line volume control that is easily accessible and far easier than any physical volume buttons on players. It also has a shirt clip that can be used to keep the cable steady.


The fact that the Sennheiser CX 680 earbuds are sweat as well as water resistant makes them a must-have for those who bother about ruining them during workout. These earbuds can also stand heavy rains and so can be used without any worries during the rainy season. It is made of Kevlar cable which is not only unbreakable but can also resist water, sweat and extreme cold temperatures. These earphones provide the perfect and flexible fit thus making them tremendously comfortable to use.


Who should buy Sennheiser CX 680 Earbuds?
The regular earphones tend to get damaged due to the persistent sweat sticking to it or the water getting into it. The Sennheiser CX 680 headphones can withstand all of this pressure and stay in very good quality. These durable headphones have an excellent sound system that can block out the disturbances around the user. It is especially made for people who like exercising or are more into sports.


The Sennheiser CX 680 offers excellent bass response that causes absolutely no distortion even at maximum volume. It doesn’t even cause any distortion at the lower volume levels. Thus, it delivers the finest, balanced music performance with perfect bass power that gives clear music even with when guitar or vocal music is played.


The Sennheiser CX 680 Sports headphones are designed for the athletes and people who like exercising. They are built in three different sizes for iPod and iPhone and have earfins that stay securely in place. These water resistant earphones have a very thin 3.5mm audio jack cover and inline controls. It is the perfect headphones for runners or sports people who like to hear music at higher volumes.


In today’s tech savvy world, smartphones have occupied an important part in our daily lives. While these intelligent gadgets are put to task for manifold useful functions, we do seem to do many dumb things with them! Mobile phone accessories like headphones, USB cables and chargers take centre stage. However, smartphone covers should top our list! A survey commissioned by T-Mobile revealed that nearly half of all smartphone owners lose their phones, or they end up being stolen or damaged. From those who damaged these snazzy devices, 29 percent are said to have anointed them a spilt drink, 37 percent scratched the screen; 29 percent sent them tumbling down the stairs, and 20 percent sent it for a swim in the toilet!




The above statistics should give you a good reason to use a smartphone cover. It provides a certain modicum of protection if you drop your phone, but it doesn’t mean you can play catch with your smartphone once you insulate it in a case. While a case may take away some of the smartphone’s sleek looks, it helps ensure that all of its parts are working. While there are waterproof smartphone covers on Croma, even a basic case gives you the few vital seconds where you can snatch a falling phone plummeting towards a pool of spilled beer.


Here are some factors you should consider:

  • Style of Case or Cover You have a plethora of choices while deciding on a cell phone cover, from leather wallet styles to funky and bright coloured fashionable socks. Business phones look better if clothed in a more professional style, but this does not mean, it has to be boring. You can go for football or celebrity themed phone covers.
  • Level of Protection Since protection of the smartphone is the most significant factor for buying a phone case, it is important to choose one which provides adequate protection against the surrounding elements. For a phone that will frequently be operated in harsher conditions, choose a case that allows hassle-free access to all the important controls.


shutterstock_90361489-300x200.jpgWater and Dirt Liquids are a smartphone’s Achilles heel. A waterproof smartphone case offers protection from all kinds of liquids. Water resistant phone cases can also be used for a phone which will frequent dusty or dirty environments as they prevent the ingress of fine dust particles, while also safeguarding the phone against any unfortunate liquid hazards.

  • Shock Many smartphone cases and covers have been built to absorb the impact of a fall. Silicone and Neoprene panels are commonly used as shock absorbers
  • Screen Protection While phone cases do protect the screen to a certain extent, a screen shield is the ultimate protection against a scratched surface. Screen shields are clear adhesive panels that are designed to absorb wear and tear, an occupational hazard of owning a touch screen. So, will a smartphone cover really protect your phone from damage? Well to answer that they would to a large extent. But a smartphone case is no excuse to be careless with your device. A smartphone case is no excuse to drop your phone from the roof to see if it would survive the impact!

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How many times has it happened that you have given a second glance to a mobile phone, while on the go? Must be quite a few times, when either a mobile phone’s attractive faceplate or cover has caught your eye’s attention or when a beautiful embellishment hanging off a mobile phone has impressed you. Or maybe a unique headset with boom microphone has made you think that carrying one of these is actually a smart choice. The point being derived here is that mobile phone accessories not only accentuates the aesthetics of a mobile phone but also enhances its performance. Till now we have talked about the external accessories used in a mobile phone to make our life easier, but there are a bevy of internal accessories as well that add shelf life to your mobile phone. These days a variety of mobile phone accessories is available in the market to suit your different needs, be it the basics or the augmented ones.


Earlier mobile phones were used as basic devices to make and receive calls and stay connected while on the move. But, with the passage of time and as technology advanced, this humble device got a new avatar and enabled its users to multitask. In order to multi task, we need to take proper care of the mobile phone and this can be aptly done by using proper parts and accessories. These can be divided into two broad categories – internal parts or accessories andexternal accessories.


Let us first go through the basics of internal parts or accessories and know more about it:


Data cables: Use good quality cell phone data cables and software to synchronize your mobile phone with a laptop/PC. This way you can easily download wallpapers, ringtones, and games, also share picture clicked using your cell phone with friends in no time!


Cell phone batteries: It is important to always keep your cell phone batteries charged; even better if you always carry an already charged battery. This will help you stay connected even if your cell phone battery drains out. It is ideal to replace your old batteries after using for one or two years, especially if your battery meter shows fluctuations. Special care should be given to cell phone batteries as they are vital for a mobile phone as it may stop your conversation if it drains or wears out.


Cell phone audio adapter: These cables/adapters let you enjoy music stored in your cell phone with others. You can simply connect your mobile phone to audio system or speakers by using this accessory and share your favourite music with others.


Cell phone headsets: These accessories help you do anything you want to, be it shopping, driving, and eating while conversing with your friends and family over the mobile phone. Headsets come in a variety of options to suit different needs. You may opt for ‘ear bud headsets’ which comfortably fits into your ear with the microphone located on the wire so that it can be clipped to your shirt. The other options are, ‘headsets with boom microphone’, these have an extended microphone enabling the person on the other side hear your voice clearly. The most convenient among all the headsets are Bluetooth headsets, these are wireless and keeps you connected in the most hassle free manner.


Cell phone covers/faceplates: Add character to your mobile phone with colourful and designer covers or faceplates. These days you get a plethora of cell phone covers/case in different shapes, sizes, colours and designs. Based on the size and shape of your phone, you may choose your pick and accentuate the look of your mobile phone. Cell phone covers/cases are made of different materials, each having its own unique advantage. ‘Leather flip cases’ are very common as these protect the screen of the mobile phone along with guarding the phone’s body. ‘Leather wallet cases’ are very popular among those who are always on the go; it has chambers to keep your essentials like membership/loyalty cards, debit/credit cards along with your mobile phone. There are ‘hard case’ mobile covers that protect the cell phone from damage in case it falls from a height. A very convenient variant of a mobile phone cover is the ‘slip case’ which is like a leather pouch and you simply need to slide in your mobile phone.


Off late, the ‘soft mobile phone jackets’ have become very popular, especially among girls as these come in vibrant colours and in different shapes (rabbit, shirt, fruits, vegetables, etc). The cell phone cover/case/faceplate not only protects the device but also makes it look attractive.


Cell phone scratch-guard: These mobile phone accessories helps protect your mobile phone display from any damage, be it scratches, marks, or even cracks. It in fact increases the resale value of your phone, if you happen to sell it after using for some time. Scratch-guards come in different sizes to suit different mobile phones.


Surely you must be using some or most of the above mentioned mobile phone accessories in your daily life and must be aware of its usefulness. Another prime reason to use mobile phone accessories is to enhance the phone’s performance/appearance and enable multi tasking.


So, which mobile phone accessory have you added in your shopping cart?


We all are fond of treasuring fond memories, aren’t we? Memories could be in the form of pictures, a special song that strikes a chord of happiness in your heart or any special E-card from your friend. Thanks to the advanced technologies, we have been gifted with a plethora of storing device options that makes our life easy when it comes to storing fond memories. The world around us has become compact and can be almost carried in our palms, in the form of either a cell phone or a tab and the entire credit goes to the ever evolving breakthrough technologies. With the click of a button or even with a simple touch, we can capture a special moment and keep it with us forever. This is when the vital role of a memory card comes into the picture.


What is a memory card?

Before delving into the nuances of a memory card, let us first understand the basics. Memory card or a memory flash card is an electronic flash memory storage device used for storing digital information. The greatest advantage of a flash memory card is its non-volatility, which means memory card will not lose its data when removed from the device. Another advantage of flash memory card is that it can be reformatted and reused.



Evolution of memory cards


Ever since its advent, memory cards have become popular with the masses because of its convenience and usefulness. The most common usage of a memory card is in the cell phone. In fact, a special genre of memory cards known as SD (secure digital) Cards has been devised to suit the requirements of a cell phone. These cards are very sleek and have been specially designed to store high capacity memory for portable and small electronic gadgets like, cell phones, MP3 players, mini camcorders, etc. These dynamic cards are in usage since 1999 and are available in 16 Megabytes and 1 Gigabyte memory storage capacities. After the popularity of SD cards, the mini SD card came into existence. Much smaller than the usual SD card, it has been created to suit the mobile phone segment, in specific. The sleekness of the Mini SD card has made it an ideal component for mobile phones and most of the recently launched smart phones offer the same.


Usage of memory cards

Life has definitely become easier with the usage of memory cards as we can store any data of our choice and even do away with some. Memory cards give us the advantage to transfer data from one device to the other. Suppose you wish to upload your birthday photographs over the internet, you can simply do it by transferring data from either your digital camera or cell phone memory card to your laptop/PC. We are aware that there are different types of mobile phone users. Some are minimalistic and use the handheld to make and receive calls, while the other type is media savvy people. This genre of mobile phone users will store music, applications, movies, pictures, etc in their mobile phones. With this kind of extensive data storage requirement comes the need of high storage memory cards. Many a times, the memory card provided with the mobile phone is not sufficient to store all the data that we have, hence the concept of expandable memory came into existence. Mobile phones that offer memory card expansion slots generally have built-in storage, while some come with bundled memory card. The memory card expansion feature gives us the advantage to store as much data as we desire, without any restriction.


Care tips for memory cards

We need to take proper care of these fragile looking, but heavy duty SD memory cards/Mini SD memory cards, if we wish to increase their shelf life. Here are few precautionary measures:

  • Do not apply too much force on the memory cards and never drop or bend the memory card. Memory cards are capable of withstanding around 10,000 insertions and almost one million data write/read/erase cycles can be expected, depending on usage.
  • One should be cautious not to turn off the device while data transfer is in process, as the same may affect the life span of the memory card.
  • Make sure not to keep memory cards near electrostatic sources and also keep them away from direct sunlight exposure.

So, it can be rightly summed up that memory cards are one of the finest gifts of modern technology. If you are not satisfied with the existing data storage capacity of your cell phone then, you can simply upgrade it. We hope the next time you visit a mobile store; you will be more aware and informed about this amazing piece of technology.

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On an average, you can get better sound quality when you pay more while purchasing headphones. If you are willing to go beyond your budget, then you can easily get the right high-end earphones. However, price is not the only defining factor to determine the best headphones with high-quality. Usually, in-ear headphones and noise-cancelling headphones tend to be more expensive than regular earphones. They sound better and allow you to enjoy music at all times. Read on to find out whether purchasing expensive headphones is the best decision.


Headphones produce clear and better audio


It is observed that expensive headphones can sound better than the regular ones. With these earphones, your music will sound clearer, crisper with bass thus, enhancing your music experience. They provide you with better sound-stage, which gives you the feeling of listening to a live performance.


Headphones with better build quality and added features


Ideally, a pair of best headphones needs to have superb build quality and features that match its price tag. They are sturdy, relatively heavy and made of solid material. Such high-end headphones come with additional features like wireless audio, noise cancellation, detachable cables and more. Many of them also sport a fold-up design, carrying shell, ear pad covering, replaceable tip and many more.


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Consider types of music you prefer


When choosing high-end earphones, you need to determine first whether they are suitable for the type of music you listen to. They won’t be useful for you if you are listening to low-bitrate streams in noisy areas. You will find these headphones handy when you listen to high-quality music at home.


Headphones for smartphones


Nowadays, every smartphone comes with a pair of earphones. However, these earphones probably offer the worst audio that you can get. There is no reason for you to stick to such bad quality sound. Also, you don’t have to spend a lot to get better sound quality as there are several inexpensive headphones available that can provide you with decent sound quality. In most cases, high-end headphones provide better build quality, features like Bluetooth or noise cancelling and more. However, if you are not sure about buying high-end headphones, then you need to look at different reviews of headphones that are available in the price you prefer.


Headphones are quite tricky to purchase as they require a lot of research, and you also need to refer to various reviews and collect information to make the right choice. It is not ideal to buy a particular pair of earphones that don’t give you the desired listening experience. So, you need to make sure that you select a pair of headphones wisely and check their sound quality before purchasing. In reality, your headphones are worth your money when you use a well-crafted, high-end pair of headphones to listen to high-quality tunes in the right environment. So, make your choice wisely and get the best noise-cancelling headphones that give you incredible listening experience all the time.


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Data transfer is important for everyone, be it a student or an engineer. The lack of expandable storage has made the users move towards sometimes spotty cloud service. Cloud storage, being one of the riskiest ways of transferring data, led to the development of flash drive storage for iPhone and iPad. It is the safest way to transfer photos, videos and files within no time. The flash drive automatically copies photos and videos from the iPad or iPhone to the drive when connected. You can easily play all popular music files and video formats from the drive. Buy the Apple’s ipad mini online and enjoy the features of the flash drive. An extremely flexible connector and durable product, flash drive works efficiently with iPad mini too.


Easy transfer of data

Lightning and USB connectors enable you to transfer data instantly between iPhone, iPad and computers. Get access to the world of quick file transfer that makes it easy to move pictures and videos between devices.



The auto-sync option will set your device to automatically copy photos, videos and other files from your iPhone or iPad to the flash drive when it is connected. This will help to reduce time loss in the setting procedure as in the case of other similar drives.


Faster than other drives

Flash drive is the fastest way to move files on-the-go from your iPad or iPod. It features over 3x the transfer speed in comparison to other drives.


Free up iPhone memory

The device offers a storage space of 16, 32, and 64 GB that lessens your worries about being out of memory. It is the most reliable and compatible transfer device that you can think of.


Play the files directly

You can now enjoy any video and music file format with the flash drive that enables exceptional storage capacity too. Through the downloadable sync app, the flash drive offers popular music and video downloads for non-stop entertainment.


Password enabled

The cross-platform encryption offers extreme protection to your files. It enables the consumers to transfer and access their sensitive data from iPhone, PC, and Mac computers. With complete flexibility to protect data, the flash drive always secures your files.
So, if you are buying an iPad mini or iPhone, then order it right away online and get a flash drive for your system. Pick the best iPhones in India and enjoy hassle-free phoning. A flash drive is a complete package of durability, expandable memory and quick transfer of files along with safety in storage. Get your flash drive soon and get hold of protected data transfer with extreme capacities and features.


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There is no end to the debate whether or not tablets have signalled the demise of laptops. People who use laptops primarily to store documents, surf internet, and watch videos and to play an odd simple game really wonder about switching to a tablet. Laptops sometimes become a little heavy to carry around and do things on the go. One can keep the laptop at home but what if one is travelling often. Tablets are more compact and fulfilall the basic functions and convenient to use when you are not at your desk. If you’re still confused, there is a host of tablet accessories available to double your tablets as laptops when required. Some of the must-have tablet accessories are given below.



1. Keyboard Case

Acquiring a keyboard case is a convenient option, particularly if you spend a lot of time travelling, though you can do just with a tablet stand and a wireless keyboard equally well.
Usually tablet-makers sell their own cases tailor made for specific tablet models but you can avail other options too. They come in a lot of varieties and are able to fit nearly any tablet, or iPad, for that matter. Many of these cases are fitted with a laptop like hinge inside and there are others also that come with a sort of kickstand. In short, you get a lot of options to choose from according to your needs.


2. Wireless mouse

A lot of people remain under the impression that they can do without a mouse to make the transition to a complete tablet setup. But the truth is that if your keyboard isn’t equipped with an integrated trackpad, it becomes a bit of a hassle to reach for the screen constantly. To avoid this, a Bluetooth mouse is a must have tablet accessory. You will get seemingly infinite varieties of Bluetooth keyboards in the market with different designs and specifications. It will only make your life easier.


3. Extra storage

It is true that some tablets provide sufficient storage space but it is something that depends on your personal needs, how much data you like to carry around, how much music you like to keep etc. You can go for a micro SD card, or if your storage needs are demanding, Wireless hard discs will be a really good option, and will be a useful tablet accessory.


  4. Charger

Usually, a lot of tablets cases keep the battery life in check and improve the overall battery life. But if you feel your battery is inadequate, you must think about buying a portable battery. An external battery charger will come handy even on a long flight or a long road journey.


There are other tablet accessories as well that will make your life very convenient but the listed ones are hard to avoid. So, take stock of your needs and buy your tablet accessories accordingly.


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