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Amazon Fire TV Stick- the new way of TV viewing.


Ask and you shall receive seems to be the new motto, as most companies are going the voice activated way. With almost all smart devices using voice activation as a mode of communication. The new Amazon Fire TV stick is no different. It launches your favorite shows, plays music, and finds movie show-times, orders food and much more, without you moving a finger.


Add a little spark to your life


If you already are a part of the amazon ecosphere, the Fire TV Stick is the perfect addition to the family. Being a couch potato will never be this blissful. The Fire TV Stick is fast and works seamlessly with other amazon devices. The device is powered by the Alexa voice remote, which is the voice assistant in most amazon devices. All you need to do is plug the device into your HDTV and you will have your very own home theatre in minutes. Just say it and the Alexa Voice Remote will help you navigate and watch content across more than 75 channels and apps. Watch channels like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Now, YouTube, ESPN, Disney and many more. The channels are available on a subscription basis. Forget Cable and watch TV - the Amazon Fire TV Stick way.


The Fire TV Stick may be small in size but packs quite a punch. It is compatible with most HDMI ports and comes with a decent remote. The interface has gone through quite a few changes to make it look more appealing and user friendly. The device houses a faster processor and has better Wi-Fi service.


Fire up your TV


It looks like a memory stick but has more volume to it. The outer body is made of plastic, but is quite sturdy and fulfills the purpose well. It is 9cms long and 3cmss deep and will need a little extra room on your TV back panel. Also, you will have to find place to accommodate the micro USB power supply. Along with other peripherals in the box, it also has a HDMI extender to add a little more space to the back panel. 


Give voice to your thoughts


Over a period of usage, the device starts to memorize your viewing habits and draws up content that you would be interested in. Amazon’s X-Ray IMDB feature allows you to find out more about the program you are watching. The side-scrolling menu below the spherical center button houses all your recent shows and apps for quick access. Below that, you have will find an option to browse and organize your downloaded apps as well as scroll the menu for other Prime shows. The Stick houses an 8GB on-board storage for your favorite apps and games along with a 1GB RAM.


The price is right!


With Amazon Prime making a quite splash in India the introduction of this product in the market just adds to the value of device and the platform. The Fire TV stick is ready to make its presence felt in April and will be priced at Rs 1,999 for existing prime customers and Rs. 3999 for non-prime customers.


It’s time to watch TV the Amazon way. Head to your nearest store and get one for yourself today. TV has viewing has never been so much fun. 


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What is Inverter Technology?



Over the years, Air Conditioner technology has evolved to ensure smooth use of the appliance. Since the Bureau of Energy Efficiency started analysing and rating Air Conditioners, it is easier to decide which air conditioner would suit your needs better. In the long list of technological innovations, inverter technology is on the rise. These have been designed to reduce power consumption by 20-40%. According to BEE, inverter air-conditioners with 3 star ratings are almost 7% more energy efficient than a BEE 5 star non-inverter air-conditioner. Hence, when buying an air-conditioner ensure you take every aspect into consideration.

Let’s understand how these rating systems work and have an impact on your purchasing decision.


How does an air-conditioner work?

Air-conditioners aren’t coolers that bring down the temperature of the room. In reality, they cool the indoor air by passing it through an evaporator. Along with the evaporator, air –conditioner houses a compressor, which cools the AC with the help of gas. Thus, cooling the room.

Let’s breakdown the process further.

The warm air is sucked in from the grille at the base of the machine. After which, the air pulled in from the room flows to the chiller pipes which has a cooling fluid. This serves a similar function to the freezer in the refrigerator. This mechanism not only cools the air, but also rids the air of any moisture.  After which, the air flows through a heating vent that warms the room on a cold winters day (if you switched the heat mode on).

A fan at the front of the AC, releases the air through another grille. If the heating feature is on then, hot air is thrown out and if the cooling feature is on then it cools the room.

If you have noticed, when you stand near the rear end of the AC, you will always feel hot air. This happens as the compressor re-circulates the air and throws out the hot air. However, ACs are major power guzzlers and make your electricity bills skyrocket. In order to reduce costs and electricity bills most companies use inverter technology. 


A recommendation - in places like Delhi, Punjab and other northern regions, ACs with the heating feature could be a blessing since, you need not buy an AC and heater separately. However this heating function is available in select AC models only.

Why use inverter technology?

Inverter technology enables your air-conditioner to become more energy efficient as compared to non-inverter air-conditioners. Plus, the extended shelf life of their parts, along with reduced fluctuations in the room-temperature. Inverter air conditioners have an elastic tonnage, so they can cover extra area if the room is not too hot. For instance, a 1 ton air conditioner can cover a range of an additional 0.2 ton depending on the heat in the room.


In a regular air-conditioner, the compressor is either switched on or off. When the thermostat reaches its set temperature, the compressor switches to fan mode. Also, when the thermostat senses a change in temperature, the compressor turns on. This on-off feature pulls in more energy. This is just like your car where the mileage is impacted if there are many on-offs. On the other hand, in inverter air-conditioners, when the compressor needs more power, it pulls more power and when the need the power reduces, it only consumes how much is needed. In inverter technology, the compressor is always on but consumes less power. The speed and the power of the compressor are regulated as needed. However, currently this technology is only being adopted by spilt air-conditioners.


Although an air conditioner with inverter technology regulates itself, buying the right size is important to cool the room effectively. Also, take your budget into consideration and the kind of air conditioner you want, as this determines the model you will need to purchase. For example, if you live an apartment that doesn’t have too much wall space, a split AC would be a better option than a window AC.  As the AC vent can be fitted outside the apartment and won’t take any space in the house.

By January 2018, the BEE is proposing to make the new star rating mandatory. This move will ensure that all ACs including inverter ACs will be rated depending on their capability to increase their energy saving features. AC makers have applauded this move and are hoping the inclusion of inverter ACs in the list will boost sales and also give the consumers a better idea of what is available in the market.




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Decoding the EER and SEER

The heat is here and it is showing no signs of letting up anytime soon. That’s why this is the best time to invest in an air-conditioner that does not burn holes in your pocket and is energy saving. However, buying an air-conditioner which cools efficiently & also saves energy could land up being a tough task. Let’s try and see if we can make it a little more of a cake walk.

To start, you would notice most Air Conditioners are assigned a star rating, but do you know what they mean? There are many terms brands use on most occasions, that we aren’t sure of and how they impact our life.


What is Star or energy efficiency Ratings?


Star ratings help buyers evaluate the energy efficiency of different models that have similar offerings.  For almost all air-conditioners, the minimum rating starts at 1 and maximum is 5. The ratings assigned to appliance make your buying decision easier.

Some retailers may have brands or products that are without a rating – all that means is that they are old models lying around for a long time and have great potential of shooting up your monthly electricity bill.


What are EER and SEER?

An Energy Efficiency Ratio rating measures the air-conditioner’s efficiency, whereas SEER rating measures the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating of an air-conditioner.

EER ratings are normally connected with smaller window AC units. The prevalent weather conditions have a bearing on the EER ratings and is measured with a constant outdoor temperature of 35 degrees Celsius along with an inside temperature of 26 degrees Celsius with humidity at 50%.

Details of the EER - In EER equipped Air Conditioners, the rating provides a basic understanding of the consumption power of the AC compressor and how it will affect your electricity bill. Changes in weather conditions have an impact on the outside temperature which in turn, also affects the room temperature. On your AC front panel, there may be two readings which indicate the outer as well as room temperature. For example, even if the temperature decreases in the external environment, the AC functions on the basis of a set temperature. Resultantly, the pulling power of the compressor doesn’t change.


The SEER rating measures the cooling power and applies to Air Conditioning. Also, SEER and EER use different measuring units to assign a rating to an Air Conditioner. While EER measures only constant temperature, SEER measures both variable as well as constant temperatures. SEER is most commonly used to compare AC units along with measuring consumption of large, central Air Conditioning units (such as Panasonic inverter AC’s) which perform better at a larger tonnage. These ratings are measured by evaluating the constant indoor temperature and a variable outdoor temperature ranging from 15 to 35 degrees Celsius.

In SEER Ratings, changes in seasonal temperatures are taken into consideration. For instance, if the ambient temperature changes from 28 degrees to 26 degrees, the room temperature which has been set at 20 will be to seem relatively cooler. Hence, AC’s with SEER ratings are great for users who live in areas that have constantly changing temperatures. The compressor automatically adapts to the outer temperature and reduces the pulling power, in turn, reducing electricity consumption.


Understanding these basics behind the rating system can make your buying decision much simpler and hassle-free.

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5 Questions to Ask While Buying an AC

What comes to your mind when you think of a perfect summer? Relishing a delicious ice-cream, refreshing yourself with some chilled juice or beer (for those who like it), and most importantly lazing comfortably in your home, with an air conditioner that keeps you relaxed throughout summer. As an air-conditioner is proves to be not just an expense, but an investment for you, your home, your family. So rather than reading the scheme related documents carefully before investing, we want to ensure you ask the right questions to any store executive after your research online.


So let’s begin: Here are five questions that you must ask when buying an AC.



1. Does this AC use Copper or Aluminium coils? What about the condenser?


An exchange of heat takes place through the coils leading to a cooler room. Therefore, the metal of the coil and its heating transfer characteristics pretty much defines the efficiency of cooling. You would see two major types of coils & condensers in market, Copper & Aluminium; both with their unique sets of benefits.

Let’s observe for Copper first:


  1. 1. Copper is a better heat exchanger than Aluminium and therefore, is more cooling and energy efficient.
  2. 2. Copper coils are stronger, far more reliable and are also easier to repair.
  3. 3. Copper passes the test in hot and humid areas too, since corrosion is no concern.

Aluminium has its upside too:


  1. 1. An AC with an Aluminium coil won’t pinch your wallet as much as the one with copper coils.
  2. 2. If you aren’t one of those coping with the sea-breeze, an aluminium coil could last you as long as the copper ones.
  3. 3. Some brands have now started providing a 5 Year Warranty on the coils to make the Aluminium coils last as long as the Copper alternative.

In sum, Aluminium coils and condensers may make the price tag of the AC look attractive, but electricity consumption and longevity considered, an AC with a copper condenser & coil, is definitely a recommendation.


2. What Gas does the AC use?


The duty of the Gas(R-22 / R32 / R410A) is to absorb and release heat efficiently so that the compressor can run cooler reducing the risk of overheating and burn-out of your Air Conditioner.

R410A should be your choice. Here is why:


  1. 1. It not only is more energy efficient but has the ability to perform at higher pressures thus, being able to handle greater temperatures.
  2. 2. It is non-inflammable gas, making your Air Conditioner and your home a safer place.
  3. 3. It is a hydro-fluorocarbon (HFC) and does lead to ozone depletion.

However, some of the leading brands today are using the R32 gas and are servicing their products very efficiently and will ensure you don’t lose the ‘chill’ you need in your room with no major cost difference.


3. What is the EER rating?


The Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) rating of an AC, represents how efficiently electricity is used. A higher rating signifies that the AC uses electricity more efficiently but it not the actual level of electricity consumption. So for instance, the EER for two Air Conditioners ( 1Ton and 1.5Ton) may be 3.48, this does not imply that they use the same amount of electricity.

Moreover, the calculation of EER has gone through many changes. Notably, 3.48 of 2016 is more efficient than a 3.48 of 2015. Watch out for the inverter ACs which are now rated as per the new ISEER norms of 2018. They will definitely be priced on the higher side, but are guaranteed a more cost-efficient option when you add up your electricity costs.


But Remember, your mantra for buying an AC – latest model (year) with higher EER has to be your pick!


4. Does it have a 4-way swing for quicker cooling?


A four-way swing function in an AC provides quicker and more efficient cooling for a room. By offering the ability to control which way the air-flow is diverted, you can direct the cool air right towards you! Today AC’s allow you to choose from vertical, horizontal, fixed or a custom air-flow. Not only does this make more sense economically, as less energy is spent to reduce the room’s temperature, but also it allows you to relax quicker away from the burning summer heat!


5. What is the standard installation procedure?


If you purchase a split AC, the installation procedure is extremely crucial. When done correctly, the AC can provide optimal cooling and function efficiently. However, if it is incorrectly installed, the AC can frequently develop issues and will not deliver proper cooling. When your new AC is being installed, take care of these six factors; the strength of the wall, proper spacing between the AC and wall, correct height from the ground, accurate tilt of the indoor unit, proper location and placement of the outdoor unit, and correct distance between the outdoor and indoor units.

Brands would promise you a Standard Installation FREE when you buy the AC, but make sure you read the inclusions and exclusions. What you land up paying for the AC finally after the installation may leave you with a not-so pleasant surprise.


These are the questions we believe you must ask! If there are questions you have in mind, let us know and, we at stores and on Geek Circle will be happy to answer.



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Holi-Proof Gadgets

Whether you’re channeling your inner Ranbir Kapur or Deepika Padukone, chugging pitchers of thandai or sneaking in some bhang, you can live stream your dhamaal to the world using 4G this Holi. 


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What is 4G?

Want to learn the moves to Kala Chashma or catch up on the latest episode of Kapil Sharma’s comedy show, or you want to broadcast your life’s adventures to the world, you’re going to need high speed internet for that. Thanks to the power of telecom technology, you can live life in the fifth gear with 4G. From what an idea sirjee to free welcome offers, 4G has taken over our lives and rightly so.

India is experiencing an Internet Revolution. Millions of citizens who have never used internet are now coming within the fold of the World Wide Web and most of them are experiencing it through their brand new 4G mobile phones. But with every new technology come a lot of questions.

This post aims to answer all your questions about 4G technology, and what are its benefits.


What is 4G?

4G stands for 4th generation of mobile networks, it follows 3G and 2G or EDGE networks in the evolution of mobile networks. What is 4G?What is 4G?


 What is LTE?


LTE stands for Long term Evolution and is a type of 4G network technology. This is the type of 4G network we experience in India.

How fast is 4G?How fast is 4G?


 Why is there a need for 4G technology?


As millions of new users start using internet every single day, we need faster and more reliable technology to serve the internet to these people. 4G LTE offers users faster, more reliable and widespread mobile internet on smart phones, tablets and other portable devices. Internet speed on 4G networks is up to five to 10 times as fast as that of 3G network.

4G networks have reduced latency compared to 3G networks, making them faster and more responsive for video streaming and online gaming.

4G also provides crystal clear voice calls.

Why 4G?Why 4G?



What 4G band should my phone support?

4G internet is served over a spectrum. While there are potentially 5 bands for 4G spectrum, two are most prevalent and most devices are compatible with these.

When buying a new 4G internet device, make sure it is compatible with the 1800 MHz and 2300 MHz band.


Who are the major 4G network providers in India?

Reliance Jio is the only network provider with a pan India license for providing 4G LTE network. Vodafone, Airtel and Idea all offer 4G networks but in select circles. It is best to check the website of your network provider to see whether they provide you with 4G network in your place of residence.


What can I do on 4G network?

Faster Internet speeds mean you can load websites faster. Depending on the actual download speed you get from your network provider, you can stream videos or music or live news without any buffering. You can download heavy applications in a matter of minutes and watch full length feature films on the move. 4G also provides faster upload speeds. You can seamlessly broadcast yourself Live on Facebook or YouTube, upload pictures to social media in the blink of an eye as all of this will be super quick on a 4G network.


Below is a comparison of what faster internet speeds mean for day to day activities-




 4G Download Time    

 3G Download Time   

 2G Download Time 

Accessing typical web page

 0.1 seconds

0.2 seconds

8 seconds

Sending an e-mail without attachments

<0.1 seconds

<0.1 seconds

0.8 seconds

Downloading high-quality photograph

1 second

4 seconds

3 minutes

Downloading an music track (MP3)

3 seconds

10 seconds

7 minutes

Downloading an application

3 seconds

12 seconds

8 minutes


Internet speeds in the world are evolving, but the fastest average internet speed in any given country is South Korea, with 26.7 Mb/s, which is 4.6 times as quick as the global average, according to this Akamai report (2015).


Will my 4G phone work on 4G network all over the world?

Different countries serve 4G network over different spectrums. If your phone’s 4G modem does not work on the same frequency as the country you are visiting you’ll likely have to make do with 3G network. Since 4G is a new and developing technology, it will still take some time or 4G modems that work on all frequencies to become mainstream. However, if you buy a flagship smartphone, in all likelihood it is a world phone, which means, the 4G modem will be compatible on most major global networks.


Does 4G drain my phone battery faster?

4G phones have great battery life. Phone makers and component suppliers are constantly working on making your devices more battery efficient and faster. While latest chipsets from chip makers such as Qualcomm, Mediatek and Samsung are extremely efficient in locking on to the best 4G network without taxing the phone battery too much, network congestion and patchy networks put pressure on the phone to lock a reliable signal. The amount of battery life your phone enjoys is a result of great hardware and software optimization and also excellent network infrastructure by your service provider.


In order to ensure that your phone doesn’t keep running out of juice while you’re surfing on 4G, ensure that you buy a smartphone with a battery of at least 3600 mAh.


How can I get 4G?

Get a 4G compatible smart phone/tablet device. Look for a phone/device that supports the 4G LTE 1800 MHz and 2300 MHz bands.

Look for a good 4G network provider with coverage in your area of residence/office.

Get the best 4G data plan for you either with a voice SIM card or a 4G data dongle.


The world of 4G is extremely exciting. From the latest episodes of Game Of Thrones, to live cricket matches and prime time news or comedy shows, you can now consume whatever content you want, on the go, with minimum or no buffering. It also gives you the power to create a lot of meaningful content. From live streaming video to uploading pictures and videos to social media, you can bring about a real change by giving a voice to those who need it the most. We hope this clarifies your doubts about 4G technology, stay tuned for more posts on the best 4G devices that your money can buy at your closest Croma store. Abhi toh party shuru huyi hai.

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Always wondered what the symbols mean?


Have you ever noticed the faint symbols pasted on the back of your fancy phone? You probably thought, they were just part of the manufacturing and have no real relevance. Think again!

The trash can with a cross-mark across it or those random number strung together to have a very significant meaning.  All the jumbled symbols at the back of the phone have been trying to make their presence felt since the launch of the mobile phone. But what do they mean? Compatibility with internal software? Recyclability? Sequencing? Actually, these symbols indicate that the phone has received necessary approval to consume various frequency spectra appropriated for mobile and wireless communication, as well as passed required safety checks.


These certification marks are issued by government agencies and regulatory organisations to declare that these products can be sold in all countries or countries that adhere to these certifications


But what do they mean? Here’s what they mean:


1. FC Logo



The FC logo signifies that the Apple phone is catalogued under the FCC or the Federal Communications Commission and has adhered to all the FCC regulations.


2. The ‘No-Garbage’ Logo



Since it’s an electronic item it should not be discarded in a trashcan with other waste items, as it is hazardous to the environment.


3. The ‘CE’ Logo


These European symbols are the country’s regulatory authority indications for CE or Conformite Europeenne and Cetecom ICT. They indicate that the phone is approved for sale in the continent.


4. ‘0682’ Logo




These numbers are usually situated next to the CE mark. They are listed under the ‘notified list’, which independently test and verify the product.  Also, these certifying companies are from different countries, such as Germany, Denmark and Italy.


5. Ctick




Each country has their own wireless or carrier services, which sometimes functions on a different frequency bands. When the CE Symbol is accompanied with the alert symbol, it denotes that this device is trying to operate on a restricted frequency in a European Country.


6. Exclamation mark with a circle  (Alert Symbol)



Each country has their own wireless or carrier services, which sometimes functions on a different frequency bands. When the CE Symbol is accompanied with the alert symbol, it denotes that this device is trying to operate on a restricted frequency in a European Country.





Each phone that is manufactured is allotted a FCC ID code. The first portion of the FCC ID code consists of five alphanumeric string, which is known as a grantee code.  They can be either (a-z) or (2-9) and are followed by a hyphen or a dash.


8. UL



The letters UL stands for Underwriters Laboratories, phones with these markings has been approved by the company.  UL performs tests and safety check on electronic appliances and building materials.





Letters VCCI stands for Voluntary Control Council for Interference. The certification is issued by Information Technology Equipment, which is a Japanese company. Appliances approved by the company meet electromagnetic standards and can be sold in Japan.


So, the next time you a buy a product make sure you turn it around and give a second glance to these very important symbols

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7 Electronics to Help Sustain Your Relationship

Every relationship needs a little help every now and then. If you believe that your partner is the only one for you, then you must invest in these 7 gadgets, to help sustain your relationship!


1. A Shield Against Peeping Toms



Do you often find people peering over your shoulder and trying to sneak a peek at your phone, whether it is during your daily commute or even at home? If you have experienced this, then you definitely need a phone accessory that can shield your partner’s private messages from the stares of others around you! Pick up the Scratchgard Screen Protector which offers two smartphone screen-guards, including a matte one which shades your screen for only your eyes.

Check it out here:


2. An Appliance That Builds Your Bond



Gone are the days, when going out for a ‘coffee’ was only a good pick-up line. Now, it will help you do much more. A hot home-made cup of tea to her liking and coffee to yours, could be your perfect catalyst for a nice and romantic evening conversation. Rather than heading out to a crowded coffee shop or eatery, invest in an appliance that will allow you to relax in the comfort of your own home. You should check out the Russell Hobbs Cordless Kettle which has a wide brim, can be used to make tea, coffee or even soup!

Check it out here:


3. A Gadget That is Fun and Keeps You Balanced



Your relationship should be the one which lets you be your craziest self! With work and other daily stress, it can be tough to stay energetic and positive. To help keep your relationship young and fun, it’s essential to have a gadget that will keep you both balanced. The Tukzer Self Balancing Moon Walker is a cool self-balancing mini-segway that will let you and your partner unwind and have fun together!

Check it out here:


4. A Gadget That Lets You Set Goals Together



With relationship goals being the ‘in’ thing, getting fit together should be one of your major relationship goals! It can often be difficult to find time to spend with your partner in the midst of hectic daily schedules. A great way to squeeze in time is to work out together. Not only will this build your bond but it will also help you both keep healthy to live a long life with your partner. Set fitness goals together and invest in Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch which will help you and your loved one keep track of your achievements!

Check it out here:


5. A Device That Lets You Always Stay In Touch



While carrying a power-bank around for emergencies is essential, it is not always useful when you have multiple devices to charge. To ensure that you are always connected to your partner and you need a gadget that sustains. The Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro with its 5000mAh capacity battery which lasts more than 2 days, is a great option which will even let you watch movies together with your partner without having to hunt for a charger!

Check it out here:


6. A Device That Keeps You Connected



The most important thing in a relationship is ‘connection’, whether is between two people or their network! When you run out of internet or are in an area with poor connectivity, you cannot always rely on your phone’s hotspot or an open WiFi connection. Rather than having to be disconnected from your partner, get a gadget that will help your relationship, by allowing you to always stay connected to a WiFi network and remain in touch with your loved one. The portable D-Link 3G Router DWR 710 which has a 21Mbps upload and download speed is the perfect gadget to browse the internet anywhere!

Check it out here:


7. A Gadget That Lets You Share More



A great way to spend quality time with your partner is to simply unwind and watch a movie in the comfort of your own home! However, watching videos on a laptop or sharing music with your partner over a phone’s speaker does not offer the same experience as a theatre or live show. To help set the mood, buy the JBL Extreme Blue Bluetooth Speaker with its 15 hours of play back. It allows you to share and listen to your favourite songs together. This high-quality speaker has a long battery life and signifies that your relationship will also last forever.

Check it out here:


So which of these products do you think will best help your relationship sustain?

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Why You Need to Move to 4G Now!

4G, the fourth-generation wireless network technology focuses on delivering faster internet everywhere. The smartphone market today is overflowing with devices and a majority of them all offer 4G compatible phones. This even includes the introductory-level budget smartphones. So, whatever your budget may be, you can surely find a 4G compatible device that is perfect for you.

Here are the top six reasons why you should shift to 4G:



1. Prevents Miscommunication


VoLTE, which stands for Voice over LTE, is now available on most 4G networks. This feature is what enables users to make voice calls through 4G. Superior quality of VoLTE reduces disparity from the original voice of the caller and makes the reception of the call crystal clear.


2. Does not keep you waiting


The most obvious reason to shift to 4G is because it is fast. While 3G speeds in India are largely limited to 3 and 4Mbps, 4G networks are said to offer anywhere from 5Mbps to even 40Mbps where network connections are strong. With 4G you can easily browse the internet, stream videos and music, make video calls and download movies.


3. Prevents Time-Wastage


4G offers a reduced latency, which means that you will spend less time staring at a blank screen and instead receive responses faster. It is especially helpful when you wish to play games online without lag. This is also very useful when you are making payments online.


4. Easy on Your Wallet


While initially upgrading to 4G was an expensive affair, today telecom companies have reduced the cost to make it at par with the price of 3G. With networks like Reliance Jio offering free 4G data and now extending its offer to provide internet services at rates that are far more pocket-friendly than any other network provider, price is no longer a reason to not shift to 4G.


5. Helps with Anger Management for Network Issues


Today, a majority of mobile networks have 4G. So if you are worried that you may face network problems when you use 4G, then worry no more. With the increasing network range and availability of 4G, the reasons to stay on 3G are down to zero!

For urban individuals living a fast-paced life, having a network bandwidth that can keep up with you, is essential. That’s why only 4G will do!


So, what are you still waiting for? Don’t be a misfit in today’s world of 4G! Check out Croma’s range of 4G compatible smartphones and upgrade your device today!

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The most exciting new tech products launching in 2017

The most exciting new tech products launching in 2017


Nintendo Switch


The year is pretty much over, as far as the tech world is concerned. Just about every major product that's been announced is available to buy in time for the holidays.


But 2017 is almost here, and we're expecting a bunch of cool new products. Below you'll find the most important gadgets likely to launch next year.


Keep in mind this isn't a comprehensive list, and it doesn't account for the surprises we'll likely see in 2017. But these are the gadgets we think you should be the most excited about.


Samsung Galaxy S8


Samsung Galaxy S8


Samsung's first opportunity to recover from the Galaxy Note 7 debacle will come with the launch of its new flagship phone, the Galaxy S8, in the spring of 2017.

While we don't know too much about the device, Samsung has announced that it will include a new digital assistant powered by Viv, the artificial intelligence startup Samsung bought earlier this year. Oh, and Viv was founded by the same people who built Siri.


Galaxy Note 8


Galaxy Note 8?


The future for Samsung's Note phones are uncertain, following the unprecedented recall of the Galaxy Note 7 this year.

There have been some scattered reports that Samsung may abandon the Note altogether in 2017. But if the Note does make its return, then expect to see it in the fall.


New iPad


New iPads


Apple is expected to refresh its iPad lineup in the spring of 2017, according to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman.

The new iPad models will focus on the Pro line, with improvements to the Apple Pencil stylus and new screen sizes.


New iMac


New iMac


While the iMac has been updated with new, high-resolution displays in recent years, it's been a long time since Apple has significantly updated the computer.

Bloomberg's Gurman reported that Apple has considered adding the new USB-C port to the iMac lineup, which makes sense since the company's other computers are adopting the new standard too.

However, there haven't been any solid reports on the timing of a new iMac.


iPhone 8


iPhone 8


The next iPhone is going to be a major refresh for the product, according to a various reports and rumors.

The so-called iPhone 8 is said to have an all-glass design, an organic LED display for better images, no home button, new screen sizes, and more. We've also reported that Apple is working on adding built-in augmented reality features — think Pokemon Go, but for all kinds of apps — but that might not make it into the next phone.

2017 will mark the iPhone's tenth birthday, so expect Apple to go all out to mark the occasion.


A smartwatch made by Google


A smartwatch made by Google


Google delayed its big software update for Android Wear watches until 2017, and the company is expected to launch its own watch as well, according to Android Police.

The circular smartwatches will be Google's opportunity to inject new interest into its wearable computers, a category that's been dominated by the Apple Watch so far.


New form factors from Fitbit.


New form factors from Fitbit.


Fitbit launches new fitness trackers every year, but 2017 could have a twist. The company said recently that it's exploring new form factors for its products.

What does that mean? It's unclear, but it sounds like we may see Fitbit expand beyond fitness trackers you wear on your wrist.


Xbox Project Scorpio


Xbox Project Scorpio


Microsoft is going to supercharge the Xbox.

The company is currently working on Project Scorpio, a more powerful version of the Xbox One designed for 4K TVs and potentially virtual reality headsets like the Oculus Rift.

The console will be aimed at gamers who value performance over everything else. It's expected to launch in the fall of 2017.


Courtesy: BusinessInsider

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5 Vital Hair Straightening Tips & Products

Straight hair may have made a quiet exit from the world of runway fashion, but it is far from dead as far as style trends go. For more than a few popular and very chic hairstyles, straight hair can be an absolute boon. In fact, even now, women visit parlours just to get their hair straightened. But what if we tell you that you can get fabulously straight hair all by yourself, without damaging or spending too much time on the process? Below are the ten most helpful hair straightening tips and products you will need to give yourself healthy and gorgeously straight hair.


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Tech Update: Top 5 LED TVs in India

In a world where every new technology is outdone by another in a matter of mere months, the best products in the market today may become outdated within a year or two. The LED TV you bought for Diwali in 2013 is most likely not the best in the market anymore. The thirst for betterment is not new to mankind, so if you’re feeling like replacing that old LED you have at home with something better, you probably should act on the urge. Here is a list of the top 5 LED TV brands in India to help you along the way.


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The virtual gaming world has undergone a huge transformation. From cartridge based games to the CD based high definition gaming and the currently evolving motion sensor games, the gaming industry seems to bring the virtual world to life.


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Microwave oven initially gained popularity for reheating frozen foods. But now, it has evolved to become one of the most important kitchen appliances that can cook a variety of dishes within minutes. The new-age microwave ovens feature many auto-cook settings so that even a first time user can operate those efficiently.


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In today's world, maintaining and grooming your looks is very important. Everyone wants to look good and presentable in all situations. Your personality speaks about your character, and hence, to look presentable and appealing, you need a good grooming set. A grooming set gives you a defined look, helps create an impressive style of your own and enhances your personality.


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Soaring temperatures and a rise in the standard of living has made air conditioners an integral part of the Indian family. Once considered as a luxury, the air conditioner is now available in an economic range. Over the years, the air conditioner has evolved into more than just a machine that cools.


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From transistors to the new age wireless music systems, home audio systems have undergone a phenomenal transformation. Now-a-days audio systems are designed to support a wide variety of music formats through a host of sources like USB drives, CD’s, DVD’s, portable hard disks and many more. The desire to make music more enjoyable and accessible has even lead to systems with ports to play music from your mobile phones or MP3 players.


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Television's(TV) journey from an idiot box to a Smart TV has been a fascinating one. As you are reading this, there are more experiments being made and technological up-gradations taking place to provide you with a better viewing experience.


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In this day and age, hair care means much more than just shampoos and conditioners. Women have become more particular about the look and the health of their mane; and more adventurous even. Gone are the days when a woman would carry a hairstyle for years along, using household remedies to keep their hair healthy.


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For many decades, we made do with manual cooling as a way to drive off heat and discomfort. Before the advent of the industrial revolution, we saw fans of different sizes used to blow wind. Then technology and industrialization took hold of the consumer sector, and we saw fans- from small table varieties to giant units that held fast on the ground.


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Many new and innovative developments have been seen in the media industry in the past five decades. The products and services offered by media companies feature the latest technology with excellent performances. Nowadays, they are ensuring that their current models are better than their predecessors, and that it provides new experiences. For instance, in the 90’s, VHS players and tapes were introduced. However, they soon made way for CD players and CDs. Currently, we are a part of the transition period that is taking place from DVDs to Blu-ray players.


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A water heater can account for at least 25 percent of the energy utilized in an average home. That is why, most people have started opting for energy efficient water heaters that conserve energy and save money. There are many types of water heaters provided by well-known brands like Bajaj and Racold, which are available at a very affordable price. Many factors are to be considered when buying a new water heater. Some of these include the unit's energy efficiency, type, size and installation requirements.


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Most people enjoy drinking a bit of caffeine before starting their day. There are also others who entertain their guests with espresso, coffee or tea after a meal. People who enjoy having a hot cup of coffee or tea every day know the importance of making a good quality beverage. It is necessary for such people to buy tea and coffee maker.


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Vacuum cleaners are among the most common appliances used in homes. They help in removing dirt, pet hair and food particles from the nooks and crevices of the walls, carpets, rugs and hard floors. They can be used in homes as well as commercial spaces and are available in a variety of models and sizes.


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We live in an era where life without computers is unimaginable. Everywhere we go, we need a computer. Laptops, the portable computers have made this possible. We can carry our office work, stay socially connected, carry our favourite movies, games and songs with us wherever we wish to go. Along with the benefits of a desktop, laptops provide us with the convenience of easy-mobility, without sacrificing the efficiency.


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Software is the backbone of computers and mobile phones. They instruct machines to execute a particular job. They are actually a collection of computer programs and procedures that are used to perform distinct tasks on the system. Software can be dubbed as the mind and soul of a computer. So, without it the computer is useless and incapable of functioning.


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In this digital age, the concept of data storage has become dynamic. We have newer technologies today which make the data storage simple, and exponential. Handling of data has taken a forefront in this digital age, and today more and more companies are doing their best to integrate advanced storage modules with their products and services. Safe and effective data storage is the need of the hour. In these times of competition, our markets are flooded with various types of data storage devices.


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Today, washing machines have become a household name. Earlier, larger capacity machines were reserved for industrial purposes but now 11 kg washing machines are used for household purposes.

Various brands are now using new innovative technologies to enhance the performance of washing machines. Washing machines have moved from just being time efficient and cost effective to energy saving and hygiene-conscious.


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Even in the era of new age communication, landline is still a trusted and faithful friend. Free of network problems and featuring high voice clarity, landlines offer seamless service to your entire family or organization. Being generally cheaper than mobile phones, they help you stay connected with loved ones, friends, business associates and other people who matter to you.