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Bored of your old TV? Looking for an upgrade? Fear not as Diwali is just around the corner. For most people today, Diwali is not just the festival of lights, but also an opportunity to grab some festive discounts on electronics that have been on their ‘Things To Buy’ list for quite a while.



Does your iPhone really support the iOS 12?

Anyone who still thinks Android is better than Apple may be in for an unpleasant surprise. Apple has soared ahead in the OS battle, with their all new feature packed iOS 12.


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One Plus is gearing up to launch its second flagship phone of the year, presumably called the OnePlus 6T, which is shaping up to be more than the incremental update everyone was anticipating



Have you started saving up to buy the new iPhone yet?



 The new iPhones are here, have you started looking up kidney prices yet?




Summer has already begun and mercury levels will continue its upward trend. To seek respite from the relentless sun, we often rely on the draught of cool air coming from an Air Conditioner. The feeling of stepping into an air-conditioned room after a hot day is indescribable.

Increasing temperatures also come with rising cooling costs. If you are planning to buy an AC, the electricity bill will be a haunting figure. You would want to buy a higher star rated AC. But how do you choose between a 3-star and 5-star AC?


The star rating system


The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) created the Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (ISEER) to develop a rating methodology for appliances. ISEER measures the energy efficiency of ACs based on performance in the temperature range of 24-43 degrees Celsius.

Based on test results, a star rating is allotted to the manufacturers. BEE continues to revise the standards to meet current global emission policies in a bit to reduce carbon emissions. For instance, a 5-star AC manufactured in 2010 will have the same efficiency as that of a 1-star AC in 2018.


How is it calculated?


Star Rating is a measure of energy efficiency in the form of Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER). EER is the ratio of an AC's cooling capacity, measured in British Thermal Units per hour (BTUs), to the electrical input, measured in watts. For example, if an AC’s cooling capacity is 4500 and consumes 1500 watts of power, the EER would be,

EER =4500/1500= 3 stars

EER is denoted as ‘stars’ and the scale ranges from 1 to 5, with 1 being the minimum and 5 topping the chart.


3-Star vs 5-Star


A 3-star Ac’s EER is in the range of 2.9-3.09 as compared to an EER of 3.3 for a 5-star AC.

If a 3-star AC generates a bill of INR 580 per month, a 5-star AC’s electricity consumption would amount to INR 500.

This means that a 5-star AC is 15-20% more efficient than a 3-star cooling unit.


Why should you buy a higher star rating AC?


Star rating helps buyers compare the energy efficiency of different models performing the same task. The higher the star rating, the more efficient your AC is in using electricity to provide cooling. Higher star rating simply translates into greater savings.

Higher Star rating also lowers the total cost of ownership (TCO). TCO is the total cost of a device calculated as the sum of initial cost and the maintenance cost.

The TCO of a 5-star AC is lower than a 3-star AC, as the former consumes less electricity to function. Although the price of a 5-star AC may seem higher, it’s efficiency will save a lot of money in the long run.


Are you planning to buy a 5-Star inverter AC? Visit today to be one of our #GreenWarriors.

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This is an incredible time to be alive. Posterity will marvel at our achievements. We have managed to create a genie that grants us an infinite number of wishes. Order anything from online stores or communicate with loved ones from across the oceans. Browse through thousands of web pages and access unlimited information with a few taps and clicks. What a wonderful world!


Beneath its gleaming surface, the internet has a deceptive side. Issues like cyberbullying, information theft, unethical and unconstitutional surveillance, an abundance of obscene and disturbing content have cropped up in the past decade. The situation becomes worrisome with minors forming a substantial number of internet users. Unbridled use of social media only makes a bad situation worse. There must be a way out of this.


Safer Internet Day (SID) aims at countering the evils of the Internet. It was celebrated on the 6th of February all around the world. The primary objective of SID is to create awareness among users, particularly young users, about safe digital practices. The event conducts exciting workshops and activities across the globe. From parents to teachers to school children, SID aims at reaching out to all individuals and encourages the safe and responsible use of the internet. And not just on Safer Internet Day but every single day!


We, at Croma, also recommend the use of safe digital practices to all our customers and netizens. Here are a few things you can do to protect yourself and your loved ones from becoming a victim of cybercrimes.


1. 2-step authentication:


Two step verification


Opt for 2-step verification processes for websites that manage your email accounts. When you enter your password, a code is sent to your registered mobile number. Only when you enter this code can you access your account. This safety measure prevents any other user from accessing your personal information, even if your password is known to others.




Why Should You Switch Your Site to HTTPS? 2


You may notice while browsing that some webpages have ‘https’ instead of ‘http’ at the beginning of their web address. The ‘https’ is an advanced secure version of the conventional ‘http’. You can buy a security certificate (SSL and TLS) and browse with ‘https’. The encryption code that comes along with the security certificate is undecipherable by an external source. Sounds like a ‘kevlar’ for your internet use! 


3. Use VPN for public networks:




Always use a VPN service while accessing free wifi from public hotspots. Free VPN services and apps are available that safeguard your online activities from prying eyes on public networks.


4. Antivirus update:














In lieu of numerous digital attacks, it is vital to update your Antivirus software periodically to protect your computer from malware and viruses. Updates contain crucial files that can effectively combat a virus attack.


5. Malware and phishing attacks:


phishing attacks


Avoid clicking on links and attachments in emails from unknown sources pretending to be legitimate users, company or organizations. Chances are that the INR 1,000,000 you receive as a gift from a benevolent stranger may cause you major financial inconveniences.


The internet is an important tool that can help you in innumerable ways. Stay safe with these tips and enjoy the wonders of this incredible technology.



What? I need to recycle electronic waste? Yes! You do!




‘Instant’ is the new keyword in the kitchen. Besides our smartphones, refrigerators, we have another companion that helps us savour our food- a microwave. It allows us to relish delicious food, at our convenience. LG has taken a step ahead and revolutionised this appliance with latest technology that ensures piping-hot and healthy food.

If you are looking for a healthy cooking companion in your kitchen or are planning on gifting your loved one some health, LG MC2846BV 28 LITRES CONVECTION MICROWAVE OVEN, would be a great gift.


What’s so special about this companion?


The LG MC2846BV microwave is an all-in-one package that’s hygienic and durable, and even offers a heath plus menu. For the Indian household, it’s like a catalyst that simplifies the process of cooking dishes. For instance, staple Indian meals always have a dole of ghee, spread with endless love. But, to prepare rich ghee is definitely a task. With LG’s oven, you can cook ghee in just 12 minutes. Isn’t it amazing? Add some extra richness and aroma to your staple food, instantly.


A sneak-peek into the Auto-Cook Menu


Good health is a vital part of living, with an auto-cook menu, make healthy eating a part of your diet. The LG MC2846BV Microwave menu features an ‘Auto-Cook’ menu, which is a handbook to cook delicious meals, each day. The menu comes with pre-set cooking time and temperature for a wide variety of dishes. What’s more interesting? The Auto-Cook menu and Indian Auto-Cook menu has 251 and 175 pre-loaded dishes. This makes cooking simpler without the need of constant supervision. Whip up a new dish every day with an LG microwave and surprise your loved ones.


For all the paneer lovers


With LG MC2846BV Microwave, making soft and delicious paneer at home isn’t a dream anymore. Prepare delicious and hygienically homemade paneer without the use of any chemicals or enzymes with the LG Microwave. Indulge in some fresh paneer, every day and satiate your taste-buds.


Innovation that is more hygienic and durable


Microwave maintenance of is often a worrisome thought, but with LG’s evolved microwaves, bid goodbye to your worries. The LG MC2846BV Microwave has a stainless steel cavity which helps in better reflection and a uniformity of heating inside the cavity. Also, it helps in better cooking. Unlike the coated cavities which deteriorates due to friction and peels off, this appliance is durable and hygienic. You can convert your recipes into favourite dishes for your family without worrying about maintenance of the microwave.


Because extra safety is a must


Accidents with children handling hot containers inside the microwave is often a concern. The LG MC2846BV microwave is of great help, as its Quartz heating technology ensures utmost safety and comfort. It eliminates the risk of any kind of injury. The next time your child wants to cook a meal, encourage them to go ahead without any fears. The easy to use controls ensure maximum utility with minimum effort.  Cook some finger licking dishes with your child, in this 28 litre capacity convection oven.


Add this revolutionary microwave to your kitchen and unveil the chef in you. Prepare the all-time favourite rich ghee, soft paneer or exotic meals for your loved ones with utmost safety and durability. Make cooking a hassle-free process with LG MC2846BV microwave.

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2017 has seen the launch of a variety of smartphones, with variant prices, innovative features and high quality user experience. OnePlus also joined the bandwagon to launch its next generation- OnePlus 5. The outstanding point about this model is the leading specifications delivered at an attractive price, owning to its nickname “flagship killer”.

If you are planning to buy a new phone which is worth all the bucks, OnePlus 5 is the go-to phone, and here is why.


High-tech Design and Superior Quality


OnePlus 5 9


Staying true to its classy design, from the front this phone stands similar to the OnePlus 3T. However, it sports more rounded corners and is slightly curved at the bottom and top, making the piece rounded overall. At a fleeting glance, it is difficult to tell the two apart. The design of the phone has aligned the antenna lines around the top and bottom of the rear making space for the exciting dual-camera and LED flash. The build quality is excellent owning to the aluminium body, which is slim at 7.25mm and weighs 153 grams. The OnePlus 5 drops well, with the rigid body making it tolerant to shocks.


Performance and Battery Life to Vouch For


OnePlus 5 5


The teaming up of OxygenOS and Qualcomm’s processor has resulted in a speedy processor and excellent app performance. The phone uses ample RAM to ensure smooth functioning with a variant of 6GB RAM with 64GB memory, and 8GB RAM with 128GB memory. The smooth processing of the phone makes it hassle free to switch between apps without stressing the phone. The output of the speakers is rich and loud, resulting in good call quality and clear conference calls and a great music output.

The light sensor can be a bit too aggressive in low light, finding the need to override it manually at times to make the display brighter. In bright surroundings, the full brightness is sometimes not enough and makes it difficult to see what is on the screen.

The 3300mAh battery capacity is 100mAh lower than OnePlus 3T. However, it has still managed to perform exceedingly well. With regular use, the battery life of the phone can last an entire day. The Dash Charging feature of the 20W charger works rapidly, making it convenient for users. You’ll also get warning notifications if any running app is draining the battery life faster than normal. Overall, it is a satisfactory experience.


Dual Camera- The Best Feature of OnePlus 5




The OnePlus 5 has a 16 megapixel sensor (Sony IMX 398) with an aperture of f/1.7 giving the portrait feature a fantastic output. The camera also consists of electronic stabilisation (EIS) and a focal length of 24mm. The second sensor has a 32mm focal length, 20-megapixel sensor and an aperture of f/2.8. However it lacks EIS. The catch is to switch between two sensors by hitting on the 2x button on the screen. An ideal deal could have a larger aperture like f/2.0 for the second sensor making it appealing to take pictures in low-light conditions. OnePlus 5 has gone the extra mile with a 16-megapixel front camera. It features f/2.0 aperture which enhances the image quality in good lighting. Added features are the Beauty Mode and Auto HDR.


The OnePlus 5 overall is an exciting phone for OnePlus enthusiasts and fans alike. Available in three colours “Midnight Black”, “Soft Gold” and a slightly lighter shade called “Slate Grey”. OnePlus 5 seems to refine the winning strategy and excel with every new generation.


Are you ready to buy this great smartphone? Visit Croma today!

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Mithais are great but get over in a day or two. New clothes get old as soon as a new season arrives. Which is why the best gift this festive season is the gift of a brand new smartphone and boy, what a remarkable year this has been for phones across price segments. Oh and you know the best part? The year’s biggest and best flagship smartphones are all available offline, at a Croma store near you. So what are you waiting for? Let’s take a look at the most exciting contenders for this festive season's hottest firecrackers.


1. iPhone 8, 8 Plus & iPhone X

The big daddy is back and back with a triple whammy. The annually refreshed iPhone 8 and 8 plus now come in a glamorous glass back and get improved cameras and performance. The dual lens camera and new Portrait Lighting software is sure to make you the photographer of the season. You’re going to be that person everyone comes to for getting their brand new profile pictures shot. If you’re tired of lugging around your charging cable everywhere, then the wireless charging abilities of these new iPhones is exactly what you need. The 8 & 8 plus are coming to a Croma store near you by the end of September. The new and refreshed iOS 11 bring a ton of new features. But if you’re looking for the absolutely radically designed iPhone X then wait till the 1st week of November. The edge to edge display and brand new FaceID are the most talked about new features on any new smartphone. Also, get prepared for a whole new form of entertainment and games thanks to Augmented Reality apps. Just make sure you manage to look up from your phone every once a while at family get togethers. Don’t say I didn’t warn you how addictive these phones are going to be.


2. Samsung Galaxy Note 8


But if you’re a fan of Android smartphones, as is 95% of India, then the biggest phone and literally so, is the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. This flagship now packs in a class leading 6.3 inch infinity display and comes with that gorgeous dual curved edge display we’ve come to love. The QHD display is the best we’ve seen on any phone this year and despite its size is comfortable to use everyday. The big deal here is also the camera department. For the first time, Note 8 packs in a dual lens camera setup and kaju katli ki kassam, the camera is mind blowing. Note 8 shoots 4K videos with front and rear cameras. The main camera comes with a bokeh effect that’ll make your pictures look like they’ve been shot with a DSLR camera. Oh did I mention that this is a dust and water resistant phone. Go check out the Android superphone at a Croma store near you and see how incredible it feels to watch a video on that screen. The Galaxy Note 8 costs Rs. 67,900.


3. One plus 5


But if you’re someone who wants the best of flagship phone features and don’t want to spend more than Rs. 35,000, then look no further than the OnePlus 5. The budget flagship king packs in a fantastic package. OP5 packs in a crazy 8 GB of RAM, couple that with top of the line Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor and you have got a hardware package that rivals any other flagship phone in the market. With the highest resolution dual lens camera system, get set to shoot amazing photos of all the festivities and friends and family.


4. Xiaomi Mi A1 


The most exciting dual lens camera phone this festival season is by the brand that is reigning supreme in budget Android phones. Xiaomi’s Mi A1 is a phenomenal package. It’s 5.5 inch full Hd display is great for watching your favourite web series and Android one keeps things smooth and breezy. The design is gorgeous, the metal body looks spectacular especially in that golden hue. But the real piéce de resistance in the A1 is the incredible dual lens 12 megapixels camera. It offers 2X optical zoom and the background blur effect in photos is frankly one of the best we’ve seen. At ₹12,999 for the 32 GB version and ₹14,999 for the 64 GB model, A1 gives you best bang for your buck. 


So which phone are you bringing home or gifting to your friends and family members this Diwali? No matter whichever one you choose, make sure you get some good hands on time with the phone at your closest Croma store. The staff is super helpful and would love to clarify all your doubts. If you have additional questions, I’ll be happy to help. Tweet me @ankitv on Twitter. I would also love to hear from you in the comments below. Have a great festive season and take tons of cool photos. I’d love to see them, tag me on your pictures on Instagram, my handle is @gadgetwala.



With the brilliant new features in the latest version of Windows Operating System, Windows Ink brings out an incredible user experience. This upgrade it really easy for you to use a digital pen. Coming in contact with the surface of the screen, it works smoothly to create magic. Whether you’re a student, a graphic designer or an everyday user, this version is here to simplify your life. Here are some of the must-have apps to amplify the usage of this technology on the Surface Pro or any other Windows Ink laptop:


Letting the Creativity Flow with Autodesk SketchBook


Top app 1.jpg


This drawing app is designed exclusively for creative professionals, ambitious artists or anyone who enjoys art and drawing. .  Using this app is simple and the results are brilliant in quality. SketchBook comes with an easy-to-learn toolset and a set of powerful brushes. It consists of 140 present pre-set brushes which can be used in different ways to bring out the best results for your artwork. The ink flow is smooth and fluid and colouring the image in right proportions can be done exactly how you planned it. Another added feature is the synthetic brushes which blend colours in a natural way resulting in accurate combinations. The texture of the brushes mimic the natural demeanour giving the artwork a realistic feel. What more, you ask? The canvas size can be utilised to a maximum of 10,000 by 10,000 pixels. The end result can either be saved as a flat image or a layer passed PSD file to commence the next step of your workflow.  An app with such a powerful brush engine, free-flow natural colour combinations and a realistic result –download is a must.


Make Learning Fun with FluidMath


Top app 2.jpg


This award winning app is the first handwriting-based educational app designed for teachers and students from 6-12 grade.  The app is a great choice right from pre-algebra to  calculus courses. This app requires  writing the problems using the  pen and results in relative visualisations and computations in less time. The app is useful to teachers in making interactive and dynamic instructional materials which makes math engaging and easier for students to understand. For students it is designed to help and explore concepts in math and science. A useful app with infinite capabilities to engage and learn like never before, - have you downloaded it yet?


Save Time with DocuSign


Top app 3.jpg


This incredible app is a convenient for use at the workplace, as it allows you to electronically sign documents and even collect signatures from others. Earlier what used to be a hassle of acquiring signatures for important purposes is now just a click away.  It allows you to sign with the digital pen of Windows Ink, making it a legally bound document as DocuSign’s digital signature complies with eSign Act. To get rid of the trouble of printing a document out, signing and uploading it, simply download Docusign and save time with each signature.


Windows Ink has a variety of apps like these. Download them and see your life getting simpler by the day.




Borrowing the idea of pencil and paper into the digital age, Windows Ink has seen a series of new features. Microsoft’s next major revision to the previous operating system, Windows Ink has been designed specifically for a smooth digital pen experience.

The laptops that come with this Inking Technology, have a special ink pen that works wonderfully with that screen. With an improved battery life, video playback, optimised sound system, these laptops give a state-of-the-art user experience, these laptops surely are a smart investment. But it’s not just these changes that make inking laptops the best buy – it’s because of Windows Ink’s ability to adapt for various uses and needs. Here’s what makes these laptops stand out from the rest:


Work Just Got Smarter and Simpler!



The major changes to the operating system has led to a change in the way we work as well. Microsoft Word experience now, is smoother and faster. With simple ways like striking through words to make them disappear, circling words to select them, highlighting with precision, tapping drawings to convert into shapes, it’s now possible to accomplish basic tasks. OneNote also has been designed to simplify mathematical calculations. All that needs to be done is to write the math problem on the screen for OneNote to solve it. What’s more? Sticky Notes that help with more than just reminders! Now, telephone numbers jotted down on the notes, can be tapped to place a call! Whether for document and copy editing or for taking notes at a brainstorming sessions, Windows Ink laptops help in being more efficient than ever and simplify overall work communication!


Interface Built for Perfect Designs



Pure bliss for graphic designers, Windows Ink laptops come with an interface that suits design-making needs. The smooth interface allows the best pen performance and lets designers come up with perfect and professional looking designs. Enhancing borders, resizing images or adding numerous filters and effects is now a cakewalk with this laptop. The built-in ruler is extremely advantageous and helps with alignments and line drawings etc. 


The Perfect Study Companion




Over and above the Inking laptops’ professional uses, it is also the perfect device for students. Being as innovative as it can be, it lets students make more of their classes. Its keyboard is covered with the Signature Alcantara material, it makes typing comfortable. Whether it’s a research paper that requires a lot of typing or a quick concept presentation, Students only benefit from this laptop. Replacing piles of notebooks that would otherwise be formed over the semester, these ultra-portable laptops are truly the students’ best companion.


Are you ready to buy this revolutionary laptop? Visit now!



Only recently Microsoft announced the latest update to the Windows 10 Operating System called Windows Ink. Offering advanced touch-screen and other features along with a surface interface developed specially for using a stylus, Windows has come a long way. If you are clueless about what this new update brings to the table, here are 10 things about the laptops integrated with Inking Technology:


The Hip and New Windows Ink Workspace



Similar to the Start Menu in the previous Windows updates, Inking laptops have something called the Windows Ink Workspace. It launches apps with the help of a digital pen rather than having to search every app individually. With the press of a button, it opens a sidebar that shows shortcut tiles to the apps along with suggested apps from the Windows Store.


Work or Play? Why not both!




Whether you’re going to use it for work related things, graphic designing or extensive gaming, Inking laptops are a master of it all. These laptops don’t limit themselves and go beyond just one specific designated purpose. Or rather, adapts with the users’ needs.


You Pick the Brand!



While Microsoft originally came up with their very own device for the Windows Ink OS called the Surface Pro, now, there are many brands to choose from. Available in most leading laptop brands, you now get to use the Windows 10 Anniversary update with the latest touch-screen laptops in the market.


The Smart Way of Taking Notes



A quirky and useful application, Sticky Notes are one of the new updates that comes with laptops integrated with Inking technology. Allowing make notes by writing with the digital pen, the app surely simplifies the process of making notes in a meeting or during a brainstorming session.


Get Artsy with the Sketch Pad



Also available in the Windows Ink Workspace, the Sketch Pad is another app to look out for. Enabling you to unleash your creative side, the app lets you draw, doodle, write with the pen tool. It has many options like pen, pencil, highlighters, variety of colours etc. to help achieve the design you’re looking for.


Get Marking with the Screen Sketch Application



Allowing you to mark or draw on screenshots, this application comes in handy to help you share your notes or get work done easily. Whether you want to mark a few design changes, edits on a pdf, or comment on a presentation – this is the new go-to app. You can launch the Scree Sketch App with other apps on the Inking laptop.


Left Handed or Right Handed? Doesn’t Matter



Although Windows had a Pen Support System available with its previous versions, it wasn’t quite up to the mark. Windows Ink laptops now have an improved Pen Support System that lets the user work with a pen easily and with ensures a hassle-free experience for them.


Interface that’s Tailor-Made for You!


Surface Pen


The Pen Support System goes ahead to simplify the user’s life. With customizations, the user can opt for a lot of convenient changes. Some of it includes – clicking on top of the pen tool once to launch an app, clicking twice to take a screenshot or holding it down to launch Cortana on the home screen.


Nifty Pen Customizations



With the advanced pen tool, Windows Ink takes into consideration both, left and right handed users. Depending on your hand preference, you can alter the settings with the menu. Moreover, there is also an option to disable touch response while you are using the pen.


All This, and So Much More!



Windows Store now offers a lot of pen tool-specific apps for Inking laptops. One Note, Fresh Paint etc. are some of the apps that are now optimized to support the pen tool and enhance the user experience. 

There’s a lot more you can expect with the new Windows app. Visit to take a look at Inking laptops!


Sound can be used and applied in several interesting ways. A common observation is when two houses located at a considerable distance, each other during day time we can’t come to know what going on in the other house (whether it be party or music).


However, at nights when it is quiet we can make out if a party or loud music is going on there or not. Well this is because of the sound effect and temperature changes. During the day, temperature is high so the sound ways rise and pass over our head and we can’t listen to it but during night they pass at a low level and we can hear it. Interesting, isn't it? 


I know it’s a common observation and many people know about it but the reason behind this was new for me too. If you want to observe the activities that is going on in a nearby house just by listening to it then wait for nights and quiet environment. You surely will be successful to some extent. Even the submarine pilots use it to protect themselves from sonar detection. That is cool.


Whether it is the sound of the dawn chorus, a breeze through the trees on a summer’s day or your favorite music track that always brings you to tears, the ability that sound and music moves us is well recognized. 


Sound is not only that connects to our emotions it can used in several ways, sound is used in submarines to navigate as well as communicate. It can also be used as detecting machine underwater. Wherever we go, we are surrounded by sounds. Although we usually we take them for granted, they can sometimes be used in ways we didn’t expect.


Any household items especially a refrigerator is a major purchase and the decision needs to be taken carefully. There are various models available which come in different styles, colours and have a host of features.  Now, you are probably wondering which refrigerator suits your home.

So before you buy the newest fridge in the shop ask yourself these questions.


1. Do you have a space constraint?


When you decide to remodel your kitchen the first thing you need to take into consideration is the space. The make and size of the refrigerator will be dependent on the space available. On the other hand, if you aren’t looking to overhaul your kitchen, then measure the size of your current fridge to determine which one will be apt for that space. In case you have your sights set on larger a fridge, then see if you can rearrange the items in a manner that allows you to fit a larger one in that space.  In addition, you need take into consideration the width of your door because a large fridge won’t fit through a small door.


2. What is your budget?


For making any purchase, price is a huge factor. There are multiple variations available such as basic top freezer, single-door fridges which are slightly lower priced as compared to a four-door, armoire models in stainless steel. Also, the prices are further raised when there is an added technology bonus and other additional features. So, don’t get swayed by the numerous features, stick to your budget and look for something that fits it and gives you the best output.


3. Which features should I look for?


With each model new features are introduced, which makes it a difficult choice. There are few features that you should take in consideration such as adjustable shelves on the main compartment door; different temperature zones; proper humidity control to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh. Plus, make sure there are door alarms to alert you if you have left the fridge open.


4. Is it easy to operate?


Even though this seems like a foolish question, but not everybody can operate a complicated fridge. So a fridge with simple functions is great if you have older people living with you. Also, look for a fridge which has kid friendly snack units. Plus, make sure that all the hardware works smoothly.


5. How important is energy efficiency?


Almost all models available now are made to be energy efficient. Though, they don’t all have the same energy saving power. It is better to find out the ones that are most efficient, by looking at the Energy Star rating allotted to each fridge.


So do research well before you buy a new fridge. After all, it’s a big expenditure. Plus, figure out your family’s needs and you are good to go. Time to go shopping, don’t you think!

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Congratulations on your new 4G phone and 4G SIM card.

Now it’s time to get some popcorn and get ready for some mind-blowing content.

The best thing about 4G is SPEED. Speed of internet. No more buffering of videos, incredible download speeds and the ability to listen to whichever tune you want, whenever you want. Apart from YouTube and Facebook, there is an entire universe of apps that have built their business around original content. Their sets are lavish, actors top notch and production quality as good and at times better than movies. So open your apps stores and download these essential apps for the ultimate 4G experience.

Adobe Spark (8).jpg


Here’s a list of the top 4G Streaming apps across Movies, Music, News and Sports.


  • Netflix - TV shows, movies, documentaries, animated films. You name it and Netflix has it. No wonder it has become the go to video streaming app in a lot of countries. The best thing is that you can use 4G and also download shows for offline viewing. But high quality means high internet use. One hour of watching Netflix will consume approximately 1.5GB of data. Make sure you get an unlimited internet plan and set aside Rs. 650 per month for the subscription. I highly recommend watching ‘Stranger Things’ and ‘House of Cards’.


  • Amazon Prime Video is really picking up the pace when it comes to video streaming. Their annual subscription costs Rs. 499 and the price for instant video is also included in Amazon Prime membership, which has plenty of its own benefits. And now, with the addition of the Top Gear replacement show ‘The Grand Tour’, it’s going to get quite exciting.

 Adobe Spark (9).jpg


  • Hotstar’s monthly subscription costs Rs. 199 for their Premium content catalogue. It is a great app for everyone who loves cricket and other sports, and Indian language movies and TV shows. Popular YouTube stars AIB also have their exclusive show On Air with AIB on the HotStar app.
  • Eros Now offers one of the cheapest monthly subscription plans. At Rs.99 a month, you get a massive collection of music and an exhaustive movie collection. If you’re a big Bollywood movie fan, this is the app I highly recommend.

 Adobe Spark (13).jpg

  • If music is your choice of content, there is a wide variety of apps that offer the best of national and international tunes. Saavn and Gaana are the big daddies of the music streaming apps. Both offer a free and paid premium version. Apple music is new and is a great resource for live concerts and world music and international pop acts.
  • If you want to catch up on your favorite shows from Indian TV channels, then the app to download is YUPP TV and Jio TV.
  • Adobe Spark (15).jpg

Make sure you get a data pack with unlimited internet because now that you have 4G, you’re always going to watch something awesome.






With Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a 1080p cam and sturdy wheels designed to traverse any interior flooring, Kuri has a lot going for it. What I first noticed, though, were the eyes. For better or for worse, every inch of Kuri looks to be designed with the goal of making this robot helper adorable. At first, I thought Kuri would be an Amazon Echo strapped to a set of wheels. In practice, Kuri doesn't have nearly the functionality of the Echo -- it's more of a roving security cam with a Bluetooth speaker than an always-listening, multi-purpose assistant. Kuri's advantage is its personality. Its wordless chirps and nods remind me of a Pixaracter, and Kuri was clearly designed to please the younger members of your family while it helps you patrol the halls and keep an eye on your home. Getting to know Kuri on display at CES, Kuri -- created by the Bosch-backed startup Mayfield Robotics -- will be able to use its camera to check on your pets when you're away. It can set reminders and use its Wi-Fi connection to tell you about the weather. It'll also work with IFTTT, the online rule-maker with a ton of smart home partners, to control some connected devices. Supposedly, Kuri can also recognize faces and context and adapt its responses accordingly. Those responses include chirps and nods, since Kuri doesn't talk, though it will play podcast, music and tell stories. It also has LEDs built into its chest that can change colors. Hands-on time After spending some time with Kuri in person, I can confirm that it's instantly likable. The way it smiles with its eyes is cute, though I had some trouble getting it to respond to me when I said Hey Kuri.  Weirdly, it responded just fine when I said Hey near it in another context, but the voice recognition still needs some polishing before it ships in December 2017. The Kuri team has work to do in the coming year, as Kuri wasn't yet ready to follow me autonomously or ready to do anything else via voice command other than chirp. Kuri does successfully navigate room to room now, remembering rooms are once you guide it there using the remote control in the app. It also successfully navigates around objects in its path using a laser sensor. The rest Here's everything else we know about Kuri so far: It'll have an iOS and Android app It has three hours of battery life A four-microphone array helps it hear your voice commands It's 20 inches tall and 14 pounds, so it won't be easy to lug it to different floors Kuri's sensors help it map rooms and objects and avoid falling over edges Outlook By the time it launches, Kuri will supposedly be able to follow a routine based on who it recognizes. It can send you a custom notification if it spots your dog on the couch, so you can yell at Fido using Kuri's speakers. Kuri can patrol your home using a predetermined route, letting you know if it spots something out of the ordinary, and it can use its motion and sound detection to hunt down an unusual occurrence and send you a recording. Of course that sounds cool, but Kuri will cost a hefty $700. Starting today, you can preorder Kuri for a $100 deposit. Kuri will only be available in the US when it launches, but its price converts to around ¬£570 or AU$975. For that much, Kuri will need to be more than a security camera that doubles as a toy. I'd particularly hope for more smart home integration and more options for voice commands.


After the runaway success of its Echo smart speaker, Amazon began encouraging third-party manufacturers to integrate its Alexa virtual assistant in their own products. The Jam Voice is one of those, a very compact Bluetooth speaker that features Amazon Alexa. The Jam Voice connects to your smartphone using Bluetooth, but also needs to connect to your home Wi-Fi network in order for Alexa to work. That means the setup is a multi-step process, download the Jam Wi-Fi app, connect to the speaker using Bluetooth, then connect the speaker to your Wi-Fi network using the app. The Jam Voice only supports 2.4GHz, so depending on how your network is configured, there may be some fuss involved there. The app is used to link the speaker to your Amazon account. You also need to download the Amazon Alexa app for full functionality --more on that later. You also need to connect to the power source. The Jam Voice has a 4-hour battery, but forging and ongoing use, you will want it to be plugged in. Jam includes a USB cable. Performance-The Jam Voice is a very small Bluetooth speaker. Officially, its measurements are 3 x 3 x 3-inches, in a cylindrical form factor. It has a single driver system, which means audio performance is spectacular. Music playback is pretty bass-heavy and flat. The app includes an EQ that lets you adjust the sound, but you have limited hardware to work with. It can get fairly loud (with the air really pumping out of the rear port), but distortion is a problem as volume approaches higher levels.



Though there are multiple players in the market, there are those who hold the top spot and their launches are keenly watched. Samsung is one of the top rankers in the mobile space. The South Korean electronics giant recently released their highly guarded device- the Samsung S8 and S8+.

So let’s see what all the fuss is about.

The Samsung S8 and S8+ both boast of a larger screen that fits perfectly in your palm. Also, the phone comes equipped with the latest Android 7.0 (Nougat) OS.  


Looks do matter!

The Samsung S8 and its variant both break the shackles from the bezels that take up a quite a bit of phone space. The lack of bezels provides a smooth, uninterrupted surface that runs seamlessly over the edges. The phone has been through quite an overhaul and looks stunning. The home button has found a new ‘home’, it’s now located on the screen and remains hidden until you need it. With this new feature, the screen looks bigger, without making the phone size larger. The corning gorilla glass 5 shimmers when light hits it.


What’s inside?

The device comes in three stunning colours- a dark black, bright silver and shimmery greyish blue without the disturbing white front plate. The lines are blurred, so you will feel a uni-body that blends effortlessly with each other. The volume and standby buttons are joined by the Bixby button. Bixby, is Samsung’s new virtual assistant.  Even though the S8 only weighs 155g, it still feels sturdy and well-made. The phone still comes equipped with a MicroSD slot which accompanies the nano-SIM slot. Plus, you can charge your phone wirelessly with the Qi feature. Further, the device has IP68 water and dust-resistant feature, so you drop it in water, you are assured that it will work again. Samsung has retained the 3.5mm jack. The S8 houses a 4GB Ram with a 64 GB internal storage, along with Qualcomm SoC, the Snapdragon 835.  Plus, it has a 3000 mAh battery with a turbo charger. 


Picture perfect.

It is more than just a curvy body. It has new aspect ratio of 5:9, rather than the usual 16:9. This addition makes it appear taller than the S7, even though it is essentially the same size. The S8 has 5.8-inch screen. Plus, a super AMOLED display with a quad-HD+ 2960 x 1440 resolution. Also, the phone has HDR compatibility which allows you to view Amazon Prime and Netflix in HD, as HDR is the next big thing in TV. The phone houses a 12 MP rear camera and an 8 MP front facing camera.


The Samsung S8 packs a punch and has all the latest features the company has to offer. It comes bundled with Samsung KNOX support, and Samsung Pay support as well as a fingerprint sensor, and an iris scanner. The phone has ticked the right boxes and is ready to take the market by storm.


The Samsung S8 will grace Indian stores on the 5th of May and will be priced at INR 57,900 and INR 64,900 for the S8+ respectively. You can now book the phone at your nearest Croma store and


1) Clear the cache - Many Android apps use stored -- or cached -- data to give you a better user experience. Cached data can save a little time (and mobile data), but the files stored in app caches are for convenience and are not strictly necessary. If you need to clear up space on your phone quickly, the app cache is the first place you should look. To clear cached data or single app, go to Settings > Applications > Application Manager and tap on the app you want to modify. In the app's Application info menu, tap Storage and then tap Clear Cache to clear the app's cache. To clear cached data for all apps, go to Settings > Storage and tap Cached data to clear the caches of the apps on your phone. 2) Your downloads -Your Android phone has a downloads folder everything you download -- photos, videos, documents and other files -- is stored. Chances are most of the files in your downloads folder are not files you're particularly attached to. (For some reason my downloads folder is full of pictures of Pizza Hut's Ultimate Hershey's Chocolate Chip Cookies.) So you should be able to free up some storage space by deleting these unnecessary files. You'll find your downloads folder -- which might be called My Files -- in your app drawer. Tap and hold a file to it, then tap the trash can icon, the remove button or the button to get rid of it. 3) Take advantage of Google Photos Guess what? Google Photos lets you back up an unlimited number of photos. In other words, you can back up every single photo you take with your Android phone directly to Google Photos, and it will not count against your Google Drive space. Once your photos are backed up, you can delete them from your device to free up space. You will need to turn on Google Photos' Back up & sync feature to take advantage of this free cloud storage space. To do this, open the Google Photos app and go to Settings > Back up & sync and turn it on. You can choose to back up your photos at  high quality  resolution -- up to 16 megapixels -- or to back them up at the original size. Google Photos only offers unlimited storage for  high quality  photos, and any photos backed up at the original size will count against your Google Drive storage limit. Once you've backed up your photos using Google Photos, you can go to Settings > Free up device storage, and Google Photos will show any photos and videos that have been backed up. 4) Move apps to the microSD card Apps probably take up most of the storage space on your phone. If you've got an Android phone that lets you add a microSD card for extra storage, you may be able to move some of your storage-sucking apps to that microSD card. To do this, open Settings and go to Applications > Application manager and tap the app you want to move. If the app can be moved, you will see a button that says Move to SD card -- tap this button to move the app to the microSD card. (On some phones, you may have to tap Storage to find this option.) Only part of the app will be moved to the microSD card. How much of the app will be moved depends on the app and, unfortunately, many large games will not move a significant portion of their data to the microSD card. 5) Move apps to the trash- If you've tried these tips and you still need more space, there's no getting around it -- you will have to start deleting some things. You've probably got some (maybe several) apps on your device that you never use. To figure out which apps are taking up the most space, open Settings and go to Storage > Apps. You'll see a list of apps sorted by size -- the biggest apps will the at the top of the list.


Electronics make for particularly bad waste. Extracting those materials already took a toll on the environment. Modern technology, however, allows us to recycle electronic waste and reuse many of its components to produce new devices. We have a desire to a buy a new computer by discarding the old one. But before doing this we need to remember one thing; there will be many useful components in the old computer such as RAM, Hard Drive, Fan etc., may be much more also. We should collect these from the computer and then we can dispose it. Sometimes you may encounter with certain situations less working capability of 8GB RAM in our new system in such cases we may use the older ones RAM.A working 2GB RAM is always better than non-working 8GB RAM. We can also convert our old computer into a Web Server. Many of us here probably own a website. Well, if you are up to the challenge, you can set up your own server to serve your websites from. Having your own server gives you the advantage of controlling what software to use, as well as the freedom to upgrade flexibly. Running out of server space? Just add another hard drive! Are the pages loading too slowly? Just add more RAM! If you can also turn it into a web server, you can use it as your torture machine. Abuse it anyway you want, install anything and everything. If you ever saw some free app, but aren’t sure whether it has a virus or not, you now have a sandbox to test it in. This is a real sandbox, not those fancy software sandbox techniques that are so common now-a-days. It doesn’t even have to be a virus. If you are experimenting with dangerous software, you can do your damage here. Just make sure to keep a Windows install disc handy. If you're a content creator using a title3dsmax, Adobe After Effects or Sony Vegas, having another PC to help with distributed rendering chores can greatly speed up final renders for complex projects. Each application handles distributed rendering a little differently, so you'll need to consult your documentation. But typically, you'll install a lightweight application on the secondary rendering system, which will take data and commands the primary system and then return results when done. The main application on your production system, or a separate manger app, manages the rendering across multiple networked systems. If you have a do-it-yourself bent and build your own systems, you may reduce the cost of your new system by salvaging the parts from old one. Good candidates for salvage include the case (if it's not a proprietary, prebuilt system), the optical drive, the power supply, and, sometimes, the memory modules. Depending on how much you actually reuse, the distinction between new system and one that's simply been upgraded is a hazy one. If you replace the motherboard, CPU, memory, and primary hard drive, but keep the case, power supply, optical drive, and graphics card, is that a new system, or one that's been upgraded? That will still leave you with a few old parts. Which brings us to our final point. There are still many interesting ways in which one can reuse their old electronics...try them .Thank You!!!


Electronics is a branch of electrical systems that have become powerful with low-power consumption as opposed to high power consumption of electrical systems such as smartphones, they have taken more and more roles: Digital camera, MP3 player, GPS navigator, Flashlight and more. Add a third-party app store the Google Play Store to the mix, and the number of ways you can use your phone grows even further. Here are some interesting things that consumer can do with smartphones. Detection of infrared light - Our eyes cannot see it, but digital cameras can certainly. The camera of a smartphone is indeed sensitive to IR radiation, and if you want to try it yourself, simply use a common IR remote control. The infrared beam that is output when a button is pressed points as white or purple light in the viewfinder of your camera app. You can use this trick to check if the batteries of a remote are dead when it stops working.  Pair with a Bluetooth headset for an improvised remote camera shutter - Bluetooth headsets can be used as remote shutters for the camera of a smartphone. There's a catch. You should not expect this hack to work with almost any headset. What's more, you're on your own in figuring out which button or button combination makes the camera off. Connect to a USB stick or mouse - Android's on-the-go functionality allows us to connect most popular USB devices to newer Android-based smartphones and tablets. USB sticks can be connected for file transfers and a connected USB mouse can be used to navigate the user interface. You'll most likely need a USB-on-the-go cable to pull this trick, though, although some cool new USB drives come with a micro and a full-size connector. Measure distances with a camera - you might be surprised to know that this works. So roughly. Distance measurement apps cannot match the precision of a device designed for the purpose, but they should be good enough if a rough measurement is sufficient. You use trigonometry to calculate the approximate distance between the user and a visible object. To get the distance, you only have to enter the height at which you are holding the smartphone and the crosshairs at the base of the object.

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Ask and you shall receive seems to be the new motto, as most companies are going the voice activated way. With almost all smart devices using voice activation as a mode of communication. The new Amazon Fire TV stick is no different. It launches your favorite shows, plays music, and finds movie show-times, orders food and much more, without you moving a finger.


Add a little spark to your life


If you already are a part of the amazon ecosphere, the Fire TV Stick is the perfect addition to the family. Being a couch potato will never be this blissful. The Fire TV Stick is fast and works seamlessly with other amazon devices. The device is powered by the Alexa voice remote, which is the voice assistant in most amazon devices. All you need to do is plug the device into your HDTV and you will have your very own home theatre in minutes. Just say it and the Alexa Voice Remote will help you navigate and watch content across more than 75 channels and apps. Watch channels like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Now, YouTube, ESPN, Disney and many more. The channels are available on a subscription basis. Forget Cable and watch TV - the Amazon Fire TV Stick way.


The Fire TV Stick may be small in size but packs quite a punch. It is compatible with most HDMI ports and comes with a decent remote. The interface has gone through quite a few changes to make it look more appealing and user friendly. The device houses a faster processor and has better Wi-Fi service.


Fire up your TV


It looks like a memory stick but has more volume to it. The outer body is made of plastic, but is quite sturdy and fulfills the purpose well. It is 9cms long and 3cmss deep and will need a little extra room on your TV back panel. Also, you will have to find place to accommodate the micro USB power supply. Along with other peripherals in the box, it also has a HDMI extender to add a little more space to the back panel. 


Give voice to your thoughts


Over a period of usage, the device starts to memorize your viewing habits and draws up content that you would be interested in. Amazon’s X-Ray IMDB feature allows you to find out more about the program you are watching. The side-scrolling menu below the spherical center button houses all your recent shows and apps for quick access. Below that, you have will find an option to browse and organize your downloaded apps as well as scroll the menu for other Prime shows. The Stick houses an 8GB on-board storage for your favorite apps and games along with a 1GB RAM.


The price is right!


With Amazon Prime making a quite splash in India the introduction of this product in the market just adds to the value of device and the platform. The Fire TV stick is ready to make its presence felt in April and will be priced at Rs 1,999 for existing prime customers and Rs. 3999 for non-prime customers.


It’s time to watch TV the Amazon way. Head to your nearest store and get one for yourself today. TV has viewing has never been so much fun. 





Over the years, Air Conditioner technology has evolved to ensure smooth use of the appliance. Since the Bureau of Energy Efficiency started analysing and rating Air Conditioners, it is easier to decide which air conditioner would suit your needs better. In the long list of technological innovations, inverter technology is on the rise. These have been designed to reduce power consumption by 20-40%. According to BEE, inverter air-conditioners with 3 star ratings are almost 7% more energy efficient than a BEE 5 star non-inverter air-conditioner. Hence, when buying an air-conditioner ensure you take every aspect into consideration.

Let’s understand how these rating systems work and have an impact on your purchasing decision.


How does an air-conditioner work?

Air-conditioners aren’t coolers that bring down the temperature of the room. In reality, they cool the indoor air by passing it through an evaporator. Along with the evaporator, air –conditioner houses a compressor, which cools the AC with the help of gas. Thus, cooling the room.

Let’s breakdown the process further.

The warm air is sucked in from the grille at the base of the machine. After which, the air pulled in from the room flows to the chiller pipes which has a cooling fluid. This serves a similar function to the freezer in the refrigerator. This mechanism not only cools the air, but also rids the air of any moisture.  After which, the air flows through a heating vent that warms the room on a cold winters day (if you switched the heat mode on).

A fan at the front of the AC, releases the air through another grille. If the heating feature is on then, hot air is thrown out and if the cooling feature is on then it cools the room.

If you have noticed, when you stand near the rear end of the AC, you will always feel hot air. This happens as the compressor re-circulates the air and throws out the hot air. However, ACs are major power guzzlers and make your electricity bills skyrocket. In order to reduce costs and electricity bills most companies use inverter technology. 


A recommendation - in places like Delhi, Punjab and other northern regions, ACs with the heating feature could be a blessing since, you need not buy an AC and heater separately. However this heating function is available in select AC models only.

Why use inverter technology?

Inverter technology enables your air-conditioner to become more energy efficient as compared to non-inverter air-conditioners. Plus, the extended shelf life of their parts, along with reduced fluctuations in the room-temperature. Inverter air conditioners have an elastic tonnage, so they can cover extra area if the room is not too hot. For instance, a 1 ton air conditioner can cover a range of an additional 0.2 ton depending on the heat in the room.


In a regular air-conditioner, the compressor is either switched on or off. When the thermostat reaches its set temperature, the compressor switches to fan mode. Also, when the thermostat senses a change in temperature, the compressor turns on. This on-off feature pulls in more energy. This is just like your car where the mileage is impacted if there are many on-offs. On the other hand, in inverter air-conditioners, when the compressor needs more power, it pulls more power and when the need the power reduces, it only consumes how much is needed. In inverter technology, the compressor is always on but consumes less power. The speed and the power of the compressor are regulated as needed. However, currently this technology is only being adopted by spilt air-conditioners.


Although an air conditioner with inverter technology regulates itself, buying the right size is important to cool the room effectively. Also, take your budget into consideration and the kind of air conditioner you want, as this determines the model you will need to purchase. For example, if you live an apartment that doesn’t have too much wall space, a split AC would be a better option than a window AC.  As the AC vent can be fitted outside the apartment and won’t take any space in the house.

By January 2018, the BEE is proposing to make the new star rating mandatory. This move will ensure that all ACs including inverter ACs will be rated depending on their capability to increase their energy saving features. AC makers have applauded this move and are hoping the inclusion of inverter ACs in the list will boost sales and also give the consumers a better idea of what is available in the market.





The heat is here and it is showing no signs of letting up anytime soon. That’s why this is the best time to invest in an air-conditioner that does not burn holes in your pocket and is energy saving. However, buying an air-conditioner which cools efficiently & also saves energy could land up being a tough task. Let’s try and see if we can make it a little more of a cake walk.

To start, you would notice most Air Conditioners are assigned a star rating, but do you know what they mean? There are many terms brands use on most occasions, that we aren’t sure of and how they impact our life.


What is Star or energy efficiency Ratings?


Star ratings help buyers evaluate the energy efficiency of different models that have similar offerings.  For almost all air-conditioners, the minimum rating starts at 1 and maximum is 5. The ratings assigned to appliance make your buying decision easier.

Some retailers may have brands or products that are without a rating – all that means is that they are old models lying around for a long time and have great potential of shooting up your monthly electricity bill.


What are EER and SEER?

An Energy Efficiency Ratio rating measures the air-conditioner’s efficiency, whereas SEER rating measures the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating of an air-conditioner.

EER ratings are normally connected with smaller window AC units. The prevalent weather conditions have a bearing on the EER ratings and is measured with a constant outdoor temperature of 35 degrees Celsius along with an inside temperature of 26 degrees Celsius with humidity at 50%.

Details of the EER - In EER equipped Air Conditioners, the rating provides a basic understanding of the consumption power of the AC compressor and how it will affect your electricity bill. Changes in weather conditions have an impact on the outside temperature which in turn, also affects the room temperature. On your AC front panel, there may be two readings which indicate the outer as well as room temperature. For example, even if the temperature decreases in the external environment, the AC functions on the basis of a set temperature. Resultantly, the pulling power of the compressor doesn’t change.


The SEER rating measures the cooling power and applies to Air Conditioning. Also, SEER and EER use different measuring units to assign a rating to an Air Conditioner. While EER measures only constant temperature, SEER measures both variable as well as constant temperatures. SEER is most commonly used to compare AC units along with measuring consumption of large, central Air Conditioning units (such as Panasonic inverter AC’s) which perform better at a larger tonnage. These ratings are measured by evaluating the constant indoor temperature and a variable outdoor temperature ranging from 15 to 35 degrees Celsius.

In SEER Ratings, changes in seasonal temperatures are taken into consideration. For instance, if the ambient temperature changes from 28 degrees to 26 degrees, the room temperature which has been set at 20 will be to seem relatively cooler. Hence, AC’s with SEER ratings are great for users who live in areas that have constantly changing temperatures. The compressor automatically adapts to the outer temperature and reduces the pulling power, in turn, reducing electricity consumption.


Understanding these basics behind the rating system can make your buying decision much simpler and hassle-free.


What comes to your mind when you think of a perfect summer? Relishing a delicious ice-cream, refreshing yourself with some chilled juice or beer (for those who like it), and most importantly lazing comfortably in your home, with an air conditioner that keeps you relaxed throughout summer. As an air-conditioner is proves to be not just an expense, but an investment for you, your home, your family. So rather than reading the scheme related documents carefully before investing, we want to ensure you ask the right questions to any store executive after your research online.


So let’s begin: Here are five questions that you must ask when buying an AC.



1. Does this AC use Copper or Aluminium coils? What about the condenser?


An exchange of heat takes place through the coils leading to a cooler room. Therefore, the metal of the coil and its heating transfer characteristics pretty much defines the efficiency of cooling. You would see two major types of coils & condensers in market, Copper & Aluminium; both with their unique sets of benefits.

Let’s observe for Copper first:


  1. 1. Copper is a better heat exchanger than Aluminium and therefore, is more cooling and energy efficient.
  2. 2. Copper coils are stronger, far more reliable and are also easier to repair.
  3. 3. Copper passes the test in hot and humid areas too, since corrosion is no concern.

Aluminium has its upside too:


  1. 1. An AC with an Aluminium coil won’t pinch your wallet as much as the one with copper coils.
  2. 2. If you aren’t one of those coping with the sea-breeze, an aluminium coil could last you as long as the copper ones.
  3. 3. Some brands have now started providing a 5 Year Warranty on the coils to make the Aluminium coils last as long as the Copper alternative.

In sum, Aluminium coils and condensers may make the price tag of the AC look attractive, but electricity consumption and longevity considered, an AC with a copper condenser & coil, is definitely a recommendation.


2. What Gas does the AC use?


The duty of the Gas(R-22 / R32 / R410A) is to absorb and release heat efficiently so that the compressor can run cooler reducing the risk of overheating and burn-out of your Air Conditioner.

R410A should be your choice. Here is why:


  1. 1. It not only is more energy efficient but has the ability to perform at higher pressures thus, being able to handle greater temperatures.
  2. 2. It is non-inflammable gas, making your Air Conditioner and your home a safer place.
  3. 3. It is a hydro-fluorocarbon (HFC) and does lead to ozone depletion.

However, some of the leading brands today are using the R32 gas and are servicing their products very efficiently and will ensure you don’t lose the ‘chill’ you need in your room with no major cost difference.


3. What is the EER rating?


The Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) rating of an AC, represents how efficiently electricity is used. A higher rating signifies that the AC uses electricity more efficiently but it not the actual level of electricity consumption. So for instance, the EER for two Air Conditioners ( 1Ton and 1.5Ton) may be 3.48, this does not imply that they use the same amount of electricity.

Moreover, the calculation of EER has gone through many changes. Notably, 3.48 of 2016 is more efficient than a 3.48 of 2015. Watch out for the inverter ACs which are now rated as per the new ISEER norms of 2018. They will definitely be priced on the higher side, but are guaranteed a more cost-efficient option when you add up your electricity costs.


But Remember, your mantra for buying an AC – latest model (year) with higher EER has to be your pick!


4. Does it have a 4-way swing for quicker cooling?


A four-way swing function in an AC provides quicker and more efficient cooling for a room. By offering the ability to control which way the air-flow is diverted, you can direct the cool air right towards you! Today AC’s allow you to choose from vertical, horizontal, fixed or a custom air-flow. Not only does this make more sense economically, as less energy is spent to reduce the room’s temperature, but also it allows you to relax quicker away from the burning summer heat!


5. What is the standard installation procedure?


If you purchase a split AC, the installation procedure is extremely crucial. When done correctly, the AC can provide optimal cooling and function efficiently. However, if it is incorrectly installed, the AC can frequently develop issues and will not deliver proper cooling. When your new AC is being installed, take care of these six factors; the strength of the wall, proper spacing between the AC and wall, correct height from the ground, accurate tilt of the indoor unit, proper location and placement of the outdoor unit, and correct distance between the outdoor and indoor units.

Brands would promise you a Standard Installation FREE when you buy the AC, but make sure you read the inclusions and exclusions. What you land up paying for the AC finally after the installation may leave you with a not-so pleasant surprise.


These are the questions we believe you must ask! If there are questions you have in mind, let us know and, we at stores and on Geek Circle will be happy to answer.




Whether you’re channeling your inner Ranbir Kapur or Deepika Padukone, chugging pitchers of thandai or sneaking in some bhang, you can live stream your dhamaal to the world using 4G this Holi. 



Want to learn the moves to Kala Chashma or catch up on the latest episode of Kapil Sharma’s comedy show, or you want to broadcast your life’s adventures to the world, you’re going to need high speed internet for that. Thanks to the power of telecom technology, you can live life in the fifth gear with 4G. From what an idea sirjee to free welcome offers, 4G has taken over our lives and rightly so.

India is experiencing an Internet Revolution. Millions of citizens who have never used internet are now coming within the fold of the World Wide Web and most of them are experiencing it through their brand new 4G mobile phones. But with every new technology come a lot of questions.

This post aims to answer all your questions about 4G technology, and what are its benefits.


What is 4G?

4G stands for 4th generation of mobile networks, it follows 3G and 2G or EDGE networks in the evolution of mobile networks. IMG_0043.JPGWhat is 4G?


 What is LTE?


LTE stands for Long term Evolution and is a type of 4G network technology. This is the type of 4G network we experience in India.

IMG_0044.JPGHow fast is 4G?


 Why is there a need for 4G technology?


As millions of new users start using internet every single day, we need faster and more reliable technology to serve the internet to these people. 4G LTE offers users faster, more reliable and widespread mobile internet on smart phones, tablets and other portable devices. Internet speed on 4G networks is up to five to 10 times as fast as that of 3G network.

4G networks have reduced latency compared to 3G networks, making them faster and more responsive for video streaming and online gaming.

4G also provides crystal clear voice calls.

IMG_0045.JPGWhy 4G?



What 4G band should my phone support?

4G internet is served over a spectrum. While there are potentially 5 bands for 4G spectrum, two are most prevalent and most devices are compatible with these.

When buying a new 4G internet device, make sure it is compatible with the 1800 MHz and 2300 MHz band.


Who are the major 4G network providers in India?

Reliance Jio is the only network provider with a pan India license for providing 4G LTE network. Vodafone, Airtel and Idea all offer 4G networks but in select circles. It is best to check the website of your network provider to see whether they provide you with 4G network in your place of residence.


What can I do on 4G network?

Faster Internet speeds mean you can load websites faster. Depending on the actual download speed you get from your network provider, you can stream videos or music or live news without any buffering. You can download heavy applications in a matter of minutes and watch full length feature films on the move. 4G also provides faster upload speeds. You can seamlessly broadcast yourself Live on Facebook or YouTube, upload pictures to social media in the blink of an eye as all of this will be super quick on a 4G network.


Below is a comparison of what faster internet speeds mean for day to day activities-




 4G Download Time    

 3G Download Time   

 2G Download Time 

Accessing typical web page

 0.1 seconds

0.2 seconds

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Internet speeds in the world are evolving, but the fastest average internet speed in any given country is South Korea, with 26.7 Mb/s, which is 4.6 times as quick as the global average, according to this Akamai report (2015).


Will my 4G phone work on 4G network all over the world?

Different countries serve 4G network over different spectrums. If your phone’s 4G modem does not work on the same frequency as the country you are visiting you’ll likely have to make do with 3G network. Since 4G is a new and developing technology, it will still take some time or 4G modems that work on all frequencies to become mainstream. However, if you buy a flagship smartphone, in all likelihood it is a world phone, which means, the 4G modem will be compatible on most major global networks.


Does 4G drain my phone battery faster?

4G phones have great battery life. Phone makers and component suppliers are constantly working on making your devices more battery efficient and faster. While latest chipsets from chip makers such as Qualcomm, Mediatek and Samsung are extremely efficient in locking on to the best 4G network without taxing the phone battery too much, network congestion and patchy networks put pressure on the phone to lock a reliable signal. The amount of battery life your phone enjoys is a result of great hardware and software optimization and also excellent network infrastructure by your service provider.


In order to ensure that your phone doesn’t keep running out of juice while you’re surfing on 4G, ensure that you buy a smartphone with a battery of at least 3600 mAh.


How can I get 4G?

Get a 4G compatible smart phone/tablet device. Look for a phone/device that supports the 4G LTE 1800 MHz and 2300 MHz bands.

Look for a good 4G network provider with coverage in your area of residence/office.

Get the best 4G data plan for you either with a voice SIM card or a 4G data dongle.


The world of 4G is extremely exciting. From the latest episodes of Game Of Thrones, to live cricket matches and prime time news or comedy shows, you can now consume whatever content you want, on the go, with minimum or no buffering. It also gives you the power to create a lot of meaningful content. From live streaming video to uploading pictures and videos to social media, you can bring about a real change by giving a voice to those who need it the most. We hope this clarifies your doubts about 4G technology, stay tuned for more posts on the best 4G devices that your money can buy at your closest Croma store. Abhi toh party shuru huyi hai.