Unveil the Chef in You with LG MC2846BV Microwave Oven
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‘Instant’ is the new keyword in the kitchen. Besides our smartphones, refrigerators, we have another companion that helps us savour our food- a microwave. It allows us to relish delicious food, at our convenience. LG has taken a step ahead and revolutionised this appliance with latest technology that ensures piping-hot and healthy food.

If you are looking for a healthy cooking companion in your kitchen or are planning on gifting your loved one some health, LG MC2846BV 28 LITRES CONVECTION MICROWAVE OVEN, would be a great gift.


What’s so special about this companion?


The LG MC2846BV microwave is an all-in-one package that’s hygienic and durable, and even offers a heath plus menu. For the Indian household, it’s like a catalyst that simplifies the process of cooking dishes. For instance, staple Indian meals always have a dole of ghee, spread with endless love. But, to prepare rich ghee is definitely a task. With LG’s oven, you can cook ghee in just 12 minutes. Isn’t it amazing? Add some extra richness and aroma to your staple food, instantly.


A sneak-peek into the Auto-Cook Menu


Good health is a vital part of living, with an auto-cook menu, make healthy eating a part of your diet. The LG MC2846BV Microwave menu features an ‘Auto-Cook’ menu, which is a handbook to cook delicious meals, each day. The menu comes with pre-set cooking time and temperature for a wide variety of dishes. What’s more interesting? The Auto-Cook menu and Indian Auto-Cook menu has 251 and 175 pre-loaded dishes. This makes cooking simpler without the need of constant supervision. Whip up a new dish every day with an LG microwave and surprise your loved ones.


For all the paneer lovers


With LG MC2846BV Microwave, making soft and delicious paneer at home isn’t a dream anymore. Prepare delicious and hygienically homemade paneer without the use of any chemicals or enzymes with the LG Microwave. Indulge in some fresh paneer, every day and satiate your taste-buds.


Innovation that is more hygienic and durable


Microwave maintenance of is often a worrisome thought, but with LG’s evolved microwaves, bid goodbye to your worries. The LG MC2846BV Microwave has a stainless steel cavity which helps in better reflection and a uniformity of heating inside the cavity. Also, it helps in better cooking. Unlike the coated cavities which deteriorates due to friction and peels off, this appliance is durable and hygienic. You can convert your recipes into favourite dishes for your family without worrying about maintenance of the microwave.


Because extra safety is a must


Accidents with children handling hot containers inside the microwave is often a concern. The LG MC2846BV microwave is of great help, as its Quartz heating technology ensures utmost safety and comfort. It eliminates the risk of any kind of injury. The next time your child wants to cook a meal, encourage them to go ahead without any fears. The easy to use controls ensure maximum utility with minimum effort.  Cook some finger licking dishes with your child, in this 28 litre capacity convection oven.


Add this revolutionary microwave to your kitchen and unveil the chef in you. Prepare the all-time favourite rich ghee, soft paneer or exotic meals for your loved ones with utmost safety and durability. Make cooking a hassle-free process with LG MC2846BV microwave.