Top Apps for Inking Technology
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With the brilliant new features in the latest version of Windows Operating System, Windows Ink brings out an incredible user experience. This upgrade it really easy for you to use a digital pen. Coming in contact with the surface of the screen, it works smoothly to create magic. Whether you’re a student, a graphic designer or an everyday user, this version is here to simplify your life. Here are some of the must-have apps to amplify the usage of this technology on the Surface Pro or any other Windows Ink laptop:


Letting the Creativity Flow with Autodesk SketchBook


Top app 1.jpg


This drawing app is designed exclusively for creative professionals, ambitious artists or anyone who enjoys art and drawing. .  Using this app is simple and the results are brilliant in quality. SketchBook comes with an easy-to-learn toolset and a set of powerful brushes. It consists of 140 present pre-set brushes which can be used in different ways to bring out the best results for your artwork. The ink flow is smooth and fluid and colouring the image in right proportions can be done exactly how you planned it. Another added feature is the synthetic brushes which blend colours in a natural way resulting in accurate combinations. The texture of the brushes mimic the natural demeanour giving the artwork a realistic feel. What more, you ask? The canvas size can be utilised to a maximum of 10,000 by 10,000 pixels. The end result can either be saved as a flat image or a layer passed PSD file to commence the next step of your workflow.  An app with such a powerful brush engine, free-flow natural colour combinations and a realistic result –download is a must.


Make Learning Fun with FluidMath


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This award winning app is the first handwriting-based educational app designed for teachers and students from 6-12 grade.  The app is a great choice right from pre-algebra to  calculus courses. This app requires  writing the problems using the  pen and results in relative visualisations and computations in less time. The app is useful to teachers in making interactive and dynamic instructional materials which makes math engaging and easier for students to understand. For students it is designed to help and explore concepts in math and science. A useful app with infinite capabilities to engage and learn like never before, - have you downloaded it yet?


Save Time with DocuSign


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This incredible app is a convenient for use at the workplace, as it allows you to electronically sign documents and even collect signatures from others. Earlier what used to be a hassle of acquiring signatures for important purposes is now just a click away.  It allows you to sign with the digital pen of Windows Ink, making it a legally bound document as DocuSign’s digital signature complies with eSign Act. To get rid of the trouble of printing a document out, signing and uploading it, simply download Docusign and save time with each signature.


Windows Ink has a variety of apps like these. Download them and see your life getting simpler by the day.