The versatile Samsung Galaxy S8
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Though there are multiple players in the market, there are those who hold the top spot and their launches are keenly watched. Samsung is one of the top rankers in the mobile space. The South Korean electronics giant recently released their highly guarded device- the Samsung S8 and S8+.

So let’s see what all the fuss is about.

The Samsung S8 and S8+ both boast of a larger screen that fits perfectly in your palm. Also, the phone comes equipped with the latest Android 7.0 (Nougat) OS.  


Looks do matter!

The Samsung S8 and its variant both break the shackles from the bezels that take up a quite a bit of phone space. The lack of bezels provides a smooth, uninterrupted surface that runs seamlessly over the edges. The phone has been through quite an overhaul and looks stunning. The home button has found a new ‘home’, it’s now located on the screen and remains hidden until you need it. With this new feature, the screen looks bigger, without making the phone size larger. The corning gorilla glass 5 shimmers when light hits it.


What’s inside?

The device comes in three stunning colours- a dark black, bright silver and shimmery greyish blue without the disturbing white front plate. The lines are blurred, so you will feel a uni-body that blends effortlessly with each other. The volume and standby buttons are joined by the Bixby button. Bixby, is Samsung’s new virtual assistant.  Even though the S8 only weighs 155g, it still feels sturdy and well-made. The phone still comes equipped with a MicroSD slot which accompanies the nano-SIM slot. Plus, you can charge your phone wirelessly with the Qi feature. Further, the device has IP68 water and dust-resistant feature, so you drop it in water, you are assured that it will work again. Samsung has retained the 3.5mm jack. The S8 houses a 4GB Ram with a 64 GB internal storage, along with Qualcomm SoC, the Snapdragon 835.  Plus, it has a 3000 mAh battery with a turbo charger. 


Picture perfect.

It is more than just a curvy body. It has new aspect ratio of 5:9, rather than the usual 16:9. This addition makes it appear taller than the S7, even though it is essentially the same size. The S8 has 5.8-inch screen. Plus, a super AMOLED display with a quad-HD+ 2960 x 1440 resolution. Also, the phone has HDR compatibility which allows you to view Amazon Prime and Netflix in HD, as HDR is the next big thing in TV. The phone houses a 12 MP rear camera and an 8 MP front facing camera.


The Samsung S8 packs a punch and has all the latest features the company has to offer. It comes bundled with Samsung KNOX support, and Samsung Pay support as well as a fingerprint sensor, and an iris scanner. The phone has ticked the right boxes and is ready to take the market by storm.


The Samsung S8 will grace Indian stores on the 5th of May and will be priced at INR 57,900 and INR 64,900 for the S8+ respectively. You can now book the phone at your nearest Croma store and