Sometimes an ‘Upgrade’ is better than an ‘Update’
Tech Bad Ass

Anyone who still thinks Android is better than Apple may be in for an unpleasant surprise. Apple has soared ahead in the OS battle, with their all new feature packed iOS 12.


Apple’s iOS 12 boasts of numerous benefits ranging from better notifications, a more proactive Siri, faster Face ID, and tools to help you understand your phone usage better, making it a definite must-have. Apple focuses on a lot of polish, some really thoughtful additions and improved overall functionality with this update. And the best part? Older Apple devices, all the way back to the iPhone 5S will have the option to upgrade, though to actually enjoy the added features and functionality, an iPhone 8 or higher would be the smart choice. These are especially for the features like the ARKit (AR features) and Portrait Mode, which is only supported by an A11 chip or above, found on devices like the iPhone 8 or higher.Apple Mailer Banner 2.jpg

The iOS software has always edged out Android when it comes to security, optimisation and user interface. Android fans have complained about Apple’s lack of flexibility and openness, but Apple fans see these as efforts to better protect user data and prevent security concerns across popular social networks. For iOS 12, Apple added more layers to its stellar security suite, making it more secure than ever before. Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) integrated apps (like Measure) should see an upgrade, running smoother and faster. Group FaceTime is now capable of supporting up to 32 people at the same time, while fan favourites Animoji and Memoji have been updated as well.


Apple’s seamless integration of technology across their ecosystem of devices, from the iWatch to the iPad as well as the AirPods has always been the key to getting the most out of iOS. With Apple, multiple devices are essential to unlock the true potential of its operating system, as it has features extending naturally across all devices, offering varying levels of ease, comfort and functionality. The new series 4 iWatch has a larger display, a proactive heart rate monitor, built-in cellular data, and a walkie-talkie function, all on your wrist. On the other hand, the AirPods had become everyone’s favourite on-the-go companion, which offer full cross-platform compatibility across your communication ecosystem. It is really interesting to see how these devices effortlessly become a part of your day to day life and function in harmony.


Apple has set the bar higher yet again with this year’s new updates. The Android lovers may now have a reason to worry. The Apple lovers may now have a reason to upgrade.