Safer Internet Day: A Global Initiative Towards a Safe Digital Experience.
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This is an incredible time to be alive. Posterity will marvel at our achievements. We have managed to create a genie that grants us an infinite number of wishes. Order anything from online stores or communicate with loved ones from across the oceans. Browse through thousands of web pages and access unlimited information with a few taps and clicks. What a wonderful world!


Beneath its gleaming surface, the internet has a deceptive side. Issues like cyberbullying, information theft, unethical and unconstitutional surveillance, an abundance of obscene and disturbing content have cropped up in the past decade. The situation becomes worrisome with minors forming a substantial number of internet users. Unbridled use of social media only makes a bad situation worse. There must be a way out of this.


Safer Internet Day (SID) aims at countering the evils of the Internet. It was celebrated on the 6th of February all around the world. The primary objective of SID is to create awareness among users, particularly young users, about safe digital practices. The event conducts exciting workshops and activities across the globe. From parents to teachers to school children, SID aims at reaching out to all individuals and encourages the safe and responsible use of the internet. And not just on Safer Internet Day but every single day!


We, at Croma, also recommend the use of safe digital practices to all our customers and netizens. Here are a few things you can do to protect yourself and your loved ones from becoming a victim of cybercrimes.


1. 2-step authentication:


Two step verification


Opt for 2-step verification processes for websites that manage your email accounts. When you enter your password, a code is sent to your registered mobile number. Only when you enter this code can you access your account. This safety measure prevents any other user from accessing your personal information, even if your password is known to others.




Why Should You Switch Your Site to HTTPS? 2


You may notice while browsing that some webpages have ‘https’ instead of ‘http’ at the beginning of their web address. The ‘https’ is an advanced secure version of the conventional ‘http’. You can buy a security certificate (SSL and TLS) and browse with ‘https’. The encryption code that comes along with the security certificate is undecipherable by an external source. Sounds like a ‘kevlar’ for your internet use! 


3. Use VPN for public networks:




Always use a VPN service while accessing free wifi from public hotspots. Free VPN services and apps are available that safeguard your online activities from prying eyes on public networks.


4. Antivirus update:














In lieu of numerous digital attacks, it is vital to update your Antivirus software periodically to protect your computer from malware and viruses. Updates contain crucial files that can effectively combat a virus attack.


5. Malware and phishing attacks:


phishing attacks


Avoid clicking on links and attachments in emails from unknown sources pretending to be legitimate users, company or organizations. Chances are that the INR 1,000,000 you receive as a gift from a benevolent stranger may cause you major financial inconveniences.


The internet is an important tool that can help you in innumerable ways. Stay safe with these tips and enjoy the wonders of this incredible technology.

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