Inking Laptops, and Its Multiple Uses
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Borrowing the idea of pencil and paper into the digital age, Windows Ink has seen a series of new features. Microsoft’s next major revision to the previous operating system, Windows Ink has been designed specifically for a smooth digital pen experience.

The laptops that come with this Inking Technology, have a special ink pen that works wonderfully with that screen. With an improved battery life, video playback, optimised sound system, these laptops give a state-of-the-art user experience, these laptops surely are a smart investment. But it’s not just these changes that make inking laptops the best buy – it’s because of Windows Ink’s ability to adapt for various uses and needs. Here’s what makes these laptops stand out from the rest:


Work Just Got Smarter and Simpler!



The major changes to the operating system has led to a change in the way we work as well. Microsoft Word experience now, is smoother and faster. With simple ways like striking through words to make them disappear, circling words to select them, highlighting with precision, tapping drawings to convert into shapes, it’s now possible to accomplish basic tasks. OneNote also has been designed to simplify mathematical calculations. All that needs to be done is to write the math problem on the screen for OneNote to solve it. What’s more? Sticky Notes that help with more than just reminders! Now, telephone numbers jotted down on the notes, can be tapped to place a call! Whether for document and copy editing or for taking notes at a brainstorming sessions, Windows Ink laptops help in being more efficient than ever and simplify overall work communication!


Interface Built for Perfect Designs



Pure bliss for graphic designers, Windows Ink laptops come with an interface that suits design-making needs. The smooth interface allows the best pen performance and lets designers come up with perfect and professional looking designs. Enhancing borders, resizing images or adding numerous filters and effects is now a cakewalk with this laptop. The built-in ruler is extremely advantageous and helps with alignments and line drawings etc. 


The Perfect Study Companion




Over and above the Inking laptops’ professional uses, it is also the perfect device for students. Being as innovative as it can be, it lets students make more of their classes. Its keyboard is covered with the Signature Alcantara material, it makes typing comfortable. Whether it’s a research paper that requires a lot of typing or a quick concept presentation, Students only benefit from this laptop. Replacing piles of notebooks that would otherwise be formed over the semester, these ultra-portable laptops are truly the students’ best companion.


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