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Holi Mubarak.

What’s your favorite Holi song? Balam Pichkari or Do me a favor, let’s play holi? Mine has to be Khaike paan benares wala, nothing beats Amitabh Bachchan’s infectious energy in this Bollywood classic. Holi is undeniably the most colorful of all of India’s magnificent festivals and it’s right around the corner.

In fact, have you heard of the peculiar tradition of lathmar Holi? Women get an all access pass to beat up their husbands with lathis on Holi in Mathura. It is all in a good festive spirit.

Thanks to 4G on your phone, you can watch this incredible Holi tradition LIVE on your smart phone or tablet by visiting and









































But why just stop at watching when you can be the star of your own blockbuster?

Whether you’re channeling your inner Ranbir Kapur or Deepika Padukone, chugging pitchers of thandai or sneaking in some bhang, you can live stream your dhamaal to the world. But remember, your gadgets are at a huge risk amidst all the colored powders and incessant water cannons. That’s why I’ve put together this list of the most amazing holi-proof gadgets. In fact I seriously advise everyone to arm themselves with these nifty devices to make the most of your Holi.


Holi-wali Selfie!


There’s no doubt that selfies are the best thing humanity came up with since French Fries…just kidding! But hey, it’s such fun looking at your festive shenanigans thanks to selfies. And when there’s gulaal flying everywhere, thandai and champagne flowing freely, and pichkaris that become weapons of mass distraction, you need a smartphone that can not just survive it all, but also make the most amazing pictures and videos of all the epic fun. Look no further than Apple’s legendary flagship phone – iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. In fact, if you’ve been contemplating getting one for a while, go visit your closest Croma store and get yourself the iPhone 7 Plus. The huge 5.5 inch HD screen is great to watch Youtube videos on your 4G network and learn the dance moves to latest blockbusters. Then use the dual stereo speakers to stream your Holi playlist from apps like Saavn. And of course, don’t forget to live stream your holi shenanigans on Facebook Live. iPhone 7 and a good 4G connection can make your Holi party absolutely memorable. There are dual lens 12 megapixel cameras; yes there are two lenses on the rear camera. The two lenses help you get pictures that are as good as any expensive DSLR camera. And the BEST part, the iPhone 7s is completely water resistant. Drink, dunk or drown yourself in Holi colors, the iPhone 7 Plus has got amazing pictures and videos to prove you had the best party ever. Oh and did I mention they come with 256 GB of storage now?


iPhone 7

Rs. 60,000 for 32GB

Rs. 70,000 for 128GB

Rs. 74,999 for 256GB


iPhone 7 Plus (dual-lens camera)

Rs. 72,000 for 32GB

Rs. 82,000 for 128GB



Holi-workout with swag!


You know the secret of Holi parties? They’re just the best dance workouts. Sure, you also eat like a hog, all those mithais and laddoos and samosas and of course the jalebis. But strap yourself with these incredible weather resistant fitness wearables and feel less guilty about binging on the fried yummies. If you’ve paid heed to my advice and gotten yourself the amazing iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, then the perfect companion to your phone is the Apple Series 2 watch. It’s a match made in Apple heaven. They come in Holi like colors too! Go for the gold aluminum case if you want to make a real statement or a classic stainless steel one, my favorite is the space black one. The cool thing about series 2 Apple watch is that they’re totally water resistant and you can swap out the straps real easy too. They pack in a solid dual core processor too and have built-in GPS. There’s also a Nike+ model if you’re tubed in to their running club.


Apple Watch Series 2 – Rs.34,900

Apple watch Stainless Steel – Rs. 69,990


But if you’re a proper fitness junkie, then it’s a great festive occasion to get yourself inducted in the Fitbit family. From the Alta to the Flex 2, from Charge 2 to Surge, Fitbit makes the world’s most popular fitness gadgets. Their combination of accelerometer, gyroscope and step calculator give you the most accurate fitness tracking data. There are millions of community members all over the world and you can show off you Holi dance workout goals to everyone. The Flex 2 is their most reasonable fitness tracker at Rs. 4,990, Charge HR 2 comes with a built in heart rate monitor at Rs.11,999 while the Surge is full blown smart watch with a color display and a ton of notifications at Rs.19,999.


Remember, if you aren’t carrying any of these amazing water and weather resistant gadgets, it is best to put your phones, watches, cameras away so that the Pichkaris don’t pichkao your beloved devices.

Have a great Holi everyone and remember, what happens on Holi…shows up the next day and probably for an entire month if you aren’t careful with them colors.

Stay safe and have a blast.