Amazon Fire TV Stick- the new way of TV viewing.
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Ask and you shall receive seems to be the new motto, as most companies are going the voice activated way. With almost all smart devices using voice activation as a mode of communication. The new Amazon Fire TV stick is no different. It launches your favorite shows, plays music, and finds movie show-times, orders food and much more, without you moving a finger.


Add a little spark to your life


If you already are a part of the amazon ecosphere, the Fire TV Stick is the perfect addition to the family. Being a couch potato will never be this blissful. The Fire TV Stick is fast and works seamlessly with other amazon devices. The device is powered by the Alexa voice remote, which is the voice assistant in most amazon devices. All you need to do is plug the device into your HDTV and you will have your very own home theatre in minutes. Just say it and the Alexa Voice Remote will help you navigate and watch content across more than 75 channels and apps. Watch channels like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Now, YouTube, ESPN, Disney and many more. The channels are available on a subscription basis. Forget Cable and watch TV - the Amazon Fire TV Stick way.


The Fire TV Stick may be small in size but packs quite a punch. It is compatible with most HDMI ports and comes with a decent remote. The interface has gone through quite a few changes to make it look more appealing and user friendly. The device houses a faster processor and has better Wi-Fi service.


Fire up your TV


It looks like a memory stick but has more volume to it. The outer body is made of plastic, but is quite sturdy and fulfills the purpose well. It is 9cms long and 3cmss deep and will need a little extra room on your TV back panel. Also, you will have to find place to accommodate the micro USB power supply. Along with other peripherals in the box, it also has a HDMI extender to add a little more space to the back panel. 


Give voice to your thoughts


Over a period of usage, the device starts to memorize your viewing habits and draws up content that you would be interested in. Amazon’s X-Ray IMDB feature allows you to find out more about the program you are watching. The side-scrolling menu below the spherical center button houses all your recent shows and apps for quick access. Below that, you have will find an option to browse and organize your downloaded apps as well as scroll the menu for other Prime shows. The Stick houses an 8GB on-board storage for your favorite apps and games along with a 1GB RAM.


The price is right!


With Amazon Prime making a quite splash in India the introduction of this product in the market just adds to the value of device and the platform. The Fire TV stick is ready to make its presence felt in April and will be priced at Rs 1,999 for existing prime customers and Rs. 3999 for non-prime customers.


It’s time to watch TV the Amazon way. Head to your nearest store and get one for yourself today. TV has viewing has never been so much fun. 


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Yes, indeed Amazon's fire tv stick is the new way of viewing TV. An hour ago I was just playing with Alexa by giving her crazy commands. That was pretty cool.

I guess how cool will it look along with Kodi tv.