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After the runaway success of its Echo smart speaker, Amazon began encouraging third-party manufacturers to integrate its Alexa virtual assistant in their own products. The Jam Voice is one of those, a very compact Bluetooth speaker that features Amazon Alexa. The Jam Voice connects to your smartphone using Bluetooth, but also needs to connect to your home Wi-Fi network in order for Alexa to work. That means the setup is a multi-step process, download the Jam Wi-Fi app, connect to the speaker using Bluetooth, then connect the speaker to your Wi-Fi network using the app. The Jam Voice only supports 2.4GHz, so depending on how your network is configured, there may be some fuss involved there. The app is used to link the speaker to your Amazon account. You also need to download the Amazon Alexa app for full functionality --more on that later. You also need to connect to the power source. The Jam Voice has a 4-hour battery, but forging and ongoing use, you will want it to be plugged in. Jam includes a USB cable. Performance-The Jam Voice is a very small Bluetooth speaker. Officially, its measurements are 3 x 3 x 3-inches, in a cylindrical form factor. It has a single driver system, which means audio performance is spectacular. Music playback is pretty bass-heavy and flat. The app includes an EQ that lets you adjust the sound, but you have limited hardware to work with. It can get fairly loud (with the air really pumping out of the rear port), but distortion is a problem as volume approaches higher levels.