5 questions to ask when buying a refrigerator.
Community Manager

Any household items especially a refrigerator is a major purchase and the decision needs to be taken carefully. There are various models available which come in different styles, colours and have a host of features.  Now, you are probably wondering which refrigerator suits your home.

So before you buy the newest fridge in the shop ask yourself these questions.


1. Do you have a space constraint?


When you decide to remodel your kitchen the first thing you need to take into consideration is the space. The make and size of the refrigerator will be dependent on the space available. On the other hand, if you aren’t looking to overhaul your kitchen, then measure the size of your current fridge to determine which one will be apt for that space. In case you have your sights set on larger a fridge, then see if you can rearrange the items in a manner that allows you to fit a larger one in that space.  In addition, you need take into consideration the width of your door because a large fridge won’t fit through a small door.


2. What is your budget?


For making any purchase, price is a huge factor. There are multiple variations available such as basic top freezer, single-door fridges which are slightly lower priced as compared to a four-door, armoire models in stainless steel. Also, the prices are further raised when there is an added technology bonus and other additional features. So, don’t get swayed by the numerous features, stick to your budget and look for something that fits it and gives you the best output.


3. Which features should I look for?


With each model new features are introduced, which makes it a difficult choice. There are few features that you should take in consideration such as adjustable shelves on the main compartment door; different temperature zones; proper humidity control to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh. Plus, make sure there are door alarms to alert you if you have left the fridge open.


4. Is it easy to operate?


Even though this seems like a foolish question, but not everybody can operate a complicated fridge. So a fridge with simple functions is great if you have older people living with you. Also, look for a fridge which has kid friendly snack units. Plus, make sure that all the hardware works smoothly.


5. How important is energy efficiency?


Almost all models available now are made to be energy efficient. Though, they don’t all have the same energy saving power. It is better to find out the ones that are most efficient, by looking at the Energy Star rating allotted to each fridge.


So do research well before you buy a new fridge. After all, it’s a big expenditure. Plus, figure out your family’s needs and you are good to go. Time to go shopping, don’t you think!