10 Things to Know About Inking Laptops
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Only recently Microsoft announced the latest update to the Windows 10 Operating System called Windows Ink. Offering advanced touch-screen and other features along with a surface interface developed specially for using a stylus, Windows has come a long way. If you are clueless about what this new update brings to the table, here are 10 things about the laptops integrated with Inking Technology:


The Hip and New Windows Ink Workspace



Similar to the Start Menu in the previous Windows updates, Inking laptops have something called the Windows Ink Workspace. It launches apps with the help of a digital pen rather than having to search every app individually. With the press of a button, it opens a sidebar that shows shortcut tiles to the apps along with suggested apps from the Windows Store.


Work or Play? Why not both!




Whether you’re going to use it for work related things, graphic designing or extensive gaming, Inking laptops are a master of it all. These laptops don’t limit themselves and go beyond just one specific designated purpose. Or rather, adapts with the users’ needs.


You Pick the Brand!



While Microsoft originally came up with their very own device for the Windows Ink OS called the Surface Pro, now, there are many brands to choose from. Available in most leading laptop brands, you now get to use the Windows 10 Anniversary update with the latest touch-screen laptops in the market.


The Smart Way of Taking Notes



A quirky and useful application, Sticky Notes are one of the new updates that comes with laptops integrated with Inking technology. Allowing make notes by writing with the digital pen, the app surely simplifies the process of making notes in a meeting or during a brainstorming session.


Get Artsy with the Sketch Pad



Also available in the Windows Ink Workspace, the Sketch Pad is another app to look out for. Enabling you to unleash your creative side, the app lets you draw, doodle, write with the pen tool. It has many options like pen, pencil, highlighters, variety of colours etc. to help achieve the design you’re looking for.


Get Marking with the Screen Sketch Application



Allowing you to mark or draw on screenshots, this application comes in handy to help you share your notes or get work done easily. Whether you want to mark a few design changes, edits on a pdf, or comment on a presentation – this is the new go-to app. You can launch the Scree Sketch App with other apps on the Inking laptop.


Left Handed or Right Handed? Doesn’t Matter



Although Windows had a Pen Support System available with its previous versions, it wasn’t quite up to the mark. Windows Ink laptops now have an improved Pen Support System that lets the user work with a pen easily and with ensures a hassle-free experience for them.


Interface that’s Tailor-Made for You!


Surface Pen


The Pen Support System goes ahead to simplify the user’s life. With customizations, the user can opt for a lot of convenient changes. Some of it includes – clicking on top of the pen tool once to launch an app, clicking twice to take a screenshot or holding it down to launch Cortana on the home screen.


Nifty Pen Customizations



With the advanced pen tool, Windows Ink takes into consideration both, left and right handed users. Depending on your hand preference, you can alter the settings with the menu. Moreover, there is also an option to disable touch response while you are using the pen.


All This, and So Much More!



Windows Store now offers a lot of pen tool-specific apps for Inking laptops. One Note, Fresh Paint etc. are some of the apps that are now optimized to support the pen tool and enhance the user experience. 

There’s a lot more you can expect with the new Windows app. Visit www.croma.com to take a look at Inking laptops!

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Windows Ink Sticky Notes are integrated with Cortana and recognise text strings dynamically to produce rich information and perform tasks.