Wi-Fi Thermostat

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Wi-Fi Thermostat

The Nest Learning Thermostat is the pinnacle of smart home technology for most, but depending on what your home is like, it‚ not blasphemous to say the Ecobee3 is superior. Now, at their cores, both devices carry most of the same benefits. They are both capable of learning your preferences and schedule, then adjusting the temperature accordingly.


They are both better-looking and more enjoyable to use than the basic pieces of plastic that occupy most households. Their very presence will probably make you more conscious about saving energy. They both can pay for themselves over time. And once you heat up or cool down your house using your phone, without having to get out of bed, you will never go back.


If you live in a larger household, however, the Ecobee3 can be much more convenient‚ provided you pick up a couple more remote sensors. Yes, it can get pricey at this point, but having these will give you granular control over the temperature in different rooms around your house.


By contrast, the Nest Thermostat measurements are largely limited to the area in which it is installed. If you live in a condo or smaller place in general, that won’t be an issue; the Nest is highly adept at taking the work of climate control off your hands.


We would also suggest the Ecobee3‚ it’s display, which isn’t as vibrant as the Nest, comes with touch-enabled controls and covers a larger area, making it less frustrating when you want to enter a WiFi password, see weather info, access the settings, and so on. Still, both devices are remarkable. Which one is more suitable simply depends on whether you need a complete-home solution or a limited one. For now, if it is the former, go with the Ecobee.