Interesting things to do with televisions.

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Interesting things to do with televisions.

Televisions have been the most widely used communication media until the popularity of internet. It has gradually evolved, producing black and white images to the color images and finally today is the age of smart or hybrid televisions. Although televisions are mainly used for the sole purpose of entertainment but it can be used in more interesting ways which I, myself, have tried and hope you will also give it a try-

1)Modern televisions have unused ports that can let you charge your phone or can be used as game controller.

2)Instead of having multiple remotes for controlling multiple devices hooked up to your televisions, you can have a single universal remote to handle multiple devices together.

3)You can adjust your televisions in 'Game Mode' to get better gaming experience on your televisions.

4)Similarly, you can adjust your televisions in 'PC mode', the text gets more readable, if you have hooked up your televisions as computer monitors.

5)You can add speakers or surround sounds to enhance your television’s watching experience, especially during some action sequence or sports.