Why to car dashboard camera ? Any buying guide ?

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Why to car dashboard camera ? Any buying guide ?

Hi Friends,

You may find road full of animals, rash drivers, drunk driver, minor drivers, red light jumper and many more traffic offenders. Unfortunately, if someone gets injured while you are driving a car, you may face false accusations from him/her/public. You may not have any eye witness that can favour you in public or in court.


So this car dashboard camera will be your strongest companion which will provide real incident footage to show who was in fault ! I hope this single reason is sufficient to convince someone why one MUST use dash camera.


I would personally suggest to have a look at this Car Dash Camera available on our Indian Site: https://carcamera.inIt has following unique features which are lacking in cheap cameras and even in costlier model like Transcend and Garmin:


(1) FOV: FOV (Field of View) is the angle of video coverage by camera. Best camera can record 120 to 170 degree FOV which is sufficient to cover both the lane of road.


(2) Video Clarity: Surprisingly, all dash cameras are claiming to be Full HD. But only few of them are real full HD. You may visit this youtube link to view real full HD Video recorded by above dash camera: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWOq44Pl0A4


(3) Dual Recording: Now a days there are many cases of collision from rear. The rear camera which comes pre-installed in new cars is just for reverse parking assistance. While this dash camera has rear camera which will assist you while parking as well as records all the time whether you move forward or reverse: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lk1Cmq0nrT0


(4) Loop Recording: This camera will record for infinite time. This dash cam will record 3 or 5 min videos for 6–8 hrs if you use 32 GB Class 10 dash cam. Then, it will automatically overwrite the old videos by new one. So one does not need to delete anything manually to make space. Also you can always lock any particular video to prevent it from being overwritten. Its G-Sensor will automatically lock current video in case of accident. It starts recording as soon as you turn ignition on and turns off when ignition is turned off.


(5) Always on Recording aka Parking Recording: This dash camera comes with Hardwire power cable that can be used to connect your dash cam to your car’s battery so that it will keep recording ON even when Car is off and parked.


(6) Video Format: This camera records in .MOV format which stores video & audio in smallest size yet best quality. Audio & video quality is superb as you can view in above sample video.


(7) On The Spot Playing: Nobody has time to arrange for Laptop or Card Reader for viewing the footage. This camera has 4 inch IPS screen along with inbuilt speaker so that you can prove your innocence in seconds !


(8) Suction Mount: Unlike sticky mount in some cameras, this dash cam has suction mount which makes it truly portable.


(9) Night Recording Quality: This is most crucial and lacking in all cheap brands. This dash camera has awesome night video quality which you can verify in below sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UKV8aAmuhxA


(10) Durability: This camera survived the hot condition inside car and also survived in hot humid environment of India. Front Camera is not waterproof. Rear Camera is waterproof. This dash camera has 6 month replacement warranty.


So, friends, do not wait for any unfortunate event, just spend less than 9K to secure your Car, Confidence and reputation. Just buy dash camera just at ₹7500 from https://carcamera.in


Have a Safe Driving !