#MyFirst Gadget Story

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#MyFirst Gadget Story

I got married in 2007 and post marriage relocated to Thane from Kolkata.With the money received as marriage gift from friends & family,me & my husband decided to buy something that would last for long.Then we were doing up our new flat,purchasing many electrical gadgets was pending.Television topped the list of purchase as I could not spend a day without it.We checked the Sony Trinitron Box Television in many near by stores.Best deal was offered by Croma RMall Thane.We not only bought our television from there,later all appliances&gadgets were bought from Croma only.
Yes at present the entire planet shifted to flat screen television,but believe me or not that first television is still with us that too in perfect working condition.
Do you know why I could not discard it?Firstly it was purchased with the money given as blessings by our near & dear ones.Secondly through that television I could see the Bengali channels of Kolkata all the time,thus felt I was in Kolkata whereas actually was in Thane,2000KM away.That first purchase from CROMA bridged the gap between West & East Coast of India.
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My first gadget was not a costly one, but still it is worth remembering.

At that time, my cell phone was not equipped with FM radio. I had to turn on the big radio at our home. When radio was turned on, the TV had to be turned off and vice versa. I loved to listen FM radio a lot.

To solve the situation, I bought Intex wireless headphone with FM radio and mike from TATA CROMA. The product was packed in a big box, and I received it in a big brown colored paper bag of Tata Croma. When I was returning to home from Croma, it was a big smile on my face whole the way. I saved a part of my pocket money for few months, and accumulated the money. I still have kept that bag for memory!

My dad was also happy as he could also use that headphone to listen the news channels, as it has compatibility with other devices. I loved the wireless headphone so much as it was giving me the DJ-like feeling!