Keep Your 2018 New Year Resolution Going with these Must-have Gadgets

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Keep Your 2018 New Year Resolution Going with these Must-have Gadgets

We are in the second month of 2018 and still have a long way to go as far as our New Year resolutions are concerned. Wouldn’t you agree? That said, staying faithful to your New Year resolutions can become an uphill task if you do not find the time or the headspace to keep track and execute your plans. So, does that mean another year of empty promises?

Not really. We present to you a list of gadgets that will help you undertake your resolutions
(be it fitness or a lifestyle choice) smartly. Read on to find out more about these remarkable gadgets.


If your resolution is to stay fit – Garmin Vivoactive 3 Smartwatch


Garmin Vivoactive 3 Smartwatch (Black)


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Health and fitness has already set in as lifestyle habit with people. Gym subscriptions, eating organic food, yoga exercises, morning jogs are some of the activities to keep your body fit. Many of you must have resolved to lose a certain number of calories every day. To make sure that you don’t lose out on your fitness regime, the Vivoactive 3 Smartwatch is your knight in shining armour. This smartwatch has fitness schedules to keep a check on various aspects of your physical well-being. The Garmin smartwatch can instantly latch onto a GPS signal. It tracks your location and even locates the Uber you have booked. 

It keeps a precise count of the heart rate. Basically, heart rate detection – Low (bradycardia) or high (tachycardia) is a signal that something might be wrong in your body. Besides the heart rate detection feature, Garmin Vivoactive 3 Smartwatch has an Accelerometer and a Thermometer. An accelerometer simply finds out the orientation and movements of the wearer’s arm. Furthermore, an accelerometer can detect micro vibrations and can identify as much as 24 different gestures and actions. For quick and easy readability, the smartwatch comes with a display size of 1.2 inches with sunlight-visible and trans-reflective memory-in-pixel display. So go ahead and soak in some Vitamin D!


If your resolution is to live healthier - Bajaj Majesty JEX 16 Juice Extractor


Bajaj Majesty JEX 16 Juice Extractor (Black)


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To take the fitness objective further, it is equally necessary to focus on eating nutritious food and drinking healthy, nutrient-enriched juices. A juice extractor is exactly what you need to serve this purpose. How? This juicer helps to extract the liquid from within the fruit or vegetable and churns out a nutrient-dense beverage.
The Bajaj Majesty Juice Extractor is powered by an 800 Watts motor which processes the fruit mix consisting of large pieces into a liquid. It also comes with an easily detachable and washable strainer. This helps to wash the strainer and keep it clean. The backlit LED control panel has speed controls that help you regulate the speed while processing both soft and hard fruits & vegetables.

The Bajaj Majesty JEX 16 Juice Extractor comes with a one-litre juice collector that helps you extract and store juices in sufficient amounts. Let the fitness regimen begin!


If your resolution is to read more - The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite


Amazon Kindle Paperwhite with Wi-Fi + 3G Connectivity (White)


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Are you an avid reader? Do you have a list of ‘must-read’ books featuring on your resolution list? If yes, then the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is just the device you need to mark your “books read in 2018” as ‘checked’. This brilliant device fits in your pocket and its glare-free screen allows you to read anytime and anywhere at ease. The font size and page layout can be customized which results in a delightful reading experience. Page Flip, Whisper Sync technology, and a long battery life make it one of the best e-readers in the market. Quick accessibility to Wi-Fi networks or Wi-Fi hotspots means downloading an ample number of books and an access to the Kindle library. Owning an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite also means improving your vocabulary, as it automatically adds words to the vocabulary builder! A must-buy device for bibliophiles.


If your resolution is to travel more - GoPro Hero 6 Sports and Action Camera
GoPro Hero 6 Sports and Action Camera (Black)


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If traveling more is your New Year resolution for 2018, nothing inspires you to keep it going than a GoPro Hero 6 Sports and Action Camera. The GoPro Hero 6 Sports and Action Camera won’t disappoint you. Capture fabulous shots of idyllic sceneries and exhilarating views. Instantly upload the video footage and pictures onto your social media handles via the QuickStory app. The camera has 4K60 and 1080p240 video quality, giving you every single detail in the frame and an amazing picture quality. The camera has a durable, waterproof exterior. This means you can carry the GoPro Hero 6 Sports and Action Camera through difficult terrain and still click amazing shots at higher altitudes or close to water bodies with zero resistance. Kick-start your adventure in style!

Visit for better deals on these gadgets and achieve that New Year resolution for real!


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it looks like GoPro Hero 6 Sports is good also for the photos for the tour - road tour of Tiger Island may be a good result will likely I try it