#HoliHai :: Contest Winners

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#HoliHai :: Contest Winners

Congratulations to our #HoliHai contest winners! We hope that we made your Holi celebration special! Here are the names of the winners for the Recipe & Playlist Theme:


#HoliHai - Recipe:

1. Krutin18
2. AnnuDogra
3. minty
4. Nehal
5. evaswani


#HoliHai - Playlist:


1. itsme9001
2. Shilpi
3. Shwetahuja
4. pavnisharma17
5. Jagriti24


Kindly share your details with us on our Twitter handle mentioned below within 48 Hours:


Twitter: https://twitter.com/cromaretail

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Re: #HoliHai :: Contest Winners

Thank you Team #HoliHai
Details Sent Via Twitter DM Kindly Confirm
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Re: #HoliHai :: Contest Winners

Thank you so much!! Details send via DM on twitter...Kindly check the same...