Gift Smart This Valentine’s Day!

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Gift Smart This Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and for every budding young couple, it is especially important to make sure your partner knows exactly how much they mean to you! This Valentine’s Day, that special someone deserves a gift that can be treasured forever. Every relationship goes through similar struggles at one point or another. To help you and your better half sail across such speedbumps, here’s a list of common relationship arguments and the electronics that can strengthen your bond:


1. Weight Watching Arguments vs Fried Foods Are My Favourite




Often after being in a relationship for a while, one or both partners may become lazy. Rather than having to struggle with each other to get fit, a better idea is to motivate your better half to eat healthier. To do this, you need the right tools to help push them in the right direction! Check out the Philips Viva Collection Digital Airfryer, so that even when you are cooking your girlfriend or boyfriend’s favourite fried foods, you both never have to argue over the health factor again!



Price Tag: Rs. 15,995

Star Rating: 4.3/5


2. There’s a Live Match Showing vs My Favourite Show Is On




When the timings of your favourite TV show clash with your partners, an argument can often ensue over who gets to watch what. Rather than either of you having to miss out on your TV time, pick up a gadget that will help you spend time with your partner and make memories! The Samsung Smart LED TV, is a stunning 40-inch screen which allows you to watch content from multiple devices at once using the HDMI function. With this TV’s stellar clarity, you won’t even mind that your partner is watching something entirely different!

 Price Tag: Rs. 55,900

Star Rating: 4.6/5


3. I Look Great In This Photo vs The Photo Makes Me Look Odd



Taking the perfect photo of you and your loved one can be extremely frustrating sometimes as the problems range from lighting, to you or your partner appearing blurred. To help take an Instagram-worthy selfie of you and your loved one, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone, has the answer to your woes. Capture flawless selfies using the phone’s beauty mode which can soften wrinkles, brighten shadow-areas and also correct distorted images. So even if one of you dislikes the photo, the options to perfect it are endless!



Price Tag: Rs. 56,900

Star Rating: 5/5


4. She Takes Too Long To Get Ready vs Hair Styling Takes Time




When you are going out on a date, do you and your better half often end-up arguing over how long it takes to get ready? You find yourself waiting for her endlessly while she patiently styles her hair. Help your girlfriend out and ease your worries at the same time by gifting your girl the Optima HS 1000 Hair Styler. This gives her the freedom to style her hair impeccably, without ever having to visit a salon! Using hot air to shape her hair, she can now achieve those perfect curls or even silky straight locks, right at home.



Price Tag: Rs. 1,190

Star Rating: 4/5


5. I Don’t Like Shaving vs He Always Looks Scruffy!




Do you often find yourself thinking that your boyfriend could take better care of his facial hair? For all those women who prefer their men well-groomed and sporting swoon-worthy facial hair, the Braun Multi Groomer is a gift your better half needs. A versatile product that lets you style, shave or even trim on-the-go, the Braun Multi Groomer comes with a five-minute quick charging option that is enough to last up to one trim. Easy to use and shower-friendly, this groomer will have your boyfriend looking fresh from the barber in no time at all!



Price Tag: Rs. 5,795

Star Rating: 4.9/5


So what will you choose to gift your better half this Valentine’s Day to make sure they know how much you care?