#GadgetLoveStory :: AbhiTakNahiBola Day

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#GadgetLoveStory :: AbhiTakNahiBola Day

Love is not just realization, it's an expression. But express, we rarely do!

#AbhiTakNahiBola is quite common, but you don’t only need a #ValentinesDay to express how you feel. Tell us your interesting ‘untold’ (pun intended) love story & you could win exciting Croma and Make My Trip vouchers to have a great time with that special someone. #GadgetLoveStory


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Re: #GadgetLoveStory :: AbhiTakNahiBola Day

It's almost been over 3 years of my college life that I have a crush on the same girl. I met her in the first year of college sharing the same classroom but could not make any contact with her. At present we are just like acquaintances. I tried to contact her through social media sites, but every time I just undid it. This is the last year of my college and I hopefully concentrate some gut power and tell her what I feel.
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Re: #GadgetLoveStory :: AbhiTakNahiBola Day

We've been married since 6years ,and ours is arranged **bleep** love marriage 😉
And we believe strongly that Love can only be expressed with our acts rather than telling 'I Love You 'often. This year he's out of country and so I cdnt gift him anything in person so jus sent a online card saying " Take Care of your heart that is holding me tight intact and I really miss you this Day." But he didn't remember the date, as usual called me thrice to four times on #ValentinesDay jus to ask whether I'm fine, had lunch, baby went to school and all casual questions.. 😆😆 Till now he didn't wish me and didnt realise Why I sent the card😬😬
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Re: #GadgetLoveStory :: AbhiTakNahiBola Day

#GadgetLoveStory :: AbhiTakNahiBola Well It begun on Feb 2008 when I along with my family members watched you and since then u have became my family. I have never expressed my feelings for u in my life as my Wife. Lo aaj mein kehta hun .... I love you, I love you Nnnnneeettuuu
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Re: #GadgetLoveStory :: AbhiTakNahiBola :: I love you IPHONE..

I broke up with my old phone about an year back...that's when iPhone entered my life...when I was gloomy; it made me smile with its wonderful applications...when I was happy; it made the happiness double as I would share those happy moments with my friends & family...when I was feeling lonely; it made me download awesome movies in no time and was my companion... It made me attend my parents marriage anniversary celebrations through video conference as i could not be with them due to unavoidable reasons... It sleeps with me, wakes up with me and stays with me whole day...an amazing live-in-relationship I share with it... But I never shared how much I love it...So, here's for you my dear iPhone :

I love IPHONE until my HEART BEATS ... IPHONE is the best which NO ONE CAN BEAT... I love being SINGLE as IPHONE is MINE... I promise every year IPHONE will be my VALENTINE....
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Re: #GadgetLoveStory :: AbhiTakNahiBola Day

#GadgetLoveStory Met Erica in a Pub in Lond
on & instantly Fell Head Over Heels in Love with her. Her Smile can Brighten up the Whole World, uske Thumko se pura London Thuumakda. I Thought back then that it is Just a Crush. We Work For the Same MNC & recently she shifted in our Mumbai officefor a Few Months. On Meeting me again, she said that she Missed me. Everyday after work we make Diferent Plans to explore Mumbai like eating Pani Puri Together, having Fun on juhu beach, Exploring ajanta Ellora Caves, Visiting Chor Bazaar. People in our Office have also started teasing us and has started calling us a Couple. I Also Spent my Valentine's Day with her at an Picturesque 5Star hotel in Lonavala. We Engaged with so many Adventurous Activities. But Still I am Stuck at the PenUltimate Question. She is British Born. What if She considers our Relationship as purely Friendship? Will Popping the Question to her Ruin our Friendship ? She will be returning back to London next Month & I am Still confused on how to Ask her out. Maybe if I Win Make my Trip Vouchers in this Contest, I can Take her to an Exotic Place where I will finally Ask her Out

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Re: #GadgetLoveStory :: AbhiTakNahiBola Day

Being from Indian muslim family & then a total Arrange marriage- Its considered that after marriage, obviously i love you is said.. But not always. We have been simple & good couple, he take care of me, support me, spend time,But shy too & so do i. We know that we love each other but saying in words is still to do. I thought ok i will only tell, bt somehow couldnt managed to say it. Always in dilemma.

Next month is my 1st marriage anniversary & so i have decided jo AbhiTakNahiBola , wo us din bol du that -


" I Love You "!!!!! and keep loving till the end of time .



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Re: #GadgetLoveStory :: AbhiTakNahiBola Day

I bought my smartphone in 2013.
I like to play contest and chat on WTSup
Is my daily routine.one time when I was driving my bike suddenly phone has been fallen that I shoked when I knew that after 4 days someone call me my mom's number so I got my phone and I gave 1000 RS the person by whom I got my phone is back.
And I couldn't live without my smartphone because I can do most of work due to smartphone.
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Re: #GadgetLoveStory :: AbhiTakNahiBola Day

Maybe in the story of my life you are “The One Who Got Away”. But that implies reciprocated affection even if only for a short time. And let’s just say I were to suspend belief there’s no way my feelings were returned. Since the common thread in all my life’s romances is unrequited love I cannot bestow the “Unrequited Love” character to you as well. It won’t be fair to the other more deserving candidates. So let’s just settle on calling you “My Best Kept Secret” since for a while now not a soul knows that I care for you as more than a friend. Our friendship is already based on an awkward tangled web, and confessing will complicate already complicated matters. But there’s a few more things that’s holding me back.

First, if I confess I fear that my confession will burden you. Never mind that I am forced to manage my expression whenever you are near. Not wanting to betray my true feelings and keeping within the confines of being a friend. Never mind that my heart is almost close to bursting with the weight of my affection. I don’t want to give you that load to bear. To give you the responsibility of my feelings. That to me will just be unfair to you.

Next, you don’t even see me in that way. I’ve seen the way you look at other girls. I’ve seen how you look at girls who are just friends and I recognize the look you give to those who are something more. You rarely give it – thank goodness or else I don’t know how I’ll manage to survive. But you’ve never looked at me that way ever and perhaps it may be never. I’m smart enough to know how high my chances are at winning your heart.

Third, I don’t want to become even more pathetic than I am now. I’ve come to the point where I’m tired of waiting for you to notice my growing feelings. Tired of revealing pieces of my heart only to be ignored. But I like you still. I still think about you every day. Still trying to restrain myself from sending you a message first. Still brought to tears at the thought of you liking someone else. Yes, I’m known as a strong, independent woman but every day I struggle not to throw my pride away and come running to you. The only thing that stops me? The image of your face turning cold and shutting me off.

I could say that I am content in loving you like this. I could say that I’m okay with loving you from a safe distance and torturing myself on what could have been. But if I am honest, I’ll never confess because I know it’s futile. I’ve given up even before I could start. I am not that confident. My confidence stops right here. With me loving you in my little way quietly and, until the day I get over you, secretly.
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Re: #GadgetLoveStory :: AbhiTakNahiBola Day

This is my love story with Apple phone for last 10 years.

After over a ten year relationship with Apple products, I thought I was finally over being surprised by how repulsed I could be by new Apple technology.And then the iPhone 7 entered my world.

Sure, there’s a longer battery life. Sure, it’s water resistant, I can now safely drop it in the toilet. Hahaha just kidding.
No headphone jack though?
How am I supposed to play music in my car without using an auxiliary cable? Or highjack the playlist at a party by subtly throwing my iPhone on?? Literally everything will need this new technology in order for it to function.
Ok, so there’s a “lighting bolt adapter” to connect old headphones. Woohoo. Another bit I need to carry around. What if I have to charge my phone and I listen to music at the same time, Apple??
Don’t even get me started on those airpods, which I have literally already lost. #biggerfirstworldproblemsthanbefore
I could feel a distance growing between myself and my Apple products.

Was this truly the end?

I looked down at my iPhone 6s, thinking that this could be the last time I was ever with an Apple device.
However, in that moment of deep, personal reflection, I remembered every time throughout our relationship when I feared change and progress. I always catastrophied and thought it was the end, yet here I stand. Still living and still in love with my iPhone.
I gripped my iPhone with new strength.
Every advancement that Apple has made has initially made me uncomfortable, and I even scoffed at the idea of many of their “advancements.” However, it has never taken me long to accept it as the new norm and even prefer the new way of experiencing technology.
My relationship with apple has always made me experienxe new things with some great innovations. For now, I’m happy I’ve chosen Apple and I’m excited to see what waits for us around the next corner of innovation.

I love u apple Smiley Happy