5 Gadgets to Take with You on Your Next Road Trip

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5 Gadgets to Take with You on Your Next Road Trip

Is exploring a new destination playing on your mind? Do you feel like taking your car out and fulfilling your wanderlust? As the Republic Day weekend is around the corner, it’s time to tick off that road trip from your bucket list. Though road trips are fun-filled and adventurous, spending long hours on the highway often tend to eventually get mundane. Any device that can make your road journey more fun is worth adding to your check list while preparing for a road trip.

If you’ve begun planning that road trip, here are some gadgets that you should consider to make your journey more pleasant and enjoy your road trip to the fullest.  


Olympus 8x21 DPC Binocular


Olympus 8X21 DPC Binocular

The Olympus 8x21 DPC Binocular is an ideal companion for your next road trip to make the most of your nature trails. With the Olympus Binocular 8x21 DPC, you can easily identify distant objects. This product provides an 8X magnification with its stylish curved lenses which come with UV protection. The lens is well coated to prevent any reflecting which makes the image appear sharp and clear.  The diopter adjustment of these binoculars helps focus the lens flexibly and brings out the clarity in distant objects.  To make your road trips more interesting carrying binoculars is a good option as there is always something more to discover.


Croma 3.5mm 90 Degrees Aux Cable '


Croma 3.5mm 90 Degrees Aux Cable (EE0558 W9697, Black)


A road trip without music can be quite dull! A must-have-product for your next road trip is the Croma 3.5MM 90 Degree AUX Cable. With an ergonomic design, this portable AUX wire with a 3.5mm jack is compatible with a variety of cell phones and devices which makes it a convenient product to have. The signals are intact because of the 24k gold plated connector that keeps the audio quality in check. Pack this durable cable to make your next road trip a memorable one with personalized music to accompany you.


Nikon Coolpix A100 20.1 MP Digital Camera 

Nikon COOLPIX A100 20.1 MP Digital Camera (Black)With a slim and compact design, the Nikon Coolpix A100 digi-cam is an essential gadget that you can carry to capture some of the most memorable moments of your road trip. This product is easy to slide in your pocket or hand-bag and take photos on the go. This digi-cam has 2.7-inch 230k-dot TFT LCD display with a 5-level brightness adjustment. The frame coverage goes up to a maximum of 98% both horizontally and vertically. The lens of this camera ranges in focal length from 4.6-23mm which means you can take beautiful wide-angle landscapes. The 5x optical zoom allows you to zoom-in flexibly without losing out on details. An in-built flash is a saviour when you shoot in low-light conditions.


Hama 4161 Star 61 Tripod


Hama 4161 Star 61 Tripod (Black)


When on a road-trip, you come across some unique landscapes which are perfectly captured with the help of the Hama 4161 Star 61 Tripod. This sturdy tripod is adaptable to almost any kind of terrain. The 3D tilt of the tripod helps align to the horizontal or vertical landscape giving you perfect snaps. The tripod can be easily mounted and dismounted and is an essential part of your checklist for your next road-trip.


Ferrari Sw-765 5000mah Power Bank


Ferrari SW-765 5000mAh Power Bank (Red)


Don’t let the battery life of your cell-phone stop you from enjoying your road-trip at any given point. The Ferrari Sw-765 5000mah Power Bank is your knight in shining armour when you want to listen to songs or take pictures without having to fear about battery exhaustion. The best part of this device is that it has two USB ports which means you can connect two devices at once. This power bank is designed to be slim and light-weight which means it hardly adds on to your luggage. The shiny red gives it an attractive look with the Ferrari logo being the cherry on top. Make sure you carry this power bank on your road trip and not let the stress of your phone battery life stop you from making memories.


Beautiful landscapes, playing your favourite songs on loop, and unique encounters are what makes your road trip a memorable one. Make sure to carry these essential gadgets and make the best out of your road-trip.


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